ShampooWe’re all trying to be so good and green when it comes to what we put in and around our bodies these days. From chemicals in our fruits and veggies to cleaning products and even makeup that can cause us harm, it’s hard to keep up with it all. We use hair products daily, but did you know that the sulfates (sodium laureth sulfate, which give that lush lather in shampoos…and household cleaners) are not only harmful to our health but also damage your hair?

Time to look at the woman in the mirror and make that change to sulfate-free shampoos. They don’t lather like those with the chemicals, but your hair will still be clean, soft, and these shampoos promote healthy hair growth. Here are some of the best. (Note: Most of these shampoos have accompanying sulfate-free conditioners)

  • komariah

    You can stick with it for your reasons but…honey when your 30 and your hair starts breaking, you can’t say you weren’t warned

  • Leanne

    Nah I didn’t like organix, kinda dried out my hair so I’m guessing it had alcohol in it. I like Pro Naturals argan oil shampoo the best, amazing if you have frizzy or dry hair :)

  • shampootreeodesk

    Hello Kweli!

    I have to really agree with you that sodium laureth sulfate, which is one of the ingredients in shampoo is very harmful for our health and can also damage our hair. If we really want to have a strong and healthy then better use organic shampoo. One of my favorite organic shampoo is Acure Organics Shampoo Moroccan Argan Oil and Argan Stem Cell. This shampoo is also safe for color treated hair. For a list of organic shampoos, kindly check this site

  • Grace Hudel

    Because hair can be very different, I am going to say that I am white and have very fine blondish greyish hair and am sensitive to a few hair shampoo chemicals which cause me to itch until I wash my hair again with something different. It is not just a 30 second reaction! Recently I tried both Andanou Naturals Shampoo and Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo. They are both excellent. The chemical that makes most shampoos lather so well is Cocamidopropyl betaine. It has no function other than lather. But it is a nasty chemical. Neither my husband or I can tolerate it. Unfortunately it is often added to bath products, etc. to make you feel like you are really cleaning but it is only there to lather and not to clean. I will stick with the two shampoos above but that is a personal choice. Everyone has to find what works for them. And make no mistake – manufacturers often change their formulas so keep an eye on that ingredients list! Thanks for all the great information.

  • Jena Browning

    The sulfate in shampoos leave a film on my scalp. It looks like I have dandruff, but it actually the leftover sulfate. I have tried Burt bees and HATED it. I even tried to let my hair readjust for about a month and still hated it. My hair was super oily with that shampoo. I’m going to look into some of these brands. Thanks. And to the person that says sulfate free is pointless, you must have never gotten a cleansing treatment done from your stylist. She took off all kinds of crap from my hair the sulfates leave behind.