url-8 If you’re tired of hearing, seeing, and reading about Mrs. Carter, click the X. Only a few days after her halftime performance at Super Bowl XLVII, the Beyhive is still buzzing, and the perceived “haters” are still talking, but the topic isn’t lip-synching this time.

Perusing Facebook, I saw two posts from two different friends. One was a picture of Beyoncé captioned “Amerika loves a whore.” Why couldn’t she wear pants? I raised my eyebrow and made a mental note to come back to the question.

Following that, a colleague revealed a conversation with his daughter. She’d told him Beyoncé was great during her performance, but why didn’t she have on any clothes? A few friends mentioned that she didn’t ever wear pants, and thankfully, his daughter knew that her attire was inappropriate.

Call me surface level, but I’ve never once given Bey’s attire a second thought. Perhaps, like so many others, she sprinkled her Creole dust on me, making me desensitized to the lack of fabric on her body as she sashayed across the stage. She’s been popping her parts in leotards, ice skater skirts, and glittered mesh for over 10 years, so it’s not a big deal to me.

I’m writing this as a realist, not a fan.

While I’m sensitive to parents who cringe at the thought of their little princesses pointing to the screen and screaming, “Mommy/Daddy, I wanna dress like THAT!”, I don’t understand how or why her attire is an issue now. New fans don’t know her own mother, Tina Knowles, set the tone for her style when she designed Destiny’s Child’s outfits back in 1997. Since then, she’s become a woman, and her clothing has followed suit.

Folks, she’s an entertainer. Putting on a show is her job, and those next-to-nothing ensembles are her costumes while she’s doing it. It’s no different from a cheerleader or dancer in a leotard or a tennis player in a short tennis skirt. Consider it a uniform.

Can she sing in a pair of pants like so many before her? Sure, but did Anita Baker twerk to the best of her abilities to “Sweet Love”? No. If you’ve seen Beyoncé in concert, you know that she dresses according to the song. In a few hours, she dons one-pieces and ball gowns. I’ll eventually forgive her for that angel-winged neglect get-up to “Ava Maria” someday.

My point is this: Expect to see Bey half-naked for atleast another 10 years. Even Tina Turner, at the age of 70, still rocks her miniskirts when she performs because her legs are her physical asset as a performer. These women are in business, and there’s money to be made. You don’t want your children to see Bey’s unmentionables and scantily clad body? Monitor their entertainment habits.

Either way, women will probably continue to wear nothing. The Taylor Swift look doesn’t work for everyone. The stage was set decades ago, as alluring women in entertainment push the envelope with their sex appeal (Hello Madonna. Hello Vanity and Sheila E.). I’m not suggesting that just because it’s common, it should be acceptable to those who disapprove, but I know I’ve seen worse.

Beyoncé covering up when she performs? Don’t hold your breath.

  • gmarie

    If my body looked like that I wouldn’t have clothes on either. Neither would the naysayers. Americans don’t “love whores” they love confident women who are comfortable with their sexuality. Beyonce is obe of those women

  • SDA

    Bee would defend herself by saying “That’s not Beyonce, silly. That’s Sasha Fierce.”
    I think that’s sad and problematic: she has to defend herself because the (black) community is having a hard time with dealing with sexuality out in the open. She should be able to dress however the F she wants without dehumanizing herself.

  • http://gobrook.wordpress.com gobrooklyn

    I don’t get it either. She’s a performer. Leather bustiers and see through lace skirts are not her everyday attire.

    Maybe her critics should point out how that “whore” makes her own money, married her long time boyfriend and had her first child in wedlock. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they also didn’t live together before getting married.

    Not saying that anyone who doesn’t/does do these things is a whore but next time someone sets their mouth to judge her they should take a look at how she’s led that traditional personal life we all preach to our children.

  • Margaret

    When my daughter was younger I sacrificed my TV/movie watching to make sure things were appropriate for her viewing. We listened to a lot of music but we never watched videos to avoid any negative images.

    You are spot on about Beyonce and her act. She has always performed wearing a variety of costumes. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    That said B KILLED it. One of the best half-time performances of all time. She is always committed and engages. She always delivers and always looks so happy doing it.

  • Mademoiselle

    I don’t remember Beyonce wearing nothing but leotards prior to the single ladies video. The video itself wasn’t extremely off-putting considering the industry, but I think some people (at least me) just weren’t expecting the leotard to become a uniform (or her main one).

  • Yb

    People will get the fuck over it. Her body doesn’t belong to anyone. If you think Beyonce’s outfit will ruin your child’s mental development then you need worry more about the the fact that your kid is an innate fucking idiot.

    I’ve noticed some with their selective criticism: get mad at the black woman for showing her thighs, but won’t say shit about the woman eating a burger topless in the Carl’s Jr commercial.

  • Anthony

    I admit that for a moment I thought, “she’s not wearing very much,” but then I got into the performance and forgot about her attire. I think the world will survive her thighs!

  • http://gobrook.wordpress.com gobrooklyn

    I have to wonder if its because she’s so voluptuous. I mean, she has a woman’s body, hips, and all. If it was one of those prepubescent bodies we see on most female actresses in the movies, would they complain? Remember that fuss over Christina Hendricks from Mad Men? Another voluptuous woman.

  • http://gravatar.com/eynapanirb B.Payne

    I can see if she was spotted walking Blu Ivy in the streets wearing her leotard then there’d be a discussion but she’s a performer….on stage…her brand.

  • Libby

    Please enough already! Beyonce is not performing at her HOUSE or in the Carter’s backyard she is on STAGE. People are going to talk about STAGE OUTFITS. This article is trying way too hard. What she wears on STAGE is a part of her PERFORMANCE. So if people find it tacky or redundant SO WHAT. They are critiquing the PRODUCT she is SELLING. People act like her performing is doing us a favor.
    Sexuality has nothing to do with having a thin strip of fabric covering your vagina with your legs WIDE open grinding towards the camera. When Beyonce or any other person is on STAGE we as CONSUMERS of the product can make any kind of assessment we like of the PRODUCT, which includes singing, dancing and dress. Why is her ON STAGE persona off limits? .Damn, that’s what she’s SELLING.
    I find this whole thing comical. I don’t care for Lil Kim, Nicki, Trina, but I wound never find any article defending them for their oversexualized images. Beyonce and Rihanna use the N-word in their music. Have a supersexualized persona, but rarely receive serious articles on those issues.

    Give it a rest

  • Mademoiselle

    Didn’t really think my comment was overly critical, but judging by the thumbs downs no one actually wanted to hear anyone’s reason for not loving absolutely everything Beyonce does… Guess I’ll go back to skipping Beyonce articles.

  • Libby


  • http://www.glamazonsblog.com/ Glamazon Jessica

    I think that Bey is just taking a cue from one of her idols, Tina Turner. Even her Rubin Singer costume at the Superbowl is extremely similar to something Tina wore (and looked amazing in!) in her 40s: http://glamazonsblog.com/2013/02/beyonce-super-bowl-video-half-time-show-rubin-singer-destiny-s-child-reunion/

    I don’t knock the “onesie” as her main look because in essence it’s a leotard and tights which is a standard dancer’s uniform. Give the girl a break.

  • Treece

    Beyonce is the only current performer you can’t talk about their BRAND.
    You are not allowed to critique anything having to do with her her job as a singer, dancer or actress.
    You are not allowed to talk about what she wears when she performs.
    You are not allowed to talk about her songs.
    You are not allowed to how she sounds when she sings.
    You are just suppose to absorbs it and call it genius.
    The fact is all performers are critiqued on their brand, but people act as if she is beyond reproach.

  • http://gravatar.com/pinklipstick227 pinklipstick227

    People have a right to their opinions. Beyonce’s attire didn’t bother me much. In fact I’ve seen much worse from women in clubs. Even though Beyonce doesn’t wear much clothes on stages her costumes often made tastefully. Also this isn’t the first time a black women entertainer elected to celebrate her body. For the past decade Beyonce has been pulling from Josephine Baker’s play book.

  • http://gobrook.wordpress.com gobrooklyn

    “They are critiquing the PRODUCT she is SELLING.”

    No. They are judging her values and questioning her morals. Period. ‘She dresses like so on stage so she must be the same in real life.’
    “I don’t care for Lil Kim, Nicki, Trina, but I wound never find any article defending them for their oversexualized images.”

    Lil Kim, Trina? Who these people? They dropped an album last…?

    Nicki – She’s a goofball.

  • Libby

    Please, you are being very dramatic. Are they “judging her values and questioning her morals” when they say looks beautiful and owning her sexuality? Are they “judging her values and questioning her morals” when they say she embodies feminism through by showing her body? Why is it okay to place positive moral observations on her on on stage persona, but wrong to have a negative view using the SAME persona? That’s makes no sense at all.

  • WobbleBaby

    “If you’re tired of hearing, seeing, and reading about Mrs. Carter, click the X” ~ loving this first sentence.

    When I first saw Bey come out on stage, Tina Turner came to mind. I thought this outfit was sexieee. Shoot, it was the superbowl…just perfect. She needed to keep it edgy and exciting. I loved her outfit and the performance.

  • AM

    It works for her “sexy/bootylicious” brand image.

    -Bigups to Bey-Clutch.

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    could any of todays stars hold an audience with clothes on?
    what does this say about the quality of their music?
    what does this say about us all?

  • Purple and Black

    This article also puts me in the mind of people judging older women for wearing their backs/arms/shoulders out. If it still looks good, go for it. She isn’t naked, her breasts aren’t falling out, and her butt cheeks aren’t showing. As my sister-in-law says just wobble (dance) and be happy.

  • Purple and Black

    Correction: not the article—the people who are complaining.

  • Mademoiselle

    lol. Thanks Treece. Now I know :)

  • kamille

    It’s not like she doesn’t wear tasteful and nice clothing off the stage, so what’s the big deal? It’s really all about style and functionality. Who the hell can dance in jeans? wtf?! She’s not acting, this isn’t a play, it’s a dance and singing performance-she has to wear leotards and clothes she can move in.

    And the clothes sort of just come with the brand you’re in. Ballerinas wear tights and leotards, west african dancers-depending on the dance and company, can be anywhere from half naked/semi-nude to black tights with skirts and tank. I’ve seen dances where the dancers revealed more than Bey based on the performance.

  • http://gobrook.wordpress.com gobrooklyn

    In an earlier comment you would see that I judged beyonce on her real life persona not who she is on stage.

  • http://gobrook.wordpress.com gobrooklyn

    And I don’t understand how I’m being “very dramatic”. I’m not the one writing every other word in caps. You are judging her based on her on stage persona w/complete disregard for who she is in person.

  • sojourner4truth

    This country is uncomfortable with the sexuality of Black women in all of its forms, especially the way sexuality is represented in Black bodies. I just read an article about a coach and his team discussing First Lady Michelle Obama’s butt (yet, again) and they went so far as to call her overweight.

    The challenge for me is the monolithic, one-note hyper-sexualized images of Black women in the media. This too is historical. To break this down would require a series of posts.

    What is even more mind-numbing is the fact that Beyonce becomes the focal point instead of the fact the viewers were bombarded with dozens of super bowl commercials that objectified, marginalized and over-sexualized women. Beyonce’s outfit was in total alignment with the SUPER BOWL BRAND.

  • http://VerityReign.com Verity Reign

    “in essence it’s a leotard and tights which is a standard dancer’s uniform,” THIS! I agree 100%! I think at this point people are just going to say any and everything about Beyonce. She’s beautiful, talented and living many women’s “ideal” life as wife & mother. People are mad about that. Period.

  • MoreMonie

    click the “x” too funny- i really believe beyonce is a hidden partner on this website.
    i’ll wait and see what the next beyonce article will be tommorow

  • Lisss

    Once again James speaks the truth and gets to the heart of the matter.

  • http://www.clutchmagazine.com Clutch

    Thanks! We can only wish. We are small business – with no outside funding.

  • Libby


    You said” I judged beyonce on her real life persona not who she is on stage”.

    So it’s okay to “judge” her on her real life ( which you really don’t know anything about) but it’s wrong to judge her on her stage persona which is her job that she presents to the public?

    You are making little sense.

    You know her as a person? Do you know how kooky that sounds? I don’t know her “as a person” and I would never act as if I know anything about celebs beyond the stage, interviews and the product they sell to the public . Beyonce being married and having a baby does not tell me anything more than the sistah who is married with children at the post office.

    However how both present themselves to the public in the capacity of their job is something I can discuss.

  • Child, Please

    “I find this whole thing comical. I don’t care for Lil Kim, Nicki, Trina, but I wound never find any article defending them for their oversexualized images. Beyonce and Rihanna use the N-word in their music. Have a supersexualized persona, but rarely receive serious articles on those issues.”

    It’s interesting you say this; Demetria Lucas, a Clutch contributor wrote about the difference between these women on her blog (except Nicki, who wasn’t out then and Rih, who wasn’t as prominent) and found that there were none.

    I’ve always heard people say Rihanna, Lil Kim, Nicki and Trina were nasty and slutty; some have said that Beyonce’s off stage persona doesn’t allow her to be critiqued in the same way, which is interesting, because I don’t know any of the women who wear their stage attire off stage either.

    I think what this article conveniently leaves out is people are tired of the same ole, same ole. Lady Gaga wore the onesie in 2008, I haven’t seen her in it since. Trina doesn’t even where her hoochie stuff like she used to and if she did, I’m sure conversation would talk about how she looked like a ho and was trashy (could it be because of derriere and thighs? The excuse people will use to defend Beyonce’s attire on stage, since it looks good?).

    I don’t look at any of these woman as owning their sexuality, but rather buying into a system where they showcase their skin to sell rather than relying on the “talent” they have. (The same goes for any woman pretty much, especially when you generally hear about how they felt uncomfortable during these shoots.) If the industry standard was to keep covered (which it once was), would we be having this discussion about owning their sexuality? Probably not, though I’m sure they’d be considered sexy just the same if you look at En Vogue, early Toni Braxton and even Whitney as example, but we hear the voice first – we don’t necessarily have to see them.

    I do have to wonder though, why is nudity so closely associated with expressing one’s sexuality; I’ve known women who made pants look like they wanted to be on them and because they wore them so well and would cause people to swoon!

    As far as Beyonce’s on stage attire; I just think people are tired of seeing the same ole, same ole in a world where pop culture changes with the next big social media trend. And if her ‘fit is disgusting to some, sobeit! As Libby said, they’re critiquing a product, and that is what she is at this point, a product.

    SN: I wouldn’t use Tina Turner as an example since her outfits seemed to be dictated by her ex-husband and she just seemed to follow suit with what he said. She wasn’t owning her sexuality, but just following orders it seemed.

  • ImJustSaying

    Janelle Monae wears a Suit/tux-like get up to honor the uniforms her parents had to wear and so people will focus on her music not her body. As far as stereotypical af-american music taste goes Monae is kind of an Alternative artist. Also Adele consistently wears a black dress stands there and sings.

  • Cocochanel31

    That’s why I admire arrists like AKeys and even yes Keyshia Cole..they always stay tastefully dressed and covered which is a huge feat in today’s time. Bey does wear the clothes of a dance( leotard) which she is, and it’s probably easier for her to move around. Why she is still doing half naked GQ covers, not sure.
    Rihannas obsession with nude is distateful too imo..she is not a real singer or dancer at all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/autumn.daye Autumn Daye

    This is NOT about sex, holding an audience because their music is mediocre or anything of the kind.

    Performers sweat alot & the less they wear, the less they’ll perspire.

    It’s about comfort as well as appealing to the masses. And speaking as a non-Beyonce fan, I think she executes both well.

  • Rue

    Listen, no sensible person is asking that she put on clothes. I think it is more of a “we don’t have enough educated, business-like, only famous for smarts” type problem, thus black girls mostly have butt shaking and grinding to look up to. Case in point: go on any black women’s blog (try this one!) and count how many of their articles laud Beyonce. Then go back and count other articles about educationally accomplished/business women/scientists. My point exactly.

  • ChaCha1

    Beyonce does perform half dressed, but really, it isn’t like she comes out with boobie tassels and a thong.

  • http://gravatar.com/ceecollegegal CeeCee

    My opinion may hold no weight (I am a huge Beyonce fan), but I feel the exact same way. I don’t see anything wrong with the way Beyonce dressed on stage. Its just a stage costume; its not like she wears leotards on a daily basis.

  • Gigi

    I mean really just because people don’t and agree with everything Beyonce does, does not make them a hater. Its really annoying that people are unable to dislike or give opinion without being called a hater.

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  • makerealsense

    Dancers usually dont wear much clothing. It would get in the way, folks are so simple. She performs in these clothes just like her dancers. Folks need to have seerl seats for commenting on this. She wears “regular” clothing on a daily. SMH

  • Chelley5483

    ” I can see if she was spotted walking Blu Ivy in the streets wearing her leotard..”

    The thought of that just cracked me the hell up.. Too much, lol.

  • AnGe

    Yes, I am tired of seeing the Beyonce articles seeing as how you currently have 3 posted at the same time all of which are much about nothing.

    But why not add my two bits to this non-issue

    In regards to the current article…

    Beyonce has never been clothed head to toe. I personally don’t see anything wrong with her wardrobe choices. She wears the current pop star uniform and sticks to the current pop star script. I’m also not so bold and so jealous and just a straight rude hater like the person who wrote “America likes a whore.” What an incredibly bold and unfounded statement.

    But I will point out that the great divas of our past did not have to go the skimpy outfit overly sexualized rolling on the floor route (something Janet trended btw). Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Patti Labelle, and more currently Adele, Janelle Monae, etc have all been able to sell records and blaze a nice little trail for themselves without the sex kitten antics.

    Also pointing out that both Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson had incredibly successful careers before they started taking their clothes off.

    And I for one would like to know why gyrating around on a stage half naked is considered an expression of your sexuality. What exactly does that mean? So is it not an issue if high school kids at a dance dry hump each other because they’re just expressing their sexuality? Why then the hoopla over those “scandals”? I thought sexuality was something you expressed when you courted someone or you were getting ready to have sex. What does their sex or sexiness have to do with the music? Why are you trying to seduce men and women you are not married to?

    Answer: For now, it pays the bills and it has absolutely nothing to do with being a liberated women spreading the ideas of women’s independence from the bondage of yadda yadda yadda…

    Again, to reiterate, I don’t see an issue with how Beyonce dresses if thats how she feels. She’s always dressed like that and I damn sure don’t think a married woman with a small child should be referenced as a whore. But i will NOT buy into the idea that that’s how you have to behave to be considered successful in the entertainment industry or sexy in general.

  • Ms. Information

    Ok…..enough with Mrs. Carter, back to our regularly scheduled program…this may interest some of us ladies….

    RESERVE YOUR SPOT IN HISTORY! On March 10th, at exactly 4:30 pm EST, thousands of Black women across the country have already registered to walk for 100 minutes in their communities to pay tribute to Harriet Tubman. She died 100 years ago, in 1913, and we will not let this centennial pass without a moving tribute. If you’re down, write “I’m in” in the comments. Then register for free at http://www.girltrek.org. Please share this with as many people as you can. We’re giving away a FREE HOODIE to the woman who registers the most walkers each day. EVERY WOMAN COUNTS

  • AJW

    Ok. I get it. We are not allowed to think anything but positive thoughts about her. We are not allowed to critique her. We are not allowed to have any favorite artist other than her. She has no flaws. She is perfect. Godly. King status. We are all her underlings and should worship the ground she walks on. She is Beysus.

    Alot of you guys take fandom to scary extremes. She is rich & successful. She’s cute. That’s all great & dandy but to police the consumer is to ME why music is the way it is now in the first place. Most people are happy for her but her & her fans need to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around her & everyone cosigning every.single thing. that she does. I cannot worship this lady. Won’t do it. She is human like me. This argument about HATERS not liking her clothes, music, ect. It just reeks of alot of things. I just don’t understand why we all HAVE to like her. Once everybody does then who will be left to be called haters?

  • Kat

    I honestly never paid it any mind. I danced practically my whole life and that’s the kind of costumes we would wear for the most part. Leotards and stockings are pretty much the uniform for performing/practice…dancing in pants is hot as hell I wouldn’t call people who don’t like her “haters” people have a right to their opinion. I just think that some people go out of their way to find something to complain about when it comes to her…like she’s doing something so unheard of and outrageous (and the same can be said about people who are stans as well). Her outfits aren’t bad at all compared to what a lot of other entertainers (who don’t even dance like that) wear on a daily basis. She’s usually in something classy off the stage.

    For the person above who said that divas in the past didn’t do that Tina Turner almost always has on something like that on stage….ain’t nothing new

  • Lynn

    I actually think young girls are more negatively affected by the Taylor Swifts in this industry then the Beyonces. I work in a Day care and from what I’ve heard, when admiring Bey they think, I want to be a strong business women, I want a PARTNERSHIP for a marriage, not a man who owns me, I want independence. The Taylor Swift followers think I NEED a man. I need a man to take care of me, life isn’t complete without a boyfriend. Just my observation.

  • The Comment

    Damn…..that’s kinda Deep

  • http://Clutch SL

    True. Wow. What daycare are you working at? Lol!!!

  • The Comment

    Oh Honey….Madonna paid her dues…..her haters used to interrupt her cash flow by cancelling her shows and/or showing up @ her events with police dogs and arrest warrants.

    States like Texas would tell her if she performed ‘like a virgin’ they would shut the chit all the way down. They used to have prayer vigils for ole girl. She and Prince and Ozzy…NWA and a slew of other entertainers caught a bunch of hell for their ‘brand’. So if anyone has a problem with Beyonce or any other performer….all they can talk about it… the checks/endorsements are still coming in.

  • Mademoiselle

    Is there a way to sign up without logging in to FB, Twitter, or LinkedIn?

  • Mademoiselle

    Daycare kids are doing compare/contrasts between Beyonce & Taylor Swift? Really? To the extent that they’re discussing marital business partnerships? They sound pretty advanced.

  • http://Clutch SL


  • Me & my big heart

    yep, to Tina Turner, and just seen her original version of this outfit. We all know she is her biggest fan as seen here

  • Lynn

    By day care I mean after school care. Some of these girls are 11 and 12

  • Mademoiselle

    Ahh… I see. Thanks for the clarification

  • vonmiwi

    The iconic Tina Turner had rocked the same types of costumes during her heyday and I guess the so called religious, self-rightous brigade probably said the same things about her and she rocked them any way. It’s so easy, if you don’t like Beyonce or any other scantily clad entertainers, then don’t watch anything that they’re on. It’s that simple.

  • http://Clutch SL

    My daughter and her friends are in that age range – never has any of them said nor would they say something so obviously adult-like as “I want a PARTNERSHIP marriage” like Beyonce or that TS “needs a man” to take care of her.

  • WhatIThink

    Man the people that write these articles simply don’t know much about RTF (radio television and film) or the history of black women in the entertainment industry.

    White society has always liked seeing light skinned black women in skimpy costumes dancing to a “jungle beat”. Don’t you know that most of the girls in the cotton club had to be a certain height and skin complexion in order to perform and most of their performances were darn there burlesque acts? In fact, many of the women who worked there were underage (under 18) when they started. And these folks had black recruiters who did all the hard work of finding talent in the black neighborhoods.

    A good example of this is Reet, Petite and Gone by Louis Jordan from 1947.

    These articles pretend to be saying something but in reality are saying nothing and just drawing more attention to Beyonce.

    Yes America loves sex and whores and their female entertainers to represent both.

  • http://tausi36.wordpress.com PineApple

    @Clutch I think that was sarcasm…

  • Ms. Information

    I emailed the moderator, I will let you guys know when she responds :)

  • AnGe

    I wasn’t saying it has not been done before. I said that past and present female entertainers didn’t have to. Some manage to get quite far with their clothes still on. It’s a preference thing.

  • http://www.stylesweets.com/ Style Sweets Magazine

    You wrote it well and said exactly what I was thinking so there is not much to say other than, we love Beyonce & she is an amazing performer.

  • http://twitter.com/JabberJustice E. L. Harris (@JabberJustice)

    People must be really miserable in their lives to continue to attack Beyonce for such nonsense. It’s stage attire big deal. Dude should tell his little girl to stay out of grown folks business. Beyonce is grown and can wear what she wants to perform in. Totally ridiculous.


    It’s too goddamn hot to wear clothes doing all that dancing on that hot ass stage. Also, those hot ass lights melting ya damn body. Plus, she has on 79 layers of makeup on top of that .. Muthafucka please. She isn’t the type of performer who stands in one spot and if she was she would still be hot ass hell. Gladys Knight usually stays in one place and still sweating like fat people at an outdoor buffet.

  • EST. 1986

    They must be some very advanced 11 and 12 year olds.

  • EST. 1986

    I can’t say I am a Beyonce fan, but one thing that has never crossed my mind is her attire on stage. I don’t see what the problem is.

  • EST. 1986

    It made me laugh too, because I immediately had a picture in my mind of what that would look like.

  • Dal

    I worked with that age group of African-American youth for 3 years, and we specifically discussed media influence on them… celebs, entertainment, etc. This comment is not far fetched, in the least. You have to keep in mind this generation of kids are very sophisticated. Not only do they have more access to media, but adults talk to kids like peers these days. They very much so have opinions on marriage and relationships. I had a 12 year old tell me she is never getting married because her mother handles everything by herself, and told her that a man is not worth the trouble.

  • Mikela123

    Many complain about the number of articles about Beyonce appearing on Clutch. And they’re right about the redundancy, but its a less a reflection of Clutch magazine than it is about the industry and Black superstar power overall.

    Sure they can write more about politics and social issues. But ultimately its celebrity news that attracts the eyeballs to the site.

    Let’s go back 20 years ago to 1993 (ugh I was in college then – time truly flies). If Clutch existed back then, you would see articles on:

    Whitney Houston – The Bodyguard came out a year earlier, but the soundtrack is still topping the charts

    Janet Jackson – That’s the Way Love Goes was also topping Billboard

    Toni Braxton – Her self titled album came out

    Mariah Carey – Dreamlover was a #1 hit from her Album Music Box

    Jade – Don’t Walk Away actually hit Billboard Top 100

    SWV – Weak was Billboard #1 hit in July 1993

    You see, these stars were not just popular R&B stars. They crossed into pop mainstream and were Superstars back then. Unfortunately, we don’t have this diverse roster today. Beyonce is truly the only Black superstar today (her and Rihanna).

    We even had more Black actresses who were doing there thing back then – Regina King, Nia Long, The girls on Martin, the one on Family Matters (can’t t remember at the moment) Janet did Poetic Justice around 1993. Whoopi Goldberg was the HIGHEST PAID ACTRESS (Black or WHITE) back in the 1990s.

    We had more stars who made the celebrity roster. Today we just don’t have all those big stars who was filled celebrity space. Beyonce is pretty much it, hence all the articles on her.

    Hopefully this will change soon. Kerry Washington is coming up, on the acting side, and Meagan Good has her show. But the music industry – right now Beyonce is pretty much it.

  • Child, Please

    @Dal, is it possible these girls are more influenced with what they see in the home than pop culture? You mentioned what the girl said about her mom and I don’t see how she could get that from Knowles or Swift. I don’t doubt that girls have those conversations, I have them with my sisters, but it seems they’d get more of their desires from home than what they hear in a song. But I’m just going based off of this example. I also wonder how’d they decipher the two songstresses considering the women cover the same subject matter in their songs.

  • NCR

    Yah… sure… young girls are more negatively affected by taylor swift than Beyonce…. right. Because it’s soooooooo… empowering to marry a man who has made his career talking about b*tches and h*es and being a thug. … How empowering. I only hope I can do as well as Beyonce…

    … meanwhile back in REALITY….

  • WhatIThink

    The absolute reality is that black children are absolutely overexposed to sexuality and irresponsibility on a daily basis and this persists into adulthood causing the patterns of behavior and dysfunction seen everyday in the black community. So the last thing that black girls need is to make a role model of an entertainer (any entertainer really) because more often than not they do not represent the reality of the situation that most black girls will face in real life. Just like black entertainers in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and so forth did not promote progress for black folks overall then, they don’t represent the overall progress of black folks as a whole today. So it isn’t Beyonce that is the issue, the issue is that the entertainer represents a fantasy that most black folks will never achieve and a distraction from the real world work of making concrete things happen to improve black lives in the real world. And just like those entertainers that were popular back in days past never built anything to uphold or preserve their legacy and pass it on, neither do those entertainers of today. I mean how is it that in New Orleans, the home of Jazz, there is no black owned institution to preserve, teach and promote that legacy? Same thing with Harlem and don’t even mention ragtime or the blues….

    So fro all the attention given to Beyonce on black sites like this and others, it is noting more than superficial mindless obsession, tripping over every trivial issue as opposed to things of substance like how are these black entertainers who show off how close and supportive of the current president actually DOING anything with that relationship. What are black folks getting out of it? Seems to me absolutely nothing. They just keep getting your money and blind obsession with absolutely nothing in return.

  • Alex

    Before I start, I just want to say I love reading the articles on Clutch, and the comments! Lol. I usually Never comment myself, this is my first time doing so. But I felt a need to mention the fact that No, Taylor Swift is not a good role model at all actually. And I’m finding it seriously confusing, how she is constantly able to fool everyone into being she’s “America’s Sweetheart”. First off all her music is far from empowering to woman and especially not young girls. What Does she sing about besides “I need a boyfriend” “I want a boyfriend” “I have a boyfriend” “I broke up with my boyfriend” “Now I feel like shit because I broke up with my boyfriend” “I sad because I don’t have a boyfriend” “Op! Got a New boyfriend! :)”…How is that positive or empowering to any female? And not to mention the fact that she has had More “boyfriends” than every singer in the entertainment industry. She is a “serial dater”. In fact it’s the butt of Many jokes. I remember when she was on Ellen and they counted how Many boyfriends she had had so far at that point in the year and it amounted to seven and the year wasn’t even over yet! Please. Beyonce isn’t for everybody, I understand that. But to say Taylor is supposed to be some “perfect role model” for girls is a joke at best and a crying shame at worst.

  • NCR


    …i never said that taylor swift was perfect. I said that beyonce was WORSE out of whole lot of terrible.

    I don’t understand why black women are so quick to jump up the behind of Beyonce.

    I think whining about not having a boyfriend or your boyfriend woes is not AS BAD as literally marrying a man who made his career being a pimp and calling black women bi@%$ and h#$. Lets not pretend that whining about your boyfriend or how much you want a boyfriend is WORSE than marrying a “man” who has made his career out of being a thug and objectifying black women. She literally married someone who has proven from HIS music that he has no respect for her or black women like her!

    Heck while taylor swift is about as pathetic as beyonce at least she didn’t build her entire career out of being the stereotypical over sexed black Jezebel.

  • http://gravatar.com/rockthecatbox rockthecatbox

    Agreed. I also think if you look close enough at Beyonce she has A LOT of clothes on when she performs, if you notice from her high-res photos she is wearing a flesh tone bodysuit under the leather that makes a line under the deep v, she is also wearing what looks like two pairs of leg coverings–sheer stockings with fishnets over them. She is fully covered and creates an illusion of revealing attire/nudity. This is something old school performers do/have done–it prevents slips, keeps everything in its place and lets you dance hard without worry. She wears a lot of nude flesh tone/bodyshaping, especially when outfits are cut high and/or low, and have venting when she performs. That said, I wish people would get over this puritanical BS when it comes to women’s (and especially black women’s) bodies. This is nowhere near pornographic or offensive considering the other things society finds acceptable.

  • Anthony

    I should have said the world will survive seeing her thighs because really, they were the only body part she was actually showing. That said, Beyonce has two mighty fine thighs!

  • http://gravatar.com/deechagirl mypointiz…

    Newsflash: She’s a black woman comfortable in her skin who has the audacity to show off her body. In sheer confidence.

    If anything, I heard more flack from white people than black people. And they mainly came from fat azz white women who tried to blame her for why their precious rugrats are looking at a black woman on stage being fierce.

    Could just be my location….

  • Nicoline

    WHATEVER!!! Beyonces performance was great and she looked amazing!!

  • http://gravatar.com/deechagirl mypointiz…

    Even Cher didn’t get this much shtt, and she wore waaaaaayyyyy less clothing.

  • http://gobrook.wordpress.com gobrooklyn

    They probably also get mad when their white husbands/boyfriends look at her on stage.

  • http://gobrook.wordpress.com gobrooklyn

    I was thinking about this today and you are absolutely right. Its gotten out of hand really. Watching her perform with must have made a lot of women insecure. shrugs.

  • http://sewcraftful.com Callie

    Bey needed a wax before deciding to lay on the stage and open her legs wide. Ugh. Surely, J could have brought Nair.

  • PBR

    They will defend near-naked entertainers on stage today and they cry about why their daughters are on the strip pole or posing half naked in Twitter / Instagram photos tomorrow. It is what it is I guess, what goes up must come down folks

  • tish

    perhaps she should have come out in army fatigues waving a AR-15? now that would have been wholesome…

    seriously, i laugh until i snort out my drink and pee at the sexual repression in our culture. been to europe lately? btw, they have the lowest STI and pregnancy rates, yet their teens are just as sexually exposed as ours…

    why? because sexuality is NOT horrible. the fact that folks get their panties in a bunch about seeing some thighs is.

    and this father was really concerned about bey not wearing pants? lemme ask: did her turn off the TV? methinks, no.

    i believe we was really less concerned about beys’ lack of pants, then the fact that he was getting a rise in his…

    get over it folks! beyonce’ will NOT make your daughter into a ho. you not giving her positive sexual agency (which, can delineate between sensuality and twerking for a dolla) most likely will.

  • Yvonne Prescott

    Thanks for the link! “I’m in”.

  • http://herdiamondback.blogspot.com/ eparksm

    I find it both interesting and completely ridiculous that people use their kids as an excuse to have a problem with sexuality. You can always turn off the tv, it’s called parenting.

    Echoing the author, it’s called Entertainment. Beyonce, Lady Gaga, etc. all where next to nothing. Heck! Look at Barbie and dolls that bare midriff. If you want an alternative, positive artist petition the NFL to have India Arie next time.

    Even though I am not a fan of Beyonce I believe that she has right to do what she feels is right. If you don’t like, don’t support. Money speaks louder than words.

  • http://www.haute30.blogspot.com Tavoya

    One of the best written replies ever!!!!

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