King Bey

Beyoncé just released an elbow-throwing, grimy ode to all her haters. Did it also confuse you? Here. Let me explain, but first listen to this.

Now read …

A long time ago on a blog far away, I was an entertainment reporter writing about the local scene in Bakersfield. My page was typically frequented by good-natured fun lovers just wanting to know what the hottest beer hole was and theater geeks furiously looking for their own name in my play reviews. It also had trolls. So. Many. Trolls. But my trolls weren’t just my trolls. In fact, it was all the work of one troll who was actually a fan of mine (BRAAAAM, YOU’VE BEEN INCEPTION’ED.)

This love/hate troll, who openly hated on my musical tastes, called me a “slut” for sharing the world’s most innocent kiss with an actor at a wrap party, and seemed really obsessed with calling me stupid and was very busy, as he trolled pretty much every blog at The Bakersfield Californian. He was pretty awful and in his love note/hate email to me he apologized for being a douche, admitted to loving my writing, but hating the writing of another writer he’d harassed so badly her police officer husband would have given anything to know who he was.

Unfortunately, shortly after he revealed himself to me (rookie move, troll) our servers crashed and I lost all my old emails. Lena’s* husband was never going to get that sweet Kern County justice on that weirdo.

I say all this because even then, in my 20s, I knew not to feed the trolls. I’d been bullied for most of my youth and knew that the minute you showed any cracks in your facade the bullying got worse. By the time I was working at The Californian I was either openly mocking the trolls in my comments, baiting them or ignoring them altogether. I mean, I got a troll to reveal himself to me as a fan. As a proud narcissist, this didn’t make me stop blogging/baiting at all.

I’ve since stopped baiting and now I’m on full-time ignore with no time for the dramz. Troll away. I’ll just go back to pre-approving comments and continue sleeping peacefully at night.

Still, if anyone tells you words don’t hurt they are lying. Words often hurt much deeper and for much longer than a fist to the face. After all, your face will eventually heal. You’ll be thinking forever about that time in the 8th grade when Vickie Barretti* tried to say you had chapped lips and they were “nasty” looking and how at least her friend who-the-hell-remembers-her-name had lipstick and how when you gave her the gas face she shouted “Oh my God! Are you crying!” Even though you weren’t crying.

You don’t do that anymore. Dumb broad.

She still told everyone I cried anyway. Haters. I swear. But yeah. Forever. Words.

But what does this have to do with Beyoncé?

In her documentary she admitted that she is often tempted to look at what kind of response she is getting on the Internet. This makes sense as Beyoncé is an approval-seeking, Try-Hard. (It takes one to know one as I am also the same.) Approval-seeking, try-hards are usually really talented but had at least one parent who seemed or in her case, was on purpose, emotionally withholding. This creates a void and if you’re talented and competitive you become obsessed with winning Daddy’s love or the world’s love or someone’s love. Like me! Really like me!

By design, even if they are “cool” in their career approval-seeking, try-hards are not “cool” in the hip, popular, socks never slid, traditional sense. Beyoncé, when not rocking a onesie and dropping it like it’s hot, is a massive goof nugget and possible musical kid dork.


But it means you can probably make her feel bad. Hence Beyonce’s “Eff u” stance on “Bow Down” is like that Valerie anecdote. In how I knew this chick was full of crap and likely her friend or someone else put her up. I’d cried before the week prior when another kid much more vicious than Valerie had gone in on me. But strangely, I don’t remember what happened that made me spend lunch crying underneath the bleachers, but I remember Valerie because she was “trolling.” She wanted to get that reaction out of me in the laziest way possible. My lips weren’t even chapped.

Classic … classic trollin’.

Yet, it stuck with me to this day.

Beyonce is dealing with an Internet-full of Valeries and as a try hard she’s tried hard to get her “haters” to shut up. But just like my gas face, it does little. You don’t feel any better afterwards. So you posture and you fake it and you go hard, go H.A.M., go Houston, but it just looks strange. Mostly because you’re rich and talented and beautiful and already extremely popular with large segments of the population. Everyone loving you is simply not possible.

But you don’t need to respond like you’re some third-rate, status-humping singles jockey. You don’t need to answer your haters. YOU KNOW THE OBAMAS. All messages to haters should come through the form of record sales and sold out tours. Stunts like this make you look shook and I know you can’t be shook. That’s not possible. Even if you are, you have to fake it. TRUST ME. I KNOW THESE THINGS.

And this can’t be about Keri Hilson. It just can’t. That’s old business. This song makes it look like it took you three years to think up a comeback to a diss that doesn’t even matter anymore because the only people who remember it are your stans who harassed Keri so much she took to Twitter and went all Michael Jackson, “Leave Me Alone.”

Also, Gaga already did this and she did it better.

But I understand. I truly understand. One Daddy’s girl/Try-Hard to another. Next time you get this overwhelming urge to shut up your haters, just go work on your new album or play with your kid or have Jay teach you how to rap or something. Don’t write a diss track and actually produce it and release it with a pageant girl photo of you in front of all your awards. Like, I’m ten-thousand celebrity rungs lower than you and the equivalent would be me responding to a troll with a lengthy post that’s just my biography with links to TV appearances and an hour-long video of me flicking my hair back and forth rapping Nas’ “Hate Me Now.”

So Beyoncé, girl. Ya crazy is showing (unless you want to finally let that out, but I don’t think you do. You’re kind of image conscious). Cram it back in. CRAM IT BACK IN.

That said. Hot track. Garbage lyrics, but great vocals and hot track.

Same goes for you, Gags.

* Not their names

  • AnnT

    Beyonce is definitely a try-hard. I don’t knock her for that. Her Daddy was the less caring, male equivalent to Debbie Allen and she was gonna dance until she feet bled.

    But I think this song is about giving her BeeHive ammunition. Beyonce doesn’t handle any dirty work herself. She leaves it up to the (literal and figurative) plebeians to get their hands dirty for her.

    This song came out of nowhere, but her most devout stans won’t question the origins of its existence. All this song does is get the Gremlins wet so they can reproduce, and keep churning out the thumb thugging craziness.

  • ehiamour

    I agree wholeheartedly, the song is great but the lyrics are filthy! I knew she wasn’t oblivious to her haters but come on, you are BEYONCE. By default you are amazing lol so why do this?

  • J. Nicole of UrbanExpressive

    Wow, I turned it off after a minute; the lyrics are really bad. I think she makes songs for a certain crowd (teenage girls, young catty gay guys in ATL-not that there’s anything wrong with that).

    I don’t follow her bio so I can’t agree or disagree with the description of her in the post, but it says a lot about our society that no matter who you are; a successful singer or a new blogger, there will be miserable people who simply do not like you because you are doing what they can’t or won’t do. Even though I have an “I don’t care attitude” I still approve or dent comments to my blog. I don’t necessarily agree its about controlling an image but more like “This is my sh*t, and if I don’t want your comment here, too bad”. Sometimes its better to just not even acknowledge the stupidity because these miserable people cannot be reasoned with and its just giving them more fuel to keep going.

    Sidenote: whoever convinced her putting an adolescent picture as the cover of a song where you’re conveying your inner badass is just wrong on so many levels

  • Sasha

    Ms. Belton you’ve been on a roll lately, another great post!! I’m a little slow here, someone please fill me in on what the situation between Keri and Beyonce.

  • Kendall

    It’s a fun cocky song that she recorded about a year ago.

    Its not that serious, but as soon as I heard it I imagined the long-winded analysis / thesis paper about her life, character, etc. Written by some random transparent blogger. And not just any bloggers, no ESPECIALLY the ones who have dogged her in the pass.

    And knowing about this site and you guys “opinions” of her y’all really didn’t disappoint. Predictable.

    It’s about to be #BeySeason tho.
    I really you girls are ready!!!!

  • Lola Zabeth

    I have yet to listen to the song, but I have read quite a few posts/articles about it and this is by far the most compelling. Great style–love your voice, well done!

  • The Moon in the Sky

    It’s so strange to me how nowadays the opposite of ‘like’ isn’t ‘dislike’ anymore, but ‘hater’.

    As far as the song – It’s for Beyonce’s most ‘urban’ fans.

  • Guest1234

    LMAO @ “get the Gremlins wet.” I was seriously regretting clicking on YET ANOTHER Beyonce post. But that was damn near worth it.

  • Curls&Swirls

    3 more thumbs up (& a tweet) since we can only click the thumb up/down button once

  • Sasha

    It is indeed strange and slightly disturbing. I believe it’s a word/ phrase people use to feel self-important and above average. I do not use that word and live a relatively simple life, there’s no need for me to use that word because I’m quite comfortable with myself. It’s also surprising to me how many adults use that term because it is a truly childish thing to say and even worse to believe that one actually has “haters”.

  • Orange Starr Happy Hunting

    Sasha so glad you have never experienced real life hate but unfortunately it does exist, usually triggered and fueled by envy and insecurity along with some measure of admiration ironically. I do agree with you all in that the term is generally misused.

  • LN

    The title of this article is EVERYTHING! And this assessment is SPOT ON!
    While most people agree that, sonically, the track is hot. Everything else about it is a mess. Beyonce should be beyond this. She’s never sounded more insecure. Plus, in catering to trolls, she’s isolating her worldwide/global audience. People not in the world of RHOA/Basketball Wives type gossip/drama are going to be really confused about this.

  • Treece

    That’s what happens when you live in a society where everybody feels privileged and spoiled. If you don’t like me, you MUST be a hater and possibly jealous. If you dislike anything I do you must be a weakling who secretly wants to be me. People actually believe this garbage when 9 times out of 10 its simply not true. People are fickle and you can’t win everyone’s approval.

  • Eva

    So Beyonce can’t vent? Le sigh.

  • Sasha

    Thanks OSHH, I know exactly what you mean. In fact, I think the word “hater” is just shorthand for “I have people who dislike me/ are envious of me”. While I know envy is very real as well as insecurity, what bothers me is the default “oh you dislike me well you must be a hater”. It absolves anyone of thinking critically about why someone may dislike them and puts the problem on the other person when in fact the individual themself could very well be the problem. Maybe the have a nasty attitude or disposition or just possesses qualities that others find undesirable.

  • P

    I really didn’t understand the purpose of this new song. I think this article pretty much explained it well. Even with your career, your beauty, being married to the man of your dreams, having a beautiful daughter – it does seem as if you couldn’t care less what people say. Approval seeking is the only answer. She still needs something from others who do not directly impact her life. When I was younger, I was similar. I didn’t like for people to “group” me. For instance – don’t assume I’m a bad person because I’m not performing up to YOUR standards or made the wrong decisions (my decisions).

    You learn quickly to only concern yourselves with the people who are concern about you. Their words do hurt! Also I must admit – if I don’t feel as if the people who are in my circle don’t have my back or stand up for me in the midst of chaos. That hurts more than trolling ever could. I will tend to question their loyalty to me and how much they really care. I guess b/c I am very dedicated to my circle and will always support them. Other than that – it’s cool. You accept people will always have something negative to say or don’t agree (not necessary a hater – they just don’t like you). It is surprising that Bey has responded within this sense. I remember watching a VH1 documentary and she stated she never really had friends. So maybe her sensitivity stems from that timeframe in her life. . Sort of sad, though.

  • P

    Well said.

  • J. Nicole of UrbanExpressive

    So true! Seems like some people never take the time to consider that 1) They may not ne as great as they think or 2) Someone simply had an opinion that differs from theirs.

  • Treece

    I don’t like the song…at all. I think it is the total opposite of everything she has produced as an artist in years (albums) before and not in a good way. I have never been one of her biggest fans or stans but I do like an occasional Beyonce diddy every once in a while. This is like some “panic, let me hurry up and put something edgy out so I can stay current” BS. I don’t know agree with the arguement that she is trying to be a people pleaser and she let the trolls/”haters” (I hate the term “haters”) get to her too much. I mean, I gues that could be true and that her response is to try and come back at these folks (whoever they are) with a hood anthem that nothing but a bunch of ratchet ass under 21′s will be screaming from the tops of thier lungs at clubs. I dunno. Whatever the case she’s not handling very cool at all. She sounds angry and full of herself. A personality that she has never embodied before. Please leave that bull-ish to Nikki Minaj and the like. In trying to gain a new, younger audience I also think she’ll loose a lot of her base ( the ones who are her age, 30 and up) if she keeps this up.

  • Keshia

    I will now bow down to you, this comment was flawless

  • jac

    I was very entertained by your writing :)
    Well this song is so unnecessary for Beyonce. I guess she really is approval seeking, or really narcissistic. I agree with a lot of the comments I read and this does seem childish. So many people are self-important, and as soon as someone doesn’t like EVERYTHING about them they claim they have “haters” that are “making me famous”….sooo juvenile. But what more does Beyonce want? She has her family, they’ve got a sh*tload of money, she has had a very successful career…like what else does she need? Why does she care about the people that don’t like her public image when she has millions of fans? So silly.

  • P

    If you really think about it, what people think you’re “hating on” isn’t anything you cannot have yourself or obtain.

    So If you want Beyonce’ life or looks, then yes she has haters. If you don’t want her lifestyle, then really what is there to hate? Not just Bey- this goes for anyone who desiring another person’s life. Believe it or not—some people are truly content where they are. Haters is truly a term that has become outrageous and overused. It almost by stating “I have haters” is a self-endearment term to place yourself on a pedestal. Actually, when people choose to use that word, it brings a smile to my face because it’s funny.

    I agree with you both, Sasha and OSHH. Hate does exist which is envy. I also think it not that serious for some people.

  • Tia

    Dear Obama,
    Is this what you call a role model?

  • Kanyade

    And this article, is the benediction. I’ve been about the blogosphere putting in my two cents on this song and others’ responses to it. Well, I’m done. Ms. Belton sums it all up nicely. Thanks for the post.

  • GlowBelle

    Excellent comment! What happened to the whole different strokes, different folks mentality? Why has it become so ‘with me or against me’? I find myself backing away from discussions on just about anything nowadays simply because some people are just way too dramatic and feel like you are personally victimizing them if you don’t agree about their favorite cereal or pop star…it’s pretty dang silly if you ask me.

  • Simone L

    LMAOO!!! She got them wet AND fed them after midnight. No need to feed em.I loved the article. There will be trolls in your life, and they’ll either be tiny or golliath sized. They only get their power from the person they troll on.

  • Jay

    This situation reminds me of how POTUS buckled to the pressure of critics and produced a copy of his birth certificate even though he had been carefully vetted. Sometimes you feel the need to respond.

  • Kay

    I think Beyonce is a good singer. Not great, but talented. She has the potential to do some really great music, but I feel like she’s been stuck in this mold for so long, if she did do something really cool folks would be like 0_o. “Where’s the leotard Bey? Where’s the make-up and hair? Why aren’t shaking it to a bass line?” In a way, I understand. You’ve got to make that money and provide for yourself, but I did watch a little bit of that documentary, and she comes off as wanting to really go and do her own thing, but wanting to please people at the same time. Her public image is that of the popular girl at school who really wants to dump the jock and go out with the “nerd”, but she’s afraid everyone will stop liking her. As for this track, meh. I’ll pass. But yeah, I do think she may have father issues. I actually knew of the girl that used to be in the second incarnation of DC (she was from my old area) and according to her, he was kinda creepily obsessed with Bey’s career and NOT in a good way.

  • Dee

    While I’m not a Stan, there is something about this song that I kind of like. Bey has been quiet for 20+ years. I guess she felt it was time to respond to whoever. I don’t find it offensive, because hell, she ain’t talking to me. On another note, how is this any different from Ice Cube/West Side Connect’s Bow Down song? If she was a man, would it be this controversial?

  • kisa

    love this article

  • The Moon in the Sky

    “Hate does exist which is envy”

    Hate and envy are not one and the same.

  • LN

    Obama didn’t respond by screaming at Republicans to “Bow Down B*tches” so no, I don’t think the situations are similar.

    No one is saying you can’t address critics. This just is not the way — at all — to address them.

  • Alaia

    Agreed all around.

  • http://clutchmagazine blcknnblvuu

    I hope she doesn’t let all this negativity push her over the edge and she will continue to have fun.good articlie

  • Alaia

    I can’t wait to see them bump this one.

  • TajMarie

    Although I understand the context of this article, I think Bey needs to simply grow up. Personally, I never seen myself as a “daddy’s girl” but more as my “father’s” daughter. So being a middle child and a card carrying introvert, I probably have a hard time sympathizing, let alone empathizing. However, Beyonce is married, has a daughter, a net worth of hundreds of million of daughters, and millions of adoring fans. What more could she possibly want? Even if she was a people pleaser, one of the caveats that most people learn as they grow into adulthood is that not everyone is going to agree with you, like you, or even be in your corner. Besides, if she has time to look online in regards to articles based upon herself to only see trolls, couldn’t she spend her free time doing more constructive things likes helping out in the community. I am sure there are more people with bigger issues and bigger demons than what she can fathom. How much more “love” and approval does she need from her stans who are already out on every blog and tweet to defend her honor? If the release of this song is a manifestation of her “daddy” issues and need for approval, then perhaps she needs to get off of her invisible throne and seek some professional help.

  • solfresh

    I fully support Beyonce’s memo. The only thing I’d be worried about is her relationship with the obamas, everyone else (new listeners) can take a seat. What makes me not worry about the obama dynamic is Beyonce has been in the industry for over a decade now. She has sung along side Lil Wayne, Slim Thug, T.I., and JayZ. She has gyrated, shimmied, and popped in everything but her birthday suit. I think she can have her moment, it’s business. We’ve gone back and forth on whether she’s a “role model”, clearly with the aforementioned it’s debatable (read not). The main reason I’m not a Beyonce “stan” is because of her squeaky clean image and lack of openness. I salute her work ethic though. This song has indeed brought us closer. If rihanna, ciara, and this hoodrat (who I used to love, sadly) keyshia cole can show their asses, Beyonce can too. At least she has merit to do so. I do agree the best revenge is just to keep doing you, be successful, and stay quiet. These days with trolling being damn near a profession, you’d think one’s success would shut people up. Nope. Beyonce has every right to perform this song. She’s an artist, its her 9-5 and if her artistic expression this time around includes addressing the haters so be it. I don’t think just because she’s friends with the Obama’s that she needs to alter her artistic vision, especially one she’s always somewhat dabbled in and has been around since the beginning of her career. With Keyshia Cole’s recent antics, I wish Beyonce could destroy her career like 50 did Ja Rule. But I know that’s asking a lot.

  • The Other Jess

    I doubt Beyonce takes the internet haters seriously – she doesn’t have to. The girl is on top of the world, and living a better, more fulfilled life than most of us ever will. Haters will always be losers, and i think she knows that. She just decided to to further remind them of their lowly status and twist the knife in their backs a little more, just because. Haters will always be haters – and losers, so who cares? Go Queen B!

  • Gina

    Ugh. People are getting to be wayyy too self aware.

    Your not that freaking important in the scheme of things. You will die like the rest of us, she will eventually be forgotten when we all turn to dust.

    I’m so tired of these weird microcosms people create for themselves in the world of the internet. She needs to just live her life. I don’t know why she is acting up (probably all those years of being under strict control are finally coming out) but we get it. Your successful. Your beautiful.

    Do something constructive with your live instead of create imaginary beef. Build a freakin’ well in Africa or something.

  • isolde3

    “It’s a fun cocky song that she recorded about a year ago.

    Its not that serious, but as soon as I heard it I imagined the long-winded analysis / thesis paper about her life, character, etc. Written by some random transparent blogger. And not just any bloggers, no ESPECIALLY the ones who have dogged her in the pass.”


    This, a million times.

  • bk chick

    Actually, I think Beyonce has the opposite problem. For a woman in her position she prob has the least amount of “hate” than many other mega stars because she has virtually NO controversy, or at least that’s what her brand suggests. The worst criticism of Beyonce has been her “fake” pregnancy, which I think was ridiculous for many reasons and ppl questioning her intelligence….buut, if THAT’S the worst she’s gotten over the years, she’s pretty lucky. Michael Jackson was called a child molester, Whitney Houston, a crackhead, and ppl thought Mariah was downright crazy. I think that’s way worse than anything Beyonce had to deal with, considering the quality of music is nowhere near the level of either of these artists. A lot of her criticism has been fair, including people pointing out how her music is bland and she lacks any real emotion, her lack of creativity etc, but even her harshest critics seem to respect the fact the she is an excellent performer. That’s why this “bow down” song is funny to me cuz it seems so unfit for her and her career, particularly for an artist who has been consistent in her pseudo-feminism. Yes, Beyonce has also had a “hood” swag to her music but her straight up calling other women “bitches” and telling them to bow down is soooo out of place! and it doesn’t even seem genuine. People proclaim she is starting to show her “real” side but this doesn’t come off as “real” at all! I think, this is a sad attempt for Beyonce to drum up some controversy to get people more excited about her and then that’ll translate to more #1 hits. It’s pretty obvious that her previous attempts at controversy “lite” haven’t been enough to beat out edgier and more talented starts from the top of the billboard charts. This song is a result of lack of controversy from a simple and non-complex person.

  • J. Gail (@Author_JGail)

    I’ll say it… I think we call each other (other women) the B-Word too much. And make plenty of excuses about it. And we give men permission to do the same thing, so how can we be righteously angry when they call us Bitches as if it’s our given names?

  • Eva

    I hope you’re taking your advice. Where is your well located?

  • Tiffany

    It’s entertainment, nothing more nothing less. I think people are taking it a little too serious. Sometimes you just want to let loose and have a little fun. If you don’t like it don’t listen to it. I enjoyed it, I don’t hang out in clubs and I’m not a party girl but there are times when I just want to let loose and be crazy.

  • Rue

    My advice is you win some you lose some. Meh.
    And stop calling people haters. Ugh. ALL CRITICISM =/= HATING!

  • politicallyincorrect

    Beyonce has had a great career but to release a song a this point in her career I don’t understand. This should have been on or 1st or 2nd album. I think she insecure about her age. The GQ cover and such I think she is trying to remain “young” in the public’s eye. Beyonce and Rihanna are probably casual friends but I think Beyonce is threatened by Rihanna’s sexy.

    I know Rihanna isn’t the best performer but Beyonce has not had a #1 Pop song since 2008 and we all know Rihanna has been raining #1s

  • Alaia

    Well said.

  • LN

    Being rich and commercially successful DOES NOT equate to having a fulfilled life. A fulfilled person does not sing mess like this. They are too busy being fulfilled…

  • Alaia

    I think she has a right to sing it. We can all do what we want. I was never a fan and I was never impressed with the collabs you mentioned. I also don’t think she has to change her ways because she knows the Obamas. On that end, it’s the Obamas who cause my eyebrows to raise when THEY praise her and when THEY call her a role model. She was who she was before she met them. This song, in my mind, seems to be a step backwards though, and not a step forward. She and the other chicks can show their butts if they want to (and I don’t think this post is about that – especially since there’s been no video). What I find lame is resorting to calling other women “bitches,” throwing out “smack that trick,” and the photo of her as a kid in front of all the trophies…what?

    I like a Beyonce song here and there and I think she’s a FANTASTIC dancer, but I wouldn’t call myself a fan. I don’t like most of her music (lyrically, in particular). I’d feel the same way about the song if anyone else performed it, so while yes, it is a criticism of Beyonce, it wouldn’t be unique to her if you swapped her for another artist. If a male rapper was singing smack that trick in a song, I’d move on to the next…but a lot of women listen to that kind of stuff anyway so for them, this is really no different.

  • Alaia

    Agreed. Money can definitely help improve quality of life, but I’m sure we can all point to examples of angry, bitter, miserable, and lonely rich people (and wealthy people, for that matter).

  • Alaia

    Love this comment from top to bottom.

  • Britt

    I agreed with most of what this article said. The thing about Beyonce critics is that they always accuse her of being too guarded and robotic. Many of the reviews her documentary received still said that the public didn’t really learn anything new about Beyonce. Now with the song “Bow Down,” and Bey is telling people how she really feels, many can’t handle it and are confused. No one is saying that this song is monumental and will burn up the charts, but it’s clear Bey had something to get off her chest. It’s clearly doing what she wanted it to do, which is create BUZZ. Bey is human, and no matter how successful you are personally and professionally, words do have an impact on people and leave lasting effects. This is also an example of how you can take a person being nice and humble for weakness. People have been saying mean things about Bey that go beyond music for YEARS, like she wasn’t really pregnant or the whole “lip-synching at Inauguration controversy.”

    Also, because she’s at a high level of her career, she can musically do anything she wants and it will still get people talking and buying.

  • trill

    Beyonce doesn’t need approval she does what she wants otherwise she would be doing the type of songs everyone expect and love, and Errr there’s no comparing her rap skills to any other pop artist trying to rap out there lol

  • Deb

    Does she even have that much say or control over her music career?

  • No_chaser

    Oh, it’s quite sad, yet very interesting how she’s unraveling. A woman who has connections to the most powerful man in the world, a healthy sweet child, a successful husband, beauty, lots of money to spare and talent. Yet and still, there is a nagging insecurity that influenced her to release this tripe.
    What a walking contradiction!

  • Kelley Johnson

    Broken down like a fraction.

  • binks

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! This commet shut down everything I don’t know when did the shift happened that people have to be yes men/women and that if you dare to be different and think differently you must be x,y and z.

  • Gina

    I may not have a well, but I have a life.

    I think Beyonce is compensating for something. She has never been ‘bad’, never had any controversy and she is acting up right now. Perhaps its a mid life crisis or something. I will never worship or defend a celebrity who could care less about ME and MY struggle. Especially as an African American since she only claims a small part of that.

  • Gina

    Beyonce doesn’t make her money off her music.

    It’s from the perfume deals, the commercial deals, concerts, etc. HER SHOW

    But as for her craft, lets be honest here, she isn’t taken seriously.

    Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott are artists. Beyonce is a Performer. Now you can take that any way you want but it all depends if you consider her success because of her music (which actually hasn’t been selling too well as of late.) or her, as a performer, spokes model and all around celebrity.

    I think its all getting to her and she doesn’t take criticism too well and I don’t think she has emotionally matured yet to the point where she just ignores it.

  • Gina Wild

    I like this song!

  • D.T.

    To me it just seems like she’s feeling herself. Much like how I feel sometimes when walking around the office with my nicely trimmed body and killer face because I know other women are intimidated by it. A part of me gets a kick out of it. Of course I would never walk around telling them to bow down but part of me wishes I could. Beyonce released the side of her that wants to do that.

    She expressed that cocky side of herself! I love it! Men do this all the time in songs. Kanye, 50 or TI Anyone? Whatever…….

  • Yevi

    “Obama didn’t respond by screaming at Republicans to “Bow Down B*tches” so no, I don’t think the situations are similar.”

    It would be funny if he did though.

  • B

    And guess what the day you do that someone with hate and envy will think your insecure

  • Rue

    Standing Ovation!
    And no Beyonce, I dream becoming like Benazir Bhutto, Wangaari Mathai, Fawzia Koori, Harriet Tubman, Barbara Jordan. Not you, and especially not after this.

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    ITA!!! Erykah Badu has three baby daddies, count em three!!!… had faker than a $3 dollar bill dreads, and smokes more weed than Snoop Dogg…yet somehow gets a pass cause she burns incense, wears head wraps and outlandish Afro Wigs…in the meantime her vocals are weak as hail and she’s always chopping and screwing Chaka Khan salutes…#sowack

    The best thing Beyonce should do about all this “talk” is nothing. Let the uncomfortable stew in their toxic juices…it’s what Rihanna did until people accepted that she wasn’t going to allow others to define who she was going to be…I’m sure somewhere in Beyonce’s soul she’s quite envious (in a good way) that Rhi Rhi caught that “don’t give a f*ck” memo early in the game.

    Rhi Rhi is one of the freeist black woman in music right now and that’s because she lives her life HER way. Once you take the public out of the equation…they’ll either fall in line or grumble under their breaths…

  • Whiteprivilegeterminated

    Who the hell are the likes of beyonce to not be hated on? Maybe people are fed up of the same 100 rich and famous corporate backed parasites taking up an amount of room that could provide space for millions to live breath and express themselves..

    We’re not supposed to hate on the #have it alls# but it’s ok to hate on the have nothings.

    What a twisted society this is that a person who will never experience the insecurity that most of her fans AND “haters” live with can be so insensitive, disrespectful and contemptuous of people who are underprivileged. What, it aint enough that you have everything, we have to love you on top?

    I don’t think so.

    This idiot isn’t subtle, clearly an admirer Marie Antoinette (of “let them eat cake” fame)

    Yeh bey? well say hello my guillotine , , , ,

  • Kelley Johnson

    I doubt Beyonce knows who Marie Antoinette is. I’m sure her people just showed her the costume and she though it was fierce, not understanding the significance of the imagery. But yeah, I get what you’re saying. Beyonce’s truly a spoiled prick who’s upset and angry that she’s no longer “the baddest chick in the game”. So instead of making the kind of music that can actually sell, she just wants the female artists who kick her ass and the public that’s no longer buying her music to “bow down” and let her reign supreme. SMH.

    What a gross and insecure woman-child she is.

  • beanbean

    Wow, you’re completely right. I did not realize that it’s been so long since Beyonce has had a hit. I’m not a huge Rihanna fan, but the woman can churn out #1 like nobody’s business.

  • TajMarie

    “In one year this woman has probably done more than you will ever do in a lifetime.”

    First of all, you don’t know me well enough to make that statement. Secondly, lifetime?! Well, aren’t we being dramatic. I guess my research in engineering is not nearly as important as the fame and fortune of Bey. However, I guess me not thinking of myself as a lesser being in the shadows of Beyonce probably makes me a hater. But don’t let that stop you and get in the way of bowing down to your “King” Bey.

    Btw, learn the definition and the spelling of the word “cannibalistic” before using it.

  • The Artist

    Yes, great article! Wow, just listening to the song for the first time. I am not liking what I hear. I think I much prefer the old Beyonce…but anywayz…I can’t help but think why does a woman that have so much going for her worry about something as minor as internet comments. That right there is some high school BS…

  • JustBe

    Clearly the costume reference is steering more towards Queen Elizabeth I (one of the most revolutionary and groundbreaking women of her time) than Marie Antoinette.
    **know thy fashion history** Google is your friend.

  • Chanela17

    For the love of god it’s YOU’RE!!! “Your” shows possession! “Your beautiful” her beautiful what??


  • Whiteprivilegeterminated


    Nope! the Marie Antoinette comparison fits more.with the “i’m rich, you’re broke so if F U” attitude.

    read a little deeper,.a brain is your friend.

  • isolde3

    **know thy fashion history**

    @Just be

    More like know thy references if you’re going to try to drag someone’s intelligence. Clock dem! LOL

  • isolde3

    Not when the coat (with the collar) she’s wearing, along with that metal cage skirt evoke Elizabethan era fashion. Those pieces are probably McQueen. You tried tho.

  • http://yahoo ccisnobitch

    If you have GOD’s LOVE and happy with who you are, then you have the ultimate shield against the negativity. Beyonce should have never responded in that manner and she needs to take time off and do some serious soul searching.

  • sheeda1222

    I heard the song by Bey I have 2 say I like her music however I’m unimpressed with the lyrics .. I find that the lyrics show some form of insecurity on her end and it definitely shows she will do anything 2 remain relevant.. with all of the things she has done why would u make a song like that .. u have young ladies ho admire u and thisis what u do? Really Bey I think u could have found something else to sing about.. we have got to do better..

  • No_chaser

    Just stop.
    Was Van Gogh’s art not a reflection of his growing insanity? Was Kurt Cobain’s or Amy Winehouse’s music not a reflection of their pain, depression and addiction?
    Most artists reflect their personal lives upon their work. There’s absolutely nothing different about Ms. Carter.
    Lets see how this plays out, especially if that album tanks.

  • LizzyG

    I think everyone should stop reading into it and stop being concerned with Beyonce’s mental state based on literal interpretations of her songs. She’s come out bragging with other songs like Upgrade U (materialistic?), Bootylicious (glute-o-phile?) and Ego (narcissistic?) and though songs like these and the one in this article may show a small facet of who she is and what she is thinking at any given time, they hardly define her as a whole. I know if she didn’t start out with a squeaky clean image we wouldn’t be so hard on her for coming out with Bow Down. We must try to separate the artist from the person. Obviously a lot of artists express their deepest feelings through their art but a lot of times I think they’re allowed to come out with a fun, over-the-top track just for the heck of it. I also think it’s kind of sexist, even for today’s feminists to point out Beyonce’s “hypocrisy” in this track. Once a woman goes all alpha male, people go crazy. Why don’t we question the misogynistic messages in male tracks like Big Sean’s “Dance (A$$)” or John Hart’s “Who Booty?”. Right, because the beat is just so fun to dance to…?

  • Jjean

    What does it profit a man to gain the whole wide world and lose his soul….

  • Kelley Johnson

    Apparently, Isolde3 and Justbe don’t know the difference between Elizabethan era clothing and what Marie Antoinette wore. It’s not that difficult to tell the difference, being that there’s well over 200 years between them. That’s kind of like not being able to tell the difference between Michelle Obama’s clothing and Abigail Adams’. LOL.

    But I’ll leave it at that. Don’t want to further embarrass them. That said, I’m sure Beyonce’s just as clueless.

  • Kelley Johnson

    When you’re telling people to “bow down” to you, as if YOU are the most high, I doubt your ego would even allow you to recognize God.

    She’s declared herself a King to be bowed down to and she’s married to a man whose nickname is a play on Jehovah. Says a lot about who they truly are.

  • isolde3

    @Kelley Johnson

    You’ll leave it at what, exactly?

    What was it that “JustBe” said about google being your friend? A quick image search on Marie Antoinette would give you some insight into what she wore, that is unless, of course your vision is impaired or you’re just plain lazy. Perhaps both?

    And apparently I was right about that coat and skirt of Bey’s being McQueen pieces.

    Aww, poor dat.

  • Kelley Johnson

    “Bow down”. “Beysus”. “King B.” She worships herself and her fans worship her.

    And you better stop preaching up in here. People live for these false idols.

  • beyoncelitereversed

    “She was Beyonce until the record labels turned her into an Afro centric.” I respect what you say here but it’s not true. Erykah later spoke on what the record companies want of sistas in the industry (their looks, sound, etc.) Erykah was NEVER Beyonce. She wore a head-wrap and bedsheet in her first video; not a wife-beater, daisy-dukes and red pumps. LOL It’s hilarious you bring Erykah into this. bk chick’s comment was respectful as well as a good summation from her point of view on this issue. She was right to call Beyonce’s feminism pseudo because it has wavered from one end of the spectrum to another. Sisterhood first, then bow down bishes next. It’s like, huh? What?

  • Why do you care?

    You guys are taking this song far more seriously than she did. She only sang a verse people. The rest of the song is some chopped and screwed sumin sumin. Breathe people. Breathe.

  • Whiteprivilegeterminated

    Yeh, the costume is Elizabethan. So what?

    The attitude is Antoinette-ian –

    taunting the peasant’s poverty with displays of grandiosity and conspicuous consumption.

    Bad PR

    This clown might think SHE’S too big to fail, but this antic was exactly that . . . a massive fail.

    Even those who consider themselves beyonce fans should be offended by this stunt.

  • lala

    I agree with the take of this article. I can understand Bey feeling a need to set some folks straight but she bigger than that (I’m not).

  • Sommer




  • Classier a Mcgee

    It’s disrespectful arrant nonsense. Explain it all you want. You can downplay it all you want but millions of ppl including young ppl listen to this song. Would she want her daughter listening to ths garbage?

  • Kevin

    Exactly! They were 2 little snippet of songs at that. It was a PSA to get people talking and it worked. People can be so simple.

  • Tammie

    I like the beats. I have no problem with it. Why do people always look for ways to be offended? Get tough skin. It’s a song. I’m fine and in no way offended. It’s music and it does not have to make sense to everybody. I’m sure the things you do- does not make sense to everyone around you.

  • Madison

    Really??? You got all that from those short songs? You sound like you have some personal issues that need to be dealt with. Calm down.

  • Madison

    Gina, I like it too.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    People don’t need to get tough skin because something doesn’t bother YOU.

  • Terri

    @Britt – All I will say is that I bow down to you. You summed it all up. *Claps hands* (I don’t agree with the take of the article though.)

  • Cass

    This line right here: “…you can take a person being nice and humble for weakness.”

    She remained humble for over a decade. She paid her dues. So today, she has made her statement and people don’t know what to do with themselves. Go Bey!

  • Cass

    Thank you.

  • Missa

    Love the article so true! Every one will not like you

  • Tammie

    YOU are all in your feelings. I must have hit a nerve. Maybe, you have been reading to many internet comments. Ask Danielle, am I correct? LOL

  • texaschainsawlovin’

    If Beyonce wants to get all sticks and stones and I am the Queen that’s her thing. Personally I don’t see the point. I like Pink. I don’t like her music except for a few songs, I like Pink because she is not in everyone’s faces for approval. Same with Bjork. I love the shit out of Bjork. I don’t mind Beyonce’s sister. Why? Because she could give two fucks about what people are saying about her. It kinda sad that at the age and her position she is in she is still playing these games. Ding dong, Taylor Swift calling she wants her mean song back. Plus for all this women empowerment and girls rule the world she switches and calls people bitches?…… Oooookkkaaayyyy.

  • Kweli Wright

    Nail. On. Head.

  • akamissi

    Nice article, I too was confused when I first heard the song. I was like who is she calling a B?

  • thesupersistah

    Trolls, haters, critics. Should we set a fire underneath them all? No, like Martin Luther King we must learn to turn the other cheek, but it’s hard. Damn hard. Wrote one self-help book for single sisters with a kick ass positive message but with a controversial title and bam! Suddenly I have haters to the left and to the right. All the folks with something negative to say have never read the first page of my book much less the 1st chapter. I balance the negativity with the outpouring of positive energy I get from the women that my writing has helped along the way. I can’t help the folks who don’t get me.

    To quote myself, those who CAN, create. Those who CANNOT, criticize. Be the best you can be and let the haters, hate.

    The Super Sistah

  • Mei Gui

    Beyonce is now a disgrace to our country. The Obamas need to distance themselves from her immediately.

  • LMO85

    Right? I was thinking we have heard of the braggadocio before, it really isn’t that serious. Once upon a time there was this thing that artists did called a “diss track”–why are peeps so all up in their fee fees when she is talking to her musical peers anyway? Not the first time or the last someone declared themselves The end all be all. It’s. just. music. (not my favorite) but geezus. Even the late, great Aaliyah once sang on a humble, “If you just quit trying to compete, yeah, no telling what you could be
    You might even be doper than me……. I doubt it.” Even the greatest to ever do it, MJ once sang about how Bad he was….so folks are up in arms over the B word? A word they know good and dayum well they use everyday? Really now? Talk about hypocrisy.

  • chinaza

    If this was a publicity stunt, it has backfired. It is really beneath her. This song is arrogant, ignorant and disrespectful. It makes her look like she is insecure after achieving so much in her life. This woman is not a god but her fans and the media idolize her to the point that has maybe blurred her own reality.
    I have admired her success and the decent, classy way in which she projected herself and she has let herself down as a woman and a mother. She better take stock of herself and learn to be thankful for all she has.

  • Whatever

    Funny. She’s been getting so much flack. I remember little miss Ri Ri came out with S & M, which stands for Sadism & Masochism. Never did I hear all of this criticism. Hmmm…. If only we could have this much outrage for injustice in the world.

  • PopVigil

    20 years would take it back to …obviously you were joking with the stretch but when she was with Destiny’s Child she was rude (beyond the teen years). She disrespected the original girls and their talent and she’d tell Kelly and Michelle what to say during interviews or cut them off. It’s on youtube and print.

    She also enables her fans to be vicious by telling them to be worker bees and go hard to defend her. So this “omg but she’s been so nice and quiet” stuff is a stretch.
    Compared to the attacks other black singers get for just not being Beyonce , she can deal without these type of songs.

  • PopVigil

    Hmm. So what I gather from this and her ‘moves’, is that if people knew the real Beyonce, they would not like her.

  • pinklipstick227

    I find it incredibly disappointing that male entertainers have license to express themselves how ever they see fit, yet Beyonce does not. Where are the political round tables discussing the lyrics of 2-Chaniz, Big Sean, Trinidad James, Drake and Chief Keef? The media has gone completely overboard with this leaked track.

    Whether one likes this song or not, she can easily discern that this song pays homage to chopped and screwed music, which is quite popular in the Houston (her hometown). Furthermore, many artists take on alternate personas to create music (*cough cough* Rick Ross). She doesn’t have to be “about that life” to make hip hop music. Finally, I’ve always said that if the shoe does not fit do not wear it. Beyonce made this song to address her haters (i.e. people who make disturbing rumors about faking a pregnancy). If you do not fit within the description of a Beyonce hater then the song does not pertain to you.

  • Gina Wild

    You’re right, Tammie «It’s music and it does not have to make sense to everybody.».
    Plus, male singers and rappers do this type of songs all the time, and there seems to be no big deal about it.

  • Askia

    Plz people, open your eyes, this is economics. Dividends are the substance of well marketed controversy.

  • trisha

    Why is she a “King” or did I miss latest fad? I didn’t listen to the song, maybe next time you could just print the lyrics. Printing the actual lyrics would probably make most of us die laughing. Also, knowing the Obamas is no big deal, however, if she knew the Koch brothers then she may have some actual reason for us to bow down.

  • Gail

    I am not a fan of Beyonce, her music does not appeal to me personally (though I have seen a few of her videos and do hear her on the radio), but I will say that I admire her strong work ethics.

    That young lady has worked hard for what she has. She has managed to parlay her special talents and gifts into a unique package that has garnered her fame and fortune. Maybe she has been single-minded but that is what it takes to be successful in a highly competitive and extremely fickle world. She is credited with saying that she determined at a young age to work hard so that when she reached 30 years of age she would be able to do what ever she wanted. Well she is listed among the world’s 25 highest paid musicians on Forbes, had a baby, turned 30 all while keeping out of the gutter press. Nothing wrong with that.

    t would be nice for her to come to the realization that not everybody is going to be a card-carrying die-hard fan; not everyone will have pleasant things to say about her, her success, her family, her choices, her lifestyle, or whatever. Everyone have critics -whether they are famous or not.

    Still, it must be the new trend among the famous and the infamous to respond to all the “haters,” whoever they maybe.

  • A Lo

    Good read. Nice break down. Great analogy. Yeah B needs to keep it moving. And this is coming from a hater. Beyonce just needs to do B. I’ll respect her for that. No need for childish antics.

  • ayre

    Just because male singers do it and cop less abuse doesn’t make it ok. or ok for female artists to follow suit.

    true — music is a free art of sorts… but i actually find the song to be terrible as a standalone piece of music. it doesn’t showcase any of beyonce’s real talent as a songstress / lyricist; it’s an insult to her own talent.

    regardless, there’s no denying she’ll always be a tour de force.

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