Lil Wayne has never claimed to be a beacon of positivity or an agent of social change, but this goes too far even for him. On the remix of a new track “Karate Chop,” with Future, Lil Wayne raps that he’s going to “pop a pill” then “beat that p*ssy like Emmett Till.” Emmett Till is the slain 15-year old who was beaten mercilessly and beyond recognition to his death for allegedly whistling at a white woman in the Jim Crow South in 1955. His courageous mother, Mamie Till Mobley, had him buried in an open casket to show the world what racism and hate did to her son. The tragic ordeal angered many across the world and was one of the horrific injustices that sparked the civil rights movement.

Lil Wayne, however, sees it as fodder for a comparison to mediocre sex in one of his rap songs. Several people have spoken out against the highly-offensive line, including Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. and writer dream hampton who tweeted:

Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 5.52.16 AM

The Till family also responded via spokesperson Gordon Taylor, saying: “I just couldn’t understand how he could compare the gateway to life to the brutality and punishment of death.”

Epic Records is now pulling the song. They released the following statement: “We regret the unauthorized remix version of Future’s `Karate Chop,’ which was leaked online and contained hurtful lyrics. Out of respect for the legacy of Emmett Till and his family and the support of the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., we are going through great efforts to take down the unauthorized version.”

L.A. Reid also reportedly contacted the Till family with a personal apology, according to a post on the Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation’s Facebook page that reads:

“Mr. Reid stated the song was leaked out and he had not heard the lyrics. He is a man of integrity that values our family’s legacy and wouldn’t allow such heinous usage of Emmett Till’s name or dishonor his memory. We have yet to hear from Lil Wayne’s camp and he is the one that said it! It was all I could do to hold back my tears while engaged in conversation. Thank you Mr. Reid for now I can exhale.”

Lil Wayne’s lyrics are highly deplorable but hardly surprising. Wayne’s found fame glorifying crime and fast money and disrespecting women and now, African-American history. He couldn’t have had better timing considering February is black history month.

What do you think of Lil Wayne’s lyrics, Clutchettes?

  • Mae Hammett


  • Do better

    Getting outraged about Wayne’s lyrics is as pointless as getting mad at a dog because it sh*ts on the grass. In another song he says “killen dese hoes like my name is Ted bundy”. I don’t consider him human anymore, he says he is not one and is a Martian so I’m going to view him as such.

  • J. Nicole

    Wow. Yet another reason why I don’t listen to this garbage. It serms as if todays youth have such a disconnect with history that they trivialize it. Aside from the lyrics being completely whack, I don’t understand how comparing sex to death would be considered a turn on. Ridiculous!

  • Kim

    I just don’t understand why so many young people in our community can not respect folk. I’m done. Have at it. As a 40 something I say goodbye. This ish is too much.

  • Kim

    P.S. Till was 14.

  • Sasha

    Goodness, have these people no shame?!?! I mean its great they pulled the song, only after it received backlash but come on Lil Wayne really? I guess you can’t really fault someone with an 8th grade education and no sense of racial pride….

  • Deb

    Scary. He sold his soul and pride for fame.

  • Ms. Information

    Dear Lil Wanye, Please get on a plane with 2Chaniz, Soulja Boy, Rianna, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, the cast of Basketball Wives (every city ), Baby, and Kenya Moore…load it with mollies, cash, and liquor and drive it into the Bermuda Triangle. Thanks – Ms. Information.

  • GirlSixx


    Yes!!! and make sure Stevie J is the Pilot..

  • Val

    Minstrels will be minstrels.

  • Val

    Please add Tyler Perry, Wendy Williams and DL Hugely to that flight.

    Hiya, Miss Information!


  • Ms. Information

    I forgot about Stevie J and Lil Scrappy….and any other man that has the title “lil” before his name. lol

  • lil ray

    Sad indeed but not surprising, I am just glad the song got pulled.

  • Ms. Information

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……we are one….lol, can’t STAND DL Hughley….lol…Hey sis..Happy Love Day :)

  • Khatira

    That’s the reason I stopped buying Rap/Hip-Hop music cd’s. Most of it is degrading to women and plain stupid.
    Meek Mill said something similar on a song titled “One Hunna”, and says «I treat that p*ssy like Tina I go Ike on it».

  • Marisa

    Good for the lil vile troll and while their at it pull a few more of these trash records. For you to not have any historical understanding of what happened to Emmitt Till is disgraceful, then again many of this society don’t have historical understanding which is why the US remains dysfunctional.

  • mm

    Im suprised anyone caught this considering how alot of these rap artist on the radio today say things just as bad in their songs. Take for instance Nikki Minaj, who presently sits in judgment of other artist on a popular prime time show, and as a woman of color dons a blonde wig and raps about “nappy headed hos” and “nigger monkeys”. I’m not making this up. Go to youtube. Who runs the music industry? White men. Believe you me if the reference was to Ann Frank this single would have never made the light of day. I want people to wake up and to realize that these “artist” are allowed to perpetuate this ignorance because its pushing stereotypes and keeps our people in degradation. I love that scene in Boyz in the Hood, where Laurence Fishburne is explaining to his son why there are so many alcohol and cigarette billboards in the black neighborhoods. He states, because they want us to kill ourselves. Well, they want us to hate ourselves, kill ourselves. Let this stuff marinate into your subconscious and into the heart of our youth and guess what? All the progress we have made as a people will surely evaporate.

  • manson

    Disgraceful !!

  • Avril

    No, twitter follower. No, he doesn’t know better. And every fool who happily listens to his music, they don’t know better either. As long as you can dance to that beat, the stupid will continue.

  • http://clutchmagazine blcknnblvuu

    Sometimes it’s hard for me to make a difference between some rappers and republicans they’re both can be racists or colorists,sexist pigs,God fearing-gun-toting.
    Like to glamorize violence or wars and are very homophobic

  • LKJ

    I never thought much of lil wayne before. I’ve always considered him to be just another stereotypical rapper (money, drugs, sex,etc, but this is beyond disrespectful. What he said was ugly, vile, hurtful and unnecessary. As a black man from the south who easily could have faced the same fate as Till, he should have exercised better judgement.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    IMO : rap, hip hop and the “thug life” have been sponsored by the WHITE owners of black music

  • Ask_ME

    Lil Wayne is TRASH. It’s not surprising he thought mentioning Mr. Till’s name would be okay. He doesn’t have any class.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “have these people no shame?!?!”

    one of the old songs was “no shame in my game”.
    rap and hip hop is OWNED by white people and USED to teach black youth self destruction. (another old song)

  • Nicoline

    What he said was offensive BUT at least he knows who Emmett Till is.

    Im a junior in college Im surprised at how many of my peers (of all races) only have knowledge of Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman when it comes to black history.

    They listen to Lil Wayne. When they hear rappers mention something they google it. If its a brand they buy it if the can. So maybe hearing Lil Wayne mention Emmett will provide people with some exposure.

  • Pat

    I am usually the person who is considered as taking things too far. But in this case, I believe I have just cause.

    Lil Wayne said he’s going to “pop a pill” then “beat that p*ssy like Emmett Till.” Obviously, he didn’t see his face, has no regard for AA history in which I’m not surprised. Even if he did, I believe he still wouldn’t care. That piece of it is more upsetting than him actually making the statement. It is not surprising what comes out of these rapper’s mouths seeking to sell records. Money and what it buys for the younger generation (respect, a$$, diamonds, and weed) is KING and everything there after, is useless. It leads the younger generation to making negative impactful short-term decisions inflicting havoc on everyone. The same mentality Lil W has in his lyrics to generate income for his lifestyle is the same mentality these young gang bangers use on the streets to survive. They will kill, steal, and destroy anyone who is in the wrong place at the wrong time – [no pride]. Pride is taught, not earned or given. So we know these actions will continue. The Lil Ws are not stopping, the music will continue to influence, and all of it stems from household situations (as we all are aware). But here is the problem – these young men/men walking around, speaking, and thinking with this “almost” unbreakable mentality of greed already exist in society. It is behavior and knowing this, how can we NOT question LA Reid?

    I believe LA Reid could care less about that statement Lil W made. His goal is to sell records, right? I know he cannot stop Lil W from how he thinks, but he should have known NOT to release those lyrics. If those lyrics were released or if we allowed it, (we as in black people) says how much we care about our own history. We honor Mrs. Rose Parks and then in the same breath for the sake of record sales, we disrespect the catalyst of the CRM. We all do not have to rise up and march, but if black people from all walks of life would get on the same page to instill pride in our younger generation and ourselves; then we would become better.
    Most of our kids are not even aware of whom Emmett Till was, but they know who Lil W is. You sit up there and want to release a statement saying “pop a pill” then “beat that p*ssy like Emmett Till. The kids will like the rhyme, then want to pop a pill, then f*ck and some still won’t ask who “is” Emmett Till. Not “was”— remember they don’t know. No Filters anywhere– and yet we wonder what is going on with drugs, unprotected sex, and teenage pregnancies. This statement was so very disturbing to me. It was a direct reflection of the path our younger generation is continuously headed in. We know the history of Lil W, but darn don’t let it continue. With no accountability by adults who can make a difference, you are abetting the problems and making it worse for the people (leaders) who are working tirelessly trying to make a difference.

    That says a lot that LA Reid (epic records) had to be reprimanded on that. Did he/they see his face?

    Not trying to be funny…not understanding how his tragedy could have been demoted to a lyric about popping a pill and f*ckin’.

    That’s all…I’m done! Glad the Till family fought against this.

  • Kam

    Why would you even think up a lyric like that?!

  • Samantha

    Who really gives a sh!t about lil’ wayne or emmett till?

  • kaya

    Emmett Till?
    -Goes to you google-
    GASPS ommggggggggggg
    -comes back-
    Damn You Lil Wayne….

  • Ash

    Lil Wayne is a degenerate and a gremlin. I’m so sick of his disrespect for the AA community.

  • binks

    Bingo! But da hell…how do you eben compare the two. I swear you can’t learn or teach igorance like this. But if folks want to make an impact as a whole on him and other artists like him is by BLACKBALLING them. No promotion of their songs, free press/advertising, no requesting their songs, etc. Hurt them in their pockets sure white folks may buy their music but we keep them mainstream.

  • P

    Believe you me if the reference was to Ann Frank this single would have never made the light of day — This!

  • Natsai Alexandria

    Without Emmett Till’s sacrifice and so0o0o many SOO many others Lil Wayne wouldn’t even have had the opportunity to experience such a successful career and this is what he does. He’s just so disgraceful. And Weezy fans should be even more ashamed of themselves for keeping him relevant bc without the backlash they would have been bumping this track regardless. I mean he says so many terrible things in reference to women and vaginas. What scared me is that we are well on our way to our history being negated from our future generations mind. They take NOTHING seriously!

  • seriously?

    and once they get educated they will realize what a ignorant dumb ass Wayne is for using emmitt name in the first place!

  • Señorita

    You two are a mess!!!! ROTFL!!

  • Wanda

    I am quite SHOCKED that he even was aware of the name Emmett Till in the first place.

  • Anthony

    The sad thing is that a person cannot come up with rhymes about Emmett Till, or Ted Bundy, for that matter, without knowing who they were and why they made the national consciousness. Lil’ has no respect or decency

  • Shirl

    While I understand your point those white owners didn’t rap that foolishness Lil’ Wayne did. It’s very easy to be f**cked when you’re always bending over. All he has to do is stand up.

  • The Other Jess

    If it’s from Lil Wayne, it’s generally ignorant and stupid. No shock. I’m glad the Till family is suing him.

  • T.

    I like how the family spokesperson, in addition to addressing how the reference to Emmitt Till is offensive and hurtful, also speaks to Wayne’s misogynistic sexism:

    “I just couldn’t understand how he could compare the gateway to life to the brutality and punishment of death.”

    That’s a powerful condemnation.

  • tulipenoire

    What’s even more sad is that it’s taken this event for people to finally start publicly denouncing his music and others like him. Rap in itself is an art but if you let trash in, it’s going to become trashy. Point blank. I have always been disgusted by the way women are portrayed in rap lyrics but these rappers are considered “spokespersons” for Black people. No. Just sickening. And don’t even get me started on the dumb a** fans STILL supporting this song’s release and claiming “it’s hot.” Get educated!

  • catpopstar

    Glad I already don’t listen to crap like this.

  • tamar c (@TamarM3)

    im trying to figure out why just this song there are thousands of other songs they need to pull from radio as well…. if ppl like Boyce Watkins can put pressure on LA Reid and Epic to remove such songs why dont they do that for all the misogynistic lyrics played throughout radio airwaves..

  • tamar c (@TamarM3)

    & guess what rappers like him have 10 million followers….this stuff has been going on for to long and it is time to clean up the music. What a disgrace to our ancestor who fought hard for us to be here and now rappers like Lil Wayne are turning back the hands of time…

  • tamar c (@TamarM3)

    …how can you even think to compare a womans vagina to that of a generation of ppl (like Emmit Till) who if it wasnt for their hard work and sacrifice…little 30 year old something little boys like little wayne would not b here!!

  • The Moon in the Sky

    Over the Christmas holiday a song came on the radio and I couldn’t believe my ears. I just found out whose song it is. This song should be pulled from the radio too.

    The song is – Who Booty by John Hart

  • tulipenoire

    Yes, I know. I used to not know a lot of Black history but I’ve started going beyond my college classes to seek it out and there is a lot we young people should be aware of. There’s so much people have done for us to have the freedoms to run around and act foolish (I admit I do dumb stuff) and they not only don’t know it but REFUSE to learn it! Why?! My children will definitely be aware of their history.

  • Job

    I am not shocked at all. Lil Wayne is not an idiot. He likes making money off idiots. Neither is 2Chainz. When I heard him reference apartheid in a song I had to look him up, because I knew he must be decently intelligent since most of his listeners cannot find South Africa on a map. Most of these rappers are not complete idiots. It’s all an act for some of them. They can burp out some pre-school quality rhymes and have dumb people thinking it’s raw. They know what they’re doing, what sells and how to exploit people for money.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    I knew some Black people were lost, but after going to a Hip Hop website and reading the comments about this story, there is just no hope.

  • MommieDearest

    Speaking truth to power.

    I weep for our future generations…

  • mluv

    This is a shame. And young people, who are not conscious and really don’t understand our history will be rapping these lyrics and think this is ok.

  • Val


    I agree but we, African Americans, are not the main consumers of hip hop. If we stopped buying it would just be a speed bump for the industry. If White people stopped buying it then hip hop would disappear.

    But, White people love hip hop for the same reasons that many of us hate it, so don’t look for them to stop buying it.

    And hip hop is only going to become more ignorant over in the future.

  • Treece

    So glad I stopped listening to Lil’ Wayne and the like a long time ago. I think the last time I actually like a Lil Wayne song was The Block is Hot back when I was like 19. After that point I grew the f**k up and realized that this ish is trash and my ears deserved better. It’s a shame that a lot of young people who will listen to that lyric don’t even know who Emmitt Till is…..let alone care. We have got to teach our kids how to know better. I mean, there were some pretty racy/raunchy lyrics in the 90′s that I listened to as a kid, but my parents taught me a lot about my history and I knew I had better not let them know that I knew the lyrics to Lil Kim songs when I was in high school. A lot of young ppl lately have parents/guardians that simply do not care. They make excuses and don’t teach kids anything about their heritage, respect, dignity, or instill any values. So a dude like Lil Wayne feels like the field is open for him to put out a lyric like that and thinks that no one will care. Fact of the matter is that many of his fans and Stans don’t.

  • TajMarie

    There is one thing to take a note on. Back in the days when I was an undergraduate in College, I learned that most of the cds and music of rappers were being purchased by white teenage boys and white men in their 20s. That does make sense given that Blacks are only a percentage of a population. With that being said, a boycott is not sufficient because there is not enough of “us” to put a dent in his cd sales or the sales of his concerts. We would have to go after all syndicated TV shows and local radio stations playing his music and then after their advertisers if they refuse to “not” play his music. Yes, I agree that it is a shame that it has taken the disrespect of Emmitt Tills memory to bring the nature of Lil Wayne’s to the light. However, for several decades rappers have been explaining away their misogyny (by stating that only certain women are h0s) and perpetuating and glorifying violence (by stating that they are only expressing what goes on in their hood). However, nowadays some of the rappers who rap about violence, did not and does not even remotely live that lifestyle. Furthermore, the purpose of hip hop in its earliest history was to persuade people to invest their energy into rhyming and break dancing instead of engaging in violence. Sadly, it was through my generation that gangsta rap started taking a hold of rap music in the 90s and now we have the tomfoolery that we have today because it is about who can rap the most ratchet lyrics. Ask some of the artists today what they know about the rap game and they will act as if they know all there is to know. However, ask them what they know in terms of the “history” of hip hop and they will show their ignorance — just like the ignorance they display in their music.

  • TajMarie

    I’m a 30 something who used to love rap music (Outkast, Goodie Mob, KRS-One) and I wouldn’t mind seeing rap music/hip hop die in order to end this tomfoolery myself.

  • TajMarie

    If that is the case, you must have missed the memo where he stated that he does not want to have another dark skin daughter.

  • jcross


    “I make her wear nothing but handcuffs & heels
    And I beat it like a cop
    Rodney King baby yeah I beat it like a cop
    Ha Haaa… beat it like a cop”

    Lil Wayne, ‘Mrs. Officer’

  • Marisa

    Add all of these aint got no business being relationship experts please and thank you.

  • Ash

    I was once dragged to a Lil Wayne concert at my all white university in the midwest. He told the all white crowd to repeat after him and say stuff like “whats good n!ggggggggaaaa”. And all the drunk white frat boys did so.

    I HATE Lil Wayne.

  • Kay

    Not surprised. At all. Rap nowadays isn’t about social consciousness, expression and revolution, but it is about sales and shock value. It is no longer an art form.

  • AC

    Speaking of Anne Frank, I remember when Michael Jackson released his song “They Don’t Care About Us”, and in the lyrics it said, ” Beat me, K*** me, Don’t you black or white me”. They Jewish community had a field day and he had to remove k*** from the song.

  • isa

    For Shame. He just looks so nasty

  • http://Clutch SL

    @Val – don’t you know that it is US that has alway been at the forefront of the URBAN TREND that others later pickup on as being KEWL. If we stop this sh!t, I guarantee you it will become not KEWL and whites and every other ppl groups will abandon it!

    White’s have hardly ever set the URBAN TREND – we do. We cultivate the artistry first – they latch on later.

  • http://Clutch SL

    Damn – now how lost do you really have to be to say something like that???? Pretty damn lost, I’d say.

    He looks like he’s infested with STDs anyway so any woman who would lay with that would have to be a ho indeed.

  • http://Clutch SL

    @Pat – a darn good comment!

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