Temorej Smith pink handgun

In the ongoing investigation into the tragic shooting of a 3-year-old last Friday in Greenville, SC, Deputy Coroner Jeff Folwer has determined Temorej Smith’s death accidental.

According to official reports, Temorej was playing with his 7-year-old sister when a pink handgun which they thought was a toy discharged, striking the toddler in his head.

Unfortunately, their grandparents were close by in the living room, unaware of what was happening in the bedroom. Their parents were away from the house at the time of the incident.

Police spokesman Johnathan Bragg contended that this was another unnecessary tragedy that underscores the fact that gun owners must secure and stash weapons away from the reach of children.

“If you have guns, if you own guns mostly we would prefer you have them in a lock box,” Bragg told Greenville’s News 4. “At least have them out of the reach of children.”

Bragg said no one was in custody at this time. Police have yet to say who fired the weapon.

  • Mademoiselle

    This is tragic! His sister probably needs some serious therapy, too. I wonder if gun safeties could be redesigned to make it harder for kid hands to take them off. It’s sad that a 7 and 3 year old were even able to operate it, let alone it not being locked up.

  • AM

    Aiyaiyai. R.I.P. little one….praying for his family.

  • Cindy ridgway

    I feel so sorry for this family. The whole family must be feeing so guilty. They ate grieving enough already so I hope society does not judge them. That poor mom may never fully recover. The 7 year old is so young that he may never understand. Then at 14 or so it will hit all at once. At that point he’s gonna need a LOT of help. Poor kid.
    If that’s a Kel-tec in the photo, there is NO external safety. Keeping a round in the chamber,and having the gun where a small kid can get to it is a BAD combo. The even sadder news is that since there are bad guys out there, honest folk need to be able to protect themselves. Lady here saved her kids with hers when the bad guy was hurting her kid and threatened to kill her child.
    I too will pray for the whole family. Pray for compassion from the authorities,and other family members.

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    Wow what a sad and senseless tragedy that could have been prevented…my hearts hurt for not only the child that lost hislife but the sister who witnessed that. I am sorry for this family but this reinforces the idea that gun ownership comes with responsibility and heavy precautions that you should ALWAYS take.

  • Ms Lady

    These are my close friends and it breaks my heart, he will be laid to rest tomorrow please keep the family in your thoughts

  • P

    My prayers are with this family. It seems as if no matter how much the message is conveyed about gun safety, a child still dies. Another baby’s life is gone too soon. This is so sad.

  • MommieDearest


  • Anthony

    Mademoiselle, I bet the safety was not on at all. Since these kids did not know the gun was real, they would not have understood a safety either.

    This gun should never have been out where a kid could touch it.

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