African Time

We should be one, but the reality is history, time and space have made us two different sides of the same coin.  We’ve read Demetria Lucas’ tale of her experiences in South Africa where despite being an African American she wasn’t quite African enough to the locals.  And while many of us can relate, how many of us have ever wondered what it was like to be African in America?

In the new web series WAAVE & DADA Productions titled African Time producers seek to answer that very question with a series of interview that center on Africans sharing thoughts, experiences, loves, anecdotes and more on their transitioning into American culture.  The series debuted in December and has so far covered topics such as what it means to look African, discipline, parenting, names and more.  African Time is an engaging and thought provoking web series that not only highlights our differences, but our similarities and strengths as well.   Definitely a must watch!

  • Ricika

    We aren’t all of the same “stock,” but as an African American, I personally have been raised to see all Black people as “family,” if you will. I think it comes from being separated from your culture and country during slavery, and having to create our own “families” from people who were absolutely no relation, when actual families were torn apart. So growing up with that mind-set, passed on through generations, it can feel like a rejection from family when another Black person from the Diaspora doesn’t acknowledge you as their own (whether you are or not). Just speaking for myself. As I have gotten older, and gotten to know more Blacks from the Diaspora, I appreciate their unique experiences and need to claim their distinct culture and country of origin. It doesn’t bother me now as much as when I was expecting that we would all feel “we are one.”

  • silkynaps

    Arabs are a mixed race. They are the result of white Europeans being all up and through Africa…

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