Baby Born With AIDS Virus Appears To Have Been Cured

by Yesha Callahan

Baby Born With AIDS Virus Appears To Have Been Cured- Clutch Magazine

Sunday, scientists announced that a baby born with the AIDS virus appears to have been cured. The two and a half-year old, from Mississippi, has been medication free for a year without any signs of infection.  The baby’s mother didn’t receive any prenatal care during her pregnancy. Once rapid HIV test detected the baby’s positive status. Usually a baby is given a low-dose of HIV medication, but the rural hospital wasn’t equipped with the dosage. The baby was then sent to another medical center where she received higher treatment doses. The child responded well through age 18 months, when the family temporarily quit returning and stopped treatment, researchers said. When they returned several months later, remarkably, Gay’s standard tests detected no virus in the child’s blood.

“You could call this about as close to a cure, if not a cure, that we’ve seen,” Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health, who is familiar with the findings, told The Associated Press.

If the child remains healthy, it would mark only the world’s second reported cure. Specialists say it offers promising clues for more research to fight pediatric HIV. Doctors don’t usually give high-dose treatment right after birth, before first confirming that a newborn really is infected. Sunday’s announcement in Atlanta suggests doing so in this case wiped out HIV before it could form hideouts in the body that usually reinfect anyone who stops medication.

 According to CBS news:

A doctor gave this baby faster and stronger treatment than is usual, starting a three-drug infusion within 30 hours of birth. That was before tests confirmed the infant was infected and not just at risk from a mother whose HIV wasn’t diagnosed until she was in labor. “I just felt like this baby was at higher-than-normal risk, and deserved our best shot,” Dr. Hannah Gay, a pediatric HIV specialist at the University of Mississippi, said in an interview. That fast action apparently knocked out HIV in the baby’s blood before it could form hideouts in the body. Those so-called reservoirs of dormant cells usually rapidly reinfect anyone who stops medication, said Dr. Deborah Persaud of Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. She led the investigation that deemed the child “functionally cured,” meaning in long-term remission even if all traces of the virus haven’t been completely eradicated. Next, Persaud’s team is planning a study to try to prove that, with more aggressive treatment of other high-risk babies. “Maybe we’ll be able to block this reservoir seeding,” Persaud said.


What are your thoughts on this new finding?

  • Bells&Whistles

    A child has been given a chance at life. God is good. Thanks, Clutch, this news is a great kick off to my week!

  • Me

    You mean science and the dedicated researchers are good.

  • Sasha

    Religion/ God and science are not mutually exclusive. I see you on these articles, trolling comments that mention God or religion and it’s old, give it a rest. And I’m not calling you s troll because I disagree with you, I can disagree with commenters and not regard them as trolls, however you are a troll because you do not offer any dialogue relative to the article at hand. Your sole purpose in comments is to derail and be combative. We get it and it’s old, give it a rest.

  • J. Nicole

    This is great to hear, but I’d like to know more about the family, specifically why this baby was chosen and what made the doctors use a more aggressive treatment. I’ve been trying to see if this was something these doctors were anticipating, or if it was on a whim & if this has been done by that facility since then.

  • seritatheresa gmail

    Both are good. a non compliant patient with no prenatal care delivered her child where there were good dedicated staff. She continued to be non compliant and not take the baby in for 3 months. Because of that other babies born with HIV now have a fighting chance.

  • Me

    I don’t troll articles, especially not ones about religion. Religion is the furthest from my mind. I think the article was self-explanatory in that something great has come about from the tireless doctors and researchers around the country.

  • Me

    Because all black people have to believe in God…

  • seritatheresa gmail

    The baby wasn’t chosen. The mother had no treatment. When that happens the hospital runs a lot of tests prior to delivery. They sent her to this doctor whos a specialist. When you suspect a patient will be noncompliant you go hard. My old boss’s words not mine

  • The Moon in the Sky

    ‘God’ is so good that ‘He’ allows everyone else who has AIDS to not be cured.

  • Ash

    What I read was that because no one knew the mother was HIV pos until she had already gone into labor, the hospital didn’t have the usually treatment for infants on hand, so they made due and gave her a dose used for adults with more advanced HIV.

  • Sasha

    Of course all Black people don’t have to be religious. I don’t beieve that and those words have never come out of my mouth. Every person is free to believe what they want to believe I just felt that your comment and other comments you make are irrelevant to the topic at hand and trollish in nature.

  • J. Nicole

    The baby was sent to another hospital since the initial rural one did not have medication. That hospital then administered the treatment since it had the medication, making it safe to say they have had similar patients. But they then gave this baby a more aggressive treatment; I’d say that translates into choosing to give this baby more than what is usually given.

    The dr. was quoted as saying the baby “deserved our best shot” for being at higher risk, but the circumstances unfortunaty are not uncommon. I’m sure other babies were born under the same condition, so again I wonder what factors were considered in making that choice.

  • Ms. Vee

    @ Me I Completely agree. Let’s give credit where credit is due. Its not to some mystical man in the sky.

  • Tonton Michel

    I’m happy the child is okay and wish the best for him or her. Everyone wins.

  • seritatheresa

    I worked at the same hospital of horrors I delivered my son in and they would have just given this baby the recommended dose of antivirals and sent them on their way. I remember a young woman with advanced AIDS being allowed to lay in a bed of feces and blood because the well paid nurses weren’t “gon take that shit home” with them. I am a human and so was that patient so I suited up, broke the law and removed the IV and cleaned her up. The “fighting chance” comment was in relation to the mother’s non-compliance. They were anticipating advanced HIV and continued non-compliance in the mother. It seems to me like they are working not to bad-mouth the mother. But the “treatment gap” you are referring to speaks to the quality (lack of) of HIV care in Mississippi. Most of the HIV cases here go untreated due to there not being professionals like Dr. Gay available to treat them. So call it luck, the Force, God, or chance but this child is fortunate that the right people, with the right knowledge, who cared were in place. I created a map of HIV in Mississippi. The places with the most HIV have the least access to care.

  • seritatheresa

    I’m not arguing with you. I’ve seen so much working down here. I’m so bothered by uncaring medical “prfessionals” and non-compliant mothers. This was such a victory to me.

  • Pat

    Even with the science, Dr. Hannah still had to step out on faith or go with her instincts to make that medical to provide the baby with faster and stronger treatments.

    This is miracle and I am so happy this baby is doing fine. Hopefully, it is a start to a cure for more infants. Great news!

  • Pat

    medical decision..

  • seritatheresa

    The mother was undiagnosed, pregnant, and had received no prenatal care all indicators of advanced HIV infection. They sent her 100 miles away to UMC and that’s where Dr. Gay, suspecting that this mother would be non-compliant, administered the higher doses of drugs. After the mother had not returned for treatment for 5 months they sent child protective svcs. and the Health dept. after her and when the baby was nearly 1 they found her. They tester her and the viral load was nearly undetectable.

  • LadyT

    Please change the headline of this article. It’s not the “AIDS Virus.” HIV is the virus that is transmitted among people which can then progress into AIDS.

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