The internet was buzzing after Keyshia Cole criticized Michelle Williams’ Superbowl performance on Twitter. Many felt Keyshia was out of line for speaking negatively about a fellow artist while others felt she was only expressing what many of us were thinking.

Though Michelle didn’t formally respond to Keyshia, she posted a message today on her Facebook page about her experience at the Superbowl via The YBF:

It was an honor to share the stage with my sisters Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé on Sunday night. To all my ladies, we must learn to stick together and support each other. The incredible Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson did an amazing job too! Thank you to my sister Beyonce for sharing your moment with Destiny’s Child. Love you!

People are interpreting Michelle’s message as evidence that she’s taking the high road, focusing on supporting other women rather than fueling negativity and conflict. Since the Superbowl featured performances by so many talented women of color (including Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys), it’s unfortunate that the spirit of sisterhood was undermined by Cole’s negative comments. Kudos to Michelle for being a class act.

What do you think about Michelle Williams’ comments, Clutchettes?

  • http://www.goodlooknout.com GoodLooknOut

    I think Michelle did poorly as well but it didn’t need to be said in such an unsupportive way by Keisha. Besides they didn’t ask Keisha to perform anyway. Jealousy is such an ugly look on anyone, including D list celebs like Keisha!

  • Carmen

    I think people should know that Michele is Michele. She is not Kels or Bey. She brings what she brings and we should all just appreciate it. Kelly and Bey feed off of each other when they perform. They’ve been doing it together for years. Michele is her own person and has her own style. I don’t think she was that bad tbh. I was just glad to see them together. She is right and I love her spirit! GO MICHELE!

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