Keyshia Cole and Michelle Williams

In the “Girl bye and please have several seats with your nearly irrelevant self” news of the day, Keyshia Cole, and apparently her non-existent PR team, have decided to continue her ridiculous rant against Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child.

Earlier this week, Michelle handed Keyshia, and every other hater, a nice cool glass of class when she spoke out against the negativity surrounding her Super Bowl performance with fellow DC mates Beyonce and Kelly.  Michelle felt that she did just fine and pretty much said that women need to start learning how to support one another, a statement that was most likely indirectly directed at Keyshia.  However, since we all know the hood motto is fight kindness with ratchet, Keyshia decided to run off at the mouth again claiming Michelle fired shots at her first:

KC Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 2.14.57 PM

Honestly, this is so elementary school.  Are you Keyshia, a grown married woman with a child, really sitting on the internet beefing because someone said something first?  How old are we again?  Even if Michelle did fire shots first, wouldn’t the grown woman thing to do be to ignore her and go about your business?  Not rant and rave for five days like someone who has nothing better to do.  And where the hell is her PR team to rein her antics in?

What do you think Clutchettes, is Keyshia Cole right or does she need a seat?

  • kia

    She cant afford a PR or team or they are as ghetto as her…and still WHAT exactly did Michelle say if it was sooo bad. I don’t think she said anything but even if she did Keyshia needs to giv eit a rest. She is making herself look like a fool. She always professing being saved..a mom and a wife but she sure isn’t acting like one.

  • Jaz

    Can she learn to spell “Michelle” please? She’s in desperate need of some pr right now.

  • AM

    This chick is cray. I’m pretty sure nobody knew or CARED ENOUGH to notice that Michelle fired any shots at her, allegedly.
    Keyshia instead of ranting and raving like a mad woman, work on your comeback. Doesn’t she have an album out, or is this the way they are promoting it?! Fire that PR team advicing you, seriously. They don’t have your best interests at heart.

  • Kirsten

    “The Hood Motto” LMAO! Keyshia isn’t happy and it is coming through on twitter. She just recently went off on a “hood rant”on her sister as well. It is time for someone to tell her to worry about “self”.

  • gmarie said it, own it and move the eff on!! Michelle has.. I don’t even know how long ago that Soul Train performance was..but you didn’t address it at that moment so no need to bring it up and rehash old drama now.

  • rockthecatbox

    Best thing I’ve seen today: Keyshia v. Michelle vocal battle (both singing national anthem and eye on the sparrow)
    I can’t stop watching. they even show where Keyshia goes flat/sharp.

  • Kitt

    PR team? Please, I doubt she has one. She is ridiculous, and honestly I’m over her and the situation. I wish she would spend more time promoting her album….and learning how to spell Michelle’s name. If I see “Michell” one more time!

  • Amber

    Keyshia, to me, is not a big enough artist with a budget to hire a full time PR team or one that pays attention to what she tweets. She is doing this all on her own because she has nothing better to do lol

  • Nightwing

    She is doing herself no favors.

  • tish


  • AM

    “Girl PUH LEEZE! That as not The Spirt catching you throat, that is lack of technique and moisture LOL!! Bad breathing and weezing does that…”

    Dead and buried by this comment. Keyshia, please just stop the madness.

  • http://Breeden Nicole

    I never thought Keyshia would expose herself this way, especially with all of the blessings that have come her way with a new baby, hubby.

    Poor Keyshia!

    Just pure hood….

  • Kacey

    Thank you for that link!

    I was rolling on the floor during Keyshia’s rendition of “Eye on the Sparrow” I haven’t laughed that much in a while!

  • Bree

    Her husband needs to get her.

  • rockthecatbox

    LMAO poor lil hood possum….

  • rockthecatbox

    Her pause and apology/plea for Jesus’ help kind of made the entire recording. This whole debacle has increased my twitter use for the hilarious mentions–that’s how I found this video.

  • Nightwing

    Nothing like having a man come in to get a woman to straighten up.


  • AnGe

    Just goes to show bitterness and jealousy will eat you alive. When was this Soul Train fiasco she keeps referring to and why is that still on her mind? You don’t have a child to raise or an album to promote or show to audition for? Just needlessly on your twitter goin in with your ratchet fan club on someone you don’t even know.

    Take any one of these _/ _/ _/ Keisha. SMH.

  • binks

    Keyshia seemed like she reverted after marriage and being a mother and dumping majority of her family members instead of progressing. She seriously needs to grow up, like who cares at this point or who said what first, like most people are going to remember Michelle performances with Beyoncé (regardless if you thought she was good or bad) than any of Keyshia’s performances especially the one she is referring too.

  • Aaricka Washington

    Well, sometimes you have to have someone who can be accountable for you…and since she’s probably the closest to her husband…

  • LKJ

    She is really acting like she has an inferiority complex with Michelle.

    Sidenote: is that the best pic of Michelle you all could find? Because, on my computer she looks orange. She is serving up oompa loompa realness

  • Jenn M. Jackson

    Geez Keysh. Can’t take the hood out of the girl hunh? She really is trying to her career back and so far, all the random press seems to be helping her. So, maybe Michelle deserves a pat on the back? Its nice to help out a fellow singer right lol.

  • Mahogany

    That video was hilarious. KC needs Jesus and a vocal coach.

  • seriously?

    not a bit surprising. They dont use the word “catty” to refer to women for no reason. I know they’re alot of female celebrities who wants all the women to band together and unite and kumbya music together but a lot of us just can’t pass our differences to do so.

  • bornliberian

    kesha (sorry if i spelled her name wrong) is just being herself. whats going on right now is all she knows. i don’t understand why michelle is intertaining the foolishness.

  • Guess

    I like Keshia, but she’s out of order for stooping to this level in a public forum. BEYnonsay is also way out of order for dragging Michelle & Kelley out of the woodwork without any real preparation for this so-called “surprise” performance to offset all the recent negativity toward Her narcissistic arse. Of course Michelle wasn’t prepared – she’s a gospel artist now, unlike Kelly & B who perform dance routines regularly. No wonder Kelley & Micelle’s mikes were turned way down. That and the fact that BEYnarcissistey has to be the center of attention at ALL times.

  • Guess


  • Nightwing

    Her husband is a 26-year-old NBA player. He is probably just as unrefined as she is.

  • Deb

    I’ve read over and over from different sources in the industry that she is a SERIOUS b***** to almost everyone and has a terrible attitude so not surprised at all this.

  • ChaCha1

    But that’s a part of what is making Keyshia look even worse than she already seems. Michelle isn’t even really paying her THAT much attention other than the one-liner about supporting other women. If Michelle really did say something about Keyshia’s performance to hurt her feelings, Keyshia should have said something whenever it happened (which I can bet was years ago). She makes herself look so petty, childish, classless, and jealous. This isn’t going to increase her already small fan base.

  • Nikki

    It was bad when she went off on her sister via Twitter (even called her out for wearing her hand me down shoes on her book cover =/) but to come for Michelle with the same vigor? Keyshia, honeybunch, stop it.

    She can’t act like she’s better than her ghetto ass family then turn tail and proceed to act just as uncouth. She’s a damn mess.

    Daniel, come get your wife. She doesn’t need to be on Twitter (or anywhere else online, for that matter).

  • Starla

    Empty barrels make the most noise

  • Shay

    Proof that money CANNOT buy class….

  • Toia

    Comedians had a field day on Keyshia Coles ass after Michelle tweeted that “ladies should support one another”. One thing Keyshia ain’t no lady, she is a hoodrat and you know the frankie apple dosen’t fall too far from the tree. ROTFLOL another comedian was just as cruel and tacky has keyshia was and said; that is a comment you would expect from frankie’s trick baby. ouch!

  • theblackparacosmistmind

    The definition of BBB-”Basic Bird Behavior”.

  • Wendy

    Michelle is Destinys Child and Keyshia is Frankies child… Best way I heard it put. Waka flocka even chimed in saying if your moneys right and you relevant then you aint worried about what the next persons doin or sayin but once you start fallin off then you start noticing what everybody else is doin. Keyshia is a hater always has been, see what lil kim gots to say about her… remember the BET awards where she was hatin on Ciara, because Luda gave Ciara props and she felt the need to speak on it while accepting an award, if that dint show her ratchetness then she really showed it this time with her pic of the 100 g check she just had to post. Keyshia Cole has always been a hater and will always be one… you can take the chick out the hood, you know the rest.

  • Wendy

    Right! He gon put that act right on that a**…SMH.

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    @ Aaricka- Exactly. It’s not like her mother is going to straighten her out.

  • Covergirl85

    It’s unfortunate that Keyshia Cole, has to bring up Old Ish! She must really be starving for Attention/Promotion being that she wasn’t part of the Super Bowl Halftime show lol! Stop Hating On Michelle. Keyshia Cole needs to be worrying about her lackluster album sales and the Fact that A Jewish Soul Singer named Amy Faithe covered Keyshia’s Song Trust And Believe and did a better job at Trust And Believe than Keyshia! Check out the comments on World Star below (Keyshia Cole – Trust & Believe)

  • Niesha Gourdine

    cause she ratcheeeetttttt….smh

  • Rosey

    Wow, again Keyshia? This sadly is someone’s mother…

  • The Comment

    Damn……I agree with Waka Waka his face……!!!!

  • Realityplease


  • Lady Bella

    There’s banding together and there’s being DIPLOMATIC. Keyshia doesn’t have to be buddies and bake a damn cake for Michelle, but seriously…civility never hurt anyone.

  • jimmy

    I remember Frankie saying in an interview, that keysha is a trick baby. it was one of her john’s,(when she was a crack addicted prostitute), he was a very handsome Italian guy!!

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