Jen the Pen Gives the Most Stupid & Accurate Quote Ever

by Demetria L. Lucas

jen the pen i'm white

On Monday night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop, blogger and struggling radio personality Jen the Pen said what some found unforgivable. During a contrived argument with a non-white cast member over whether Jen would make it onto NYC radio, Jen retorted, “I’m white. It will get done.”

Hear that?

It was the sound of the record skipping.

I had the show on as background noise while I was doing my taxes, and had to pause, turn, grab the remote, and rewind. It was a clip from the commercial. “Um, say what, white girl?”

I held my judgment until the full scene aired. In context, she wasn’t dead wrong for saying it. There were mentions throughout the episode of the other cast member referring to her as “my white” this or that.

As I predicted, Jen apologized almost before the show was off the air. It went:

Racist is the last thing I could EVER be. But being called an “entitled HONKY” on national [TV] is okay? Please be clear anything regarding race was heat on the moment, the devil will bring out the worst in you. This is what my family is made of, if my comments affected anyone I apologize.

Of course, anger is a valid excuse and it’s not like anyone ever says what they really think when they’re heated and in IDGAF mode. And you know, her family’s Black, right? So that absolutely absolves her of any chance at being a racist. (Insert side-eye.)

I’m actually not here to talk about whether she is racist or isn’t. What I do want to discuss is whether Jen was inaccurate.

Black Twitter was upset at her Monday night. Jen was ripped a new one for dangling her privilege the way some writers dangle participles. Her mentions? Shenanigans and shambles.

Were folk mad because you know, in “civilized” society, you don’t talk about privilege, you just accept the benefits of it — whatever yours are — pretend it doesn’t exist and stack while others struggle and futilely fight it. Is it that Jen flaunted what no white person is supposed to, especially not one raising a Black bi-racial child with a Black rapper. Or is it because she might have confirmed what many people of color think, or hell, know to be true about the privileges of whiteness?

Surely, I’m not the only one that was told by the Black elders that, in order to succeed, I needed to be twice as good to get half as far as my white counterparts. And surely again, I can’t be the only one who sat in the front row of a 101 college lecture hall watching a white professor draw diagrams of marginalization and see how far away from the center black was … and how being black and woman was one of the farthest rings.

In my kumbaya moments — i.e., when I’m willfully trying to not think too hard — it’s nice to pretend we’re all equals with the same opportunities if we all just did our best. But in two quick sentences, Jen just up and burst everybody’s “can’t we all just get along?” bubble.

Hearing her namedrop her privilege, was like a confirmation for every time you seemed to think an attractive Black man was running past you to get to the busted white girl and thought … well, you know what you thought. For every time the long-haired girl in front of you in class (or the elevator), flipped her hair inconsiderately just so, letting the breeze slapped your face and you wondered if you were overreacting. Every time you watched a mediocre white co-worker get promoted, and you sat, trying to hold it together and thinking, “Are you blankety-blank-blank kidding me?”

Nope, you weren’t crazy, boo. Thank Jen for confirming it for you.

She was wrong.

Maybe she’s racist.

But unfortunately? She was probably right.

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Demetria L. Lucas is the author of “A Belle in Brooklyn: The Go-to Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life” (Atria), in stores now. Follow her on Twitter @abelleinbk

  • London

    I am not an avid watcher of this show, but I watched this clip on another blog, and I was taken aback because the statement because it was SO OUT OF THE BLUE. They weren’t even talking about race. They were talking about getting a radio show gig.

    I agree with the article. Yes, this white chick knows she’s privilege because of her skin color and is owning her entitlement (which I am actually surprised because I just assumed most whites were obilvious to their privilege). But I have to admit the first thing I thought about when Jen said the comment was, “Wow, that’s all she got. What a weak ass comeback!”

  • lil ray

    She told the truth so don’t get mad because she said it out loud.
    And Raqi was the one who referring Jen as not afraid to speak the truth white girl to begin with.

  • London

    Oh and another shocker is that Jen’s man, that rapper Consequence, backed her up and called the other woman (who was a woman of color) a “hoe”.

    I was about to write down how unbelievable this is, but what am I thinking? This is so like our Black men today. Why am I surprised?

  • lil ray

    No it was not out the blue.
    Raqi said she was gonna punch her and also said something slick about Jen being a baby momma.

    don’t dish it out if you can’t…

  • Sasha

    See here’s the thing, Jen was a bit out of line with that statement but unfortunately, like Demetria and others have said, it’s true. Raqi originally was the one who brought up race, inviting Jen as a co-host because she needed a White girl to “white her wrongs”. Race was already a part of the radio show in the first place so it’s cute and non-racist to have a stereotypical bimbo White girl on the show but not alright for that same “bimbo” to air her privilege and perpetuate another stereotype? I understand how people hard that statement, clutched pearls abd lambasted Jen as a racist but I don’t see it that way. The scene made me uncomfortable in that they were in public screaming like morons not “oh ma gawd dats racisss”. Both her and Raqi are tacky messes and need to get it together.

  • Sasha

    Precisely my thoughts on Raqi. She has consistently managed to antagonize everyone of her co-stars with the exception of Yandy, Lore’l and Winter, who appeared to be done with her at one point. She just flaps her gums to/ about everyone and then acts butt hurt when people react. I don’t know if that’s how she really is or it’s for tv but what’s clear is that she doesn’t know how to play nicely with others.

  • Chrissy

    Raqi wasn’t using Jen’s race in a negative way. She was talking about it like they were going to be Ebony and Ivory.
    I took Jen’s statement like this:
    “I am white you are black, stay in your place.” Out of all the things she could have said she went to race? Jen used race to throw it in Raqi’s face.
    It also doesn’t surprise me that Jen is dating a black man. Typical.

  • Kat

    is being a white woman (with an annoying voice) a plus when it comes to urban radio though? Idk…i’m not one of those people that think that everything is racist, but that comment just seemed way out of order to me. I believe she was doing that “white girl tip of the day” or whatever on another show before she came on lhhny…the only thing ive ever heard of her doing on radio is brief segments on other peoples shows (who were Black btw)…apparently being white isn’t enough for her…

  • Meme

    and now let’s never talk about her again so we can stop making her relevant.

  • naan

    If Raqi was trying to get a gig with her because she is “the white perspective” as others people have said… then I understand where the backhanded comment from Jen came from. I’ve made backhanded/”in the know” comments that may have not come from the conversation that I may be in at the very moment with someone, but conversations that may have HAD with them.

  • Gisèle

    She is white ?? She is not a mixed girl ???

  • Liz

    Man… I wonder how far she’d get if she was an attractive white woman…

  • mEE

    a lot of people who know me expected me to be angry…but honestly I’m not. first, you could tell if you watched the scene that some heavy editing took place. the conversation jumped all over the place. so we don’t know what prompted Jen to make that comment. and Black people reeeeally need to stop making the shocked face when they say some racist mess to someone and it gets served back at them.
    second, as the author stated, her point was 100% valid. we can call it racist or insensitive, but it’s true. white privilege is real. it exists. I know it’s not something we like to acknowledge out loud, but are you really telling me that if Jen didn’t happen to get a radio show you wouldn’t be thinking, “she probably got it because she’s white”. exactly.
    third I’m not going to crucify this white girl on behalf of that gutter rat Raqi. she’s a disgusting human being. I have had the unfortunate privilege of listening to this broad on my radio for the past few weeks on my commute in to work as she made the rounds promoting the show. the amount of racist, misogynistic, ignorant ish this woman let spill out of her mouth was ridiculous and too much for me so early in the morning. so really, Raqi being the “victim” gets a long blank stare from me.

  • mEE

    you don’t get blind allegiance just because you’re a woman of color and the other person happens to be black. the comment I read from Consequence stated that when he saw the show, he and Jen had a big argument because of what she said. that may or may not be true. but Raqi needs and deserves no defense from him when she has called him, his associates, and the mother of his child words way worse than “hoe”.

  • Golden

    I didn’t know she was white until she said that…(I’m not an avid watcher of the show)

  • Golden

    I thought too when she made the comment! lol Glad to know I wasn’t alone.

  • Golden

    or hispanic or something. Not full fledge Caucasian. She must have some native in her…

  • KGA25

    No one is defending raqi. We’re talking about the words that came out of the trashy white girl mouth.If you didn’t already know THEY always stick together… cc mEE

  • YeahRight2011

    Calling Ol’ Buckee one of “our men” attaches an entitlement to him based on skin color. These men had nothing to do with being black so any racial obligation is void. I don’t like when they call black women “our women” either.

    I believe Raqi got a little wake up call of her own. She might be a WOC but I’m pretty sure she enjoyed the privilege of being Latina in an industry in the Hip Hop industry. I believe Paul Mooney would consider this a teaching moment.

    I might sound mean for saying so (and IDK) but this season is full of Latinas behaving badly and too many Black women are caping. Believe you me, they bring up their background when the stats roll in to make the distinction between themselves and “those”/”regular” black women.

  • B.Payne

    Why would I be offended at the truth?

    Unfortunately, it’s what it is…the question is why would I let it affect me? Hard work will get you everywhere, regardless inherited privilegeness…I’m not mad at my “black” life, lol

  • Chrissy

    I agree YeahRight2011

    Especially the last paragraph. Raqi just had a nigga moment.

  • Chrissy

    You know, KGA25 Black people will throw other black people under the bus to defend a white person. Even a white person that was pretty much throwing the fact they were privileged in a black person’s face.

  • Echi

    I watched the episode as well – only because I was told that day that Love and Hip Hop was back on air and I was curious. I too, had it on as background noise, along with Black Ink.

    Honestly, I started taking offense to the idea that EBRO (never heard of him), acquiesced to the idea of hosting an all-female show on hip-hop that had NO black women. Seriously, if you are going to be the first all female hip hop radio show, shouldn’t at least one African American woman be present to represent? So when Jen came out with the I’m white nonsense, I was already over my shock.

  • politicallyincorrect

    Why do black people think Jen is not white. Have any of you ever seen ethnic looks whites

  • Echi

    Oh, and can someone tell this Jen the Pen character to get that silly band off her forehead. It’s so like five years ago and juvenile. If your hair is done, it’s done, boo boo. Bows and bands are for little kids. Perhaps the tourniquet action of that head band prevented the proper circulation of blood to her head – and therefore there’s a part of me that forgive her. That band was just too d*mn tight.

  • Apple

    She’s probably right but I didn’t know she was white , I thought she was mixed or Hispanic or something .

  • Laura

    “It also doesn’t surprise me that Jen is dating a black man. Typical.”

    What kind of racist foolery is that? Saying things like that just justifies Jen’s words.

  • Chrissy

    What are you talking about? Are you black? Justify her words???? Huh?

    People obviously agree with me. It does not surprise me that a white woman that has conscious or subconscious racist views is with a black man. I think it is typical.

  • Yb

    I can’t believe some people watch this shit. Who are these people?

  • Pseudonym

    First, Jen was WRONG to make that comment. Just dead wrong.

    Second, I think people are misconstruing what she meant. I don’t think she was flaunting “white privilege in a white washed racist world” (like, say, the GOP) but rather she was flaunting the “white privileged in a black world where non-black chicks are considered premium, mixed chicks are leaded, and black chicks are unleaded/regular.” (If I may use gas prices as an analogy). And, if you’ve ever taken your non-black female friend (especially if she’s not white; black dudes en masse have gotten really into the “not black or white ‘exotic’ type” thing) to an all black club and saw the male reaction, you’d have to agree that she was right about that. Even Raqi herself considered Jen’s whiteness a commodity and tried to use it as her gimmick for “White girl tip of the day” to get put on to Hot 97.
    Some black people love the idea of a white chick who knows about hip hop, just like back in the day there was this fascination with white rappers. Or how some black women give a few extra points to Robin Thicke and his black sounding music and black looking wife with his handsome white self. In the New York hip hop scene, Jen’s whiteness is her gimmick b/c she’s one of a few, whereas Raqi is one of millions of thick, DJing, flirtatious Latinas out there trying to be the next Angie Martinez. If there was an audition, Jen is right: she would probably stand out in the waiting room. HOWEVER, that was definitely wrong and tacky to throw that fact in Raqi’s face. but it was nice to see her real colors and see how she REALLY feels about her roll in the hip hop world. It’s not necessarily that she’s genuinely down and interested in the subject. She gets off on the idea of being the token white girl in a sea of black and brown faces. Now everybody knows. and can respond accordingly.

    (And why is Rich committing career suicide by putting Erica Mena’s non-singing behind on ANY track?)

  • Kacey

    I think what Jen was referring to was the trend in urban radio to place non-black female D.J.’s and co-hosts on hip hop stations. Being white will place her ahead of all the other “others” in consideration for a spot.

    Like Demetria said, she was only speaking the truth!

  • Liz

    “white privilege in a black world where non-black chicks are considered premium, mixed chicks are leaded, and black chicks are unleaded/regular.”


    I hate to keep harping on the fact that Jen is ugly, but she is… and she gets a pass because “black dudes en masse have gotten really into the “not black or white ‘exotic’ type” thing”

    I knew what she was about when she said, “You’re a rapper, everyone expects you to be throwing money around”

    Consequence… I remember seeing this guy hanging out on Linden Blvd. all the time during my formidable years…. I didn’t expect him to get caught out there like that.

  • Kacey

    Yes, she’s white but she’s been [deliberately] spray tanned and (ironically) weaved-up to make her some-what fit in with the rest of the cast. Some people were a bit put-off when she was announced as a cast member last year, because she’s white, and I think her current look was done to keep her from sticking-out like a sore thumb.

    Google older [Pre-LHHNY] photos of her. She was still tanned to death but had bleached-blond hair and was more “recognizably white”.

  • Chillyroad

    Hispanics can be white too.

  • Chillyroad

    I believe it’s called race inflation. Ravi can tell us more about it.

  • Tonton Michel

    “Seriously, if you are going to be the first all female hip hop radio show, shouldn’t at least one African American woman be present to represent?”

    If the majority of people who buy rap music are white males why would you?

  • Bekah

    When will people realize that these shows do nothing to promote positive images of women of color and stop watching altogether? It’s almost become a fetish to witness the degradation of a race and sex play out on screen. Anyone who continues to watch, even after a blatant display of “just in case you forget, you are inferior” by Jen the Pen here, has fallen prey to this. What you consume become your thoughts, and your thoughts become who you are.

  • Tonton Michel

    “I’m white. It will get done.”

    That is funny as hell, white people should just start saying this on the regular just to burst some bubbles.

  • Pseudonym

    AND- to not make this a “black men” thing- men of every non-xenophobic group respond to women of other nationalities or races with the same fetish fever. When I was in Spain, my German roommate got so tired of all the men screaming “Morena!” after me in the streets, she said, “Tonite when we get home, I’m going to paint you white.” It’s just that this case refers to black men in particular.

  • Chillyroad

    Was she really arguing from a place of privilege or white superiority? “I’m white, it will get done” could be in reference to whites being more intelligent competent moral etc. Why get mad as if that argument hasn’t been made by many here in the comments at Clutch magazine?

  • Pseudonym

    [and "roll" should be "role"]

  • lol

    you don’t think that might have something to do with the fact that sometimes black folk go off on some unnecessary sh!t?

  • Adiya

    “Was she really arguing from a place of privilege or white superiority? “I’m white, it will get done” could be in reference to whites being more intelligent competent moral etc.”

    If she thinks whites are “more intelligent competent moral etc.” as you suggest, then yes she is arguing from a place “of privilege or white superiority.”

    Also, yes the “white it right” outlook is very PREVALENT in some of the comments on this site.

  • zel

    “men of every non-xenophobic group respond to women of other nationalities or races with the same fetish fever.”

    but they don’t degrade their own women in the process. they don’t make babies with their own women only to leave them and marry women of other races. they don’t call their own women ugly, or refer to them as “b!tches and h*es”.

    c’meon, you know black men have cornered the market on this sh!t in a way it’s never been done before.

  • Pseudonym

    Who on this site supports the notion that “white is right” besides the trolls that everyone calls out?

  • Ms. Information

    Her complexion comes from self know…women want to be “darker” but not black…makes them more Kim Kardashian-esque and attractable to weak black men who view that idea of beauty as real beauty….these are the type of women they choose to “wife” up?…o.k.

  • Chillyroad

    That whole “Girls” debacle was a prime example of it.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    um, i been saying for a minute that there is a system of white supremacy.
    how you like me now?

  • Whateverhappenedtolikingaman

    No it won’t, nobody ever worked harder than an enslave African, didn’t get them any where

  • lol

    so you’re about to tell us about HER and HER LIFE and how working hard ain’t doing sh!t for HER , right?

  • AM

    I been liking you long long time boo!! :)

  • Fantastico

    it’s just a spray tan.

  • Chillyroad


    Well black men don’t stone black women to death or remove their clitoris or commit honor killings or forced marriage or dowry burning or encourage selective abortions if black baby girls.

  • AnGe

    I think what’s truly insulting is that she is with a black man and has a bi-racial child as stated in the article. And the idea of a woman who is so comfortable with being racist or who defaults to racism when she get’s mad raising a bi-racial child is annoying. It also confirms more suspicions that some of the new “mixed” race kids are not exactly being taught to love their black roots. They are at times being taught that they are more privileged than their black peers because mommy is white or hispanic or asian or anything other than black.

    So even without the house and the field, we’re still creating a divide.


  • Whateverhappenedtolikingaman


    if you’re replying to me – my answer is hard work doesn’t most people anywhere.

  • But Raqi

    Demetria should have brought up what Raqi said about ‘whiting her wrongs.’ Raqi reeked of low self-esteem and gave Jen the Pen the power to think her race gave her some superiority.

    I still don’t have a problem with this statement after watching Raqi. I hear things like ‘I’m Indian or I’m Nigerian, I’ll get it done’ all the time.

    But again maybe because I’m not American.

  • Pseudonym

    Touche, zel. You do have a point with that one (sadly).

  • apple

    yea i know hispanic is not a race i didn’t mean white hispanic i meant mestizo

  • Deb

    Chilly road, what is the point of comparing which group of women have it worst at the hands of their men? It’s all sick, dysfunctional and destructive behavior.

  • Tonton Michel

    I believe!!

  • leelah

    how is ‘the girls’ debacle condoning white is right, please explain.

  • lol

    “I hear things like ‘I’m Indian or I’m Nigerian, I’ll get it done’ all the time.”

    glad you brought this up. what those people usually mean when they say that is that they come from hardworking folks, folks/families that have really high expectations so they have to complete a project once it is started because there is no room to fail or give up, nomatter what obstacles may arise along the way.

    do you really think that is what Jen meant?

  • GirlSixx

    “You’re a rapper, everyone expects you to be throwing money around”

    OMG. I thought I was the only one who caught that during the 1st episode.. She was beside herself because he wanted her to pay half for their son’s B-day party. She was like how do you think that makes me look pulling out my credit cards in front of my family paying for his party – you the rapper you suppose to be throwing money around….*smhl*
    So I’m guessing her family was only COOL with her dating him because he’s famous and has money.. ??? *sideye* well the joke is on Jen cus Consequence isn’t HOLDING LIKE THAT!!!

  • zel

    “They are at times being taught that they are more privileged than their black peers because mommy is white or hispanic or asian or anything other than black.”

    interestingly enough i never see this attitude displayed by mixed kids with a black mom.

  • Adiya

    Jen referred to her color, not her nationality.

  • Chillyroad


    She was pointing out what other men don’t do to their women. I was pointing out what other men do do to their women. Black American women are in a unique position in comparison to other women in the world. We are nearly entirely autonomous and independent of men. We make our own money have out own jobs cars homes etc. we don’t have fathers around or husbands. Any man we have in our life we invite. Most women in the world can’t say that.

  • ThatGirlYesThatOne

    Whites that spend time with whites are generally somewhat oblivious to their privilege. However this white woman spends time with people of color that would step on one of their own to get at her. And I’m sure a lot of those men spend all their time going on about how horrible black women are, so how could she be oblivious?

  • Trisha

    “I’m white. It will get done.”

    It depends on the task at hand. Some black people will agree with this statement as well. Therefore, we can heighten white privilege as well. I have been guilty of this in the past. When it came to planning an event for white people, or working on projects – it did seem as if the transition was smoother. Consequently, I didn’t rule black people out. Unfortunately, people think this, but don’t actually say it. She was wrong for saying it because it isn’t always the case. It is part of an individual’s character of dedication if the job will get down.

    I don’t watch this reality show, but I can imagine being a white woman or whatever her nationality is how she has no reason to believe otherwise. Between society and exactly as @Pseudonym stated (the gas analogy), she really doesn’t have to do much, but show up. In the end, she will get the job done. For black America, ‘in order to succeed, you have to be twice as good to get half as far as my white counterparts’, I was told this and it still reigns true. Remember how Black QBs were not considered to have the brains to engineer a team, the hiring of Head Black Coaches, government sectors – Susan Rice (that was so ridiculous), casting actors/actresses, large scale companies currently facing racial discrimination lawsuits..all of this nonsense occurring from the belief a white person can do a better job. I really cannot think of an industry that doesn’t participate in white supremacy (it’s our society). So I can see why Jen made her statement. I’m thinking more about how this boldness is getting out of hand. She may be racist or not. However, it does lead me to the question of why can white people love themselves, enjoy or deny their white privilege; on the other hand, if black people love themselves, their race, their history, support each other first, or try to build up the black community, then they are often coined as being racist? I never understood that piece. I guess we just don’t suppose to love ourselves.

  • gmarie

    lol It can’t be so stupid if it’s accurate. Ignorant maybe? Definitely. Cocky? for sure. I didnt take the statement as racist, but she is definitely flaunting her white entitlement flag with no apologies. She, and other non-black people whith her mindset only say this kind of craziness because other black folks give them reason to believe it…

  • Trisha

    I just wanted to add—as a black person nowadays, it seems as if I cannot love my black husband (I guess all black men are bad). I cannot get along with my sisters (we all suppose to hate each other) and I cannot have a desire to help our disadvantaged youth (they are all doomed). Wondering if I was on a radio show and stated “I like working with black people”—how would that go over? She’s racist, she lacks diversity or she can’t get along well with others, or all of the above? I didn’t say I couldn’t, it was a preference. But I believe that statement would place a filter on my career by all races and especially by industries. My point is by us not reflecting self-love (the lost of black pride), it seems as though we have taken from ourselves and deposited some of that love and energy into the white or other races hence entitling the Jen’s of the world to make these types of statements. Along with the already existence of white privilege, it provides more of a gateway to make it even more possible. Perhaps bold…

  • Kay

    You know what? She’s not saying anything that we don’t already know. We’ve all seen White people we knew who didn’t know squat getting promoted ahead of us and other people of color, we’ve all seen some White people get passes for their behavior while Blacks and other minorities walk around being mini-ambassadors who have to be perfect all the time or risk confirming some sort of stereotype. White privilege is real, and we all know that the resistance against affirmative action and other things that seek to level the playing field is really about folks who don’t want to have to work hard and compete for something they feel they should automatically be given. This woman is just saying what most White people would never to say to our faces. Oh, some of them may say it to each other, but never to us, and never in such a public forum. She was being honest. As hurtful as it sounded, it was the truth.

  • LeAnna

    “I needed to be twice as good to get half as far as my white counterparts.”

    My mother use to say that statement to me all the time! In my Black Psychology course, our professor asked who heard similar statements throughout their life and majority of the class raised their hands. The course was filled with Black students (usually not the case at SEC PWI).

    I actually think this could be an amazing point to talk about white privilege in our society (At least something good could come out of the show lol).

    My main thing I am concerned about is the child that they are raising. Although the child may be bi-racial, some person may come along and tell the child otherwise. At least she acknowledged her privilege.

  • Val

    I just can’t believe Jen The Pen is still around. She was on Damon Dash’s reality show waaaay back in the day.

    Otherwise, I don’t have cable so I don’t know anything about this show.

  • Sashay

    Demetria is writing about “privilege”? In the context of this site where she has penned posts on colorism within the black community, I find this to be interesting…

  • Nadell

    The black community is so inclusive yet vice versa, the exclusion is evident. Therefore many non-black individuals have the privelege of both worlds. Marry a black person (whether a non-black woman marries a black man or a white man marries a black woman) and there’s this understood notion you have the license of being ‘down’ w/ the brown and then being ‘right’ when in the company of the white. The best of both worlds when convenient of course – use at discretion.

  • JJ

    I love black men and I feel most black men love black women and aren’t color struck. With that being said I blame white supremacy and a certain type of black man for women like Jen. These black men make women like her feel superior because they aren’t black then want to act surprised she calls him nigger. I feel so sad for the black race sometimes. So many of us aren’t proud of who we are and feel the need to put others on a pedestal. How the hell do we let non-blacks come into a world that we created and feel that they can run shit. smh

  • Kay

    I’m sure you work hard, as does every African American person I know. We all do. Problem is, what does YOUR hard work get you? I’m pretty sure that if I didn’t have the restrictions of my sex and race, and to some extent my class background I’d be further along. This article is about privilege. Privilege automatically denotes status on some people regardless of how hard they work. If affects entire group of people. That’s what should affect you. And that is what we should be fighting against.

  • ChillyRoad

    Barack Obama doesnt have a black mom.

  • Tonton Michel

    On second thought they can not use this line for every thing.

    “I’m white. It will get done.” does not work in the NBA.

  • EST. 1986

    Right, the ‘Devil’ made her say it. Sheesh. Why can’t people be accountable for themselves?

  • EST. 1986

    The producers probably told her to say it. There isn’t an ounce of reality in these shows.

  • EST. 1986

    It’s definitely not ignorant, because she is undoubtedly aware of how her race gives her an advantage in life. Or, as I said on another comment, maybe the producers told her to say it.

  • mluv

    In my opinion, I don’t think Jen the pen is racist nor do I think she had meant to say that. Ive seen the argument from start to finish when it aired, and Raqi was throwing some real low blows, getting in her face and all. I feel like she said it because she was in the heat of the argument. However, some whites do hold themselves above people because of their skin tone. But to me had she not said that, I still think she would have “made it work” cause her baby daddy is a rapper/producer in the industry.

  • AnGe

    And that is somehow different that how any other racial group of women or men for that matter think. Ok.

  • binks

    This! But lol at…

    “Please be clear anything regarding race was heat on the moment, the devil will bring out the worst in you.”

    Really? Lies people tell…I was taught that when it comes to race relations in the heat of anger usually express what the person really feels or views they hold. That is like having a fight with your non black friend/mate and they off and called you a N*gger and saying they did it because they are mad..da hell? Girl stop it and stand behind your statement, I would respect her more if she did that instead of coming up with these lame excuses. Again this is supposed to be post racial America… she said what we already knew or thought especially as a non-black person association with people of color. I don’t care how many half-black children she has or how many black dudes she was with the mindset is always there! The moral of the story is STOP GIVING these people press, attention, and stop letting them stay on through over viewership! Let’s see how privilege she will be if the majority of people of color who view this foolishness stop watching!

  • The Comment

    I agree with you but for a different reason. Ya’ll youngins’ can’t handle real racism. For all this keepin’ it real rhetoric (used to justify some ignorant stuff) when someone not black ‘keeps it real’ then charges of racism are thrown up like gang signs.

    She is right…she is white, pretty and it will get done. WTF else is new. You’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise. Chit happens everyday. White, pretty/not pretty/fat/not fat/ educated/not educated….it will get done.

    What is the problem?

  • The Comment

    scratch the….’ya’ll youngins’ can’t handle real racism…my bad…..I was thinking of something else……..

  • ThatGirlYesThatOne

    This kind of mess was the only entertaining part about taking on urban clients for my business. Watching “mixed/exotic chicks” duke it out with white women. I’d just sit my brown butt in the corner with some popcorn. At the end of the day, nobody really wins.


    There is nothing stupid about what she said. Yes, she is accurate. I think white people would say she is stupid, for blatantly telling non white people, she loves her Privileges in this White Racist Supremacist institution society. White people keep redefining their racist tactics and it should be convert. Also, the racist tactics now even make the people are suffering racism make it seem like it’s their fault. Hell they are so good it at non white people don’t even know when its happening. Sometimes I don’t. make the people Is she racist? Of course. She should help non white people counter-racism. Replacing the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) with a SYSTEM of justice is the world’s unfinished business. She uses her “whiteness” to keep the system unbalance and not serve justice.

  • Nakia

    Right! It was all good when Jen gave her “white girl tip of the day” during the show (If you’re over a certain weight, you’re no longer thick, you’re fat), but after, she’s not supposed to be white any more (or at least she’s not supposed to mention it) and is supposed to ignore her perceived superiority because of it.

    on another note, the racism was not in her mentioning her privilege, it was in her using it as a weapon against a non-white woman (albeit a verbal weapon). Her statement read not about what she would get because she was white, but what Raqi would NOT get because she is black.

    And Jen’s black man is just another clown.


    Yes. you have James. I’ve been studying Racism white supremacy (which is an science) since I was a teenager. Now they use language as the main vice to confuse and hide it. But, this time one said fuck it “Let me tell you niggers how shit really goes on” lol.


    Tonton that’s true from the aspect of playing on the court. But, the business side they’re getting everything done and making sure those black bucks get it done for them lol.


    The white women win at the end of the day, season, and show.

  • leelah

    Well Consequence just watched his woman flush his little rap career down the toilet. He let her go on Power 105 and complain about Kanye not giving her a baby shower gift. she actually said that kanye could afford to give her a gift worth $300 dollars, the cheapest thing on her registry but he was too cheap to even do that. Then she busted Kim K out talking about her creeping with kanye while with Reggie Bush.–gossiping like that can make other performers not want to work with you. Then his girl comes with this ‘I’m white’ comment which goes against all those pro-black lyrics he spits. –Jen’s big mouth just dashed any little chance he had. I hope those VH1 checks last them for awhile.–Clutch should post that power 105 interview, its scary. Conce started threatening Raqi and I’m actually scared for her because he sounds like he has a few screws loose.

  • zelda

    “I don’t know where black women stand, cause I know a lot of them cape for white men.”


    whenever black men are shot by the police who is the MAJORITY in the group protesting? black women.

    who is mentoring black disadvantaged kids in urban areas?black women.

    and who refuses to mentor the black disadvantaged kids? black men.

    who is missing from the neighborhoods? black men.

    who marries out the most between black men and women? black men.

    who leaves the neighborhood when they make it, makes it rain on strippers and buys status sh!t and only steps foot when flat broke crying about racism made him broke ?that’s right, black men.

    y’all are the most ungrateful mothereffers on this planet. at this rate if black women were to start caping for white men i wouldn’t even be against it, because when they are the fathers and husbands in the community, sh!t gets done. ain’t even gonna lie.
    just compare communities.

    “It is well defined & therefore I can cultivate a plan to dismantle their system.”

    yeah, we know what it is.

  • Nakia

    Rap music =/= hip-hop (hip-hop culture). Non-black people are the largest “consumers of our culture, in general. We are far fewer than they in number. That does not mean that we should give it over to them and have no hand nor say in it. The reality is that regardless of that “majority” you mention, hip-hop is still connected (often synonymous) with Black people and Black culture for most.

  • Pingback: Starr’s Reality Scoop: Kim Kardashian Uses Fetus to Speed up Divorce | CocoaFab

  • SayWhat

    To be fair, that privelege is only extended to the women. A white man would have been run out of town if he dared to say what she did. But, because she is a pretty white girl, then like the rest, she gets a pass.
    Oh, and she wasn’t being racist, she was being honest. A pretty white girl with a black baby daddy and mixed raced daughter? She already has the job offer, she’s just waiting to announce it at the season finale, how else are they going to fill air time?

  • Devon Pierce

    Let’s get one thing straight. Just because a person dates or marries someone of a different races DOES NOT mean that they can’t harbor racist attitudes toward that race. Having dated white women myself I can tell you that there are indeed women who loath all black people except for that one person who shows them love, pleasure, and in some cases, money. They see their mate as that “1 in 10,000 ni***r” to quote Calvin Candie, the antagonist in Quenton Tarrantino’s “Django Unchained”.

    Sadly, the real sucka is Consequence. As a presumably proud black man, he is now placed in the unenviable position of defending the indefensible. He is going to have to go to the mat to defend his woman’s “down-ness”. The problem is, he also has to look himself in the mirror and wonder if perhaps his woman sees him as that 1 in 10,000 ni***r, or worse, that she might really just be in it for the money.

  • SayWhat

    So then we can have an all white male rap show? Because let’s be for real, black men would make sure that that show never airs. This show is not for white males, it’s for black men with a fetish of all things white/light/latina/asian etc..

  • Whiteprivilegeterminated

    I just wish that instead of just complaining about white privilege, black people and the rest of the non-white world atop subsidizing it.

  • Lila

    “I’m white, it will get done.”
    -said Mitt Romney



    make the people is she racist.. my bad for the typo.. typing too fast on the ipad. Does this make her racist? .. is what i meant to type.

  • Tara

    Preach! The only reason it exists in part is because minorities contribute to it.

  • Tara

    A few years ago before Obama was elected, I was in a parking lot and was pulling out and almost hit this white lady. She was walking and came out of nowhere. I did not see her. I apologized and she made some real crazy comments. I looked at her and said “Ms. I apologized who do you think you are”? She said “I am white woman and that is all that I need to be”.

  • Tara

    That is so true. A white man would have been shut down and run out.

  • Z

    Jen is a baby mama- they aren’t married.

  • london via africa

    i feel some white women actual spend their time with predominantly black women as they thrive in the special treatment they receive when with their black girlfriends.
    i had a white female friend who loved attending “urban clubs” as she being white would receive extra attention from the black men in the club, attention she would never receive in a predominately white club as she is not particularly attractive. The moment she made her, i’m white so (it will get done) i’ll get him talk, was the moment our friendship ended.

    it wasn’t that she was merely recognizing her privileges, she like jen the pen actually believed in her right to receive superior treatment, as she held her black peers as being inferior to her. jen the pen can have 100 black babies, and still be racist. i have known white women have black friends/partners, love black music/food, birth mixed children and still hold the most disregard for blacks and other ethnic minorities.

    i wonder how power consequence feel about his wife showing her ass on tv?

  • zel

    and this is another situation where BO is an outlier.

  • mluv

    “She is right…she is white, pretty and it will get done”

    My exact sentiments for really not caring about her comment or finding her racist. I guess i’m indifferent when people say ignorant comments because I’m not surprised she said it, and not really surprised she said it out-loud, on TV. I just feel because she was so passionate in the argument, she was even more edged to say it out loud. But thats my opinion.

    I am not rationalizing or defending her or her statement, but in MY OPINION and in another perspective, I FEEL because SHE specifically is already OUT THERE in the entertainment world and in that particular industry, she will get what she wants possibly easier, than someone who may not be in the spotlight, or who isn’t married to or knows someone famous and its on national tv.

    Lastly I’m not blind or in denial when when it comes to racism and the way things are set up ,I was stating my view on this senario. It’s unfortunate that life and the entire system is set-up where whites get by, and/or get by because they are white. Meanwhile, 1000x more is expected from me than my white counterpart.

    I agree at the end of the day things will get done regardless, so no I don’t have a problem.

  • Devon Pierce

    Sadly, every time you purchase a hip-hop CD you are subsidizing white priviledge. According to About 63% of every CD goes to the labels. ( If you take that information and look into who owns the largest record labels ( and then look into who owns them you can see were the money is really going. For that matter, VH1 broadcasts Love and Hip Hop, VH1 is owned by viacom, Viacom’s stock is trading at about $61.00/share. Notable individual holders of viacom stock are:

    PHILIPPE P DAUMAN 1,048,259
    THOMAS E DOOLEY 776,396
    ROBERT K CRAFT 12,964

    The largest institutional holdings are all with hedge funds. Ironically, perhaps the first logical step in putting an end to the subsidizing of white privilege might in fact be to stop watching Love and Hip Hop. Just sayin’

    Dang, maybe I should be bloggin for a living instead of mucking around writing software :-(. Hey Cutch! You listening?

  • Devon Pierce

    Why aren’t there black reality shows that focus on other aspects of the black experience … black excellence, maybe? I don’t know …maybe one built around Cameron Clark? The young brotha who was one of only 360 (out of 1.66 million) to earn a perfect score on the SAT. I don’t know, maybe one on Derrick Henry, a great kid from a small town in florida who rushed for over 12,000 yards in his high school football career breaking a 59 year old record. Yeah, yeah, yeah … its a little bourgeoisie but where is it written that entertainment can’t be inspirational … aspirational, even. As far as I’m concerned we need fewer wannabe rappers who watch Love and Hip Hop and dream of being put on, and more scholars and exemplars.

  • Echi

    On the show Raqi specifically said this would be the “first all female hip hop radio show” meaning that the appeal of the show is that it gives a female perspective into the hip hop culture. The impression I got was that it would be like a radio version of Love and Hip Hop. If Love and Hip Hop featured an all white male cast in the pursuit of providing a female perspective, I think America would give the producers a collective, WTF?

  • Devon Pierce

    The producers ought to put a hidden mic on her, no tellin what kind of nonsense flies out of her mouth when she thinks nobody is listening and recording. Wonder how many “regular negroes” she’s dated. Have they all been rappers and other industry connected folks with the occasional street pharmacist thrown in for good measure?

  • PineApple

    It’s not even just her skin complexion, her facial features i.e. her nose, her eyes….she looks very Arabian if you ask me. She’s about as white as Kim K, and I don’t consider her white either.

  • Style Sweets Magazine

    Not surprised. The heat of the moment brings out the way you really feel. Thanks Jen you made us feel all warm & cuddly inside. NOT!

  • Apple

    Dame had a reality show? Girl what

  • Devon Pierce

    I’m not proud of this but my sister has had one too many relationships with brothas who turned out to be straight up dirtbags. I have encouraged her to broaden her horizon’s if necessary and consider accepting the invitations from white and hispanic men who’ve got their shit together. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about black-on-black love. My wife is black, I love her like crazy and have known her most of my life, but you’re right … too many of us are total fuck-ups. What’s worse, we’ll hold sistas at arms length if they so much as hint at being mesmerized by the dollar bills, but then turn a blind eye while snowflake the magic white girls picks our pockets with impunity. As bad as Consequence is, Kanye still gets my “Busta-of-the-Year” award. His case is even worse because Gold digging is so obviously a genetic trait among the Kardashian women … along with rampant give-up-the-drawers-at-the-drop-of-a-hat-itis.

  • Devon Pierce

    Gonna have to check to see if domain is available. It’d be a good place to blog on the exploits of the rich, (relatively) young, famous, and galactically stupid. The first issue would naturally feature bustas Kanye and Consequence.

  • Devon Pierce

    Let me see if I can help you out. Whether she IS or IS NOT a racist is debatable. What’s not debatable, however, is her arrogance, her sense of entitlement, her obvious contempt for and dismissive attitude towards black women, and her utter indifference to the position she puts her (using the air quotes here) pro-black husband in by creating a state of emnity between he and this one black woman in particular and (I suspect) the broader community of black women in general. The question of racism is, at least in this case, superfluous.

  • Tonton Michel

    Another example of it not working.

  • Tonton Michel

    @MISS_EMCEE, just talking about on the court.

  • Pseudonym

    Well, very few or maybe even no reality shows focus on positive aspects. It’s all about conflict and drama. Even Donald Trump’s “Apprentice” which is supposed to be all about business smarts, moguls in the making, etc. concentrates on DRAMA, arguments, fighting between teams, throwing teammates under the bus, etc.

  • http://Clutch SL

    “when it comes to race relations in the heat of anger usually express what the person really feels or views they hold. ”

    Or when they get pissed ass DRUNK!

  • Devon Pierce

    Maybe this season was meant to be a vehicle for Jen the Pen in the first place. In which case, the joke is on us, LOL

  • http://Clutch SL


  • YeahRight2011

    The most successful black shows didn’t deal with the black experience as a core theme. We like seeing regular people having everyday experiences. Racial awareness finds it’s place here and there but only when the viewership is solid and they can take a few more risks. But all in all, the “black experience” is sobering and very few black people want to come home from a hard day and be taught a history lesson every time they see black people on tv.

  • ThatGirlYesThatOne

    lol I’m sure this Raqi chick has probably said the same thing to dark-skinned and black women. Despite that she’ll go running to those same women to back her up and up her numbers. “OMG y’all…. Jen is RAAYCISSS, let’s get her!”

  • Val

    Yep, it was on BET. It was a competition type show. They were competing to work for Damon Dash. I think as his personal assistant.

  • Lindsay Lowery

    made me think of this…

  • Taylor Pandillas Simmons

    Just wanna say, Raqi’s father is a Black muslim, so, I don’t know how she identifies, but I do agree with you.

  • MommieDearest


    It saddens me that in this day and age, there are still black people who think the white man’s ice is colder and will defend white people at every turn, even to their own detriment. To quote sister Harriet: “I could have freed more people if they had known they were slaves.”

  • MommieDearest


    In my dealings with white people I am friendly, fair and respectful – just as I would be with anyone else. HowEVER, there is a line of “comfort” that I do not cross with them because at the end of the day, they are still white. It has been my experience that when push comes to shove, most will not hesitate to remind you of it.

  • MommieDearest

    “So many of us aren’t proud of who we are and feel the need to put others on a pedestal. How the hell do we let non-blacks come into a world that we created and feel that they can run shit. smh”


  • MommieDearest

    “Just because a person dates or marries someone of a different races DOES NOT mean that they can’t harbor racist attitudes toward that race.”

    This is true. As a friend of mine says, “One has NOTHING to do with the other.”

    “You and I should go out sometime. I like you. You’re not like ‘the rest of them.’” <_<

  • Love Sosa

    lol, who cares.

    stop watching this trash and giving birds a voice.

  • Tonton Michel


    Black men wouldn’t bat an eye because black men are still the main producers of the music. Insecurity doesn’t hold weight when your perceived to be in a position of control.

  • Overseas_Honeybee

    “Harpo who dis woman?” Better yet … why is she and her headband even relevant?

    She’s not the first and won’t be the last to talk sideways regarding race. She said what she meant. Obviously she didn’t get the memo. Learned a long time ago not to argue with fools or even associate with them.

  • Whiteprivilegeterminated

    Well would that prove? The only thing “exceptional” negros are supposed to prove is

    1) how post racial we are
    2) and how unexceptional or even sub par the rest of blacks are and therefore to blame for our poor condition.

    I have no interest in exceptional negros.

    Far more subversive to white hegemony would be any kind of news that reported successful communities of blacks living outside the the white supremacist economic and social paradigm.

    That’s the kind of blackness, white supremacist of all hues don’t want to see – and more importantly – don’t want the black majority who are tired of whites and their white supremacy/privilege – to see.

    People can whine all day forever about light skin privilege, white beauty standards, misrepresentations of blacks in media etc etc.

    All of those are diversions that only matter to those who want greater assimilation into the white supremacist order. it’s the very thing that makes whites so relevant in our affairs, including our relations with each other

    Assimilationist negros keep bringing white people into our business.

    All it does is take our eyes off the ball of what really matters – self determination and the power to define the world in our own image.

  • Chillyroad


    Don’t you just love the black women as Harreit Tubman speech yall like to pull out your behinds so often. Yes we know how tightly y’all fasten y’all marching boots for black men. The defiant kind. Only the ones who are running with a ball or running from the police. Those are the only type of black men I see get “support” from black women. Surely not bus drivers in Ohio or mall cops in Atlanta. No. Those type of black men ie the average black man just gets spit on cussed out attacked and called gay.

    Then you wonder why these men leave a community that hatesthem.

    Yes and please go and cape for white men. Just let us know when you actually benefit from such capin. Yes de white man sho does get stuff done… For white people. He ain’t getting it done for your black behind.

  • Whiteprivilegeterminated

    Boy looks like a black man can’t get a fair hearing in the BC no matter his predicament or how he chooses to handle it.

    If he’s criminalized by white people he gets hated on by “bus drivers”. bcoz apparently, black women prefer cons to bus drivers. (btw all the bus drivers i know have a wife or girl friend. Lots of em have girl friend-s.

    If he’s lucky enough to get a chance to exploit a sporting talent, he’s condemned for not sharing his good fortune with black gold diggers. Another untruth anyway since most wealthy black sports mens have black wives or girlfriends.

    It all adds to up someone has it in for black men. So I would take people who come up with these falsehoods with an more than a pinch of salt.

    basically their message is that black communities problems are primarily the fault of black people. Well that;s how they always finish their tirades – the black community is messed because black women choose thugs.

    Not because of a 400 year history of exploitation, oppression, including slavery, share cropping and debt peonage, jim crow police brutality law enforcement targeting, drug war, mass incarceration, institutional racism, white racist violence, red lining, inferior schools. imposed inferiority, internal colonization.

    Let’s not mention any though.

  • Trisha

    MommieDearest ,

    Yes, you just quoted one of my favorites! There is so much power behind that one statement.

  • AJW

    This is the cold hard truth.

  • Chillyroad


    I think the problem with black women like zelda is she confuses sexual availability to loyalty in the black community. Also it’s easy to throw your support for the most high profile popular black men but the average everyday black men just gets contempt from black women unless she needs a role model for her out if control kids.

    I would LOVE to see her go and cape for white men. The only women who will benefit from that is Jen then pen and other white women.


  • mluv

    Well my main point of view was when people are mad and in the heat of an argument, they may say or do things they may not have said or done otherwise. And her attitude of course is not surprising to me at all. it’s a TV SHOW, I guess I wasn’t looking into it that deep. What people do these days doesn’t surprise me.

  • MommieDearest


    That’s for real FOR REAL!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Deb

    “Let’s get one thing straight. Just because a person dates or marries someone of a different races DOES NOT mean that they can’t harbor racist attitudes toward that race. Having dated white women myself I can tell you that there are indeed women who loath all black people except for that one person who shows them love, pleasure, and in some cases, money.”

    Yep. My brother has been dating a Chinese girl for half a year (lived in China, RICH family, moved to US for schooling recently) and early on in the relationship she told him to his face that she has never dated black men and that he’s DIFFERENT from most black people. I told him he should have walked the moment she said that. She will obviously only date and associate with black people that are “exceptions” in our race all over the world.

  • Deb

    more sad is that this mental disease exists in a good number (not all thank God) of black people all over the world. It is truly fighting an uphill battle from within your community and outside your community when you have true pride in yourself and your roots while acknowledging anything white or other as being nothing else than DIFFERENT instead of superior. I wish the next generation could be taught this from the time they are little because society will tell them otherwise till they die.

  • MommieDearest

    Speaking truth to power.

  • karenmm2

    Whiteprivilegeterminated….is so right. As non-white people we assist in holding up white privilege everyday. And truth be told, whether the woman (Jen) said it or not, it’s there and it’s true. I rather have it out in the open as not to internalize what’s happening and attribute to me and mine and our shortcomings than to the realities of racism. When we try not to acknowledge it, we allow for it’s continuation. We better start looking out for our own collective interests and get real clear that begging for a seat at someone else’s table will always make you an uninvited guest…and you can be asked or made to leave whenever the hosts tires of your presence. Ask Jewish people about it. Thousands of years of people inviting them in and then marginalizing them when it’s convenient has taught them they better see themselves as the chosen people if they want to survive…and then go out and live that reality by valuing themselves over anyone else. That ain’t nothing but the “secret” on a grand level. lol If we don’t learn to follow suit, we’ll end up a footnote in history books. Ask Native Americans. We need to stop begging folks to play fair with us in their house, with their toys.

  • Devon Pierce

    Doesn’t have to be a history, but black people are not a monolith and our experiences run the spectrum. For every hood rat with a bad attitude, a big mouth and and extensions down to the floor I can show you a young lady who has started a business, is doing her thing in grad school, taking care of her children or her parents, and infusing the world around her with all kinds of positive energy. Maybe if we made stars out of people who are doing the right things for the right reasons we might create more people like them.

  • Black People

    @MsEmcee, People always kill always kill me with that black slave athlete crap, white people control the behind the scenes. In order for any owner to get a billion dollars for their team they would have to sell the entire franchise. Athletes get paid millions whether they win or lose. Only the owner gets paid after covering all costs and losses. Spare me that they got paid a $100 million dollars, but they don’t own the team. What does that even mean? How come it’s only attributed to black male athletes and not white male athletes in hockey, baseball, and European soccer? Should actors who get millions of dollars own production companies too?

  • cb


  • Realityplease

    I sooo should not have read your comment at work LOL!!!

  • really?

    Note: This is only a luxury afforded to people who can pass for white. The mentality identifies the person. Jessica Alba has black blood in her but considers herself white. Its not about your color but what you identify with. So she could be spanish and identify as white. When in conflict with a black person, she will be considered as white.

  • Realityplease


  • really?

    Black people are always surprised when white people do something or say something racist. Yet it happens all the time. But youre always shocked. Newsflash: If an incident happens once, twice or even three times BE SURPRISED. Anything after that should be expected.

    In regards to the ebro context. He the program director at Hot 97 he knows radio and wasnt renouncing an all female radio show. He was renouncing the idea of RAQI being apart of that show because shes a known ho. Which is why he told her to behave, he and everyone in NY media knows her reputation.

    Secondly, Ebro is a business guy, there was no way he was taking their offer seriously. This was for show. Especially because it wasnt professionally presented.

  • really?

    black people are the only people who let anyone into our culture and know all our business, then wonder why we get marginalized and wonder why we cant get anything done.

  • Jacqueline

    Actually I think she got the memo that so many black men send out. You’re white and you are better than black women (including the mother who gave birth to them, their sister, cousins etc…)

  • MissFLondon

    Most aren’t aware of their privilege, but nothing makes you more aware of what you have than spending a lot of time around those who don’t

  • Marisa

    If that were the case then she would not have had to ask for money for the baby birthday party. You cant pull the I can do this or that because I’m white then be a weak chick. Jen the Pen allows her man to treat her like a live in maid, so her words have as much value as she has value for herself NONE. I really think some of these brothers get with these none black women and gas their heads all the way up, some of the things I’ve heard about their assumptions of us as black women only come from certain people. Ironic because look at her relationship with Consequence they are no model to follow at all.

  • lyss

    @chillyroad are we talking about Black women or Black American women?

  • d_nicegirl

    If she was attractive, she wouldn’t stoop so low as to have a child by a clown like Consequence and would never be on LHHNY.

  • Sarah

    You are against racism, yet you seem to promote it yourselves in all of these comments about how white women are this, white women are that. I don’t know, because I don’t live in America but in Europe, and here the majority of white people do not hold the same view about blacks as they seem to do in the US. Of course, there are racists everywhere, but I can’t help but think that these issues you are going through has more to do with the CULTURE of America than skin color (since it’s not that way in other parts of the world).

    Anyway, please don’t resort by answering racism with more racism… it’s not logical and it’s not right. If you want people to stop with the racism against black people, why don’t you stop with the racism against white people?

    And lastly, I agree with that you don’t have to be a racist to say stupid things in the heat of the moment. Anyone can. Just look at your comments here, are you racists too, since you utter this and that about white women because of being upset? I don’t think so.

  • ingram

    As we used to say “she can kick rocks with that one. How ignorant of her and disrespectful. As a black woman I found it insulting and sending a terrible subliminal message. The nerve of her especially knowing this minority audience. “Don’t nobody got time for that”.

  • Ingram Landreth-Rockett

    As we used to say “she can kick rocks with that one. How ignorant of her and disrespectful. As a black woman I found it insulting and sending a terrible subliminal message. The nerve of her especially knowing that this is minority audience. “Don’t nobody got time for that”.

  • mikki

    racism is about exerting privilege which is what she did most whites are smarter than her and they don’t say it they just live it

  • WTHeck

    Am I the only one who really saw the show? Jen just repeated what Raqi said and I quote, “What because you are white it will get done.” Jen repeated what she said. I am not taking Jen’s side but Raqi was the first to say something racist to her. What’s all the hoopla is about? No body seem to be just as upset that she called her a Honky. You would think that in 2013 people will get past this an focus on being one. Soon and very soon there will not be just white, black, or anything else because all races are mixing with each other even more than before. Really people what upset me more is people talking bad about our president.

  • WTHeck

    I was all the way wrong on this one. Jen did say that because she is white it will get done. Shame on you Jen. Because of who you know it might get done.

  • Blvdjewel

    Jen may have white skin, but most white people of a certain demographic don’t consider her to be one of them.

  • None_Lovelier (@None_Lovelier)

    Jen who? I just had to Google her to see who she is cause she’s not on my Google Reader. She don’t even have a Wiki page. Girl bye.

  • None_Lovelier (@None_Lovelier)

    And who is he? I’ve never heard of him. So all you have to do is be a blogger or say you’re a rapper to get a show now? I’ll be right back…

  • Tara

    Absolutely, and what these black men dont realize is that just like they think that they are better than their man’s sisters and mother, he also thinks that he is better than him. Something major is going to happen between a black man and white woman and that is going to spark a conversation about this.

  • Tara

    If you dont kmow the answer to that, you are a lost soul.

  • EbonyLolita

    Pretty to who?! Lemme tell you something. That big ass nose & wonky eyes are only attractive to BLACK men who’d rather take a mediocre Yt woman ova a good looking sista. Jen couldn’t get w/ YT so she took a brotha w/an overbite. I wanna hear how they truly got together b/c “Something in the milk ain’t clean”

  • Niesha Gourdine

    it was wrong to say.. but it was soooo true..

  • July

    Slap in the face to people of color and the very audience she is trying to appeal to. White Privilage is real, it is a reality, she wasn’t pointing that out to Raqi but using it as a weapon. She was using it as an insult. She knew the power of that statement and she used it as a weapon. She is a bigot. Her son will grow up in the world she perpetuates, and will come up against the privilage she so proudly boasts of.

  • Kim

    Please stop the lying. White America learned from you all.

  • Bun_dem_out

    WOW…no seriously, are you saying black people or people of colour are causing white people to be racist?? I’ve been to Europe, white privilege and white supremacist attitudes abound so don’t fool yourself, or attempt to speak on the circumstances another person experiences like you have some first-hand knowledge…the reality of racism is its not simple bigotry, it isnt some black girl giving you a dirty look or being rude …but of course unless you actually listen to what people of colour are saying about racism you will not understand, because the realities are felt by the victim and not the oppressor…and white people are not the victims…ask any people of colour on any continent, ask any indigenous person or racial minority and they will tell you the same…of course in your convoluted white-privileged mind it must be all of those people who are the racists right?….seriously smh..

  • i mean

    Truth. Raqi probably even sees herself as a White woman when shes arounf other Blacks, and Jen snatched that rug from under her.

  • Ashleigh

    I made a YouTube video of my personal reaction to this. I’m not offended and I don’t think she was wrong. Watch and join the conversation

  • Delect Connect (@DelectConnect)

    Interesting piece and great perspective. Her statement shows that it’s not some myth that black folks made up.

  • Delect Connect (@DelectConnect)

    That’s so awesome. Literally LOL’d. Thanks for sharing.

  • Barbara

    That video is so funny!!

  • Barbara

    Thank you Whitepriveledge… get it!!!!!

  • Devon Pierce

    It would have been hilarious if ole’ girl had responded with “I guess that’s why Eminem and Justin Bieber are stackin paper to the ceiling and Consequence is doin reality TV. White rappers get it done!”

  • shay

    Love the article but I’m a black girl who is surprised with herself for being on Jen side in this situation. Clearly the prejudice comments Rocky have been making all season got to her. In every clip Rocky made mention of Jen’s race, eg Rocky stated at 1 point that she was going to “white her (Jen’s) wrongs”. I found that offensive. And she did it several times after that. How can see as black people use the race card in every situation even among friends then be upset when they turn it back at us…. plus she also stated that she slept with Jens boyfriend. Not ture but u said it out of anger because u wanted what u said to sting but when someone say something out of anger cause they wanted to sting u right back its a problem….I just feel that the same level of respect that we want from white people around us we should have for ourselves. I don’t think race comments on either side sould be tolerated.

  • Leslie

    Raqi made reference to Jen’s race the entire show, so when Jen turns it on her, it’s wrong? Get outta here! That’s the same ridiculous belief that we can say ni**a to each other or when we’re singing a song, but no one else can…idiotic!

    Jen was flippin the script. Raqi wanted Jen to “white her wrongs” and contribute her “white girl tips” but it’s a problem when Jen wants to use her race to make a point it’s wrong…
    ya’ll ABUSING THE RACE CARD! Quit being so quick to toss it


    You sound dumb af. It don’t MATTER what Raquel said. She wrong about whiting her wrong?!?!? I dont understand. Raquel may had made comments about her being a white girl but AINT SHE??!?!?!?!?? She’s a WHITE GIRL trying to live in OUR CULTURE. Duh!?! You can’t justify what she said. SHE RIGHT. IF YOU WHITE YOU ARE RIGHT. Duh!??! you stupid for talking about you on her side. dumb broad smh. This is why a white momma to a black son feels this way. Thanks to dumb broads like YOU. Self hating smh.

  • Me

    This is sad, it’s like being drunk, you say what you mean especially when angry, take responsibility for your actions! Since you R Jen the Pen, suck it up, and don’t say things you have to take back later, don’t blame the devil for your words, you didn’t have to respond in the same way! It only made you look ignorant! And selfish, no one told you to say it, you made that choose, Con don’t defend ignorance, it only makes you look ignorant too! Her true colors showed, worse part is that Jen’s anger wasn’t really for Raqi but you because you won’t compromise on your family situation, and neither will she! You knew who you are in a relationship with that’s not going to change! Then you have now mutiplied, you both knew the consequences! Convert or leave, man is head of house, in my book! If my husband as me to convert I would! It’s not what your loosing but what you are gaining, it’s sad that you don’t see Cons as a gain, but only a pocket full of money!! Good luck to you and your family!

  • Tashlala

    I completely agree with you. I am Black American and I too find myself siding with Jen.

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