Lately, it has become a ritual for Chris Brown to receive high public scrutiny for his eccentric behavior. If it’s not his elongated twitter rants or his daytime brawls with fellow R&B artist, Frank Ocean, Chris Brown is making headlines for his requited love interest with Rihanna, who he famously beat up in a domestic violence incident four years ago.

Now, Chris has tongues wagging about his perceived homophobic behavior. The singer has a track record of using the term “fa**ot” in his lyrics and most recently in verbal attacks. Following their fight last month, Frank Ocean revealed to investigators that members of Brown’s crew yelled the “F” word after Brown threatened to shoot him.

After learning about Frank Ocean’s claim, former N’Sync member and openly gay singer Lance Bass had some words for Breezy. In an interview with Celebuzz, Bass addresses Chris’ homophobic slurs and the connection between “fa**ot” and the N-word.

No fur on his tongue, here is what Lance had to say:

“Calling people fa**ot and that stuff, I mean, he may not even mean what he means, but it’s a derogatory term that people throw out there without even knowing why they are saying it. But when it comes to Frank Ocean and knowing that he’s… very out… it was definitely meant to hurt him. It’s never good to throw those words out there that mean so much. Brown should understand that being a black man himself. He should know that the F word is just like calling you the N word in a very derogatory way. When you come from a minority like that, being gay or black or whatever, it’s like there should be an understanding, like we all get each other. But you don’t see that a lot, which is really sad.”

I’m not sure if throwing the race card was a necessary angle to his statements but I can respect where he is coming from as both the gay and African-American community have endured and overcome separate struggles.

Do you think Lance Bass was reaching by correlating the two hate terms? Does he have a point? Discuss, Clutchettes!

-Nikki B

  • Anthony

    Lance Bass told the truth, but the sad reality is that people tend to be most attuned to their own suffering, not that of others.

  • Margaret

    Lance Bass is totally right and I think his comments were done in a very mature, sincere,and non-judgmental way. The “F” word is used as a put down or derrogatory word. I don’t like it when people use the “N” word to me or about me. So why would I use that word?

    Chris Brown is his own worst enemy. I hope he learns to calm down before he completely self-destructs.

  • naan

    lance told the truth! black people need to stop acting like our suffering is the ONLY suffering.

  • Tiff

    He told the truth TO AN EXTENT. When he said “…it’s like there should be an understanding, like we all get each other” – to that I say No Sir. His comment would have been more truth without that portion. I (I repeat…I) don’t “get” homosexuals because I’m not one, nor do I consider myself a minority because there are way more non-whites on earth that whites. In the same vein I do not “get” all black people because I am me, I am not all black people. I absolutely dislike when some people try to equate or relate being gay with being black or non-white. Now I understand correlating the “n” and “f” words with being derogatory but that’s as far as it should go.

  • kc

    The F word does not have to be a synonym for the N word for it to be hateful and off limits. America antagonizes queer people and black people in unique ways, just as it antagonizes white women and black women in unique ways. Much is the same, but much is different. Ignoring those differences and feigning similarity is not progress.

    Chris Brown is a turd and his language is deplorable. However, I don’t think a white man should instruct a black man on how to understand the N word.

  • Tiff


  • A

    I disagree completely! It is not the same thing at all. Yes, they are BOTH horrific words that should never be directed toward anyone, but the history that comes with the N-word far surpasses that of the F-word. Racism and hate against homosexuals are both terrible, but we also need to stop comparing and acting like they are the same. They may have some same qualities, but again, the history — oppression, slavery, segregation, etc. — is much different for blacks.

  • J. Nicole

    Is it me, or when its a slow news day for pop culture (white media) it defaults to “lets talk about what Chris Brown did, or will do wrong”?

    Not that I’m defending this kids behavior, but do they bring up the past of Marky Mark who used to admittedly beat up black & gay kids? Charlie Sheen’s domestic abuse past? Was it wrong for him to use the F word? Sure (in fact I blogged about that-shameless plug), but using using him being Black as a reason not to say it? How about not saying it because you’re an adult who can get your point across without name calling. It’s getting a little old now trying to juxtapose both slurs.

  • bob

    Gay people can hide their sexuality. Can I come out to the world after I have a nice cushy job and say hey world im black love me. Naw naw I cant , totally different type of minorities. But neither word should be used in hurtful way.

  • marseeuh

    You are absolutely right with that assessment.

  • Anthony

    Highlighting an obnoxious black man is a great way to hate on a black person without being “racist.”

  • Anthony

    My last statement was for J. Nicole.

  • TIM

    The word “homophobic” is a new (made-up) word designed to make people afraid to tell the truth OR at least to have an opinion about something EVERY RELIGION ON EARTH has condemned. I don’t dislike anyone because they are homosexual, they are still my brothers and sisters, but that does NOT mean I have to agree with a behavior or condone, that is MY CHOICE not to do so, just like it is THEIR CHOICE to participate in it.

  • Apple

    This shit again ?

  • kc

    Also, his comments stink of a black vs. queer divide that I don’t like. Black gay people exist!

  • Alice

    The “F” and “N” and both harmful words and people need to stop saying them, but you cannot compare the
    homosexual struggle with the black struggle. You can hide your sexuality but you cannot your skin tone.

  • Tiff

    Homophobic is not made up, some people are afraid of gay people and that fear is manifested in violence, disrespect or intolerance. HOWEVER, some groups associate homophobia with someone who agrees may be a proponent of Prop8 or believes in keeping marriage between a woman and man. The latter is erroneous.

  • AnnT

    It’s turned into-”I have nothing else to say or do, my album/book/concert sales are low or people are no longer paying attention to me so let’s talk about him or how Rihanna is not a role model.”

  • Tiff

    I obviously need to get to work and off of this website b/c my spelling and grammar is shot. Have a great afternoon folks!!

  • Chillyroad

    You guys are both right. I don’t want to be put in a position defend him (he should have crawled in a hole and stayed there) but he is turning into a whipping boy. No pun intended. They don’t do this to other bad celebrities. Sheens career has catupulted due to his violent drug addled behaviour. He is twice Browns age.

    I wish Brown would just shut up and keep his head down.

  • AnGe


    I’m ready for people to shut up with that. Throwing slur for slur doesn’t help.

    Do better Lance!

  • Tonton Michel

    He has a very valid point they are both hate terms and the intended use by Brown’s crew is clear.

  • binks

    This! I think this was already addressed MORE THAN ONCE that the homosexual experience isn’t comparative to the black experience! Sure both communities has it trials and tribulations and own personal history of hurts and being pariahs in the world but they are not the same. You can understand and identify with another’s story without comparing it to yours. Me being black should be the default of knowing how you feel.

  • D.T.

    The nerve of this ugly Lance Bass character to say some mess like this. Until he can show history of his kind being hung by a tree being called a F*G, he can have a seat. The gays have a lot of nerve always comparing their experience to the black experience. When is a gay person ever pulled over for driving while gay, or stopped and frisked because he/she is gay? Please share when a gay person was followed in a store because “gay people steal’? Where are the police brutality charges against gay men all because they were gay? Slavery, anyone? You can’t hide being black but you sure can hide being a disgusting homo.

    And i don’t need any of you dimwits responding by saying “but some gay people are black.” As if that makes a freakin’ difference.

  • my opinion

    Lance has a very vaild point ! Its true. I would like to side with Chris but facts show he was using the “f” word to hurt another just the same as ignorant people who use the “N” word. I def am against the act of homosexuality and at the end of the day there are still people who deserve respect. Regardless of their lifestyle . . . Still love Chris#Teambreezy

  • PineApples

    Jesus Christ, the ignorance is killing me…

    The term “f****t” came about hundreds of years ago, named after the flame that was used to burn gays alive at the stake, thus calling them the term. Gays are beaten to death, in other countries still burned alive, and can sometimes never be true to themselves due to peoples’ bigoted perception of them. So it is still a group of people losing loved ones & having to live in fear because of who they are.

  • kelly

    clutch your the only people that reported this story, there no comparssion between gay and the black struggle if you feel there is your a complete fool, there is only one ethnic group that knows pain of African Americans and thats the Native Americans, everybody else is living in fake sense of reality.. I said it once and ill say it again homosexuals are some of the most raciest people on this plant, do you people not remember prop 8 in california were gay white men were carrying around rope saying they were going to lynch black folk. Keep on side with the devil and forgeting who you are, trust me they’ll get you in the end.

  • kelly

    D.T im happy you not sipping the kool aid, its like black people forgot how in west hollywood a few years ago gay white folk were running around saying they were going to hang N… But these people have been so brain washed they dont know when they under attack, ad now there actually defending the lies.

  • kelly

    i tell you black folk today are shells of there former selves, just look at the NACCP, sheep,. i tell you just plain old sheep, The most disgusting crimes in history have happen to your people and you can write an article saying you understand were the gays are coming form, well i have heard it all, and am done with these white own black news site.

  • Jayda L.

    African-Americans need to stop saying the N word and let people know its not okay. I am African American and yes, I get highly offended when a family member, especially my little brother use this word. Don’t complain about Lance Bass saying and standing up for what he believes what Chris Brown said is wrong. This goes for all celebrities, not just rappers and singers. We are in a time period where we have come so far and yet still have so far to go. If other people hear you as an African-American say, what’s up my n****, I feel like that gives free range for anyone to say it and that is just not cool. People need to start being responsible for their own actions instead of pointing out what others do.

  • Medusa

    Well, to be fair I don’t think he was comparing the black struggle with the gay struggle per se, I think he just meant that using hateful slurs is something no one should do, and when one person is actually part of a group that has been on the receiving end of lot of hateful slurs, it seems like they should know better than to turn around and do the same thing to others. I absolutely agree with you that the gay struggle is not the black struggle; although I acknowledge that there are people who are part of both groups and it’s not like they can separate those parts of themselves.

  • D.T.

    Lol, your little “history lesson” pales in comparison to the history of black people. I’m not saying gay people haven’t been persecuted however to compare their “struggle” with the struggle of black people is both asinine and disrespectful. And furthermore, I don’t need a white man telling a black man how he should feel about anything regarding the “N” word. Like I said, the nerve of this man and all you boot licking negroes consigning him.

  • D.T.

    I know. These people have no pride whatsoever!

  • Keke

    Yes racism cuts a lot deeper than homophobia because we can’t hide our skin but it doesn’t change the fact that f-ord is still a slur. There are just as many blacks cussing gays as vice versa so. It doesn’t take away from what Lance is saying. The fact is given how much each group experiences hate we should be able to sympathize with one another and support each other. I don’t care Lance Bass is a white man telling Breezy off; between the both of them he has more compassion. Breezy know how hard it is being black and therefore worse when it’s a black gay man but he went there. He knows Ocean can’t retaliate calling him a n-word so Ocean is vulnerable. And despite growing up in an abusive house seeing his mother get beat you would think that would make him not touch a woman. He did and didn’t show any remorse. Given the people involved this isn’t about race it’s about breezy being a jerk and lance telling him to show compassion and understanding rather than hypocrisy.

  • Pema

    They’re both slurs and Brown shouldn’t have used it. But Lance lost me at the, “we’re both minorities so we should understand each other” bit. I don’t think so and I am not going to be schooled by some white gay dude. Let’s just agree not to call people names…it’s disrespectful no matter how you slice it. BTW Lance, black and gay are not mutually exclusive.

  • Deidra

    The way some people talk, they would have us believe that intersectionality does not exist…

  • Niesha Gourdine

    he does NOT have a point… he needs a history lesson.. actually trade places with a black for a day… it is not the same!!!!! wtf… when will people understand??

  • Love Sosa

    If a white “gay” man, can’t tell chris how to use the N word, Chris shouldn’t use the F word. If we claim the N word and say only we can say it, then the same should go for the F word.

  • Love Sosa

    Homophobic is a new made up word. Religion is an old made up word.

    such is life.

  • Love Sosa

    The comments in here are really horrible. It sickens me that we as black people still fill the need to play the “who got it worse” card whenever somebody says we were wrong.

    Chris Brown was wrong. F word is very offensive, it’s not cool to say. You guys really want somebody to just hide who they are for their entire lives? That’s a sad horrible ignorant comment and I hate it.

    Everyday I wake up and I’m proud that I’m black and it’s freeing that I’ll never have to hide who I am. When I turn the corner, you see a black man. Proud, strong, and educated.

    When a gay person comes around that same corner, they should be proud of who they are and not have to hide it either.

    Black people holding other minorities down.


  • Love Sosa

    To be fair, African Americans can’t even relate to the pain that Native Americans have. N. Americans are nearly extinct. They went from 100% of the population to somewhere around 10% or less.

    We don’t know that struggle.

  • Fantastico

    Yeah, I agree with Lance. I have always thought calling me the N word is in the same vein as calling a gay person the F word. I’ve met many others that disagree with me though…

  • Tati

    If Chris Brown made a statement about the n word like Lance did Yall would want to give that dumb ass a metal. Stop playing the race card every time something goes down. Chris brown is in the wrong he needs anger management hell he needs better management Lance Just said something in a way to get his point across. I may have not been the best way but did you even try to see what he was trying to say or did his skin color block you from hearing the message
    Or maybe it sounded Gay so you couldn’t understand it
    Bigotry is bigotry people Just because our ancestors went through the most doesn’t mean we need to cry every time something happens let learn to pick our battles

  • T

    the Point of the comment by Mr Bass is that he would like for Chris Brown to not use the term at all.
    Just like I would like my fellow Blacks to stop using the N word towards one another and to stop playing the race card every time we dont like what we hear. once again I am using the term PICK YOUR BATTLES.

  • kelly

    omg, If I had a time machine I would send you and other silly black folk back there to suffer.

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