Would You Try Extreme Hair Color?

by Kweli I. Wright

Hair Color

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 9.30.35 AMColor is the latest accessory for your hair and some of our favorite ladies are taking the plunge in a major way. Don’t go for the drugstore spray and messy markers, it’s best to ask a colorist to help you with the process or if you’re doing it at home, get your best girly to help.

And it’s not just a light brown shade or a dash of pink that’s happening right about now, it’s deep jewel tones like emerald-green and regal purple. We spotted deep copper toned hair and royal blue accented tresses on the runway during New York Fashion Week.

Teen Vogue’s Beauty & Health Director Elaine Welteroth went glorious green a few weeks ago.

“Mission green hair is underway! Via @auracolorist. (Don’t worry, friends! It won’t be quite this bright ;-) #nyfw #beautyprep #goinggreen”

Lifestyle & Beauty Vlog Entrepreneur Taren Guy brought on her purple reign. She used a semi-permanent rinse by Manic Panic called Purple Haze. You can watch her video about the process by checking out her YouTube channel.

“Purple hair on the way! * #naturalhair #ManicPanic #purplefro”

  • sugar.

    looks like fun! but because of my work environment, i cant.

  • Apple

    If I had the hair for it but it would probably fall out if I tried

  • silkynaps

    I think my natural hair is light enough that I could try a spray-on, mousse or something to temporarily change the color of my hair to something fun and vibrant like pink, purple, or gold for a party.

    However, if the color didn’t take, forget it. I’m all about keeping my strands chemical-free; so, I’d never use peroxide, ammonia, or any type of permanent color. Especially, not a crayon color.

  • mikey kun

    I love this last year I dyed my whole dark blue it was cool for awhile

  • Blue

    I did back in the day before anyone ever heard of Nicki Minaj & I was a weirdo for being a black female with bright colored streaks of blue in her hair. Asked me if I cared at the time. Now…i don’t think so. Not for me & I don’t like looking like everyone else.

  • Kay

    I don’t know if I could. I am thinking about going lighter, but that’s about it. I just don’t think it would look nice on me. Some women can really carry it off though.

  • MommieDearest

    As a woman in my LATE 40′s I have to say No. I would look ridiculous.

    I’ll leave the extreme hair color adventures to the youngin’s. Have fun! ;-)

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    I’ am not very bold when it comes to hair color, I would be cool to rock for a summer especially that dye purple color Taren has in that picture but I don’t think my natural hair color would do it any justice. Who knows, maybe I do some highlights with it and not an allover dye job.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ayasha.mims Ayasha Letrice Mims

    I used to have fuschia bangs for a brief period of time and I would often sport wigs blue and purple streaks. My job is a little more conservative now so I have to settle for burgundy marley twists.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nieshag Niesha Gourdine

    Love her hair!!!!

  • http://gravatar.com/chanela17 chanela17

    notice how everyone in the pictures are light skinned. smh where the darker women with colored hair at!?

    and where do these chicks work at where they can have hair like that? hell you can’t even have colorful hair at mcdonalds or a movie theater.

  • http://www.colorfulcuties.tumblr.com maria

    1. Elaine Welteroth is a fashion editor so she can wear her hair however she wants and still be an icon.Taren Guy was very strategic about her hair color. It looks auburn indoors and the purple is only vibrant outside http://youtu.be/xYGU0LQNFQ0

    2.Skintone has nothing to do with it! I can assure you, colorful hair looks stunning girls with dark skin too. If you doubt me, you can check out my blog, colorfulcuties.tumblr,com. It’s for all people of color but if you just want to see darker complexions go to “/tagged/s a”

  • Lala

    Two words Destiny Godley. Youtube her, gorgeous darker skinned woman, she has gone blonde, pink, purple, green, blue and is currently rocking red hair.

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