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A petition has already pulled the plug on the Oxygen reality show All My Babies’ Mamas, and now a new online petition is calling for the cancellation of Bravo’s forthcoming series Married to Medicine.

A group of Howard University College of Medicine students started the protest and say that the series, which follows the lives of prominent Black women doctors and doctor’s wives in the Atlanta, will “leave the stain of unprofessionalism and cattiness on the image of Black female doctors for years to come,” reports Madame Noire.

“For the sake of integrity and character of black female physicians, we must ask that Bravo immediately remove and cancel Married to Medicine from its channel, website, and any other media,” it reads. “Black female physicians only compose 1% of the American workforce of physicians. Due to our small numbers, the depiction of Black female doctors in media, on any scale, highly affects the public’s view on the character of all future and current African-American female doctors.

The petition urges Bravo to cancel the series and states that shows like this make it difficult for Black women to make it in the medical field. “As residency positions are becoming increasingly more competitive (particularly for Black women) and contingent upon social behavior of graduating medical students, this depiction will only hinder black female physicians from attaining competitive residencies.”

In continues, “Bravo’s Married to Medicine not only exploits the 6 lives of its Black female cast members, but, through its advertisements and commercials, heavily associates Black females in medicine with materialism, “cat fights”, and unprofessionalism. In a time when doctors are being held to very high standards by the public and each other, it is unfathomable for such a depiction of medicine and black women to be broadcast on TV where it will be inevitably available for years to come, on the internet and through other media outlets.”

Married to Medicine is scheduled to premiere on March 24th.

Do you think the show will shed a positive or negative light on Black, female doctors? View the petition here.

  • Anon

    Ummmmm… … …, I haven’t seen the show, but of the black women I know/knew who went on to medical school, it was either awesome women or a close depiction of who’s on that show.

  • Worldly

    I petitioners. While we shouldn’t limit ourselves from doing what we wish because of stereotypes and public perception, we should understand our representation as women of color, particularly black women, is limited in the fields of medicine and science. Our intelligence and knowledge is constantly being questioned by our male counterparts in these fields. We shouldn’t give them any material to base their prejudices off of.

  • Anon

    And when did Atlanta sign up to be ratchet city?

  • Mama Mia

    This petition makes sense. The image of black women is already scarred enough. They should defintely cancel it.

  • OhPuhleezee

    “Some of us are female doctors…” Did that sound weird to anybody else? Why not just say “some of us are doctors”?

  • NoMoreCandy4U

    Why would these 5 professional Black woman doctors (or married to a doctor) want to tarnish their image and the images of other Black female doctors. They look very young so all I see is wanting more money. Money is not everything, Black Pride is, especially if u already have money. This is sickening.

  • gegesonje

    These physicians willingly signed up for this type of publicity whether good or bad. And the fact there is a platform for intelligent, professional black women is progress considering the rest of BRAVO’s primetime lineup and reality TV. I think Howard’s group is noble…but where is the protest of “Basketball Girlfriends”..oops…Wives” and other ridiculous shows. We can’t pick and choose. “All My Babies Mama’”s was an exceptional case – recklessly exploited children, morally wrong and culturally embarrassing to more than just the 1%.

  • Rakel

    I read this on Shadow and Act the other day. I understand their apprehension and mistrust of Black women images and reality tv. While this cast is in a prime position to change the public’s views about Black women professionals I don’t think it will. I have to agree with the petitioners, positive images of Black women don’t sell.

  • donnadara

    Why all these shows have one token white woman? Does she lend “class”? I guess next season the Atlanta Housewives have to get another white woman to replace the one that quit.

  • Nakia

    Given the response they get from their highest rated show, Real Housewives of Atlanta, I doubt that Bravo will succumb as easily as Oxygen did, though they are run by the same folks.

  • Ash

    Only two of these women are physicians, and they are highly qualified at that. I still do not understand why they signed up for this show, but I do believe that the other women on the show will bring negativity onto the entire cast as whole.

  • Ask_ME

    When everybody and their mama from bigger cities like Chicago, Detroit and New York started moving there and became the majority within city limits.

  • Ask_ME

    This comment was in reply to “Anon”

  • Ask_ME

    Doctors and lawyers commit suicide more than any other group. It’s likely they see $$$ in the opportunity and might be looking for a way out of their fields.

  • Treece

    This is why I don’t watch “reality” tv at all. It seems like th majority of shows exploit minorities and rural/poor people or are meant to make women (especially Black women) look catty, classless, and for lack of a better term “ratchet” as all hell. I agree with the ladies at HU. This does nothing to help the image of Black physicians who are women. They do make up a very small portion of all doctors and to have them depicted in this way (whether all the women in the show are actually docs or not) and in a show on the same network as all the Housewives (from wherever) paints them with the same catty, bitchfight brush as all the others. No good, at all.

  • AnnT

    I’m assuming that these are supervising physicians and own their own practices where they delegate the work to their staff, but I’d drop my physician if I saw her on a show like this.

    This is like having Phaedra as my attorney. No thank you…

  • Anon

    There have been protests and campaigns against those shows since before they aired. The reason that you don’t remember Hot Ghetto Mess on BET is because I and lots of other women worked to keep it off of the air, and this was in 2005/2006. We CAN pick and choose, and we SHOULD pick and choose.

  • Anon

    I stated on the Sweet Brown article as to why these depictions of black women are flooding the airwaves right now, and not a Claire Huxtable type is to be found.

    can’t speak for your experiences Chillyroad, but if you’ve NEVER experienced a separation of classes in this society… you ain’t never been beyond a certain level, and it ain’t that high. NO OTHER GROUP OF PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF LOWER CLASS BLACK AMERICANS is A-Okay with the most uneducated representing a majority. NO OTHER GROUP IN THE WORLD. NOT EVEN OTHER BLACK AMERICANS. We/they just don’t tell ya’ll about it for the most part (to the middle/upper black classes detriment as can be observed over the past 20 years). If you have NO issue with Sweet Brown being put on blast, you I’d take a good long look at your familial back ground. All of this B.S. about people being “ashamed” has NO place in the argument being presented. NOT A SPOT ON THE PLATE that was put in front of you was about being “ashamed” of Sweet Brown existence. Her being chosen as a “popular” depiction of black women was. THAT IS THE ISSUE. A young white chick was picked out in a football game and now is in the Sports Illustrated Issue. Sweet Brown ( middle aged and w/ a doo-rag) was picked out in the projects after a fire and shooting dental commercials and hired to say ghetto slang for some dollas. Who doesn’t see the difference? All I saw in these comments of “shame” was projection of the commenter’s issues. If you see your mama in Sweet Brown, that’s cool, but realize, that a YOUNG GOOD LOOKING black woman wouldn’t get a 10th of the level of attention as Sweet Brown has for a heroic deed. She’s a mockable image of black femininity in a time when black women are ACTUALLY, First Lady, were on the verge of having a SECOND black woman as Secretary of State (Kerry didn’t get so swooped in by chance), an all black female entertainment Superbowl, Head of Fortune 500 companies, heading ships that stopped Somali Pirates (and saved lives), constructing new vectors for viral transmissions, etc… et. al and so on. And THIS WOMAN GETS PUT ON!!!!! Stop taking the Soma and come out of the coma. There is a new national article against black women as being uneducated and classless for a REASON, and folks are up here defending this caricature because she might make a few grand? Why is this the best way for this woman to make some money is the REAL question

  • Anon

    Fresh Prince, A Different World, Living Single, Girlfriends, 227, Amen, etc… all had multiple seasons on network TV.

  • Anon

    ahhh. I haven’t been there since I was much younger, and I didn’t remember all this hood-richness that seems to define ATL these days. Thanks for the info.

  • T

    Good for these students to protest against this. At least one area can remain untarnished in which black women have worked hard to achieve. I think by the time all of the drama will take place on this show, some people will try to associate all black doctors with the negative behavior.

    Yes, I hope this show is cancelled.

  • Skye


    So true. Phaedra as an attorney lost so much credibility seeing her not be able to defend herself. Love her character but would never ask for her services.

  • Skye

    Yesss! None of the other shows have black women on Miami they have white Latinos. Even on DC one black? wtf

  • heavenleiblu

    When Georgia decided to give major tax breaks for mounting productions here. It was nothing to do with there being a higher concentration of abhorrent behavior here.than anywhere else. It’s just cheaper to tape here than elsewhere.

  • binks

    This! I don’t know why professional women would sign up for this show, as mention I would give a side eye to any top professional on a reality show. But whelp, I guess everybody is trying to look for notoriety and a come-up these days, I guess being a respected individual within your professional career and community isn’t enough if it doesn’t include cameras. Sad, because like you said black women, and black people in general, are still under respected in higher tiers of the medical profession and in medical schools across the board.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    why no link to the petition?

  • Clutch
  • myblackfriendsays

    What are tv producers to do? Stop producing these shows until there are a larger percentage of black female doctors? If so, what percentage are we shooting for? Never produce any shows that show black people in a “negative” light? Have a fifty/fifty distribution of ratchet and non-ratchet shows about black people?

    These may sound like rhetorical questions, but I would really like to know from someone that really dislikes these shows what they think the solution is.

    I was looking forward to watching this show, just like I watch all the other RHO____ shows. I don’t ever think that the people on those shows represent the women in the cities they’re from–they represent themselves.

    But I also get that if 1% of doctors are black women, this show could influence some people’s perceptions. But who is to blame for that? The producers and corporations? The people starring in the shows? Or the people who make sweeping generalizations about entire groups based on what they see on tv?

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    Wait a minute…

    Aren’t doctors supposed to be healers? Isn’t a medical doctor a person who signs themselves to be of service? This is people’s health we’re talking about here so I’m scratching my head at the fact that there are educated women who signed up for this mess.

    Why would you invest years of post graduate studies/medical school only to exploit yourself in the name of a dollar? And quite honestly why would I watch this vapid rachetnista tripe? To see your good weave and your taught behind? I can’t and I won’t.

    This reality show mess has really gotten out of control. And quite honestly “Married to Medicine” is an all around dumber than dumb idea.

  • J. Nicole

    The first few seconds of the preview I’m thinking, “Hmm doesn’t look as trashy as the other shows”, but then on queue comes the neck-twirling, materialistc, formula made popular by previous shows. And lets not forget the flamboyant catch phrases made to attract young black women & gay men to say them at inappropriate times. Seems like just about everyone is willing to make a fool out of themselves to be a star.

    Oh well, just another show I won’t be watching.

  • chicnoir

    W.E.B Du Bois is turning in his grave as we speak.

    Martin & Malcolm are at a loss for words.

    Harriet Tubman is trying to get an angel pass so she can pack her pistol & make her way down to Atlanta.

  • chicnoir

    I’ll add Family Matters and The Jeffersons to the list.

  • Rue.

    GOOD!!!! Now, where is the petition for the Basketball morons?

  • Whiteprivilegeterminated

    why are you so angry and hostile about something so unimportant?

    Let it go for the sake of your own mental health.

  • Anon

    You typed that out with YOUR screenname? If it is so unimportant, then why do you care, if I care?

  • queensafira

    And the Cosby Show! And I am telling you now that there is an audience waiting for that ish to happen! Look at Scandal. We are waiting with bated breath for the return of good black SCRIPTED shows!

  • Whiteprivilegeterminated

    because you seem so angry, for no reason . . . . all the time.

  • Anon

    Didn’t you say that being portrayed as slaves wasn’t a bad thing, even when there are no other images of black women out there? I don’t think you WANT a good explaination, just an excuse to watch BBW without feeling guilty. If you don’t get it by now, what’s the point in wasting breath?

    My comments were for those who are ACTUALLY confused, not play-pretending.

  • Anon

    There have been many already.

  • Anon

    IIf that’s supposed to imply that I’m fed up with the utter FOOLISHNESS that so many are glad-handing as entertainment then, yes, you are correct. Let me be real here. I could care LESS what happens to the majority of the black underclass. I’ve tutored, mentored, volunteered, and frankly, most folks aren’t doing anything to help themselves get out of situations, even with two hands helping them. BUT now that some have gotten some type of career/, etc… and are dressing like middle/upper class BP, then that means that their ratchet behavior has started to have an impact on MY image.They’re in middle/upper class spaces with low class manners and social skills. With so few images of black women out there, it is a DIRECT impact on how black women are seen. Basically, we’re all being lumped in with hoodrats now and while it took some time for a certain percentage to realize what some of us said years ago, FINALLY there is a backlash. I think it’s taken shows that are trying to smear even black women DOCTORS for folks to realize that this propaganda campaign is real and effective.

  • rena0215

    @Ask_Me: Speaking as an attorney. I would definitely change fields (or, ideally, practice part time) if I could figure out a way to do so and still have enough income to pay my student loans. There are some aspects of this field I enjoy very much, but it can be extremely stressful!

  • Ask_ME

    I know. My husband is an attorney. He makes a very good living at it and he is one of the FEW attorneys I know that actually LOVES his job.

    Just about every other attorney I know wish they could go back and pick a different field.

  • kelly

    WOW, black people what on earth are you doing and whats happen to us.. I’m ashamed

  • Nicole

    Black people are always concerned about what other people think. No one on reality tv show will ever define who I am. Please stop being so offended about everything.

  • TypeA

    does anyone else find it ironic when one of the women said “I really didn’t sign up to make a mockery out of woman”?

  • myblackfriendsays

    “Didn’t you say that being portrayed as slaves wasn’t a bad thing”

    No actually, if you go back and read what I said, you will see that I said there was nothing wrong with _being_ a slave. Obviously, people that enslave others are wrong. At the same time, just because a person was/is a slave, doesn’t mean they don’t don’t deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

    I think it’s pretty lame that I got four thumb down votes, but only one actual response. Anon, you may think that I am play-pretending, but I am actually trying to understand the alternative point of view. I asked several specific questions, and I am sincerely interested in hearing the answers.

    “He who knows only his side of the case, knows little of that.” J.S. Mill

    I’m trying not to be that guy.

  • Blackgirlmd

    Wow. When I first heard about the show I was excited because A) I’m naive, and B) I thought it was a great chance for every one to see how awesome black female doctors are! I know a lot of black women in medicine and our lives are fun, interesting, exciting…. exhilarating even.

    But that trailer is abysmal. I can only hope that it was not the doctors scrapping like a bunch of street urchins, but maybe some other women that they are associated with? Or maybe it was a party and the doctors just happened to be there?

    however, it should be said that these are privileged, educated, wealthy women and NO ONE forced them to do this, no one put a gun to their head, they chose to go out and represent themselves and the profession this way. Sigh.

  • chicnoir

    Oh it is important. If you ever go on a job interview and the person sitting across from you doesn’t look like you or you want to enter another country and the immigration officer doesn’t look like you, please believe the images of Blk Americans will be important.

  • Pseudonym

    Depends on who’s doing the fighting. I predict that the actual physicians weren’t bringing enough ratchet and it’s actually the doctors’ wives that are doing the fighting, screaming, etc. (You can kinda tell just from the preview above.)

    But, you never know…[fingers crossed that I am correct]

  • Pseudonym

    Yes! That’s what I was wondering after seeing the “Sisterhood.” Do all groups of black women have one white girlfriend to round out the group?

  • Pseudonym

    (in Atlanta)

  • B

    I am all for upholding positive images of black women. With all these vide-heaus and reality shows feeding into the stereotypes of black women, a limit needs to be set.

  • chicnoir

    My blk friendsays
    Just about all of the shows on TV portray blk women negatively. Of all the Blk women on TV, how many act in roles that you wouldn’t mind your daughter emulating in RL?

    Everybody loved Claire Huxtable and she was once voted Americans’ fav mom, how many people feel that way about NeNe?
    She is used as a trope of the sassy blk woman.

  • binks

    Lol my dad says something like this all the time. Seems like the innovated black leaders of yester-year fought and die for nothing the way a certain segment of our community is acting and willing to degrade themselves.

  • chicnoir

    +500 for “rachetnista”.
    This needs to become an entry in the urban dictionary.

  • chicnoir

    Exactly and what’s really bad is our. “best ” are not succumbing to this madness. I feel so embarrassed looking at this clip, MDs and Blk women who have married well acting a fool for a couple of dollars cause we know they aren’t making Friends/Seinfield money per episode.

    That lil bit of money is probably spent before they see on shoes they can’t walk in, bad weaves and even worse plastic surgery.

  • kc

    “I guess everybody is trying to look for notoriety and a come-up these days, I guess being a respected individual within your professional career and community isn’t enough if it doesn’t include cameras.”

    That’s it! It’s as if an event hasn’t occurred unless someone’s documenting it somehow. So sad. This reminds me of when Michelle Obama said she wanted to trade places with Beyonce. Why be an educated woman when you can be a flashy diva?

  • myblackfriendsays

    So when Claire Huxtable was on primetime, the black community didn’t have problems?

    Do you think if these undesirable shows went off the air tomorrow that it would make a measurable positive impact on the lives of black people? If so, how and why?

    I would be more than happy to hear the answers to these questions, or any of the ones I raised in my original comment.

  • tish

    kudos, future MDs!!!!! petition signed.

    as a wife of a doctor, this show and its associated ratchedness makes me want to slap the shit out of someone.

    if you really want to know the life of a “doctor’s wife”….you can generally find us in the preschool “pick-up line” wrangling a screaming toddler who wants to know “when is daddy leaving the hospital???”

    …and where the f*^& are my louboutins????

    lame. ratchet.

  • Kam

    I always thought it was that they wouldn’t be accused of being racist.

  • MommieDearest

    I’m more concerned about what black people think; specifically younger, impressionable black people. I don’t want them to think that it’s OK to act a complete ass and clown yourself just to make a couple of bucks. It’s like we no longer value self-respect. The elders that have gone before us are surely weeping.

  • Kam

    Lol, yeah that’s all fine for you, but as a Black person you don’t have power in this society. So that’s a nice little quote until you need to find a job or find a partner or buy a house or do any other thing in which Whites or another ethnic group holds power.

  • justanotheropinion

    BRAVO! (side eye)…more reality tv crap.

  • k

    I get where they’re coming from but at this point reality tv makes a fool out of EVERYONE…Black, white, purple, straight, gay, etc Black reality shows aren’t the only messy ones. A person that would watch a show like this and assume that it represents all Black female doctors more than likely already feels that way.

    You prove people like that wrong by going out into the world and doing a phenomenal job. I always have a hard time picking sides in these scenarios…on one hand it screams of that whole “don’t act out in front of white folks” mentality that a lot of us grew up with and our need to be represented more often in a positive manner on the other

    I always wonder if Black people would be against these shows if there were more positive examples of us on tv (and to be honest there are a good amount of Black reality shows that arent a hot mess….we just tend to focus more on the negative ones)

    Reality shows are based around drama…thats what makes them interesting…some definitely go too far though

  • Chillyroad


    You’re right. Black women always want to go the easy route. Asian women have zero images on TV-negative or positive. However they have an overall positive image because they did things on an individual level. I don’t want to use Asian women as a guidance map for black women but they actually put in the work on the grassroots level. The rest of black women want to sexy themselves for white men a la Kerry Washington to improve the brand of black women.

    Why do you think so many women hold steadfast to her, her show, and her image when it’s just that- an image. Not reality. Reality seems too much for black women so they want to indulge in TV fantasy acting like that actually changes anything.

    When Claire Huxtable was on TV we still had to deal with the Welfare Queen stereotype. Claire convinced no one that black women were in functional families married to doctors pretty and slim.

  • HealthOU

    To answer your questions

    1. What are tv producers to do? Stop producing these shows until there are a larger percentage of black female doctors?

    No, obviously not producing this show would not increase the percentage of black female physicians, that’s a much bigger problem, so the goal isn’t to shoot for an increase in the percentage.

    2. Never produce any shows that show black people in a “negative” light? Not that you they should never produce any shows that shows blacks in a negative light, but I think extra consideration has to be taken because of the negative stereotypes that already exist and so what is done for “entertainment” has the potential to cause harm.

    3. Have a fifty/fifty distribution of ratchet and non-ratchet shows about black people?

    That wouldn’t be a bad idea. :) Like I said for question two, because blacks are already viewed negatively in society as it is, it would be nice to balance the positive images with the negative. A better idea would have been to show black female physicians who are positively impacting their communities without any drama. From the bios, it appears as though these women are involved in their communities, and do positive things, it would just be nice for that to be the focus and not the fact that they physicians and physicians wives – live lavishly, are materialistic, act tactllessly, and get into physical and verbal fights with each other ( all of which I saw just from a 2 minute trailer)

    4. Do you think if these undesirable shows went off the air tomorrow that it would make a measurable positive impact on the lives of black people? If so, how and why?

    No, I don’t think that if shows the portray a negative image of blacks were removed there would be a measurable positive impact on the lives of black people because the damage is already done and the negative perception of us is already there. But like I said, I do think however that the ADDITION of shows worsens that perception and we don’t need that. We have enough problems trying to “rise above” the negative perceptions already. Why make it any worse? Why not portray images of successful young black entrepreneurs, and people who are positively impacting their community.

    I can’t speak for the petition writers, but as a black female physician, I think this show, while it may be entertaining, will perpetuate and bolster the stereotype that black women are angry, loud, catty, tactless, full of drama and straight up “ratchet”. We do not need that need any support for that argument, as it already is very pervasive in the minds of majority and other minority racial groups. While removing this show won’t erase that stereotype, I think the presence of the show bolsters that stereotype and like I said that’s not the perception of myself that I want generated when I walk into a room. I think its very naive for those who think that these women are merely representing themselves and that their behavior has no reflection on anyone else. That would be nice, but that is not the case. People are generalized and stereotyped based on many things; race, socioeconomic status, and gender. So while i am nowhere near materialistic, tactless, catty or full of drama, repetition of those images in the media deliver a subliminal message to society that all / most black women are that way. While it is ignorant to make “sweeping generalizations based on what is seen on TV”, the fact of the matter is that it happens.

  • HealthOU

    I had a super long response that got deleted , but I”ll retype the highlights to address your questions

    1. What should producers do? Stop producing shows that perpertrate negative propaganda about blacks.

    2. Will cancelling such shows make a measurable difference? I don’t think they will because the negative perception is already there, and the damage is already done, however I do think addition of such shows just makes a bad situation worse and decreases our ability to “rise above” such stereotypes

    3. Should there a 50/50 split between ratchet and nonratchet shows on TV? That would be nice, that would help to show blacks in varied lights that mimic the variety in personality and character that truly exists in our community, however, if all the media every portrays is blacks being “ratchet”, people are going to think / and continue to think that black people are “ratchet”.

    4. Will cancelling this show increase the number or black female doctors? No, thats a bigger issue, but producing a show that showed the lives of successful black female physicians who are positively impacting their community sans the drama would probably influence the minds of young black girls to make them see that being a physician of color is fun and better yet possible. It would give them something to strive for which would in turn increase the number of girls interested in medicine and thus result in more black girls / girls period pursuing medicine as a career.

    Its naive to think that people don’t make broad generalizations about groups based on what is seen on TV. Wrong as it may be, the bottom line is that It happens, blacks are perceived one way, Jersey girls are perceived one way, Persians are perceived one way. Did these stereotypes develop after these TV shows came about, NO, but the repeated presence of these stereotypes further ingrains those perceptions in the minds of others. So, I agree with the view point that this show will do more harm than good. Just in the trailer alone, I saw materialism, drama, cat fights between grown professional women. This is in no way shape or form the perception I want my patients and colleagues to have of me when I walk into a room. Sure, that perception can then be influenced by my own personal interactions with people, but like I said, more often than not people judge you from the door, and you do not always have the opportunity to show who you are as opposed to the images that are seen in the media, so its important that producers, and people who sign up for these shows put some thought into the perceptions that will be derived from the characters on their TV shows because what is meant for mere “entertainment” has more far-reaching social consequences.

  • Guess

    We should all be so Passionate about the impact the media’s depiction of us has on our community… The “anger” card is just something ppl pull out of their side pocket when they have no other defense against someone else’s passionate truth. We should all be passionate or even angry about our standards & convictions.

  • Niesha Gourdine

    I signed it.. yayyy! no ratchetness please.

  • Michelle K

    I am signing this petition too.

  • AnGe

    On my way to sign the petition now. you say? Enough with this silly formulaic bull. It would have been nice to see these women portrayed to show the real stressors of living as a wife of a physician or being one themselves. Balancing work-family life, or paying of student debt, or trying to gain respect in the industry. I cannot fathom how they managed to work in a catfight if these grown women are really working women with families.

  • SCBeauty (@scbeauty77)

    I signed it as well enough of the madness already.

  • Anon

    @ My black friend says…

    Girl, ain’t nobody as dumb as you’re trying to portray right now. This entire post has been filled with “answers” to your questions. You just don’t like them.

    “What are tv producers to do?” –> something else. You know, how they came up with nothing but reality shows when there was a writers strike in 07.

    “Never produce any shows that show black people in a “negative” light?” —> Yep. Notice that Indian show about a call center was handled with the UTMOST of care with respect to the Indian community, and they are not nearly as big as we are at the moment.

    “Have a fifty/fifty distribution of ratchet and non-ratchet shows about black people?” —> I’m not even going to entertain that one, but you seem to see this as an incredulous notion. Which points to YOUR personal issues with being represented in a positive light.

    “But I also get that if 1% of doctors are black women, this show could influence some people’s perceptions.” —> I’mma be POINT BLANK. By this answer alone YOU AIN’T IN NO SPOT where you’re one of the few in an influential field, or one of the few minorities/blacks/women/foreigners around. I ALREADY know that. If you were, you would KNOW that we aren’t everywhere yet in large numbers and sometimes that person you work with that has familial connections ONLY knew black people through TV until you came along. Now they’re pushing images where even highly educated black women DOCTORS are now hoodrats? WHAT OTHER GROUP IS OKAY WITH THE TOP TIER BEING PRESENTED AS JUST LIKE POOKIE EN’ DEM? I don’t want to know what’swrong with you to not get common sense, I just want to put it out there to other black women that may have been (actually) confused about the show. In all of the world, Dr.’s are revered members of a community. The one show they have about black women doctors and wives, are the types of chicks with boxcutters under the seats of their cars and you think this is an accident? LAWD!!!!!!!!! What next, you being shocked that this is going down during the terms of the first black president of the free world?

  • Anon

    Chillyroad, what the HECK is wrong with you and this “talented tenth”. I was in social clubs as a child and I grew up regular ole’ middle class. You know what those clubs were also for? To mingle and nework in your community with those black people who owned property and businesses, traveled, and could give different references for univerisities, jobs, and connections. Why? Because building a black COMMUNITY was important, and having errrbody and their momma knowing all your resources isn’t smart when too large of a percentage of your community is dirt poor. That’s inviting envy.

    You DO realize, that the talented tenth days are over right? If you ain’t in that group already, then let it go. And very few of those families are REAL money.

    “TV fantasy acting like that actually changes anything.” —> Oprah has said mulitple times, seeing the Supremes changed how she saw herself. Ask black women 25+ how Whitney Houston changed the game in black women being seen and accepted across the world. How The Bodyguard wouldn’t get made today, how The Cosby Show, Family Matters, Living Single, The Jeffersons, brought black Americans into homes across the world.

    How the proliferation of rap music videos has degraded black women on a whole. I’m well aware that you’re either a man, or deeply disturbed, but I sincerely hope other black women realize how wrong you are. Perception, shapes reality and T.V. shapes perception.

  • Anon


    Ya’ll need to pay CLOSE attention at how Chillyroad assumes that most of ya’ll aren’t even CAPABLE of marrying well and having a slim fit figure, much less influencing the people around you by being a good looking educated black woman. We are all Sweet Brown ya’ heard?

    (and again, re-read my earlier post about WHY Sweet Brown is heralded and sent out as a representative of black women instead of younger prettier black women like younger pretty women are upheld in EVERY OTHER community).

  • myblackfriendsays

    @HealthOU thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions, I appreciate it.

  • myblackfriendsays

    Based on some this comment and others, you seem to really like to tell people that don’t agree with you that they are not very far up on the social ladder/have “ghetto” relatives that they are trying to stick up for etc. What is the motivation for that?

    You don’t know what kind of neighborhoods I grew up in/my educational background/my professional work history etc., so I would suggest that you stop claiming to know what I am about.

    This article (and many others like it,) about some mindless entertainment reality show consistently get more comments than articles about black on black crime, black poverty, out of wedlock births, achievement gaps, disparities in health care, police brutality…I could go on and on.

    If the readers of this site really think Married to Medicine is the problem–Y’all need to read some more books.

  • Anon

    “You don’t know what kind of neighborhoods I grew up in/my educational background/my professional work history etc., so I would suggest that you stop claiming to know what I am about.” –> You wrote what you were about. Confused as to why this show was a bad idea. If you were born into certain backgrounds, grew up in certain neighborhoods, had certain professional or educational backgrounds none of the arguments against this show would have been “confusing”.

    “some mindless entertainment reality show”—> It is NOT mindless. Someone is paying good advertising dollars to draw eyes and ears to this mess. There were casting calls done. Camera men/women were hired. This just didn’t “happen” to end up on T.V.

    “comments than articles about black on black crime, black poverty, out of wedlock births, achievement gaps, disparities in health care, police brutality”–> What exactly is there to talk about anymore with those topics. We already know the problems, we know the solutions, they are just too uncomfortable for them to be implemented with the current population and at the time. People who are going to do something about those things already are and everyone else is following common sense, packing up their bags and MOVING ON.

  • Leia

    I’m sorry..and which shows are these where we are depicted in a positive light? Please name the “good amount” that began after…let’s say the Bush Administration…just for kicks. This is my career. As a double minority in a field that holds professionalism in the highest esteem, I’m just not willing to bet the 250,000 I am in debt (and my life dreams and livelihood) that this will not impact my future relationships in a negative manner.

  • Whiteprivilegeterminated

    Yawn . . . . whatever.

    I’m not really getting this beef here . . . is this show not being fronted by “role model” type black women? The very kinds of black women they say are under represented in media? I mean, it doesn’t get any more “role model” than doctor, so what gives?


    Whip up a phoney controversy to whet people’s appetites for the ratchetness they’re gonna serve up.

    They know you’re gonna be watching:-)

    How do we know? because you tell on your own selves. If you watched quality TV you’d see plenty of black women from all over the world who embody all the virtues you claim you want to see see in black women on tv. But you wouldn’t know that because you’re too busy watching realty tv and only to complain after you’ve eaten a whole one, lick plate, smack lips and all. LMAO!


  • terry turner

    Black people is money in the pocket of these stupid reality gurus. And what do we get ?nothing but disrespect. FIND AOTHER CASH COW OF A RACE.

  • Anon

    I get the distinct feeling you don’t “get” much period.

    Why are some of ya’ll all upset about “role model” black women being pushed to the forefront ? What’s so bad about standards of acceptable public behavior? You seem so excited to see some “ratchedness”, and black women, even well-educated professionals, portrayed as trifling hoodrats. Why?

    And I hesitated to use “role model” black women because back in the olden days (pre-2000), they used to be called employed ADULTS.

  • ktish

    as an ATLANTA DOCTOR’S WIFE, i’d like to seriously give some insight…

    first, can i just talk about salle mae, for a minute??? since most physicians (especially black docs) are not independently wealthy or come from rich parents, MOST relied on student loans to fund their education. medical school can cost >$50K a year. do the math. this also doesn’t include living expenses because while in school they are NOT allowed to work.

    medical school loan debt is like paying of indentured servitude. when your “debt” is equivalent to the listing price of a home (in a really good neighborhood)…


    i have often been asked “what’s it like?….”

    basically, i say: “he’s a man. sometimes he’s chilled, others he’s the most ornery SOB on the planet. he’s moderately sloppy, and never cleans a dish… while i tend to have nice vacations, these are far an few in between. while married, i am more like a single parent, because his day begins at 5:30am and ends around 8pm.

    furthermore, although we like fine dining, we are more likely to dine at the local TGIF than a 5-star, because we have young children.

    oh, do we throw wine and launch into unprovoked “hair-pulling”…nope. many of us (as will most women) would choose to not associate with folks who lack the ability to conduct themselves appropriately in public.

    do we make a collective income over $250k? yes. yet, our expenses are about $175K–which largely includes private school because the atlanta school district is abysmal.”

    that’s the “reality” of a doctor’s wife. but i doubt bravo would be interested in this…

    like i wrote earlier, “an i’m waiting for my louboutins”, which apparently we all (as doctor’s wives) wear on the regular…

  • ktish


    actually, i’m too busy being a wife of a doctor in atlanta (and a non-MD doctor) to watch a show to tell me about doctor’s wives in atlanta.

    and you?

    yet for some reason, my life–and those of the many women with whom i associate, who are also “doctor’s wives in atlanta”– view this racthetness as an incorrect portrayal of who we are.

  • chicnoir

    Anon, whiteprevilage is a man. One of the sort who takes great pleasure in seeing Blk women demean themselves on TV.

  • Lorri M. Key (@mslorrim)

    I just signed this because I am tired of the imagery. We can control our own images and it’s time we do just that.

  • Marisa

    Amazing how this reality tv makes even the noblest of professions trash, if black people would stop signing up to these minstrel shows they would go away. Just look at that Pastors Wives how on TLC just as ratchet, we can control our images but, do a crap job of it. I would love to see a show featuring professional black people like lawyers and doctors and their lives, just to see how the balance a life with the rigorous demands of their jobs. We all know they wont be like that when cussing and fighting is to be had, look how dumb down Phaedra Parks is on Atlanta Housewives. This woman came on the show as an attorney and look what she portrayed nonsense.

  • Natsai Alexandria

    Thats great for indie filmmakers though..sorry to hear some productions are abusing the privilege

  • Kay

    Most Black female doctors I know are too busy running their practices, paying off their HUGE student debts and trying to live their lives and SAVE lives that they have no time for the kind of b.s. this show is trying to sell.

  • Echi

    I would have rather preferred a show that focused on the two female OB-Gyn’s in the show – how they conduct their married and professional lives in such a stressful profession, even if it ended up being more documentary like. There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing beautiful, talented black women excelling in their professions a la Claire Huxtable. The few seconds that were spent on them weren’t bad. I wish in response to this show, someone could make a documentary of the REAL lives of black women (and men, because they are in the minority too) in medicine. I’m surrounded by them now because I am currently in the field, but I’m sure our youth would benefit from it. If a black network sponsored it, it would be a powerful message against Bravo’s commitment to bastardizing women (both black and white).
    As for the other women – I don’t know where they found them from. Is there a requirement that says you must have a prior history of breaking glass, engaging in physical altercations beyond the age of 10 and a masters degree in the science of weave pulling? I think that the doctor’s wives who have posted on this thread so far have demonstrated otherwise. Given that studying medicine this day and age is a 20 year vow of poverty, I doubt that classless gold digging and raucous public behavior is rampant in such families.
    I miss the days of Cosby show – yeah it was far from reality, but I know a number of current black medical students and doctors who could point to that show as being a positive influence. If you grow up in an environment were underachievement is the norm, shows such as the Cosbys are a breath of fresh air. I’m hoping that Doc McStuffins will also serve to influence a number of future black female doctors.

  • Pingback: “Married to Medicine”: The Controversial Reality TV Show | reel premeds

  • Nia Knox

    I think the petition is a tad pre-mature. Unless someone at Howard has seen all episodes, to assume doctors have been negatively portrayed can not be drawn based off of a promo clip. Everyone who is signing needs to keep in mind the show does feature two women that are NOT doctors. These women appear to be the ones who are involved in the cat fights and poor conduct. We have become a country that gets worked up over something without having all of the facts. Its also interesting that as young up and coming doctors, no one is protesting or starting a petition to pressure government to come up with a viable solution to the healthcare problem. That is a topic that will impact medicine far greater than a reality show!

  • Pingback: Clutch: Black Medical Students Petition to End Bravo’s New Show, ‘Married to Medicine’ | BoobTube

  • Caligirl90

    In response with Ms. Knox’s statement I would say that healthcare is still a major issue that is consistently being addressed. As a black female medical student myself, I could not agree more for a petition. The portrayal of women has long been effected by realities, too many to name: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Basketball Wives, Atlanta Housewives etc. I usually don’t make assumptions nor pass judgement on a show I have not seen, but I believe it is safe to say that it would be the same as 95 percent of all black dominated reality shows. It would be full of unnecessary and outlandish drama, behavior unbecoming of a lady, foul language and distasteful actions of violence among the cast. As current and upcoming black female physicians, it is already extremely difficult to make it in the field of medicine, getting into medical school, proving to your white peers you belong there just as much as they do, obtaining a residenc. Last thing we need is a false and dramaticized reality show claiming they can show us lives of black female physicians. We need authenticity, and this would be far from it. If people want to see real medicine, watch Trauma: Life in the E.R. and/or Boston Med and look for the black physicians in those shows…

  • Ann

    I’d say let it run and show how greedy and unethical all doctors are.. No matter the race, they’re in it for the money. Biggest friggin narcissists on Earth.

  • kim

    They need to cancel the show ASAP!!! Black people are already viewed negatively in society, the show is only gonna prove everyone’s assumption about black people correctly! It’s also a disgrace to the medical field and to their husbands.

  • Forthelulz

    Hilarious.. are they afraid it will show how greedy and trashy doctors are? Too late, we already know that ;p

  • Zaire67

    Funny that certain people only want such demographic references used when they feel the imagery is “positive”. When it’s negative, which exists in all demographics, the use is considered evil. I haven’t seen any images of Black Female Doctors that’s any different than other groups. I don’t think the real problem is with Bravo. It’s the imagery of Black Women you have allowed your own community to put forth.

  • pre-med

    But the problem is very few of the women are doctors. Most of them are, forgive my french, trashy doctors wives. the doctors are amazing and incredibly classy. So my problem, as a black girl who wants to be a doctor, is why are they representing the wives of doctors as “women in medicine” when all they did is spread their legs open? And the white woman pretends to be upper class, but is so embarrassingly supercilious.

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