Keyshia Cole and Michelle Williams

In the “Girl bye and please have several seats with your nearly irrelevant self” news of the day, Keyshia Cole, and apparently her non-existent PR team, have decided to continue her ridiculous rant against Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child.

Earlier this week, Michelle handed Keyshia, and every other hater, a nice cool glass of class when she spoke out against the negativity surrounding her Super Bowl performance with fellow DC mates Beyonce and Kelly.  Michelle felt that she did just fine and pretty much said that women need to start learning how to support one another, a statement that was most likely indirectly directed at Keyshia.  However, since we all know the hood motto is fight kindness with ratchet, Keyshia decided to run off at the mouth again claiming Michelle fired shots at her first:

KC Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 2.14.57 PM

Honestly, this is so elementary school.  Are you Keyshia, a grown married woman with a child, really sitting on the internet beefing because someone said something first?  How old are we again?  Even if Michelle did fire shots first, wouldn’t the grown woman thing to do be to ignore her and go about your business?  Not rant and rave for five days like someone who has nothing better to do.  And where the hell is her PR team to rein her antics in?

What do you think Clutchettes, is Keyshia Cole right or does she need a seat?

  • Rosey

    Wow, again Keyshia? This sadly is someone’s mother…

  • The Comment

    Damn……I agree with Waka Waka his face……!!!!

  • Realityplease


  • Lady Bella

    There’s banding together and there’s being DIPLOMATIC. Keyshia doesn’t have to be buddies and bake a damn cake for Michelle, but seriously…civility never hurt anyone.

  • jimmy

    I remember Frankie saying in an interview, that keysha is a trick baby. it was one of her john’s,(when she was a crack addicted prostitute), he was a very handsome Italian guy!!

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