ObamaFrom The Grio – One of the proudest moments of my life was in December, when I had the opportunity to take my mother to the White House to meet not just any president, but the first black president and first lady. As an African-American man I fully understand and embrace the cultural celebration of President Barack Obama.

Black America continues to be the president’s firewall. Without black voter support and determination to show up at the polls on his behalf in 2008 and again 2012, it’s likely we would be talking about President Clinton, McCain or Romney today.

African-Americans are ever ready to stand up for President Obama against perceived mistreatment and disrespect of him by his political opposition. After all, few of us cannot recall a moment when we felt we were being undermined because of our race.

However, our community’s near solidarity in support of the president is probably only exceeded by our collective disdain for injustice; which is why the news of the Obama administration’s drone policy made me stop and think.

Through a Department of Justice memo, first obtained by NBC News, we learned that the Obama administration has determined it has the authority to kill a U.S. citizen on foreign soil using drones if the target is deemed to be a senior operational leader of Al Qaeda, and if it has been determined that they both pose “imminent threats” to the United States and that capturing the individual would not be feasible.

What’s troubling for some is that this policy of unilateral action leaves too much room for potential abuse. The thought that our government could kill  Americans and ignore their constitutional right to a free and fair trial — all because some unnamed government official, who might divulge little or no reason for their suspicion, deems them an “imminent threat” –  is disturbing to civil libertarians. It’s hard not to imagine the level of outrage and protest from Democrats and liberals if such a memo had been released under the Bush administration.  Conservatives have a fair point when they say that George W. Bush faced far more scrutiny from liberals over his expansion of executive power.

To see so many African-Americans sit silently through such a revelation is astonishing. This unwavering support of this administration’s foreign and security policies requires that we ignore our historic skepticism of government and our general fear that it might misuse its power. The stories of J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI wiretapping civil rights leaders and covert operations to infiltrate civil rights organizations are fresh within the African-American psyche, as are Tuskegee experiments and government-ordered sterilizations. Take a trip to Harlem and ask black folks who was responsible for the death of Martin Luther King or Malcolm X and you will hear people make a passionate argument for their belief that the U.S. government played a role.

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  • http://cupofjo-jo.blogspot.com bk chick

    Yes! You better preach…the unwavering solidarity in the face of injustice…and not only concerning drone attacks against Americans, but drones in general, is indeed troubling.

  • http://commentarybyvalentina.wordpress.com Val

    I agree. As far as I’m concerned the President ought to face criminal charges for murdering an American citizen. Was the guy the President ordered killed a terrorist, probably. And probably is the key word here. We do not know for sure.

    There are certain rights that American citizens have and one of them is Due Process. This man should have been caught and brought to trial, unless he presented a clear and present danger to this country. That is; holding the trigger to detonate a bomb on American soil or something similar

    If the President can do this to this guy, he can do it to anyone of us and just call us terrorists as well. This cannot stand.

  • Dave

    Obama has extended virtually every major Bush era policy concerning the “war on terror” and yet black folks, who all but painted the former president as the devil, have said almost nothing in the five years he has been in office. C’mon out you guys…defend your boy.

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    he was involved in three attacks on US soil.
    i am HAPPY that they killed him.

    the penalty for treason is death.

    you wage war, you just might get killed.

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    does anybody have a better way to fight terror?

  • KGA25

    You give up those certain rights, when you commit treason against your country. Drones are a necessary evil that helps keeps America safe. If you don’t like it move!!

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    does anyone expect dorner to live?

  • Shayna

    But when Lupe said it….

  • http://Clutch SL

    “Determined to be an Al Qaeda operative on foreign soil….”

    After billions/trillions of dollars spent on 2 wars, thousands of lives lost and this country damn near broke – President Obama had the steel to do what Bush could not do…he killed OBL

    I say water board them, drone them and be careful when you travel abroad……by any means necessary

  • http://commentarybyvalentina.wordpress.com commentarybyvalentina

    @Mr. James & KGA25

    And how do you know he committed treason? Because the government says so? And of course the government has never lied, right.

    And, Mr. James, I’m surprised at you. I assume you were around during the times of Cointelpro. I’m sure you remember how the government tried to frame Angela Davis and succeeded in framing several Panthers.

    So, I would think you would demand proof from the government.

    This guy MAY have been as guilty as sin. And if he was he should have been put on trial, convicted and sentenced to death. But, the President shouldn’t sentence American citizens to death. He does not have that authority, unless he has become a dictator.

  • Allie

    I can’t even believe some of the comments I just read. Drones are horrible period. We might have hit intended targets with drones but in doing so we have killed hundreds of civilians, a chunk of them being children and with the double tap method have killed countless American soldiers. People can talk all they want about security and protecting our families here in America, but what about those people and their families. All the innocent bystanders that get labeled “collateral damage”. And don’t give me that “they attacked us first b.s.”, because that’s exactly what it is.

  • KGA25

    I live in America and that’s where my all allegiance lie. Its sad that those people got killed, but that’s apart of war. Also, what about holding these governments responsible that harbor the terrorists, that starve and kill their citizens in the name of GOD. That’s right, they get a pass for their sick and twisted behavior!!

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    he was tried ‘in absentia’

  • http://clutch SL

    Here, here @KAG25. I encourage every American citizen to travel outside of this country and see what kind of treatment you received as an American – after your country has sent billion and trillions of dollars to those countries to help them, to save them – the bitter disdain when you hand over the greenback, the glaring hateful looks – these people hate Americans (black Americans included – they see no difference) and want nothing more than the destruction of this country. If given half a chance they will annihilate this country you live in….and your high morals to fight a humane war will be shoved right up your butt

  • Bree

    I think this policy is a slippery slope. And we are so blinded by race that we are ignoring what really matters.

  • http://commentarybyvalentina.wordpress.com Val

    @Mr James

    He was not.

  • Esthar

    @ KGA25: We live in a global society now, where what happens in another country can affect you whether you like it or not. So although your allegiance should be with your country, you shouldn’t ignore injustices perpetrated against people around the world. The drones kill civilians: poor people, including children- people who have no voice. Because they are not considered important, the news of their death is never headline news & may barely make it into the news ticker. As Dr. MLK Jnr said, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

  • Allie

    You’re right lets hold countries that harbor terrorist accountable, starting with America. Because believe it or not we did get a pass for our sick and twisted behavior and we did kill people in the name of God and Democracy.

  • Allie

    The American government can stop acting like terrorist.

  • Aba

    @ SL: your generalizations are appalling. You say “these people hate Americans”. Who are these people you talk about? The poor children killed by drone attacks or innocent people that are said to be collateral damage or what? If your son or daughter or mother or sister was killed by a drone attack when they were just minding their business & you couldn’t seek justice against those who murdered them, how would you feel? It is people like you & your attitude that gives some people a negative view of Americans

  • AJW

    Thank you!
    *Slow Claps*

  • KGA25

    Reject your US citizenship and move. I see no one had answer to the question I asked about the other governments. The US will always lead the rest of the world, like it or not.

  • http://Clutch SL

    @Aba – what “poor children” are YOU talking about – you accuse me of over generalizing and you do the same?

    Those “poor children” you speak of are being raised to kill the infidel. That means you @Aba.

  • MommieDearest

    ITA. This policy is very, very disturbing to say the least. It opens the door to all sorts of opportunities for abuse. The old saying is true, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • KGA25

    No, I wouldn’t. Dumb Nigga!!

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    so we should cancel the drone strikes and sit back and wait to be struck?

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    give me a concrete suggestion as to what exactly you want US to do

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    will someone please state just what the US should do?
    how should we defend ourselves?

  • kc


  • https://www.facebook.com/ShonnFrank Shonn Frank

    What terror? Can you show me ONE SINGLE piece of evidence linking Osama bin Laden to 9/11? There is none. That’s why the case against Khalid Sheik Muhammad , the so called “mastermind” of 9-11, was thrown out….and that was a military trial!! That’s why Zaccarius whatever copped a plea in Germany and got probation….for 9-11!?

    Bush invaded 2 countries and handed the baton to Obama, who continues the bloodshed daily and who assassinated a man (allegedly) based on NOTHING! Not one piece of substantial evidence. Not one.

    How do you justify that?

    And while we’re at it, tell me why Obama is tore up over Trayvon Martin but hasnt said a word about Ramarley Graham?

    Sir, I am of Irish and Italian decent, but I am more of a “black american” than Barack Obama, who is descended from English royalty, cousin to George Bush, will ever be.

    We need to realize there are only 2 races: us and them.

  • https://www.facebook.com/ShonnFrank Shonn Frank

    and even IF there was ANY evidence at all to suggest that 19 muslim extremists (who like to party with strippers and do coke all night) really did fly a commercial jet into these buildings (even though they couldn’t fly a sesna)………

    ……..tell me how invading two countries and occupying them for 12 years is an effective means of defending against another attack??

    Do you think the fact that one is the 2nd richest oil producer in the ME and the other is a territory that has been coveted for decades (see Trans-afghanistan pipeline) by “superpowers” looking to dominate the world?

    You REALLY believe this is about “terror”? lol Not oil, land, and power? Why is it that Djibouti never harbors “terrorists”? How come Comoros is never terrorized by a ruthless dictator who needs to be deposed at once? Or for that matter, why not do something in Darfur or Rwanda?

    Of course you will dismiss these questions, but you shouldn’t my brother. We need to wake up!

    Is it that easy to fool us just by finding an elitist with a hint of melanin??!

  • https://www.facebook.com/ShonnFrank Shonn Frank

    NO. We should first get to the bottom of who perpetrated the 9-11 attacks because they haven’t done that. Like I said,first show me ONE, ONE piece of credible evidence (not that bogus videotape that the entire muslim world has called fake, that is inconsistent with everything OBL has ever said, that doesn’t really do anything but raise more questions anyway and that showed up at a perfect time right before election)

    Show me anything that validates these wars. Show me anything that validates assassination. Tell me why the “mastermind” KSM was let off scott free. Tell me why not one conspirator has been convicted of anything. Tell me how building 7 fell 8 hours later after not being touched. Tell me why the 2 towers fell in an unprecedented manner, in a way that is only capable via controlled demolition, as confirmed by over 2,000 architects and engineers.

    Are YOU content with the 911 commission report? Are you comfortable with the characters who wrote it?

    Why is there not ONE single video of a plane hitting the pentagon even though it is the most secure building in the US ANDin addition to it’s slew of camera, the FBI confiscated 80 videos from neighboring establishments within minutes of the “crash”??

    THESE are the questions we need to ask,before we start killing by the thousands, toppling regimes, and stripping our privacy.

    You seem like an intelligent man. Tell me honestly that you are satisfied that we got the right people.

    Perhaps you are the type to believe anything you are told blindly, but I think the victims of 9-11, the first responders, the soldiers and their families, not to mention the families whose lives we have devastated in the middle east deserve proof.

    Unfortunately, in this country thanks to the lies and the media we seem to think we are bombing barbarians in caves (not that that would be right either), but those Afghanis and Iraqis are just people with lives and families, kids who go to school…who could give a shit about us, if we werent terrorizing them.

    Do a little research beyond the O’Reilly factor and you’d be surprised what they dont tell you.

  • https://www.facebook.com/ShonnFrank Shonn Frank

    OK we could start by finding out who it is we need to defend against.
    And we’ll find that the enemy is a lot closer than Afghanistan.

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