Am I missing something? Instead of hiring the black models who were glaringly absent from the Fashion Week runway and rarely appear in global campaigns, Numéro Magazine chose a white 16 year-old girl for their “African Queen” editorial whose face they painted bronze.

According to Jezebel:

Here’s 16-year-old white model Ondria Hardin; she’s doused in a very deep bronze in an editorial for Numéro magazine called “African Queen”. Ugh. Foudre makes the excellent point/sums it up with, “why hire a black model when you could just paint a white one!”

And to add insult to injury, several black models are signed to the very agency that represents Ondria Hardin yet they were passed over for a shoot that purports to acknowledge African culture.

It’s egregious that instead of just hiring a black model, a magazine could be willing to go to the extreme of painting a white model darker and dressing her in printed clothing and bold jewelry to channel a “African queen.” The result is almost a mockery of blackness instead of a true celebration of it.


  • Misty

    :) Right on “to preserve life”. I like how you think—your entire comment.

    And no stress here on the thumbs down. I have a thick skin. It’s just sad that there is little open-mindedness sometimes, that some blacks are so stuck on fighting, defending their honor, being wronged AT EVERY TURN. This matter is not that deep!

  • Nakia

    That would be a question had they left her white. That was clearly not their focus or they would not have PAINTED HER BROWN.

  • Nakia

    that’s what y’all have African Americans for! lol
    no, seriously, when you are in a society where you are actually a numerical minority and constantly reminded of it and the discrimination that comes of it, even the little things become big in the struggle. so, hundreds of years later, from within that environment, we get in our feelings, cause you can’t give an inch…It’s not like we’re out marching over it, but we are having a conversation about it. And also, african women in africa don’t own blackness and this is about being black, more so than african.

  • http://smith linda

    What is the problem? They said African Queen not Africa Slave.
    African Americans have a problem with history I guess.

  • rease69

    Your right, we do have a problem with history. Especially with our lack of depiction in it other than slavery (wich is obviously true because thats your brains first inpulse to the mere thought of African Americans(ie muscle memory)). Furthermore its hard as a father to encourage your daughter that she is beautiful despite what anyone says when it seem EVERYONE depicts beauty as being the exact opposite of her (even if it is painted over). For a moment reverse the role and thing about it for at least 5 complete min from an objective perspective.

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