A “Girlfriends” Movie? Yes, Please

by Evette Dionne

6th Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Awards Luncheon - ArrivalsRob Thomas, the creator of Veronica Mars, launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring the defunct series to the silver screen. He used the high demand from fans to reach $2 million in donations in 12 hours. Thomas’ triumph is inspiring other show creators to consider a similar crowd-source funding campaign.

Mara Brock Akil, the creator of Girlfriends is pondering a Kickstarter campaign to bring Joan, Lynn, Maya and Toni may to the silver screen as well.

She tweeted:

Girlfriends tweet

All of the actresses appear to be on board. The foursome posed at the Essence: Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon last month and Tracee Ellis-Ross, Joan Clayton, has expressed interest in bringing “Girlfriends” to the theater.

“I would love to do a ‘Girlfriends’ movie. I want to see Joan get married,” Ellis-Ross said to Sister 2 Sister Magazine in 2011. “I want Toni and Joan to find their friendship back again. I want that closure, and I think a movie would be a great way to do it.”

Ellis-Ross also asked fans to demand “Girlfriends” in order for movie studios to fund the project.

“I think the fans have to ask for it,” Ellis-Ross told Wendy Williams during a 2012 appearance.

But as Shadow & Act points out, it’s not as simple as it seems.

“Girlfriends averaged around 4 million viewers in its early seasons, and ended with around 2 million viewers before it went off the sir. So its fan-base is really just about the same size as the Veronica Mars fan-base. The question of course it whether fans of Girlfriends want to see a feature film based on the TV series, and its characters…”

The answer has not been determined. But if you want to see a “Girlfriends” movie, follow Mara on Twitter and tweet your interest. And like the Akil Productions Facebook page.

Let’s make it happen!

  • ChaCha1

    It’s funny because just yesterday I was thinking “What they made Girlfriends as a movie?”. I’d like to see that. I was a big fan of Girlfriends, but the way it ended was kind of…eh.

  • dee


  • JRW

    ‘Girlfriends’ movie?? 3 words, TAKE MY MONEY!!!

  • Jaslene

    Girlfriends was never that good to me. It had some great moments but the storyline always seemed off and incomplete.

  • http://gravatar.com/beejcee beejcee

    I would donate to the cause IF we have the same actors playing the main characters. I don’t want any replacements!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/yasmeen.regina Yasmeen Regina Parsley

    The show was ok. Not sure if it’s a “silver screen” kind of thing, but I’d watch it.

  • Blue

    I’ll admit. I’d watch it. But they have to keep the original cast members.

  • yr

    Yes, I will support this! I think the movie will do well with the original cast members. I miss “Girlfriends”. In my opinion, it was a great representation of black women from diverse backgrounds. Also, a true reality of sisterhood was portrayed as well.

  • http://twitter.com/Author_JGail J. Gail (@Author_JGail)

    Yes, I will support it. Do it Mara, and please bring back the same writers from the early seasons!

  • Miranda

    I love Girlfriends and yes I will definitely watch

  • Blaque217

    I’d love to see it come to the Big Screen! I think Girlfriends was one of the best African American sit-coms of all time.

  • Nadell

    Yesss! But ONLY if the original cast is used. No Jill Marie Jones aka Toni Childs in the film I don’t want it…

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    I wouldn’t mind seeing it but as others said with the original cast and a great script. I must admit I stopped watching Girlfriends a bit once the original cast was changed but I would love to see a proper conclusion for all the characters and see them come together again.

  • Keshia

    Umm please!! :crosses fingers: I loved this show when the original four women were apart of it. The show was never given a proper ending and I think a movie would be great!! I miss this show too much

  • au napptural

    I see a lot of people saying I would watch that movie- the question was were you going to donate to make it happen! I, for one, will. Girlfriends is one of my all time faves and I can’t wait for the movie. I’m excited that Jill Marie Jones is on board. The show wasn’t nearly as good without her.

  • Owlman5678

    i would enjoy a movie by these lovely ladies.

  • Ashley.

    As long as BET ain’t involved in nan way… *side eyes The Game*

  • Nic

    Jill’s makeup is nice but why is she wearing a muumuu? No one with her body should be wearing that mess…

  • Mademoiselle


  • Harris

    How about bring the show back? I’m tired of the reality shows I miss shows such as Girlfriends, SATC, etc. I would like a Girlfriends movie but I would for the show to come back. I watch it on Centric as if they’re new episodes.

  • Medusa

    I liked the show a lot, but I respect your opinion. I even got my ex into it; he thought Maya was hot… lol (I agree)

  • Guest

    Even if you don’t like Girlfriends, please let other black women who do be great and enthusiastically donate to the cause. I really hope the sisters who may have disliked the show don’t start going on social media rants to try to convince people NOT to support it for this or that reason. That’s why we have such a hard time launching these types of things (for us, by us) there are always some strong dissenting voices holding it back. Some people probably really hate that Veronica Mars show, but it was successful regardless.

  • JRoc85

    I would LOVE to see a Girlfriends movie, but instead of hosting this internet fundraiser to fund the film, how about shopping the idea around to major film production companies so the Girlfriends project can be done properly (like Lionsgate, Paramount, Universal Pictures, etc…)!!!! Great idea, Mara.

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