Alec BaldwinThe Internet was in an uproar over allegations of Alec Baldwin’s racist rant against a NY Post photographer. The NY Post reported Baldwin threatened a female reporter and referred to a black photographer as a “coon,” “crackhead” and “drug dealer” when they approached him outside his Manhattan home during the weekend and asked for a comment about his pregnant yoga teacher wife, Hilaria, being sued by a former student.

According to TMZ, after reviewing the audio, no racial slurs were heard. TMZ also said Baldwin can be heard on the audio saying to the reporter, “I want you to choke to death,” not, “I want to choke you to death,” which is what the Post stated.

The Post said police were called and Baldwin and the photographer filed harassment claims against each other. However, the newspaper said the matter isn’t expected to go any further unless one of the parties files a civil lawsuit.

Baldwin insisted he did nothing wrong.

“The claim of racist remarks is one of the most outrageous things I’ve heard in my life,” the actor said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter Monday. He even went as far to say he’s donated to The Arthur Ashe Foundation, so there’s no way he could be racist.

Baldwin hasn’t been known for having a calm temper. From the audio to him screaming at his 11-year-old daughter and referring to her as a “rude, thoughtless little pig” to the temper tantrum he threw on a flight because a flight attendant requested him to put away his electronic device so they could takeoff.

The NY Post, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, isn’t exactly a fan of Baldwin. For years the paper has referred to him as the  “The Bloviator.”

  • longislandirish

    @J. Nicole…re: “Alec Baldwin is from an Irish family in Long Island, that just hapoened to get rich from acting. Othet than violent outbursts, what kind of reaction would you expect from that description?”

    Firstly, the Baldwin’s are AMERICAN. Secondly, Alec Baldwin’s Irish ancestry or the fact that he is from Long Island has nothing to do with HIS behavior. It’s incredible that you can post a comment questioning someone’s alleged racist tendencies and then suggest that an entire ethnic group and/or region is somehow prone to violent outbursts and other negative behavior. How despicable! And to quote Alec Baldwin; “you’re a rude little pig”.

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