Lately, it has become a ritual for Chris Brown to receive high public scrutiny for his eccentric behavior. If it’s not his elongated twitter rants or his daytime brawls with fellow R&B artist, Frank Ocean, Chris Brown is making headlines for his requited love interest with Rihanna, who he famously beat up in a domestic violence incident four years ago.

Now, Chris has tongues wagging about his perceived homophobic behavior. The singer has a track record of using the term “fa**ot” in his lyrics and most recently in verbal attacks. Following their fight last month, Frank Ocean revealed to investigators that members of Brown’s crew yelled the “F” word after Brown threatened to shoot him.

After learning about Frank Ocean’s claim, former N’Sync member and openly gay singer Lance Bass had some words for Breezy. In an interview with Celebuzz, Bass addresses Chris’ homophobic slurs and the connection between “fa**ot” and the N-word.

No fur on his tongue, here is what Lance had to say:

“Calling people fa**ot and that stuff, I mean, he may not even mean what he means, but it’s a derogatory term that people throw out there without even knowing why they are saying it. But when it comes to Frank Ocean and knowing that he’s… very out… it was definitely meant to hurt him. It’s never good to throw those words out there that mean so much. Brown should understand that being a black man himself. He should know that the F word is just like calling you the N word in a very derogatory way. When you come from a minority like that, being gay or black or whatever, it’s like there should be an understanding, like we all get each other. But you don’t see that a lot, which is really sad.”

I’m not sure if throwing the race card was a necessary angle to his statements but I can respect where he is coming from as both the gay and African-American community have endured and overcome separate struggles.

Do you think Lance Bass was reaching by correlating the two hate terms? Does he have a point? Discuss, Clutchettes!

-Nikki B

  • Tiff


  • A

    I disagree completely! It is not the same thing at all. Yes, they are BOTH horrific words that should never be directed toward anyone, but the history that comes with the N-word far surpasses that of the F-word. Racism and hate against homosexuals are both terrible, but we also need to stop comparing and acting like they are the same. They may have some same qualities, but again, the history — oppression, slavery, segregation, etc. — is much different for blacks.

  • J. Nicole

    Is it me, or when its a slow news day for pop culture (white media) it defaults to “lets talk about what Chris Brown did, or will do wrong”?

    Not that I’m defending this kids behavior, but do they bring up the past of Marky Mark who used to admittedly beat up black & gay kids? Charlie Sheen’s domestic abuse past? Was it wrong for him to use the F word? Sure (in fact I blogged about that-shameless plug), but using using him being Black as a reason not to say it? How about not saying it because you’re an adult who can get your point across without name calling. It’s getting a little old now trying to juxtapose both slurs.

  • bob

    Gay people can hide their sexuality. Can I come out to the world after I have a nice cushy job and say hey world im black love me. Naw naw I cant , totally different type of minorities. But neither word should be used in hurtful way.

  • marseeuh

    You are absolutely right with that assessment.

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