I’ve never been the type to use the term “black love”,  but in the case of Norma and Norman Burmah, they have some serious love going on. Norma and Norman have been married for 82 years, and their names go perfectly together. They exchanged vows on January 26, 1931, making them the longest living married couple in the United States.  Norma is the youngest  of the pair and turns 100 on July 4, 2013. Norman is 102. The Burmahs have two children, six grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

“We knew our grandparents were Louisiana’s longest married couple and were pretty sure they were the longest living African-American couple in the United States, but the fact that they could be the country’s longest living married couple is just phenomenal,” granddaughter Glenda McKinley said in a statement. “We see them as our national treasure.”

The Burmahs have seen history unfold right before their eyes. They’ve been together through the Great Depression, World War II and more recently, they survived Hurricane Katrina.

Last year the Burmahs were inducted into the Louisiana Family Forum’s Marriage Hall of Fame as Lousiana’s longest living married couple. “The lasting and loving relationship of Norman and Norma serves as a great example to all who value the institution of marriage,” said Governor Bobby Jindal.


  • gsutiger

    How lovely. I wish them many more years.

  • myblackfriendsays

    Very cool (:

  • Erin B.


  • LadyP

    This story made my heart melt. I would love to have a conversation with Mrs. Burmah. I wonder what her best advice would be. More than likely she’ll say, “just pray baby, just pray.”

    And To God Be the Glory, they survived Katrina. Thanks for sharing Clutch– now I just want to give my husband a big ol’ kiss and a tight hug! This story (their life) is simply beautiful!

  • TajMarie

    Tyrese and Rev Run, here are the “real” experts. Instead of giving notes to Black Women, perhaps you (yourselves) should be taking notes from people like the Burmahs who know BETTER than you.

  • Zee

    This is beautiful. I would have liked to read about how they met and how they maintian their marriage.

  • Marisa

    Now these two should be relationship experts not the multi relationship failures doling out advice. With their history I’ve sure they have been through it all the highs all the lows and then some. Probably got a plethora of real life experience to learn from.

  • Chillyroad

    To be fair Rev Run is married and he may, God willing, have a long and lasting one. I’d imagine what makes one marriage work makes them all work. Time will tell.

  • binks

    wow, great story. Marriage is not easy but if you can get those years under your belt and still be in love that is something to be celebrated!

  • pinklipstick227

    I find their story to be incredibly inspiring. Congratulations to them!

  • pinklipstick227

    I know this has absolutely nothing to do with the article but I just wanted to thank you for teaching me how to apply makeup. I have been subscribing to your videos since I was in high school, and haven’t looked back since. I frequently receive compliments from colleagues at work and other students on campus.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Anthony

    Congratulations to the Burmahs!

  • http://Clutch SL

    Wow..82yrs….amazing and congratulations!

  • london via africa

    i don’t want to be negative but the Rev is on his second marriage.

  • Starla

    I couldn’t do it, but it’s wonderful to know someone else did it. Beautiful couple and I love how their names are practically the same.

  • MommieDearest

    This makes my heart smile.

  • Tonton Michel

    This is true.

  • Faye

    damn this makes me smile.

  • Niesha Gourdine


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