Lil Mama Cast As Left Eye In Upcoming TLC Biopic

by Yesha Callahan

Lil Mama and Left EyeLil Mama has gone from having lip gloss that pops, to being a television personality, and now she’s broadening her acting career in the made for television TLC biopic as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. During a red carpet interview at the Vibe Impact Awards, MC Lyte revealed the news. “I don’t know if I’m supposed to say, but I will,” Lyte told Hip Hollywood. “She just got the role as Left Eye in TLC’s new movie. I am so excited for her.”

The movie, currently in pre-production, will chronicle the ups and downs of the trio. The movie will include moments that made them famous, such as their 1994 album CrazySexyCool, as well as their personal struggles. Everything from T-Boz’s struggles with Sickle Cell, the groups financial woes, Left Eye’s arson issues and ultimately her death, will be touched upon in the movie. T-Boz and Chilli will serve as executive producers and consultants for the movie.

Mc Lyte has also embarked on taking Lil Mama under her wings to further groom her for the entertainment and music business. “I’m gonna put a little bit of my concentration and focus on helping to uplift a sister who is talented, smart, witty, and just had her chances cut too short, and that’s Lil Mama ’cause she is a talented young lady,” explained Lyte. The collaboration of the two artists will include a hip-hop sisters album with veterans such as Lady of Rage, Monie Love and Yo-yo.

What do you think about the casting choice? Yay or nay?

  • EST. 1986

    But she can’t act.

  • stardancer2008

    I think it’s good for MC Lyte to mentor Lil Mama. I liked her music and she could spit with the best of them. Her mother’s death also helped derail her career so hopefully Lil Mama has counseling to help her.

  • NY’s Finest

    I just don’t see her being a good Left Eye. They couldn’t get a real actress?

  • kamille

    Before everyone goes in and says she can’t act or she doesn’t fit the role, Imma give this one a chance. I don’t know about her acting skills, but I did like lip gloss. And I believe part of why she didn’t continue her career was due to her mother’s death. So we should at least give it a chance, we could be surprised. At least it’s not like Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone. Give it some training and coaching, this could turn out to be a good film, especially since she was once in the music business.

  • Shawnte

    she definitely has the right look. not sure if she can act, but willing to watch and see.

  • Starla

    I have a feeling she will do Left Eye justice. Lil Mama was the same one who jumped on stage and sang with Jay-Z..that is the kind of spontaneous spirit Left Eye had.

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  • thagstands4

    I haven’t seen enuff of her acting ability to make an informed decision.

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