Tips and Tricks: How to Get the Perfect Lashes

by Myeisha Essex


When eyelashes are intensified it makes a big difference! Sexy lashes add depth to yours eyes and can glamorize any makeup look. But, sometimes our lashes are the hair we pay least attention to. They need love and care, too, so here are 5 tips to keep your eyelashes healthy, full and looking their best for every occasion.

1. Find the Perfect Mascara
When going to the makeup counter choosing the perfect mascara can be challenging because there are some many different types. The two things you should keep in mind are the shape of the wand and the formula. Curved wands curl lashes, skinny wands help to coat each lash without clumping and fatter brushes create a more voluptuous look. When it comes to formulas be sure to keep in mind the look you are trying to achieve, whether it’s lengthening, non-clumping, thickening, waterproof or a color preference.

2. Try False Lashes

False lashes come in every style, length and even texture. They take a little patience to apply but the bold, lush effect is definitely worth the time. Once you’ve chosen your perfect set, bend the strip into a C shape and trying using tweezers and clear-drying glue when applying.

  • Chika

    Call me conceited, but I think my lashes are perfect the way they are. I personally don’t believe that women need makeup. Just my 2 cents :).

  • Ash

    I have three words for you ladies: Maybelline “The Falsies”. The mascara ever! I wear it everyday but it looks amazing whenever I take my time with it when I’m going out.

  • ChaCha1

    Yes! It’s the only mascara (in my makeup bag) that I wear alone when I’m not in the mood for anything else on my eyes.

  • Ash

    Yas! Maybelline mascaras are amazing. I stay batting my eyelashes.

  • nana

    am a zambian lady and i love it wen my lashes are done, but one thing how do we get the (lasher instrument) the used to put would love to have and that we be cheaper than every two weeks need to do my lashes

  • Pseudonym

    I just started wearing makeup after not wearing it for 5 years (and even when I wore it, it was only when I went out dancing on the weekends) and every time I put it on (still only when I go out), I remember why I used to wear it: it’s so much fun!!!!

    Not everyone wears make up b/c they feel they NEED it, but it’s like dangling earrings, a pair of heels, an embellished top: it’s just an accessory to dress yourself up. I’m not big on spending money on new clothes and just recently discovered that a cheap plain black top and jeans can look dressy and “put together” with just some red lipstick and a pair of heels.

    Women don’t need makeup, well-fitting clothes, jewelry, lip gloss, cute shoes, or more than one scarf. I’m sure every woman who doesn’t wear makeup has some other style-related item that they don’t necessarily need. We also don’t need televisions, smartphones, candles, or pictures on the walls of our homes. That doesn’t mean we can’t have these things. That also doesn’t mean that we need a reminder that we don’t need these things whenever we choose to use them.

  • Von

    What concerns me about make-up isn’t whether it’s necessary but what it does to our skin. The cosmetics industry is not regulated so we don’t know how these chemicals will affect in the long term. I make it a point to only wear make-up for going and special occasions. I know we’ve all seen someone who regularly wears a ton of make-up, without it. Their skin will look faded, as though it’s lost some of its natural hue. Wearing make-up cannot be compared to wearing jewelry or hanging a painting on your wall.

  • Ash

    At @von, are you kidding? The cosmetic industry is very well regulated. Be careful using anecdotal evidence as proof that makeup makes your skin dull. Not everyone has naturally luminous skin, which may be why they enhance it with makeup in the first place.

  • Melissa

    This is an expensive mascara ($30) but the Chanel imitable mascara in black or brown, is the best for me. I wore maybelline in the past, which is a good product, but now I don’t even think about maybelline. It helped my lashes grow. I get compliments from men and women about my lashes. I add two to three layers without it clumping. Stop by the Chanel counter and see if they give you a sample to carry in your purses. Enjoy ladies!

  • Pseudonym

    Weird. I had a short stint of wearing makeup daily in high school after buying foundation for a dance (was amazed and pleased that it covered all my acne scars). Within a couple months I stopped wearing it bc my skin had cleared up.

    In terms of long term affects, we have seen generations of women live and die of old age while wearing cosmetics with no complications (they’ve been around for a long time!), so I don’t agree that we don’t know the long-term affects. We do. They appear to be minimal to none (of course w/ dependence on one’s skin allergies and sensitivities). I think the main reason some people’s skin goes to the dumps while they wear makeup everyday is that they don’t put energy into maintaining their skin care bc they can just cover it up. It’s like people who wear body-shaping clothes instead of actually exercising to get into a good shape that you can see with your clothes off. Or people who slap on weaves instead of deep conditioning and moisturizing their own tresses underneath.

  • Nyema

    I love Urban Decay’s lush lash mascara ($20). It really conditions and lengthens your lashes without clumping. I can’t live without this mascara!!! Oh and Benefits Its Real mascara is quite good too!

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  • cory


  • steffany

    i always wanted to know what the different shape mascaras do. there re so much out there!

  • http://Google Marilyn Keck

    I use Clinique. I am very happy with all of it. Can not use al lot of the different make ups. I lke Revlon’s lip sticks. They stay on.

  • Kathleen C-R

    I’ve used very high-end mascaras and drugstore varieties. Find something you are comfortable applying and warm the bottle in a glass of hot water before application. Best mascara tip I have ever received. My lashes always look great. :)

  • Toyee

    yesssss omgoodnesss maybeline falsies are the bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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