WSHHIf you’re in a tense situation and someone yells “World Star,” you should probably seek cover. Those two words have become a sort of warning shot for a generation steeped in violent media, and with new amateur videos of fistfights going up every day, the site that spurred the phrase shows no signs of slowing down.

WorldStarHipHop is a website that has become infamous for featuring surreptitiously-filmed violent altercations, but last week they wound up in hot water for hosting a video that Newark mayor Cory Booker called a “human tragedy.”

The grainy footage, taken in August, shows a young man being stripped naked by three men on a New Jersey street and whipped with a belt. One of the attackers has claimed the cause of the beating is a $20 debt owed by the boy’s father before ordering him to say, “dog-eat-dog world.”

With the incident quickly going viral on WorldStar and other social media platforms, the three men suspected in the beating were soon arrested and charged with aggravated assault, conspiracy, possession of a weapon, and robbery after allegedly stealing $20 from the victim.

“We do not tolerate this viciousness. We do not tolerate this kind of evil in our community,” Booker said in a press conference. He called the incident a “blow to the conscious of our community,” pointing to a “subculture of violence we have to address.”

Dr. David Wall Rice, professor of psychology at Morehouse College believes the bombardment of violent content into traditional media spaces is definitely cause for alarm.

“What we’re really doing is integrating grotesque violence into the everyday norm,” says Rice. “When it comes to young people, developing and learning how to be in the world, these are the cues they’re picking up.”

While Rice admits that instruction from home is the foremost influence, he also argues that the immediacy and constant presence of digital media make violent content that much more powerful.

“These things are in your face, in your ears constantly without sensible examples to moderate them,” he says. “You may think it’s harmless entertainment but there is nothing healthy about seeing a young kid stripped down and hit with a belt. Ultimately, it has the capacity to desensitize those who watch it.”

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  • Liz

    why are we condemning the broadcast medium and not the behavior?

  • alldawg

    i agree, dont shoot the messenger..

  • OK

    Love seeing hoodrats beat the hell out of each other. These videos have pretty much shut down all the black women who use to claim that black women weren’t more overly agressive and violent than other races of women.

  • Ask_ME

    Obviously your dumbarse didn’t bother to read the post. There weren’t any “hoodrats” involved in this incident. Instead it involved your aggressive/regressive black brothers.

  • Val

    I bet tons of White people come Clutch just to read the comments so they can see all the self-hatred and laugh their azzes off.

  • E.M.S.

    That website is a cesspool for ignorance & hate. I wish it would just disappear.

  • Tonton Michel

    So there blaming world star for people’s behavior? As if they stopped showing these videos the people would stop commiting. These acts? Despite the fact that the video may have led to the arrest? Oh well.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    true, but one day soon we gonna turn that hate around…that’s what whitey is really checking for

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “why are we condemning the broadcast medium and not the behavior?”

    the medium is the message…

  • KGA25

    Bossip needs to go as well.

  • Guess

    Clutch is fairly civil. I think they really get their jollies over at Bossip…

  • Guess

    Couldn’t agree more.

  • Kacey

    Besides being dangerous degenerates who lack good sense and a moral compass, these people are just not too bright! Law enforcement is now trolling video and image-sharing sites looking for criminal activity. You would think after several of these cases have made it to the news media, that the people inclined to upload them will stop it, but they just keep uploading! They should change the name from WorldStar to WorldsDumbest!

  • Come On

    Lol. You’re so stupid.

  • Come On

    I’m torn on this one. These websites are a great way to lock people up, but I feel as if the existence of these websites actually encourage people to do this kind of stuff even more than usual. They know they’ll get millions of views. I think people who post these videos for entertainment purposes should also get in trouble.

  • Cha Cha

    Exactly, it eggs on that type of behavior and violence. It might help catch criminals in some cases, but I can’t ignore the rest.

    I have unfriended people on Facebook who post those videos. Those type of videos remind me of the disturbing scene from Django Unchained, except in the case of wshh no white man is forcing them to do it.

  • Pseudonym

    I actually think it would. Having seen random videos here and there, it’s not simply a fight breaking out and someone turning their phone on video. People have started getting into fights with the sole intention of posting in on the Internet. They will be taped from the initial confrontation, so you can tell it’s a set up for the camera.

  • BoutDatLove

    World star hiphop is terrible, it even promotes pedophilia. It is really a disgusting site and it upsets me to see black people disrespecting & treating each other in these kinds of ways.

  • Tonton Michel

    Yes world star attracts people who look for attention but it’s not the cause of people’s screwed up behavior.

  • Kam

    To OK, What do you think these videos show about Black men? Don’t let your hate blind you.

  • YeahRight2011

    Don’t assume every black person puts the same high premium on white opinion as you do Val.

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