The Superbowl was a historic night for black women as Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys and Beyoncé performed throughout the highly-televised event. After the game, Beyoncé, who headlined the halftime show, posted a note congratulating the ladies, acknowledging the significance of a roster full of black women and epitomizing sisterhood and unity.

But unfortunately, not everyone was feeling the positive vibes. Keyshia Cole posted a critical message about the halftime show, specifically Michelle Williams’ performance, that rubbed many the wrong way. She tweeted via Necole Bitchie:




Her tweet immediately spawned a firestorm of responses, including many who thought her post was in bad taste. They argued that even if Keyshia didn’t love Michelle Williams’ performance, she should have respected Michelle as a fellow artist and refrained from attacking her on a public platform. And a former negative remark from Michelle during one of her performances was no reason to retaliate in an equally disrespectful manner.

Others felt it’s unfair to hold celebrities to a higher standard than we would everyday people or even bloggers (some remarked that if Kid Fury or Funky Dineva posted the same message, we all would’ve laughed).

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Does Keyshia have a right to express her opinion no matter how negative? Should celebrities be held to a higher standard when discussing the work of their peers on a public forum?



  1. vonmiwi

    That night “Black Girls Rocked” and she had to be the one to break us out of our haze with her ignorant negativity. It’s a pity that jealous and insecure women just refuse to support other women. Regardless of her opinion, as a celebrity she should have kept her opinion to herself. I saw her in concert once and I was not impressed at all.

  2. Keyshia Keyshia Keyshia. I am from Oakland too so understand her outspokenness and over the top behavior. But really? Michelle comes off as extremely nice and kind, why would Keysh choose her to pick on?

    Overall, she was way out of line but she is entitled to her opinion. In any case, all it did was hype up the Destiny’s Child reunion and give them a little press bump. So, she should be proud of herself for improving someone else’s dollar bills.

  3. Dear KC that last album woke me up and made me realize that you my dear are Fading…. Please if you are going to be critical of a fellow artist do it with some class. Children are watching your every move and if we want them to stop being so ignorant we need people like you to be an example. You are not my role model by any means but damm*t you are somebodies……I/ We all know that Michelle’s voice is a little *ahem* off at (most of the) times when she is live, but I don’t think its cool for anyone to be ripping people to shreds over it. Now if she was in the news for reckless behavior then I could see pointing that out but while I was sitting at home (not) watching the super bowl (I caught the HTS on youtube) I admired the stage full of women and respected the hell out them for being in front of millions!

  4. 2NatuRho

    I’m baffled that no one has yet brought up Keyshia’s wretched rendition of “His Eye is On the Sparrow”. Let’s not EVER forget she completely butchered one of the most popular songs of all time…with that being said Keyshia “ratchet” Cole has no place on speaking of any other singer’s performance abilities until she can prove herself righfully so as well.
    PS. I honestly didn’t think Michelle did that bad. She IS a good singer, it just doesn’t seem so when she is placed as the alto (when she’s really a true soprano) and she is given the most lackluster parts out of the three….

  5. Lol everybdy thought the same thing nobody wanted to say it I know I thought the same!! I love keyshia cole and I don’t think Michelle can neither Sing nor dance point blank so quit crying

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