Uncle RuckasFrom The Grio – The Boondocks, the popular and polarizing comic strip turned Adult Swim TV series, may be coming to a theater near you — if its creator Aaron McGruder gets his way.

The outspoken artist is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a feature film based on the show’s most controversial character: the self-hating black man, Uncle Ruckus.

Kickstarter is a private for-profit company which helps creative artists fund their projects through public donations.

“If you do know who Uncle Ruckus is, you either really love him or really hate him. But if you’ve made it this far, you probably love him like we do. This is your movie,” reads McGruder’s Kickstarter promo.

The page comes complete with a video which shows an actor, largely in silhouette, who resembles Ruckus, waving a Confederate flag in slow motion.

The Ruckus character infamously insists he has “reverse vitiligo” to explain his dark complexion and frequently rails against beloved African-American figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. and President Barack Obama.

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  • Malik Hemmans

    Uncle Ruckus (no relation) yes I’m very excited

  • ASK_ME

    Out of all the characters in this series he picked the most self-hating/ignorant to build a movie around…yet you’re excited???

    Go look at the race of the people donating to his cause. Most of them don’t look like you.

  • Prissy1

    I love Uncle Ruckus. He says what most of us educated negros are thinking. Yes, I went there. Can’t wait!

  • Blue

    I guess I’m one of the few black folk to watch Boondocks. I mean I read the comic years before it went to TV. It was actually intelligent but as soon as it hit mainstream it got plain ignorant. Sure it makes fun of the stereotypes black culture but the people who watch this show are the ones that are the “inspiration” for the show. They don’t even realized they are being made fun of. Maybe I take myself too seriously to get into this show but I for one won’t be watching the movie.

  • Blue

    Opps I meant to say “few black folks who DON”T watch boondocks”

  • jessi

    it’s just a show. most people love to hate uncle ruckus. have a coke and a smile. it’s just entertainment. Most of us already know what it is…..

  • http://gravatar.com/deechagirl mypointiz…

    I don’t like Aaron McGruder and I can’t stand his show.

    So nope, I won’t be seeing that mess.


  • gmarie

    I watched Boondocks on occasion (so this may have already been touched on) Wouldn’t mind seeimg more explaination on How Uncle Ruckus came into his current views. Like his story from childhood if possible

  • http://tontonmichel.tumblr.com/ Tonton Michel

    Looking forward to this, I don’t see why anyone would be upset with this character, he has so much in common with some of these commentators on this site. It would be fun to see them represented on screen, if you ask_me sweetie.

  • politicallyincorrect

    So you think white people smell like fresh fruit and you were born white but you get darker and darker every year?

    Are you educated or you just took some classes?

  • Prissy1


    With a name like politically incorrect, I’m surprised you’re even asking me these questions.

    I’m not saying EVERYTHING Ruckus says is the gospel, but he does make some valid points on things.

    Yes, I am indeed educated.

  • Prissy1

    I don’t seriously think that the “people he is making fun of” watch or better yet, even know about the show.

  • student

    You dont get it,
    Out of all the characters Uncle Ruckus is BY FAR the funniest. Don’t assume black folk don’t have a sense of humor.

  • politicallyincorrect

    And this is exactly why I don’t like this idea, Ruckus was supposed to be satire but you even negros talking about Uncle Ruckus is right. Imagine what the non black audience is saying

  • student

    Duh. That’s why it’s damn funny.

  • ASK_ME


    No, you don’t get it. There is a difference between someone laughing with you…and someone laughing at you.

    Given the demographics of Aaron’s audience I’ll let you determine which one SHOULD concern you.

  • Prissy1

    What they’ve already been saying. Uncle Ruckus does make some points about the black race. We are not perfect. I mean I do feel there are some real Ruckus’ in our race, but keep in mind I said Ruckus has SOME valid points. Keyword is some.

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/POCBeauty/ KissOfDanger

    It’s funny how the Boondocks was okay when we we’re watching it, but now that the world is watching we have a problem. The same thing happened with Tyler Perry. Don’t front we like ratchedness from time to time. Kudos to brother Aaron, but I’m broke and I will not be donating. No shame in my game.

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/POCBeauty/ KissOfDanger

    BTW. Where is season 4 of The Boondocks?

  • http://defendingmoney.wordpress.com Marketing Gimmicks

    Aaron McGruder is a genius and the Boondocks had me in stitches from the beginning. The Uncle Ruckus character is as ratchet as they come but damn if that character don’t tickle my funny bone.

  • student

    @ASK_ME I’m sick and tired of worrying about what white people think. I will laugh at the funny joke, and keep on living.

  • leelah

    because? it’s on PBS?

  • Jaz

    Uncle Ruckus is in a theatre near me… In Django Unchained. Am I the only one who thinks Tarentino watched a little Boondocks before creating Samuel L. Jackson’s character?

  • Kam

    I agree ASK_ME. It’s disappointing to see when people are so complacent about it.

  • mr.vicious

    student…thk u

  • http://gravatar.com/mimiandy1683 MimiLuvs

    If I had an obnoxious boat horn and some confetti, I would blow the horn and throw the confetti at you!

  • Chillyroad

    Uncle Ruckus needs to talk about those uninspiring Africans who are lazy and have terrible food. Perhaps they can have the movie set in Switzerland.

  • http://melodymoose.deviantart.com/ Catpopstar

    Isn’t he basically our media in general? i think a movie would be redundant.

  • http://tontonmichel.tumblr.com/ Tonton Michel

    Makes sense, he can also talk about the need for stop and frisk rule to control the lazy black.

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