Get Into Her: 7 Looks We Love on Lianne La Havas

by Kweli I. Wright


You’ll love the smooth, silky sounds of up-and-coming British soul singer Lianne La Havas and her debut album, Is Your Love Big Enough? featuring the heart-breaking love story “Lost & Found” and the funky “Forget.”

But we also can’t get enough of her style. Earthy yet edgy, girly yet sultry, Lianne brings her brand of demure sexiness to her music and her fashion.

Lianne on hair:
“I moisturize my hair and plait it overnight and then take it out, moisturize it again and just let it be or I’ll wear it up,” she explained to Elle Belgique. “Sometimes I’ll wear it straight, other times I’ll wear it natural. For styling I use Mizani and for maintenance I use Moroccan oil. Normally, I always have my hair up, but recently I’ve been preferring the way it goes with different outfits to have my hair down.”

  • theinfamousl

    yes! love Lianne

  • Salmon

    Talented and Beautiful!

  • Rue

    Never heard of her, but i might check her out. She is very beautiful.

  • Lynette

    Was thrilled to see her featured in this month’s issue of InStyle mag.

  • JN

    Just got tickets to her show in Boston! EXCITED!!

  • Whatever

    Love her! I first heard about her here on Clutch and got hooked to her music on Youtube. My favorite look on her is the signature messy top bun to the side.

  • charoferg

    That dresssss on the last pic!!!!!
    i. need. No info? Man!

  • Chelley5483

    Stunning woman.. Saw her vid for the first time on VH1 Soul over the weekend, was mesmerized for 4 mimutes, lol. This girl has something..

  • AllisonMG

    Got to see her open for Badu in London! Absolutely love her!!

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