• Why can’t you wear a scarf to work? The one in the pic on the first page is quite professional.

    • Mademoiselle

      It might depend on the job, but the model on the first page would definitely be distracting in a meeting. She’s beautiful with the makeup and accessories, but they definitely command their own attention without her even opening her mouth. In business (especially if you’re early in your career), the rule of thumb usually is not to wear, say, or do anything that could cause your audience not to focus on what you have to say. (When you’re far enough into your career, though, the rules relax a little, but that’s only if you’ve made enough of a name for yourself along the way.)

      Regarding the scarf specifically, I think any headwear draws attention — especially if it’s not recognized as a religious headdress. It’s no different than wearing a baseball cap or sunhat to work.

  • Hehe

    who’s that woman with the leopard scarf? She’s beautiful!

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