Jesse Jackson Jr. Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy

by Yesha Callahan

Jesse Jackson Jr. Pleads Guilty

Many people thought Jesse Jackson Jr. could have been a voice of a generation, but that has probably changed. Yesterday, the former Illinois congressman pleaded guilty in federal court to using campaign funds to purchase personal items. The $750,000 was spent funding his family’s lavish lifestyle.

Here’s a breakdown on what some of the money was used on:

  • $4,272.78 on the Navigator of the Seas cruise
  • $2,306.08 at Walt Disney World,
  • over $10,000 at Best Buy
  • over $300 at Build-A-Bear
  • $3,544.00 at Mariel’s Boutique
  • $5,687.75 on Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat
  • personal expenses at nightclubs and lounges topped $60,000
  • personal dry-cleaning expenses topped $14,00
  • Bruce Lee memorabilia
  • $43,000 Rolex watch
  • Mink Cashmere cape
  • $17,163 tobacco shops
  • $5,814.33 on alcohol
  • $31,700 for airfare

Although Jackson said his indiscretion was a momentary lack of judgement, others beg to differ. U.S. Attorney Machen said Jackson betrayed the trust of contributors who “donated their hard-earned money”. The fraud, perpetuated over seven years, was “not a momentary lapse of judgment,” Machen said.He called Jackson’s victims the American people and said that Jackson betrayed the trust of contributors who “donated their hard-earned money.”

Standing before the judge, Jackson waived his rights to a trial. “In perfect candor, your honor, I have no interest in wasting the taxpayers’ time or money,” he said.

A few hours later, his wife, Sandra Jackson, pleaded guilty to filing false joint federal income tax returns that knowingly understated the income the couple received. She faces one to two years in prison and a fine of $3,000 to $40,000. In court documents, Jackson’s wife stated she failed to report $600,000 in income from 2005 to 2011.

Jackson faces 46 to 57 months in prison, and a fine of $10,000 to $100,000, under a plea deal with prosecutors.

“Tell everybody back home I’m sorry I let them down, OK?” Jackson told Chicago Sun-Times Washington bureau chief Lynn Sweet, according to her Tweet from the scene.

  • Anthony

    He may be suffering from bipolar disorder, but he certainly strikes me as someone who felt who has a sense of entitlement that has ruined his career. I know his parents must be sick!

  • myblackfriendsays

    Embarrassing for him and his family. I think it shows what can happen when you place too much value on material things.

  • KKay

    I agree, but I think it ialso shows something else. He was arrogant and assumed he was above the law. You don’t do this for seven years if you don’t.

    I also think this what happens with unchecked hero worship. I don’t believe for a second that this went on for seven years without someone knowing that he was doing this. They should have called his butt out years ago.

    Unfortunately we in the Af-Am community so desperate for high profile roles models (I know several everyday ones or lesser known people) that we let a lot of things slide.

  • Me

    Mink cashmere cape??? Bruce Lee memorabilia?? WHAT!! He’s just sorry he got caught

  • Anthony

    I think it is embarrassing for black people in general for a Congressman to be convicted of wasting money given to him by political supporters on utter BS.

  • Val

    I have to wonder, if he was White would people be blaming this on his mental illness and be more compassionate? Kind of how the media is portraying the Newton killer as a troubled youth rather than a murderous thug.

  • Anthony

    I don’tdoubt he has some mental health issues, but I cannot help but think that he felt he could get away with it. I also suspect that he came up seeing a blurry line between personal finances and “movement” funds.

  • Barbara

    I believe his bi-polar is real. I’d get bi-polar too if I were facing those Slave shackles on my ankles and the orange jump suit.

    How sad.

  • Fantastico

    Bipolar truly can contribute to wild financial actions. I know of one person going nuts off their meds and buying 4 luxury vehicles.

    It’s disappointing to see the lack of compassion for him. I hope his lawyer gets him off with no jail time.

  • The Other Jess

    Well, one of the main symptoms of having Bipolar II disorder is wild spending sprees and financial irresponsibility, so I can believe he spent all this. I rememeber just a couple of years ago when reporter Jane Pauley was diagnosed and talked about her wild spending sprees and Jeniffer Lewis from “A Different World”, who is also bipolar, talked about how she went out and bought a house one day, just out of the blue.

    It’s because of the mania they develop when bipolar – they lose all impulse control, inhibitions and judgement. I think the same happened to JJ Jr.

  • kc

    People seem to think that the actions of a few black politicians represent all black people or all black politicians. That certainly isn’t the case. Every black person in public service isn’t Marion Barry or Jesse Jackson, Jr. Every white person in public service isn’t FDR or JFK.

  • Val


    Unfortunately, according to news reports, part of his plea deal is that he’s going to do about 3 yrs. in prison.

  • Joy

    Anthony: No offense….but there have been rumors over the years that Jesse Sr is a crook, and I believe it. You would have to know daddy Jackson’s history over the years

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