New Subscription Beauty + Hair Boxes on the Block

by Kweli I. Wright

Beauty Boxes
Beauty boxes are popping up everywhere! From nail polish to hair products to makeup, if you never wanted to visit a department store beauty counter or drug store aisle, you really don’t have to—just sign up for a beauty box ad every month you can have new and favorite products delivered to your doorstep.

Here are the latest in beauty boxes. Check back with us soon and we’ll give you the C+C review of them all.

  • Stephanie

    *Envious Sigh* Do ANY of these places ship to Canada?

  • Christa

    Why did yall have to do this to me? The product junkie in me is ready to jump on one of these!

  • Nick

    umm..For that much money I could go to the gym, lord knows a healthy life style is the best beauty product out there. But kudos to them for promoting black beauty.

  • Christine

    Hey Stephanie, you can check out, who are about to launch in May 2013, their from Toronto, and you can sign up for their VIP list in the mean time:)

  • hairpalace

    Great! That would really make me wanna order a few things. Thank you for sharing that.

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