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Imagine logging onto Facebook and seeing an offensive picture, likening a black child to a monkey, pass through your news feed. Several users had that experience this week when a Facebook page “Laughing so hard you feel a six pack coming on” posted the above photo. The image satirizes equality while feeding the age-old stereotype that blacks are like animals and are inferior to whites. Its message is laden with racism and hate yet Facebook is doing nothing about it.

Several users reported the photo as hate speech in line with Facebook’s community standards below:

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And they were shocked to receive this response:

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If likening a black child to a monkey isn’t an attack on race, what is? To add insult to injury, the owner of the page, unchecked by Facebook and perhaps riled up by the negative backlash the image is receiving, posted the photograph again 12 hours later.

Users are taking this issue into their own hands with a petition that demands Facebook take action against offensive and racist posts published under the guise of humor.

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Is Facebook dishonoring its policy by refusing to remove images and posts that clearly represent hate speech?

  • AJ

    Sigh… Facebook

  • Style Sweets Magazine

    OMG! That is horrible.


    Majority of clutch commenters shouldn’t be mad because, majority of you defend sly racist commercials all day. Therefore, you just accept this and treat it the same. You can’t play convenient brainwashed colonized house negros when white people decide to blatant not subliminal.


    you should just*

  • Tonton Michel

    I dont know if this fits the definition of hate speech. You shut one down and awhole lot of pages black and white are SOL. Depends on what the definition is, besides if you can defend the use of the n-word and say it has no power while also being a bridge to open dialogue between races, as done on this site, well whats the difference with calling black babies monkeys? Here is your bridge, get to talking that isht.

  • Tonton Michel


  • Jenn M. Jackson (@H2OCoolerConvo)

    This is probably one of the most disgusting things I have seen in a while. Even if it doesn’t directly violate their policy, it is disturbing enough to those who saw it to warrant removal. It is offensive and in poor taste.

  • Jenn M. Jackson

    What “sly racist commercials” are people defending?

  • Jenn M. Jackson

    I think the meme is disgusting. It may not directly violate the posting policy but it is certainly in poor taste. If it offends that many people, it should be removed.

  • Jenn M. Jackson

    Sorry, didn’t mean to comment twice:)

  • Darn!

    This is terrible. Further confirmation, race relations for AA are getting worse. I’m surprise a mentioning of President Obama isn’t anywhere present. I have no further comments on this article..smh.

  • J. Nicole

    It technically isn’t hate speech. Is there no other classification to use while flagging it? Maybe people should just “Unlike” the page… Garbage like this is going to exist and the people who enjoy/believe it isn’t worth anyone’s time or energy

  • Kay

    *sigh* Not surprised. Not one bit. I’m sure whoever posted it will eventually issue some lame apology talking about “It was only a joke! “You people,” don’t know how to have a sense of humor,” We’ll all be told that we’re too sensitive. Race apologists will defend said poster. The hype will die down in about a week or two and the poster will be safe to be a racist douche once more. Oh and Facebook will either use the “we promote free speech,” defense or the “we are dedicated to ensuring…racial harmony…(which is why we removed it and condemned it after a media sh*tstorm started to effect stock prices). Yep, it’s just any other day in post-racial America. Gotta love it.

  • AJonsey

    But let u post a comment/photo about Mark Zuckerberg (sp?) … it will be snatched down quicker than hair weave in a hoodrat fight!

  • GirlAnnoyed


    “If you can only feel tall if someone else is on their knees then you have a problem”. Toni Morrison.

    I would have just commented on the photo “I don’t get it..” because basically, I don’t us black folks being monkeys at all..

  • Toni

    Yes, pray tell MISS_EMCEE. I’d also curious what the “majority” is.

  • Apple

    Go to hell some clutch members may defend that shit but NOT all , just like SOME black people say “nigga” not all so that doesn’t mean no one can’t be offend . Girl bye !

  • Apple

    Funeral service
    Horse and carriage

  • Honest Abe

    You know what’s racist? White people tiptoeing around the race issue like the slightest joke is gonna set us off. I’m black and I approve of this picture. Honestly, it’s fucking hilarious. I hate it when people act like I’m just going to go off and bring 400 years of hate down on them. I was never a slave, so I don’t give a shit. I believe that people should be able to say whatever the hell they want. Fuck your delicate sensibilities.

  • Honest Abe

    On this site, no one has a sense of humor. Look at all these people getting offended over a joke. None of you deserve the right to censor someone else just because you can’t take a joke.

  • omfg

    @honest abe

    i feel so sorry for you for you uncle tom.

    this is not about “400 years of hate” reigning down on someone. this is about the picture before you.

    if you think it’s okay to refer to you or black children as monkeys, that’s your failing. people who are offended by this have a right to their indignation.

    and when you say 400 years of hate, who was the hater? the one who was being whipped, ripped from their families, raped, prevented from ascending and living up to their potential or was it the perpetrator of said ridiculousness?

  • Sasha

    Honestly Abe, go kick an apple tree.

  • 1luv

    @ Honest Abe
    In your head, you don’t have a single brain cell….
    This fool just said
    ” I was never a slave, so I don’t give a shit.”

    #round of applause for all the dumb asses on the planet that only serve to create intellectual diversity

  • Jay Cee

    Honest Abe is not Black. Literally.

  • Erica

    you think black people being seen as subhuman, ( one of the justifications for slavery) is funny? black people still have to fight for their humanity after all these years, and you think it’s a joke? you’re a sad and pathetic person.

  • J. Nicole

    Really? “No one” on this site can take a joke? Congratulations for meeting every single visitor and measuring their sense of humor.

    Truth is, no, it isn’t funny. If it wasn’t meant to be offensive, why not find an albino monkey to play the white child? For you to say you don’t give a sh*t because you were neve enslaved and violently beaten into submission either shows you don’t know the full extent of your history, or its all a ploy to appear edgy and hipsterish. Either way, the idiot white people who find this to be humerous love folks like you.

  • J. Nicole

    *never (stupid iPhone!)

  • Joy

    I just heard on the news this morning that Facebook is (somewhat) losing their glamour, and excitement. People are tiring of it

  • GlowBelle

    Makes me SO glad that I’m not on Facebook anymore…

    Someone will use the excuse of “it’s not humor unless it offends someone”…I can’t find anything remotely funny about this disgusting mess.

  • Cindy


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  • binks

    What in the hell…sighs…101 reason why I don’t have facebook!

  • dana111

    This is what happens when you live in a scientific illiterate society… people don’t understand the theory of evolution, so they think it is funny to compare blacks with monkeys when humans, gorillas, and chimpanzes all share a common ancestor (monkeys and African apes are NOT the same) and that modern humans, Homo Sapiens, started to evolve in Africa and stayed there until they left the area 60,000 years ago…. Also, modern Europeans, not Africans (who stayed in Africa and did not interbred with Europeans in some capacity), share DNA with Neanderthals… so, if you believe Neanderthals to be inferior to modern day humans, you may be able to say that black folks are actually more “advanced” than white people….

  • Gigi

    Why is it only “humor” when people of color are being offended?

  • MommieDearest

    Ajonsey, please know that I am giong to use that line at the next available opportunity.

  • MommieDearest

    Yep. I’m still in the Dark Ages too. I refuse to get sucked in.

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  • so what?

    Yeah, I’m glad I never bothered to sign up.

  • Kam

    They’ve shown time and time again that they operate like a white racist frat house. They take down pictures of women breastfeeding yet leave up sexually explicit pictures. Anti-semitic pictures and groups get taken down but racist pictures like these stay. There are numerous other examples of them being disrespectful to minorities. They know they have the power in the situation and have no problem abusing it gleefully. I honestly can’t wait for facbook to crash.

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  • Fantastico

    Shockingly, it looks like they do the same thing to Jewish people. There wash one of Anne Frank Facebook refused to remove. It seems when it comes to hateful images veiled in humor anything goes.

  • Fantastico

    BTW I hope everyone who finds this offensive will get on

  • Kay

    It’s funny because….why again? You need to explain to me why it’s so damn funny. Because I see: A white baby crawling alongside a monkey baby with a caption stating that Black and white children are the same. Ergo, Black children are monkeys and subhuman and are NOT the same. The image of the monkey, the chimp and the gorilla have been historically used to subjugate, humiliate and antagonize Black people since its inception by White racists intent upon disproving Black humanity. Where’s the humor in that????

  • Kay

    Believe me, it’s nothing special. You’re not missing anything you couldn’t get from email or a phone call. It’s become a big popularity contest where people spew random things to get as many likes as possible. It lost its allure for me ages ago. I only use it to communicate (occasionally) with some friends and family members. And the constant bathroom pics….let’s not even talk about those. *smh*


    Likening BW to rats makes you no better

  • warrior11209

    Disgusting! I am sick and tired of people of African descent being the target of this type of racist “humor”. I definitely signing the petition on and spreading the word. Mark my FB page “CLOSED”

  • Tamali

    Ahem…I don’t think that’s a chimp tho. But yeah, this is getting ridic!

  • http://Facebook,Yahoomessenger,Blackplanet James Edward Johnson

    I, James Edward Johnson, do find this OFFENSIVE, and it is a RACIST visual…I feel that if it were about JEWS, would they find it HUMOROUS OR FUNNY…I doubt it…but, then I am not a JEW…I AM A PERSON OF COLOR…

  • Luci

    I love how the Neanderthal link just got swept under the rug. If they had proof that black people were part Neanderthal, we’d be hearing about it all day, everyday.

  • CurlyCrazy

    I think the best way to counteract this type of behavior is to complain to facebook and then unfollow the page and ignore the post. Whatever you do, don’t comment or share the picture, even if it’s in disaproval. Obviously the owner of this page is doing this for attention, which he apparently is enjoying because he reposted the image 12 hours later. By commenting on or sharing the pic you’re doing two things: (1) Giving the page owner the attention he’s looking for, and (2) ensuring that it now pops up on all your friends’ news feeds, thereby spreading this ignorant image to more people (not to mention messing up a lot of people’s mornings).

    People like this feed off attention, whether positive or negative, so stop giving it to them! Seriously, it probably made that guy’s day to wake up this morning and see hundreds or thousands of comments and shares on his picture no matter if they are negative or positive. Stop feeding the trolls. Just report the image to facebook (or and move on.

  • lyoung

    This is so stupid, people think thay this is ok. Somrthing is very wrong with this picture. It need to stop.

  • http://Change.orgpetition Camille Landon-renshaw

    I think this picture is tasteless. Why is it o.k. for people to feel that it’s humorous to liken us to monkeys? This is black history month and after I get my contacts enraged by the stupidity of FB & call FB to let my voice be heard, I’m shutting down my page.

  • Ang

    Where does facebook find the humor in this ad? Is racism funny now? I didn’t get the memo.

  • Chair Cover rental

    It’s never going to stop, such a shame!

  • Farringtonsmyname Jewellthief

    it’ll stop when WE start callin these clowns out and drawing attention to these things….someone stated that if this had been a slur at jews, the pic or comment would’ve been taken down immediately….why?? BECAUSE MY JEWISH BROTHERS AND SISTERES WILL NOT LET THIS KIND OF SHYT GO!!! and you won’t hear anyone state that ‘oh its just a joke’, or ‘we should just ignore it’… about feeding into your own inferiority mindset…..

    as the Black Eagle has stated on more than one occasion:”In amerikkka, we are culturally conditioned to believe, that black is inferior and that white is superior. And the manifestation of that conditioning is that african americans are
    and marginalized.”

  • gangstarrgirl

    I’m not surprised. Once again, the internet proves that sometimes people just ain’t shit. Anyway, I wish they could trace the ip address of the person who posted this and confronted them. Surely, they’re coward. I’d love to seem them copping pleas about how some of their friends are black and they were just joking. Sigh.

  • Anthony

    Sounds like time to bail on Facebook.

  • tish

    but, hold up: didn’t FB just recently get their nips all pinched about a breastfeeding page?


    black babies equated to monkeys=cool, not hate speech.
    babies nursing on their mothers= pornographic, and not acceptable.

    i’m convinced, FB is controlled by a 13 year old socially-retarded mensa with no cultural sensitivity, and mommy issues….

  • cb

    Ladies and Gentlemen this is black history month, President Obama has been elected for a 2 term…the crazies are out in FULL FORCE this month…watch out of the law enforcement…get ready for AWFUL customer service…will only get worse

  • John Forte

    dayum…I should have started a petition for the “nxggas aint shyt” photo that appeared on my FB page last week, considering I’m a AA male !?

    ^sad face^

  • Rocco-Antoinio O’Farrell

    Perhaps I should have protested when black women shared with the world their “8 reasons for dating a white man.” If that wasn’t some racist ish then I dont know what is !!!

  • Catpopstar

    Yeah, I don’t use FB and now I wont.

  • Few

    I am selling my Facebook stock.

  • Okay

    People being able to say whatever they want INCLUDES people saying how offensive they find something. Since when does one person saying what they want mean others lose the right to respond to them? Only the person who makes the offensive comment has the right to speak?

  • jcross

    Yup, of course Jews are taken care of; they control America. Ever heard of the Rockefellers? One of the biggest tricks that Black people have fallen for is the whole “Jews are just as oppressed, they’re hated for no reason just like us, oh for shame” lie. Holocaust=about 5 or 6 years. Our slavery=about 300 years…no comparison. Yes, the Holocaust was horrible and God sees that everyone gets justice for being abused like that, no matter who you are and what you believe. But some of them actually using the Holocaust to justify their modern Holocaust on the Palestinians? I thought it was the Germans who mass-murdered all those Jews (and Gypsies too, people!) back in the 40s… Call it anti-Semitic to point out evil done by Jews all day (they stole that too, for they are NOT Semites), God still thinks they’re wrong for that and guess what? They will receive their due punishment for it. God doesn’t play favorites. P.S. Mark Zuckerburg, founder of Facebook, is a Jew, so yeah…

  • gee

    I still cannot figure out how we look like monkeys and apes. Monkeys and apes have straight hair, thin lips and light colored eyes. How many black folks do you know with those features? Not many. White racist feel that way because they look like monkeys themselves.

  • chanela17

    HOODRATS! who said a hoodrat had to be black? who said that only black women wore weaveS? umm excuse you!

  • Marcus

    I’m white my sons black don’t look like no dam monkey either, id say something aggresive and ridiculous but then I’d only look like a fool. And I happen to think chimps, apes, and monkeys are beautiful creatures that probably have more common sense then whoever posted that stupid comment.

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  • Marcus

    Ps that’s a god dam Orangutan not a chimp all humans share nearly 99% likeness in DNA to a chimp including white people. Sadly Id rather have more in common with the chimp then racist assholes

  • http://aol tori

    This comment is insane…no more facebook for me

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  • Jack

    This image makes me sick, Facebook has to be notified about this, this cannot be ignored!!!

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