The Superbowl was a historic night for black women as Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys and Beyoncé performed throughout the highly-televised event. After the game, Beyoncé, who headlined the halftime show, posted a note congratulating the ladies, acknowledging the significance of a roster full of black women and epitomizing sisterhood and unity.

But unfortunately, not everyone was feeling the positive vibes. Keyshia Cole posted a critical message about the halftime show, specifically Michelle Williams’ performance, that rubbed many the wrong way. She tweeted via Necole Bitchie:




Her tweet immediately spawned a firestorm of responses, including many who thought her post was in bad taste. They argued that even if Keyshia didn’t love Michelle Williams’ performance, she should have respected Michelle as a fellow artist and refrained from attacking her on a public platform. And a former negative remark from Michelle during one of her performances was no reason to retaliate in an equally disrespectful manner.

Others felt it’s unfair to hold celebrities to a higher standard than we would everyday people or even bloggers (some remarked that if Kid Fury or Funky Dineva posted the same message, we all would’ve laughed).

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Does Keyshia have a right to express her opinion no matter how negative? Should celebrities be held to a higher standard when discussing the work of their peers on a public forum?

  • soulfullyreal

    I see both sides here. I mean, if you don’t have something good to say, keep the negativity to yourself, especially since you ain’t never been to nobodies Superbowl. On the other hand, Michelle WAS OFF imo, and a million ppl agreed and tweeted it, so it’s not like Keyshia was hating for hating sake, a lot of ppl fell Michelle can’t keep up with B and Kelly. The way Keyshia stated it was tacky though.

  • AM

    So this is the classic case of “keeping it real and ‘gansta’ gone wrong.

    She has a right to express her opinion whether positive or negative, but not all opine is worthy of expression. She should understand that she is a mini-celebrity whose every move and utterance will always come under scrutiny-and can EASILY translate to a decline in revenues. Having said that, Michelle is having the last laugh after all, she is in Fela, performed at the Superbowl, and you ma’m? I’m a Keyshia Cole fan, but she should either get off twitter or get a PR team on her payroll, ASAP.

  • EST. 1986 (Ravens Nation)

    Everyone has a right to express their opinion, no matter how negative it is.

    However, Keyshia just picked a very bad time to express her personal feelings about Michelle.

    *Who is this Kid Fury person?

  • Sasha

    Oh Keyshia….

  • Mercedes

    I’m a firm believer ‘It’s not what you say, but how you say it’. Granted Keyshia was basically saying the same thing as most of the people on my TL, but the delivery of her opinion came off rather petty.

  • AnnT

    Kid Fury is an Internet personality who has made it a fine art of “dragging” celebrities and the not so famous for S**s&G***s.

  • OhPuhleezee

    She can say what she pleases, but for professional reasons she should have kept that to herself. Who wants to work/tour with someone with that little common sense and that bad of an attitude?

  • apple

    well michelle was…off.. she was always the kind of weaker one in the group but if i was famous i wouldn’t tweeted that to the world :-/

  • EST. 1986 (Ravens Nation)

    I am a firm believer that it is both what you say and how you say it. As I said above, I feel that people have a right to express themselves even if their opinion is negative, which is why I think Keyshia should have expressed herself off of Twitter to a family member or friend.

  • Even Sweeter Brown

    mini- celebrity. Really. That sh** is hilarious. I think after the comments she made about not feeling comfortable performing at Black Girls Rock, that she would just sit her a** down. Just for a moment. Of course that would not stop her from tweeting. So Keysha, have a seat… preferably on top of your hands.

  • binks

    True everybody has the right to their opinion and the right to express it but I live by the motto if you can dish it you damn well better be prepare to take it! Keyshia came off as immature, catty and pressed especially when she called Michelle out of her name (never called for)…and the fact that she brought something so old up about Michelle critiquing her performance shows it was MORE THAN an opinion but personal. And frankly Keyshia is in no position to talk she is not a great performer I still remembering Monica killing her on her own song on stage…

  • Rochelle

    At least Michelle knows her father. I hate ghetto birds.

  • Rochelle

    KC sucks anyway. She had that song “Love” back in the day. I can’t beleive she sung that mess, herad it and said “yeah Im hitting it on this song.” LOL. It was horrid. She won’t be in no one Super Bowl come anytime soon. I hope she enrolls in someone’s school because I see her working at Quik Check in the near future. I hate hood birds and she and her family are the definition.

  • Darrell West (@DarrellPMWest)

    Keyshia Cole she need to shut up and she also need to grow up

  • AM

    I didn’t feel comfortable calling her celebrity, because to be honest, ain’t nobody checking for her except her hood and I.

  • Carol (@CeeCee510)

    Tacky azz Keyshia Cole . She just as low life and tacky as her family ! Trash begets Trash!

  • gangstarrgirl

    Um…it’s “Michelle.” Surely, she didn’t shorten the woman’s name for Twitter purposes. Side eye.

  • isola

    She has the right to her opinion and the right to express it. If Williams did say something about her publicly, all the more reason to voice it. Sometimes you just don’t feel like taking the high road.

  • GlowBelle

    Keyshia has a right to say what she wants to say…but she has no room to talk with her generic uneventful self and what petty BS she’s spewing too. Sure Michelle was off on stage, everyone knows that and made fun, but who was on stage last night on national TV and who was sitting at home watching TV and making pointless comments on Twitter? Keyshia needs to look at her life, look at her choices.

  • Chantel

    Wonder if she would have the balls to say that to Michelle’s face…

  • Rosey

    Keyshia comes off as tacky and immature. It’s okay to have in opinion but to call Michelle a “B!tch” is really unnecessary. Keyshia is only relevant when she’s making idiotic comments. Otherwise, no one is checking for her music.

  • http://N/A CB-T

    I wish ppl would just leave Michelle alone. I’m not gonna front and act like I think her dancing skills are top notch. Everyone isn’t a dancer and because she isn’t the illest dancer does not make her any less talented as she stands in her lane. She has several #1 solo gospel albums and broadway plays. Last time I checked Keyshia’s ass can’t dance either. Have you seen enough of no love? Or shoulda let you go?

  • Monica

    I really hoped Keyshia Cole was getting herself together – trying to mature, dealing with & working through her demons, being a good wife and mother as well as a LADY. She is entitled to her opinion but expressing it the way she chose to just makes her look like the rowdy, mean spirited Keyshia Cole everyone knows her to be. The public is always cracking on Michelle but when the venom comes from your industry peers it gets ugly & messy.

  • Salmon

    Okay Keyshia. Don’t throw a tantrum because no one remembers who you are. Lame.

  • CoCo Brown

    Keyshia Cole has a right to her own opinion however if your opinion makes you look like a hater then your opinion should be kept to yourself. Like Grandma always said if you don’t have nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all. Keyshia If you ever get a chance to be on the SB stage rip it but if you don’t zip it and leave the bad remarks in the gutter not on twitter Bitter ;) – Still love your music though

  • Robbie

    keyshia was wrong. Yes, she is entitled to her opinion but she choose the wrong even and the wrong time to do it. Whatever issue she may have with Michelle, she should hae try to work it out behind close doors and not on Twitter.

    We all know that Michelle is not a great singer nor a great dancer despite that, it does not change the fact that she is a member of one of the most popular trio. She is also accomplished in her own rights.

    Unfortunately for Keyshia, even though I like her music, she was wrong for coming at Michelle in this manner. I am wondering if somehow she is not jealous to see how successful Michelle is just because she is associated with Beyonce while she is trying so hard to be at the level of these ladies, and is simply overlooked by many deep pockets in the music industry, theater, movies and so forth…

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  • Wendy Weedseed (@wendyweedseed)

    Keyshia Cole is a hater point blank! Always has been. Remember the BET awards? When she was up against Ciara and Luda gave Ciara props and then ms hateraid came on stage and said basically Ciara aint the only one, she did not need to do that. I cant stand Keyshia Cole she is fake as hell, see what Lil Kim got to say bout her. She is a hater plain and simple. She has proven this time and time again. Sounds to me like someone is mad cuz Bey dint invite her hateful self to sing. Thats whats wrong with these artists today…NO RESPECT. I call them lil young money bastards.

  • Wendy Weedseed (@wendyweedseed)

    Im with you on that one

  • The Other Jess

    Keyshia Coles sounds like a screeching alley cat that’s being eaten alive by wild dogs when she sings. She has no right to criticize Michelle Williams

  • lol

    don’t know why people thumbing you down, it’s the truth…

  • Overseas_Honeybee

    Yes KC was entitled to her opinion but there’s a time and place for everything. This was neither. #stayclassy

  • The Comment

    You know…*sigh*…maybe Lena Horne cussed. Sure Eartha Kitt may have said something terse here or there….if they did…we didn’t know about it and if they did….we would break out a can of whop azz on anyone who claimed such cause those entertainers of that time knew how to keep a clean respectable image.

    Ghetto Booom Keysha resembles the bottom of the rusty gutter. She has no class and can not buy it. She does not comprehend class. She reeks everything that is wrong with black America… the face of fortune and opportunity she remains ghetto, uncouth and uneducated. Refuses to embrace positivity. Her unsavory traits are seen in her family. Stupidity runs in her family. She has no choice.

    This BayFair Mall shopping, Durant Square hoochie hoodrat scrapper drivin’ E. 14th blunt smokin’ Keshaa Monee’ is by all accounts….a serious hater.

  • The Comment

    and you wonder why no one is vacay in Oakland/ SF Bay anymore. N’kay’kay represents a very large segment of black life here n the bay. Nasty….Nasty….street hood rat nasty.

    All these colleges here in the bay….full of every ethnicity except the blacks that live in the shadows of UC Berkeley, Stanford, UCSF, Mills College….sickens me to death.

    White people can’t pay these fools to go to school. Nope…they’d rather play the victim and have all you out of towners belevin’ that racism is the root of all the hate out here…….NOT!!!!!!!!

    The chicks that love this angry birds chirps are mostly 14 year old pregnant fools who get on BART with a bag full of Skittles and sunflower seeds. Talkin’ loud and offending everything and everyone who gets a whiff of their coco butter lotion.

    All this so called success and you still a hater. I bet Keywanna’ be performing in front of millions was just sitting there on her black leather couch with a bottle of Hen just st8 hatin.

    Some chicks belong on the street and should just stay there…..what a Churches Chicken.

  • The Comment

    LMAO….she just mad she can’t hop on AC Transit and beat ole girl up n her true hood rat fashion. Damn low budget ballin’ preventing her from gettin’ dirty.

  • Pat

    Here we go. Yet another situation of people talking too much. Some things are better left unspoken especially when there isn’t anything positive about what is being said. Keyshia‘s choice of words is a reflection of her character. Lack of class is written all over this and I think she should have known better by being within the same industry. Even if you thought it, you should still want to maintain a professional reputation. People will always have negative things to say. That is what people do, however, you are responsible for your words and reactions. Also before people speak, they should take inventory of themselves first. I’m not a Keyshia Cole hater, but I have never [never] understood how she has made it as far as she has. The words I will choose to say is –imo, she has never been talented or could sing. Even if Michelle wasn’t up to par, who are you to make any assessments in regards to her talent? The bottom line really is — Keyshia was way out of line on so many levels.

    It had probably taken Michelle a lot of guts to perform. The question is could Keyshia do it if faced with some of Michelle’s challenges? Yes, No? She doesn’t know. . which is another reason to be careful of what you say out loud when it comes to other people.

  • B.Payne

    Damn…that was Cole!

  • AM


  • #keepitrealplzwithclass#

    I totally agree that there is a time and a place for everything, and being that Keyshia Cole is a performer as well, its not a good look. BUT at the same time it is what it is, and I just think that she was just keeping it real. She said something that a lot of us have been saying for a long time about Michele, she is wack I’m sorry. It does not always have to be about somone hatin on the next person. Its just her opinion, I’m sure that’s not going to stop a lot of people from buying her music or even Michele’s in that matter. #keepitreal#

  • Lady Ngo

    I keep saying the funniest thing about the backlash is that i’m sure 95% of those same people got Michelle jokes for days. My tumblr has been filled to the brim with it. But now everybody wants to act brand new like Michelle hasn’t been the butt of jokes since she first set foot in Destiny’s Child. Now i do think that Keyshia Cole, as a part of professional courtesy, should’ve kept her opinions to herself. But she’s still certainly entitled to them and it doesn’t make her a hater to not be a fan of someone. People need to hop off the twitter-insult-bandwagon.

  • Dianne

    Keisha Cole is very immature and rude. She is a great example of an angry black women that ruins it for beautiful black sisters. Even if she didnt liked the performance why put it out this way? There is no unity in our black society thats a shame! Why dont embrace and be proud of eachother. What is she trying to achieve with this attitude.

  • mmmmmNo…..OOOOK

    I’m sorry…this keepin it real garbage is so tired. I wish this “popping gum loud as shit/ 3 layers of fake eyelashes’ would just go away.

  • vonmiwi

    That night “Black Girls Rocked” and she had to be the one to break us out of our haze with her ignorant negativity. It’s a pity that jealous and insecure women just refuse to support other women. Regardless of her opinion, as a celebrity she should have kept her opinion to herself. I saw her in concert once and I was not impressed at all.

  • Jenn M. Jackson

    Keyshia Keyshia Keyshia. I am from Oakland too so understand her outspokenness and over the top behavior. But really? Michelle comes off as extremely nice and kind, why would Keysh choose her to pick on?

    Overall, she was way out of line but she is entitled to her opinion. In any case, all it did was hype up the Destiny’s Child reunion and give them a little press bump. So, she should be proud of herself for improving someone else’s dollar bills.

  • A woman in awe!

    Dear KC that last album woke me up and made me realize that you my dear are Fading…. Please if you are going to be critical of a fellow artist do it with some class. Children are watching your every move and if we want them to stop being so ignorant we need people like you to be an example. You are not my role model by any means but damm*t you are somebodies……I/ We all know that Michelle’s voice is a little *ahem* off at (most of the) times when she is live, but I don’t think its cool for anyone to be ripping people to shreds over it. Now if she was in the news for reckless behavior then I could see pointing that out but while I was sitting at home (not) watching the super bowl (I caught the HTS on youtube) I admired the stage full of women and respected the hell out them for being in front of millions!

  • 2NatuRho

    I’m baffled that no one has yet brought up Keyshia’s wretched rendition of “His Eye is On the Sparrow”. Let’s not EVER forget she completely butchered one of the most popular songs of all time…with that being said Keyshia “ratchet” Cole has no place on speaking of any other singer’s performance abilities until she can prove herself righfully so as well.
    PS. I honestly didn’t think Michelle did that bad. She IS a good singer, it just doesn’t seem so when she is placed as the alto (when she’s really a true soprano) and she is given the most lackluster parts out of the three….

  • styleosophy

    I agree with you AM. Many artists should remember this: “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” It’s a statement that is applicable in many areas of all of our lives, including the use of social media.

    Whatever happened to keeping it classy?

  • Kia

    Lol everybdy thought the same thing nobody wanted to say it I know I thought the same!! I love keyshia cole and I don’t think Michelle can neither Sing nor dance point blank so quit crying

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