Lisa and LenaI was scrolling through my timeline on Twitter this weekend, when amidst the usual Beyoncé worship was a retweet of a photo of comedienne Lisa Lampanelli and HBO’s Lena Dunham.  Below the photo was Lampanelli’s caption that read “Me with my nigga @LenaDunham of @HBOGirls – I love this beyotch!!”

While I was angry to see the n-word being used by a White woman to describe another White woman, I wasn’t exactly surprised.  I was familiar with Lampanelli’s crude and offensive style of humor, and assumed that this was nothing more than one of her usual antics.  So instead of venting on Twitter, I decided to go to sleep and not devote any more energy to the matter than I already had.

But days later, Lampanelli has followed up with several interviews in which she unapologetically defends her use of the n-word.  She reassures us that it’s ok though, because she used the word as a term of endearment to describe her friend Lena.  She then goes on to educate us on the fundamental differences between the bad n-word that ends with an “er” and the good n-word that ends with an “a”.

But in giving her justification, Lampanelli fails to mention one important detail that negates her entire argument:  She is white.  The rules that she has just outlined don’t apply to her.  She can’t use the n-word.

Which, of course, is precisely the reason that she does.

Because if this was truly about Lampanelli wanting to express her adoration for Dunham as she claims, she would have chosen another word that would have more accurately accomplished that.

And here lies the problem in this situation.  It’s not just the n-word itself, it’s Lampanelli’s very purposeful decision to use the word just so that she can attract attention.

Because, for Lampanelli, that word isn’t about culture, or love, or inclusion, or camaraderie like it is for the African-Americans who choose to use it.  Instead, for Lampanelli, the n-word is little more than a short and lazy path to controversy and publicity, effectively cheapening whatever endearing quality the word might have had.

And then to add insult to injury, she tries to convince us that the black lash she has received is unreasonable because she has taken “the hate out of the word”.  As if we’re all too stupid to know exactly what she’s doing.

Well, Ms. Lampanelli, you might think you have taken the hate out of the n-word (you have not), but when you use it just to evoke shock and cheap laughs, you replace hate with something far more insidious: disrespect. And it’s that disrespect, that blatant dismissiveness of Black values that is just as vile as the word itself.

You see, African-Americans (or “The Blacks”  as Lampanelli sometimes refers to us as), don’t have many advantages over our White counterparts.  Getting to use the n-word, while White people do not, is one of only a few examples of Black privilege, if there even is such a thing. And even though our “nigga” benefits are trivial, pathetic even, we value them because we don’t have much else.

So go on, White people. Revel in being the majority.  Live without fear of your local police.  Enjoy your readily accessible superior resources and social rewards.  We Black folks can tolerate all that.  Just grant us one simple courtesy: Don’t. Use. That. Word.

But, no.  Lampanelli, can’t even do that.  Instead, she rubs the word in our faces, denying us what little privilege we possess.

Why?  Because her privilege says she can.

It’s a slap in the face to “The Blacks” that have been fans of her work.  It’s a “f you” to the White people who truly understand and respect why that word is off-limits.  And it’s an insult to the women, like myself, who have been called the n-word by some random hateful idiot and have never, ever been quite the same.  To hell with all of us.  Lampanelli’s going to keep saying the word “nigga” because it’s kind of funny.

Except for the fact that it’s not.

  • myblackfriendsays

    They look a lot alike in that picture.

    If people want to be mad, fine. If people don’t care, also fine. I can understand both sides of the argument.

    If she is in fact doing it for publicity, this article is just contributing to that, and will encourage other white comedians to do the same thing–all in the name of publicity.

  • J. Nicole

    Women like her, Chelsea Handler & the one who got into that Twitter argument with Chris Brown love to hide their disregard for other races under the guise of humor. I’m not going to go so far as to say they are racist, but they know they benefit from a racist society. Even when they use the ridiculous argument of “But Black people say it all the time”, I can’t help but wonder, Ok, but why would *you* want to say it?

    I just have to stop trying to make sense out of what doesn’t make sense….

  • Leslie

    NO ONE should use the word, but how can you be mad at her for using it when it’s thrown around like nothing? When they hear it in the music like it’s nothing? If use of the word by us Blacks/African Americans, is a privledge, then we are truly lost. It is nothing to take pride in!!
    Sorry, the use of ni**a is not a privledge I want, thank you.

  • Lisss

    What i dont get is why isn’t that word off limits to EVERYONE??? It is an insult no matter who is using it, where it was used, at whom it was directed etc… White people will continue with that “black priviledge” bull as long as black people (not just AA) continue to live in the hypocrisy of ” i can use it but you can’t”. Same thing goes for the so-called terms of endearment that women use among themselves then freak out when men use it. Nobody gets to call me out of my name. PERIOD.

  • Sasha

    I felt a headache coming on from the title of the article alone so I guess it’s no surprise that after reading, a headache is exactly what I got. I’m just going to dismiss this as ugly White girls being stupid for attention because in all honesty they can’t get attention off their looks nor their craft since they’re not that funny so being crass, offensive and rude is the default way to get publicity/ attention. *going to finish my morning cup of tea*

  • Kacey

    “But in giving her justification, Lampanelli fails to mention one important detail that negates her entire argument: She is white. The rules that she has just outlined don’t apply to her.”

    This argument falls flat.

    I never use the word yet I’ve gotten to a point where I feel it’s futile to try to dissuade others from using it and argue on why it’s wrong. The use of the word, in all it’s variations, has become so prolific in American culture (through music, movies and everyday usage among young people) that is now just part of the lexicon and there is no way to implement a double standard in how it’s used.

    Everyday, everywhere I go, I hear people saying “my nigga” in the same way the terms “dude” and “bro” are used, ESPECIALLY among teenagers. It is quite common to hear groups of kids of all races throwing it around with ease – the Blacks started it, then Latinos (as our nearest and dearest spanish-speaking cousins) got comfortable using it, Asians cautiously venture into it, and now whites are feeling empowered to use it. It’s just slang to a lot of the kids and it doesn’t necessarily have a racial component any more.

    Of course we know it’s still a racial slur and still used by others against us as such, but at this point I can’t even be mad at Lisa Lampanelli, or any other white people. I feel Blacks have no one to blame but themselves, especially those who publicly go around defending their use of it and defending whites who use it (remember the Gwenyth Paltrow tweet last year and all the black celebs who defended her??)

  • EL

    It’s funny that this is the second article this week about the N-word ’cause it has been on my mind lately about the use of it and how White people, who were, and still are, the oppressors of us and many other Non-White races, LOVE to try and decide how it can and can’t be used. Who the f*ck to they think they are?

    I will post here what I posted on the other article. Fools like her get me mad:

    What is it with White people and using the word N-word? It’s as if they NEED to get it out of their system or something!? And seriously for all you White people and Non-Black people who feels it’s cool to use it just because some rapper does or Black friends do: Are you seriously that f*cking clueless? What kind of bullshit excuse is that? Firstly, the rappers are Black. With that said it’s not a word that should be used by ANYBODY and there is no way that the disgusting history that this word represents and carries will ever be erased. Again, what kind of logic do you use to seriously think it’s ok to use it!? There is no logic, White people that yearn to use the word Nigger are racist.

    I don’t use the word Nigger and neither does anyone in my family. It is not a word that SHOULD be used by anyone.I seriously don’t understand where someone got the idea to ATTEMPT to redefine the word. Like I said, the history of that word is not going to go away.

    Yes, I love Hip-Hop, Wu-Tang are my favorite Hip-Hop group of all time. They drop so many jewels and so much knowledge but, I hate the use of Nigger in their music, I have always hated the use of Nigger in Hip-Hop. They are no-where near the only ones guilty, artists such as Common, Mos Def, ATCQ, etc. who are labelled as “conscious”, and again, whose music I am a fan of, still use it. And even among Black people it’s such a challenging issue to tackle.

    Why would you want to use the word that White people created to dehumanize and degrade us? Why would you want to use that word towards yourself and your people?

    I hope the use of the word Non-Blacks and Blacks is ceased in generations to come but not forgotten as the history and meaning of the word needs to be broadcast as a reminder to some jackasses.



  • Niesha Gourdine

    it is nothing OK about using the word.. and this white woman needs to be put in her place.. smh..its a shame how no one cares about the feelings of blacks.. nothing has changed.. at all!

  • jamesfrmphilly

    is there a pejorative for any other ethnic that is in popular use?

  • EL


  • Say What Now?!

    Why? Oh why must we scutinize and make everything about race? Don’t get me wrong…the term ni%%@ is offensive. But, why can’t she use it if there are so many of us that use it on a daily (which makes no damn sense at all)? I don’t get the whole it’s the one thing we as blacks have that whites can’t have (rapidly blinking)! Are you serious?! I’m sure that is so not true. Or else we are truly a race of ignorant idiots…and I for one am not ignorant. There is no prvilege to using the “N” word. That sounds as stupid as it does when I hear songs that repeatedly use the word. Until we stop using it as a “term of endearment” we have no right to tell others not to use it. And this goes both ways. I recently heard a song about shopping at thrift stores (a rap) and the guy calls himself a “cool ass honkey!” So, I guess people of color have the right to call each other “honkeys” since it’s now supposed to be cool. SMDH

  • Kelli

    I’m mixed Cherokee and Irish, and I’ve heard it so much, I really don’t even notice it anymore. I have a question though. If whites used the word as a derogatory comment, then why on God’s green earth would u use it with each other? It sounds degrading to me. I don’t get it. I would never use the term, not even in the matter Ms..Lampanelli used with another white person.

  • TT

    I hear the word thrown around so much in the black communities and now in other communities. Don’t be hypocrites. The word has given black people a false sense of “privilege” that doesn’t exist. Nobody should say the word period. When black people stop using it (which might never happen), then people of other races might not be likely to just throw it around and think it’s endearing. There is no difference between the -er and -a ending. They both are derogatory in my book. Didn’t black people want to take the sting out of the word 30+ years ago? Yet here we are talking about how offensive it is to have someone who isn’t black use it. Clearly this movement to desensitize the word hasn’t worked. I commented on a youtube show that was talking about Quentin Tarantino’s use of the word in the movie Django Unchained and someone responded to me; “Lady, it’s just a word. Intrinsically it has no merit, value or destructive potential. The ONLY way it can, is if people who find special meaning in it assign it those attributes. That’s it. Instead of worrying about IF the word is used, you should look at HOW it’s used. The intent, context, and attitude of the person who uses it. Demanding that people not use it at all is not going to help make it harmless. In fact the exact opposite is true. The more taboo it is, the more powerful it becomes.” So many people who aren’t black feel this way and do not understand the sentiment when it comes to the word. I think we need to educate people on the history of the word.

  • Zee

    Where exactly is her place? and Who are “The Blacks”?

  • Kacey

    The evolution of the word into common usage among some blacks has a long history, but, as far as I can tell, it is rooted in ignorance and self-hatred.

  • donnadara

    I love it when white people try to explain why black people don’t have the right to be angry. Lisa Lampanelli is a hipster racist. Google it. People like that feel like they can say anything that they want as long as they call it ironic. Here’s an example: Zooey Deschanel tweeted Haha. :) RT @Sarabareilles: Home from tour and first things first: New Girl episodes I missed. #thuglife. She is appropriating a black culture word without knowing or caring what it means and how it came about. Her white privilege is showing. No white person has a right to use the ‘n’ word. I think about how many black people were murdered and that was the last word that was shouted at them. As far as I’m concerned, she and Lena Dunham are trying to make insensitivity ok. Wait for it. I’m sure Dunham will come out in her defense. Hipster racism = racism

  • bernard brown

    I like Lampanelli’s humor but she is wrong if she thinks it’s cool to say the N word-

  • Me

    If white ppl wanna be dumb and call themselves nigga then i really dont care. just dont call ME that.

  • Rue

    Awww look,it’s two white women I despise. Hate hate hate Lisa. Ugh.
    Also, I hope when we hear how the nigga “rules”sound stupid in her mouth we will get over over- it.

  • Chillyroad


    No other ethic group in America has had the same influence on popular culture as blacks. For better or for worse. How many words do we have for money because of black people? How many words do we have for men and women because of black people. I’m in the UK and while there are English slang words most of the new words used are from Anerica originating in the black community. Blame blacks Americams for being so dynamic.

  • mypointiz…

    of course you do…any white woman who talks about fukkin’ black men is alright with you, i’m sure.

  • mypointiz…

    If anybody utters that word around me, they get corrected fast! I don’t like that word and I never use it as a ‘term of endearment,’

    I don’t care how cool it is, and who’s saying it. Don’t say it around me, and there won’t be an issue.

    Call me sensitive, I don’t care. That word will NEVER be cool with me. EVER!

  • sbee3

    This is the appropriate response to this, thank you.

  • Leslie

    Love how the following article is Maya Angelo – Women are not the B-word and Blacks are not the N-word…

  • Chelley5483

    I swear THIS is the question that everyone should ask themselves. Never hear Puerto Ricans yelling out “What up my spic!”, Chinese, “What’s happening my chink?”, White, “Just hanging out with my cracker.”

    Like you said earlier, this all comes down to self hate. I’ve seen black people use this word as a term of endearment mostly. But I’ve also heard black people use it for all the reasons white people originally did.

  • Vanderboom

    Seriously? Your first response to an article about the use of “nigga/er” is “Why? Oh why must we scutinize and make everything about race?”

    While I agree that there are problems with this article (the “privilege” of using the word, etc), the first sentence of your response seem rather tone-deaf.

    In addition, this is not an issue of “we/us” to me. I don’t use the word, nor do I wish to have it applied to me. I have just as much right be offended by the word as those who choose to embrace it have a right to use it.

  • Cocochanel31

    FUNNY she is using our OWN WORDS BACK on us to justify it, since this is what black people publicly say to defend its use all the time..chickens coming home to roost
    Sad sad sad smh.

  • Apple

    I didnt know “thuggery” was black culture and not just a tupac quote

  • Apple

    I hate “the blacks use it or restarted it so its okay”. I didn’t start it I wasnt even born when it regenerated ! Yet I’m suppose to be okay it. Just because some black people use it doesn’t mean ALL black people use and is fine and dandy with it. Should women be okay with being called bitches just because SOME women call each other bitches? No

  • Chris Roberts

    Suicide her, we is riding, Times two – ride and die her, Roll alongside her, Nigga on this Lisa Lampanelli, Buckshot through the belly

  • Tonton Michel

    She makes a good argument for the use of it since there are blacks who use it.

  • Ms. Information

    This is not the worse thing that she has said though….if you look at her “comedy” she has constantly made “jokes” about black people…she feels free enough to do it because she screws black men who have made her confident enough to do so…she even said in a joke that she would always have a man being fat and white because black men love fat, white women…..

  • Nic

    Exactly, one of her jokes was along the lines of, “I can either date LL Cool J, or Jared from Subway” mocking the fact that she gets race inflation for crossing the color line as a fat white chick.
    She’s so gross and she has been rewarded for being a racist white woman.

  • Nic

    Well, as you pointed out a lot of us don’t use. But white people want to say they can use it and call us that b/c of Lil Wayne and Jay-Z.
    It’s a stupid argument but they act like a few black people represent us all, which is another thing many white people do too much (treat us like a monolith).

  • Nic

    Um, a LOT of us don’t use it and it’s really presumptuous and facile of you to treat us like a monolith.
    So a lot of black people don’t use it and stop acting like we do.
    Ask Jay-Z why he uses it. I don’t, so I can’t answer for him, but if you say it and someone knocks you out, it will be well deserved. But why not remember that he doesn’t represent us all?

  • Too Through

    Never Liked Her. Never Will. White Women (And White Men) Always Believe The Rules Don’t Apply To Them. Hopefully Enough Folks Will Kick Her Ass About It So That She Gets Out Of The White Delusion That Fu$king Black Doesn’t Mean You Understand Black Or That You Get Some Sort Of Color Credit.

  • JaeBee

    So because it’s a word that’s thrown around by other ignorant people I can’t be mad that she has chosen to join their ranks and use a term that is insulting to me?!

  • Yb

    “Black people all woke up saints tomorrow, whites will still be the same insecure, hateful devils they were 400 years back when they lost their minds over Blacks addressing themselves in their natural state.”

    Ding, ding, ding. THANK YOU!!!!!!

    It a damn shame that so many people feel if they act like “good darkies” that white people will do a complete 180 and treat us like the human beings, which is something their ass should have done from the being. Do some of you “good blacks” really think if we act accordingly (which for some reason is always measured by white standards) that white people will accept you?

    NO dumbasses. What do white people hate more a than black person? A black person who shatters their racist stereotypes and views. Keep bootlicking, and thinking your a special snowflake negro.

    And ya’ll can miss me with that black-people-shouldn’t-say-nigga-and-then-get-mad-when-a-racist-white-bitch-says-it. After 20 years of being treated like a nigga I should atleast be able to say it whenever the fuck I feel like. And since whenwhere black folks responsible for the actions of white people? Whites aren’t accountable for the actions and words? When they fuck up its our fault? I guess we use our selves as scapegoats now huh?

    A bunch of black women defending a racist white woman. Hell must of frozen over.

  • Kelli

    To Nic, and others who didn’t like my comment. I’m sorry my comment was taken negatively by some. I’m only seeking education and understanding. Maybe it’s not for me, but I live in this world. And I am mixed, and not raised in the white culture. I just would like to know if the word is so derogatory, why would you use it amoungst yourselves. A white person calls u the n word, and its wrong (which it is), why is it ok when a black person uses it against another black person. It’s like the pot calling the kettle.If its a bad word, then its always a bad word. Furthermore, it IS for me because my children are black and I need to know these things.I’m not living with some rose colored glasses, the world is full of racism. As a Native American, my people have had their share of problems from white people or did some of u forget that I said that I was mixed. My feeling is that nobody should be calling anybody any derogatory names.I do care, that’s why I asked. I do know that most black people do not use the word, that’s why I was wondering.

    @SMH “Cracker” is an old term that was used primarily in the South, especially in Georgia and Florida, to poor whites and hill dwellers. The term in this sense dates back at least to the time of the Revolution. Although early uses leave the origin of the term in doubt, most authorities regard it as a shortened form of corncracker, which refers to the fact that cracked com was long the chief article of food among this class of people. I’m not sure how it became bad. For u to call me a moron and to die in a river is just uncalled for.It makes you sound like a bully. At least I’m trying to understand, which is more than I can say about some.Racism will never end until we learn to understand each other’s viewpoint. That’s all I want to do.

  • JaeBee

    @Nic. I wish I could give you a million thumbs up. Yes, SOME black people have incorporated the term into their daily lexicon, but NOT all black people have chosen to do so. People need to stop acting like we all say it, so we should just accept it’s usage.

  • Kacey

    I’m sorry, but did I hit a nerve with you? Me, self-hating? Do tell! LOL. I’ve seen your hate-filled rants on this site for months. You have issues with everything and everyone.

    Now, back on topic – whites definitely started it, but black people have owned it and made it into something cool. That’s the tragedy here.

    SMH, indeed!!!!

  • JaeBee

    I accidentally reported your comment–although I didn’t intend to.

    Her “argument” is lame. Yes, some black people use it, but not all black people use it. Just like I hear some Italians (Lampanelli’s Italian, right?) refer to white undershirts as “guinney tees” should I start throwing around the term “guinney in my conversations with them?

  • Yb

    You and JamesfromPhilly need to come to California. Hispanics jokingly refer to each other as “beaners” and “wetbacks” for play. Don’t use your limited experiences to generalize.

  • Chrissy

    I do not know why we give these basic racist white women a platform. Their behavior is typical for their kind. We should not be surprised

  • Poppy

    “effectively cheapening whatever endearing quality the word might have had” and “denying us what little privilege we possess” Okay these two lines are killing me! The N word no matter how you use it, with the ‘er’ or ‘ga’ has NO endearing qualities. And I didn’t know it was a “privilege” for us to use the word so freely between our people. A nigger is an offensive word that we tried to make cool, like calling a female a bitch. Both words are still offensive if the wrong person says it. SO therefore they aren’t endearing words if they can only be used a certain way by certain people.

    This article bothers me not because she used the word, but because we as black people use the word and try to make it a term of endearment but oh no! Only black people can say it sorry white folk! Really, why are we so shocked when they use it? We say it like it’s nothing and we act like they weren’t the ones who started out calling us niggers in the first place! But it’s better now because we just say it to ourselves, we don’t need them to degrade us anymore, we got that covered.

    If she wants to defend herself even though we all know she’s wrong for it, let her do that. But don’t make it seem like she’s taking something away from us by being able to say it without consequences. At least she’s not apologizing, I’m tired of people demanding apologies from people who are saying how they really feel. The author isn’t even mad Lisa used the word, she’s mad that she’s defending herself about the word. There are so many white people who use that word around their friends and call their white friends Nigga and I’ve heard white people say it to their black friends and their friends don’t correct them.

    OUR culture, OUR people have made “nigga” a cool word to say, so we can’t be mad when other people want to fit into our culture. We need to take responsibility and stop saying the word all together or just shut up about it when a white person says it. Getting mad and complaining isn’t going to change anything. It’s not going to change unless we do, we are the problem and solution.

  • Skye

    Yes, every skit she has done is always about black folks really black men it’s getting really old.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “this all comes down to self hate”

    yes, it does…

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “No other ethic group in America has had the same influence on popular culture as blacks”

    ever wonder what we could do if we stopped fight one another?

  • Jen Jen

    Thank you! And let the record show: LIsa Lampanelli might have spent years talking about all of the black guys she was sleeping with, but when she married, she married a white guy. I can’t stand her brand of comedy. I don’t find her funny and pity black people who don’t see her foolishness for what it is.

  • Fancypants

    “While I was angry to see the n-word being used by a White woman to describe another White woman…” Huh? Why? So only black people can be nigga/ers? She took away our right to be nigga/ers? If they want to be nigga/ers they can have it; just don’t come around here with it.

  • Kelli

    @SMH – stop acting like u think u know me. You are the only one here who has responded with such venom against somebody u don’t even know.That’s just ignorance. If u instead asked yourself why I was curious, you might have fostered a dialogue, but you insist on giving me haterade. You say that’s why your’e smh. So what. I don’t know u. I have nothing against u despite yourself. I’m seeking knowledge and what do u hand back. I know a lot of Jewish people and I have never heard them calling each other kike because kike is a bad word to them. I don’t call my white relatives cracker .I’ve heard some black people call white’s cracker.Stop being such a hypocrite.

  • Kimmy


    Really? Ugh.

  • rastaman

    Easy remedy to this issue, next time she uses that word in public somebody slaps the staste out her mouth and I can assure you she will think twice before doing it again.

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    Well. Well. Well. Polarizing subject indeed.

    Unfortunately some white women who live and thirst for the thrust of black peen think it’s ok to display code orange level type ignorance. I guess screwing brother after brother gives them a validation pass. *le sigh* It is what it is and I refuse to get my panties in a bunch over crackers (whoops…did I say that?) like her who think by using the word they’ve somehow neutralized it.

    I understand that her “hung” black guy jokes are a part of her crass schtick and that it’s a free country but at least she’s now aware that some people are still offended by the context in which the word is used. I’m sure her PR peoples are coming up with a defense as this is being typed.

    I like to live in reality so I know the word will never stopped being used by whites or blacks and everyone in between but Lisa was just plain dumb to use that word in Instagram.

  • binks

    Ding ding ding!!! So agree women like them fly under the radar with their privilege and views on other races because they are seen as funny and innocent or unaware when they are anything but. They do more damage then people who are flat out racist and proud of it IMO. Furthermore a lot of women similar to them think they can say things like this because of the relations/association they had with black men and are often given a pass for their ignorance.

  • D.T.

    Typical honkie behavior…..

  • binks

    Agreed! When I think of her and especially Lena Dunham the words privileged imposer hipster floats through my mind.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i’m thinking that the type of black men who would screw her are probably the type who would use the word……

  • Kelli

    You say u don’t make assumptions, but that’s exactly what you’re doing.How do u know you’re right, without ever knowing me. That what prejudice is. Pre-judge, is the root of that, so that’s just ego talking. Haven’t u as a black person had enough prejudice in your life? Don’t do it to me. As far as my ethnicity, I stated in the beginning that I was Cherokee and Irish, and I embrace both. I don’t need to be one or the other because to deny one, means I disrespect the other.Furthermore, there is nothing weak about me.As far as me looking to a website, you were there as well, so don’t be a hypocrite.

  • http://clutchmagazine blcknnblvuu

    @ kelli.
    derogatory term aimed at white people turns automatically positive but should stay
    negative when is aimed at black people..your white arrogance is showing. you know you remind. me of a rapist telling his victim not to use the word “rape”because it makes him uncomfortable.guess what! it’s not for you to decide about the use of the”n” word

  • Lexie

    oh please. I have no problem with her using the word. I hear young black teens use it everyday on the subways in front of everyone. my n***a this and my n***a that, so you all don’t get all defensive now. isn’t the main defense, it’s an “term of endearment” ha! i love the hypocrisy of black america. and yes i’m a black female who loves my self so don’t come at me w/ that self-hate nonsense.

  • Kelli

    You know what, I’m the least arrogant person you could ever know. I’m a rape survivor so bad example. Your ignorance is showing.I’m not asking anybody to decide anything, but obviously something I said made you uncomfortable, that’s why u respond with a comment about rape on a forum that women read? That’s just mean.

  • Mademoiselle

    Wait, if we only have one black privilege to wield, we’re calling use of the n-word? Really? When did voting close? I want a recount because white people can have that. I want privilege over something that will actually benefit me.

  • Kelli

    Enough with the name calling. You can’t like or dislike something or someone unless you possess that same quality. For example,if u think someone is stupid, its likely that u are just as stupid. My kids are grown already with family of their own and all are college educated and so am I. Since u obviously need to put me down in order to make yourself feel good, I wont bother commenting on your seriously flawed logic anymore..

  • Kim

    Your here on a Black woman’s web site because…….? You white girls really show your insecurity. Go on now. Find a black dyke to play with.

  • Kim

    I’m sure you have no idea what love is. So sad.

  • Truth

    @Lexie your a self-hater

  • K. Michel

    I’m getting tired of people using the “Black people do it too” argument; an “argument” that seems to have gotten popular as of late, for some reason. It’s disgusting on more than one level.

  • Nic

    Derail, derail, derail…wah, wah, the black women are being mean to me…sorry this isn’t Jezebel.

  • Gigi

    I am so tired of people assuming that all black people use this word. It is the choice of SOME black people to use that word, but there are still many of us who are offended by that term…regardless of who uses it! I do no like hearing fellow black people use this word, and I am especially offended when a white person uses it, so stop excusing ignorance, please and thank you.

  • BoutDatLove

    ”Not all blacks are like that” argument is annoying. It is almost as if we are begging these people (who aren’t worthy enough for me to mention) to except us as better than those ”typical negroe rejects.” It is pathetic, there is nothing that you can do to stop their hate or racism. They will always be the hateful beings they have always been.

    Lil wayne and all of the other rappers using the word is only an excuse. I mean come on, these racist white crackers have been using these types of words and other derogatory terms against us for a long time. It is called hate projection reverse psychology people or simply evil az devil cracker syndrome.

    I am also annoyed as to how white people can come to these type of articles and post their opinions (as if we don’t hear and see their opinions of us on a daily. Hint: this article & comments) about something attached to a painful past and present that they themselves never and don’t have to experience, let alone know anything about. How dare you creatures of evil try to tell us how we should feel and think, this is none of your damn business.

    I will also add that for any black person to think this is a term of endearment, hunty seek your maker and seek him fast because you are living in the darkness of your ignorance. You can’t turn a word around like nigg** etc and make it positive, that is equivalent to calling evil good.

    As for Lisa, why do we pay this heffa thing any attention? As long as these creatures exist so will their hate for us.

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    Um no,

    Anyone who’d call themselves a word rooted in the humiliation and dehumanization of their people is the self hater, not the person who chooses not to associate with the aforementioned group. I don’t care what white people think of me, but I wouldn’t debase myself or my fellow black people by calling ourselves “nigga”.

  • Anon

    Yea, I never got the “reclaiming” aspect. It is a flat-out insult, and I haven’t allowed it to be used in my presence since childhood. Basically, I missed out on a lot of rap music.

  • Anon

    Other groups don’t have that problem because they didn’t turn INSULTS into personal greetings.

  • Anon

    I can’t believe I just agreed with you.

    That’s an approximation of the question that I tell people when it has come up around me, or I ask to change the music station.

  • venus

    of course you should be angry but are you as angry when you hear a black person use it too? i am. this delusional idea we have that it is ok for me to say but not you is absolute nonsense, and an affront to or ancestry. we are better than this but we — the onus is totally on us — present ourselves in such a derisive manner, i mean, c’mon people! we will not congeal as a community as long as we have this us versus *niggas* division. we need to be done with this word. stop supporting movies + music/musicians that incorporate that offensive language into their product. in a historical context, ok, but not as entertainment — there’s nothing entertaining about it.

  • venus

    kacey + nic, completely agree with all that you’ve said. i grew up hearing this word in my own family — black family, but at the age of 14 i decided i didn’t want to say it (particularly after reading “nigger” by dick gregory and alex haley’s autobio of malcolm). HOWEVER, i worked to discourage others from its use as well. so i feel that if you don’t stop check others in your presence of the inappropriateness of the word, then you are equally culpable.

  • KHS

    Yep, and she probably thinks she gets an automatic pass because she used to date Black men. The thing is, she admits that she mainly dated them because at the time, a certain category of Black men were chasing large White women like her (or like she was). She has said that probably the only reason she stopped dating Black men was because the trend changed and those guys weren’t looking for women of her type anymore. I’m thinking maybe her inner racism shined through and that’s what took her out of the rotation.

  • UrbanRomanceEIC

    So El, if I’m to understand you, black people do not have and never will have the power to define themselves? Only white people can dictate what words mean and once they decide to use a word to demean or dehumanize, that’s it? Nothing lowly Black people can do about it? If white people start calling black people “cats” because they got together and decided that was the new term du jour for making black folks feel like shit, am I to stop using the word “cat” as well? I’m just trying to understand this attitude of powerlessness that says black people can’t take a word (that isn’t even really a word at the end of the day) and make it mean—to them—whatever they want. We’ve always been a people who have redefined words. We made words like “bad,” “dope,” “stupid,” and “sick” mean “good.” I’m not saying the use of the word “nigga” is necessary to black’s survival or anything. I’m just saying it’s only as deep as you make it. There are tons of intelligent black people who visit this site and make great comments. I find it very hard to believe that that intelligence has its limits when it comes to understanding context and intention. That said, what one white woman chooses to call her friend is really no one’s business. Is it?

  • Nakia

    Please refer to Chillyroad’s comment above. You also don’t see folks outside of those cultures by and large treating any of their actions, style, or language (pos or negative) as POPULAR American culture. Black American culture has been elevated to that place, so unlike these other groups, we have no allowance for “inside” behavior. We are being watched and imitated, despite our relatively small population here. The many Filipino people I’m around regularly, say many many things about each other and themselves that don’t make it into songs, movies and tv shows and would be construed as “negative” by outsiders.

  • Samson

    I’m so sick of the almost forced outrage generated by famous people saying these words
    Get over it, you give the word more power than it deserves by being so offended by it, type the word into the search bar on twitter and prepare to see numerous white people use it in the same innocent manner, hope your head doesn’t explode.

    It’s racist in itself to say white people shouldn’t say it even a non racist manner cause of its history in a world where the majority of people couldn’t care less about skin pigmentation.

    Stories like this are filler, irrationally discredit people and almost try to force an apology out of them, it’s silly and need to stop.

  • Samson

    By the way spare me your thumbs down, I’ve already come to the conclusion this is a pretty much segregated website anyway considering how any suspected white people are treated in this comment section, it’s laughable, being furious about history won’t ever change a thing people.

  • maxineshawattyatlaw

    And this pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter.

  • K

    One of the most progressive posts I’ve ever read on Clutch. Bravo.

  • Max Calder

    She’s a comedian, you’d have to be an idiot to take offense to what a comedian says. What ever happened to freedom of speech?
    Maybe next Shayla Pierce will call out Dave Chapelle for being insentive to both Black people and White people in his act!

  • Leah

    I’m an Australian and I don’t really understand what the big deal is aye.
    It all seems a bit childish to give a shit. Words change, stop fighting change so much. Cunt means raped vagina but that gets dropped on the daily I don’t see everybody writing long exasperated blogs about it.

  • COCO

    She is playing you. Every exscuse she gave was said by a rapper or another black person. Her answer is making a fool of you. She read what people in the AA community have said in defence of us (AA) using the word and answered every critisism with those answeres. I can think of atleast two she used.

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  • Pingback: Lena Dunham Responds to Anger Over Comedians N-Word Tweet | HaLaPicHaLaPic

  • negraDominicana

    So, are we saying that just knowing she’s a fame hungry, unfulfilled, desperate, self-indulgent, ignorant, silly, irrelevent, and just plain tacky human being isn’t enough?

  • JaeBee

    Where do you come from that c**t is “dropped on the daily”? Where I’m from, it’s always been used as a sexist slur and is not something that one uses in regular, everyday conversation. It’s usage is primarily meant to offend.

  • PBR

    I don’t even have to look to know that there was probably more than one black man who ran to her defense after she tweeted that. Just as they did after gwyneth paltrow tweeted. They give her and other mediocre crass white women fuel for their fire and as long as they allow it, it will persist. They do this type of thing on purpose to get people (mostly black women) riled up.

    As far as I’m concerned I am not an N-word (er or a) and I won’t let some raggedy has been of a white woman affect my life with her poor choice of words. Bye.

  • Michael Anthony

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion,what makes your’s more important than her’s?

  • chris722 (@chris722)

    Why are we concerning ourselves with the terminology Whites are using to refer to each other?

  • AJS.

    It’s really interesting that I found this article today. I literally woke up wanting to express this CRAZY idea I had:

    What if “Nigga” were just a word?

    What if we never got riled up when white girls call each other nigga? What if there wasn’t a whole convention on Clutch Magazine’s site about whether or not we care?

    Even better, what if our response to a redneck’s half witted, “Stupid Nigger!” was, “Is that the best you’ve got?”

    I read months ago, when Gwyneth Paltrow tweeted the “n-word” a certain rapper’s tweet: “What are we doing letting Non-Blacks think it’s cool to say that word? It’s like a slap in your Grandma’s face!”

    I thought, “Oh I’m sorry, does your grandmother pat you on the back in congratulations when you refer to your friend as a nigga?” Or does she too, see it as an “example of Black privilege?”

    I, a Black woman, hate the word like I hate roaches. But in the same breath, I drop it frequently – specifically in reference to ignorant, short-sighted people (ie even when my friends say something outrageous).

    So when other people use it around me, the hairs on my back stick straight up. It doesn’t matter if they are White calling each other that, or if a Black man says “Oh yeah I’m a real nigga!” Sometimes I react, but mostly, I don’t. Why?

    In my opinion, we give the word “nigga” way too much power. It carries a sense of false entitlement and identity for both races, whether you “re-claim” it or revere it as “endearment.”

    Imagine, if we as Black people simply stopped acknowledging the word altogether. For example, if we equated the cheap shot “nigga/er” to slightly less offensive half-witted “ass-hole,” Lisa’s goal to drive us up a wall would lose effect. Wouldn’t it?

    Lisa used it to get a reaction. Most racists say “nigger” to get a reaction. Black people say it for a reaction.

    Like really ask yourself what does nigga/er actually mean to you? What value does it give or take away from you?

    Listen: you don’t like other people saying it, YOU don’t say it. You want to use it as freely as Harry Potter waves his wand – f-ck it, it’s a “free country.”

    But realize that there are far too many racial injustices happening in this country to focus on some ancient word carefully instructed to destroy your psyche.

    So to you, Miss Pierce, you had the right idea the first time: someone uses the word to get a reaction, ignore them.

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