There’s an exciting crop of black supermodels emerging, and 22 year-old Chanel Iman is arguably on the top of the list. Iman has modeled for Victoria’s Secret, GAP, DKNY and Ralph Lauren, and appeared on the covers of Teen Vogue, Italian Elle, i-D Magazine and more. She is the youngest black model to appear on the cover of American Vogue, and only the third black model to have done so. It’s interesting to hear that even she is faced with blocked opportunities and closed doors due to racism when she encounters designers who believe one black model is more than enough.

She told The Sunday Times Magazine:

“I appreciate designers making a strong statement that black women are beautiful. Black women like fashion. And when there’s more diversity on the runway, it makes our world more inclusive.”

When asked if fashion has a problem with race, she says:

“Yeah, most definitely. A few times I got excused by designers who told me ‘we already found one black girl. We don’t need you anymore.’ I felt very discouraged. When someone tells you, ‘we don’t want you because we already have one of your kind, it’s really sad.”

Though Chanel expressed she was proud to be include in Vogue Italia’s legendary All-Black issue, saying “it was a moment for everyone, [black] or not,” The Sunday Times Magazine notes that critics pointed out the 30% increase that issue saw in advertising relied mainly on campaigns with white models. That disconnect between the black faces featured in the magazine and those starring in ads is due to racism as well, according to famed photographer Steven Meisel. He said at the time: “I’ve asked my advertising clients so many times, ‘Can we use a black girl?’ They say No. Advertisers say black models don’t sell.”

That sad reality proves that racism in fashion is an enduring problem. It’s important that successful models like Chanel Iman use their platform and lend their voices to make the chorus against discrimination that much stronger.

What are your thoughts on Chanel Iman’s comments, Clutchettes?


    And rappers do all they can to give these bigots free advertisement .

  • Keshia

    Of course too many black people at any event is “too ethnic” and that scared white people. I don’t know when these designers are going to realize that their silly fashions will look better on models of a dark complexion(not a spray tan) because the colors will pop, making the garment appear more attractive. Lawd.

  • Brent V Moss

    That is why we do not need to buy any of their products since we are too black. I wish we had designer names and so we can all collectively not buy their crap!

  • Moe

    It’s just like the movie industry. Many “mainstream” movies won’t cast a black girl in the lead. They’ll only have one (a lot of times half) black girl out of fear their beloved white audience won’t see the movie. Racism is alive and well folks.

  • Chanela17

    The crazy thing is that she’s light skinned as hell and not even fully black…just imagine how the darker chicks get treated. Sheesh!

  • Yasmeen Regina Parsley

    Maybe there’s something I missing here. I live in NYC, home to OG Black Barbie, lol–and I’m sorry, I just don’t see any evidence that there is any disconnect between blacks and fashion from this vantage point. In fact, seeing a black woman in an ad only fortifies my faith in a brand. I have a sense that it’s universal; that I too can wear what my White, Asian or Latina friends wear. I feel included, and that’s kind of nice! Also, the concept that “black models don’t sell” really seems counter-intuitive considering how greatly the “black” music industry (R&B, HipHop, Rap, etc) has influenced trending in fashion. How can one say that black faces do not sell clothing given that dynamic?

  • Chic Noir

    I love Chanel Iman. She has also been on the cover of Vogue Korea, Elle(USA)and the inaugural issue of Harper’s Bazar Middle East.

  • J. Nicole of UrbanExpressive

    I’m in NYC also, and thats the problem because we see diversity all the time; or at least we think we do. When you look at the bigger picture, the mainstream (white) audiance does not appreciate diversity. So while you, or someone of color may pick up a magazine because it had a Black or brown person on it, their intended reader left it right there. It’s not that there’s a disconnect per se between Blacks & fashion, since we all know they’re influenced/obsessed by us. It’s that they are specifically saying “We don’t need YOU, or people who look like YOU, in order to sell to you”. In many Black neighborhoods, you’ll see mainstream periodicals mixed in with those targeted towards us, but its not vice versa. Try to find Essence in an all white neighborhood. Try to find make-up that caters to you in a drugstore in an all/majority white neighborhood. They don’t have to be inclusive.

  • Chic Noir

    Jourdann Dunn, the 2nd top blk model behind Joan Smalls has been vocal about the diffculties she’s faced too.

    Since so many designers do multi girl campaigns now, I don’t get why Blk models aren’t included more often. Then there is the problem with blk models being shot for campaigns but u don’t see the ad in Magazines.

    BtW Chanel Iman was the face of Botaga Veneta a few years ago.

  • Chic Noir

    Yea she 1/4 Korean.

    Joan Smalls in Biracial and Lais Riberio is Brazilian, I’m sure multi racial. Those three along with Blk British model Jourdann Dunn are the highest earning Blk high fashion models.

    Joan Smalls has now done every blue chip campaign except Calvin Klein,Chloe, Celine and Balmain.

    There are darker girls doing well like Jamaican Jeneil Williams who has two major campaigns this season and Ajac(Louis Vuiton) but it’s high fashion stuff so they aren’t rolling in the dough.

    Victoria Secret
    Calvin Klein
    Makeup Contracts
    Fragrance contracts
    Are how models make major bucks. Catalog and commercial works (h&m,macys)gets them good money too.

  • Val

    Well, the point is, many Black people will buy from designers that do not feature Black women models in their ads. So, there is no real business impetus to change anything. If we stopped buying and lusting after designer clothes, they would notice the dip in their earnings and things would change. Until that happens don’t expect any changes to the status quo.

  • Kay

    I’m not surprised by this. Bottom line is, no matter how gorgeous or how stunning a Black model may be by any standard, there are so many small minded individuals who will think “Oh, it’s a Black girl on the cover. Ugh. This issue isn’t for me.” And they think this because it’s impossible for some people to fathom that yes, Black and White people are actually…the SAME. After all, we live in the same world, speak the same language, and in many cases have the same cultural cues and we’re all HUMAN. But it’s not enough. Most people won’t recognize the humanity of a person darker than they are because they’ve been taught not to. The fashion industry is actually a pretty little dumping ground for all of society’s dirty laundry, including sizeism, sexism, classism and of course racism.

  • peggy70a

    You are so correct. Why is it there are not Black designers in the main stream? That is a problem I have with Mrs.Obama. I wish she would give Black Designers the fame and fortune she has given Jason woo.I hope I am spelling his name correctly. Also why must we keep trying to them convince to use Black Models. Start our own industry. Stop giving them our dollars and spend it among our selves as every other ethic group does. We {Black American} are the only group of people that spends our with everyone else. If my life depended on it I can name only two designers of color. FUBU and Sean Combs.

  • theMuseintheMirror

    I’m just going to say it out loud, because I believe this is the truth based on what I see and what I’ve experienced as a young black woman: White women don’t want black women to be ahead of them in the game.

    I asked a question to my mother today as we were watching an episode of Martin with Beverly Johnson in it. “Why were black women ever segregated in the modeling business in the first place?” Well, of course we know the obvious answer, but when you compare black models (Iman, Beverly, Tyra, Naomi, Chanel, Jordann, Alek, etc.) to white models, we blow OUT the competition! WE ARE SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!!!

    I usually just see either the standard, average white women model or the bland, pale white models that walk the runway. (Don’t get me wrong, there are beautiful models of all shades i.e. Cindy Crawford and Gisele, etc. but black women have ALWAYS slayed.)

    What’s the hold up, world?

  • Pseudonym

    A part of the problem is that the black models aren’t vocal about this discrimination until they’re not the “it” black model anymore. Since they don’t complain until no one wants to take their picture anymore, it’s easier to brush them off as just washed up and bitter b/c their time is done (b/c the fashion industry is just as fickle and unfaithful to their white models- hot today, no one cares tomorrow). Their words would have a greater impact if they spoke out while they were on top (which- I know- is easier said than done b/c modeling careers are so short and there’s not much respect with seniority in the industry).

    I cannot- for the life of me- understand the existence of Anna Wintour (sp?). Did she just age horribly but she used to be the ‘ish? Those bangs…not hot. I’ve never seen her in an outfit and thought, “Now THAT is a fashionable woman. I want to look like that.” On the other hand, every time I see Cynthia Bailey from RHOA, I bookmark everything about her style (the makeup, the outfit, the accessories, the hair) for future reference. Maybe I’m missing something, but the Anna Wintour thing just seems so bizarre to me! Like, does no one else think she looks a hot mess?

  • Jaslene

    What is she even talking about she seems to be getting a lot if work to me?

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  • cult media

    I find it ironic that the harshest critics of rap have the same aspirations as rappers who prostitute the Hip Hop/Rap art form to corporations.

    Corporate Rappers just wanna get paid, as do most of those who pursue Ivy league educations in the hopes of landing high paying corporate jobs, or other work in private sector industries such as entertainment and er modelling.

    The difference between Rappers and other black corporate aspirants is that Rappers are offering a product corporations want to buy, one that corporations can sell to WHITE PEOPLE and make BILLIONS from even with a black man on the cover.

    Rap only works with a black man’s face on it. Want Rap? Must have a black man “modelling” it.

    Now what is the black catwalk models unique selling point? What innovation in modelling have they created that has demonstrated the marketability of the black woman as model?

    None whatsoever just a bunch of black women who try their damnedest to look like white catwalk models. Begging and whining for white people to make room for them on their catwalk and not bringing anything new to the table that guarantees new revenue streams and increasing profits.

    Please don’t forget the PROFIT MOTIVE in all your wailing about not being white people’s standard of beauty.

    You people are no different to corporate rappers, corporations are evil plunderers, if you want in on that then you are in no position to talk about corporate rappers.

    end of

  • Catpopstar

    Its the typical “different doesn’t sell” excuse. How do they know if they never tested out this theory? You have to at least try to be diverse first.

  • Guest1234

    You’re smoking some serious herb if you think one has to be black to sell rap. They’ve been tryna scrub the black off of rap since the day it became profitable. Give it another 10 years or so. You’ll never see a black rapper again.

    And if you think I’m crazy. Do any of you remember the last time you saw a black cast in an “urban street dance” movie? About 10 years ago. Now, they act like Channing Tatum invented break dancing and the moon walk. Rap is a bit more ingrained in our minds to belong to blacks, but that will go by the wayside sooner or later. Just you wait.

    I remember when I was a kid, and I was complaining about some kind of appropriation, and my parents just laughed. They reminded me that somehow, Elvis Presley is the King of Rock and Roll – the SAME kind of music that couldn’t get air play when it was just black folks making it. They assured me that in due time, Eminem will be the GODFATHER, and CREATOR of rap. It will shock you how bad they’ll lie about it. As if we were NEVER there. America’s addiction to appropriating African-American art forms is a serious business. And sooner or later, they’ll get rap, too. Just you wait. They’re just waiting until we accept whites calling us ni&&as. They’re making progress, too. We give them permission to do it every. Single. Day. OK. That’s all.

  • I got sense!

    Most black people in the states are not fully black, save for those who immigrated after civil war. I find your statement to be very offensive and divisive. Doesn’t matter how much non black blood is in her as you can see she is treated as and considered to be black and deal with the same discrimination that “the fully black”, “darker chicks” get?

  • Keshia

    I’ve always thought this too!! Lol I mean fuller lips are better than then ones, almond eyes are gorgeous and many black women have those features. It’s not that the fashion world does not find black women beautiful, but they know black beauty will completely overshadow their white models. It’s quite interesting I think this applies to all media outlets as well

  • Kim

    “you people”. Well if you are not one of those people, why are you here? Some of you need intense therapy. SMDH.

  • Starla

    @theMusicintheMirror because black models do not have the luxury of being average looking. White models can be average looking, and most certainly are, but the standard is not the same for black women. Black women have to be super beautiful to even get a chance to compete. Look at Jourdann Dunn, she is drop dead gorgeous and has been modeling for a minute, but she does not have the same renown as the newcomer Cara Delevingne. Furthermore, the beauty of the black model has to be white looking, so she has to have the same kind of facial features as white woman, just in a darker shade. Her beauty cannot be too African; wide nose, fuller lips, wider face. Thankfully Alek Wek was given a chance to showcase the other black woman.

  • leelah

    her mother is korean. save all your civil war analysis most black people are not biracial with a parent from a different race. the previous comment brought up a valid point.

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    When has the culture of power EVER been interested in inclusion and diversity? Hello and *NewFlash*…the 32nd of Neveruary…that’s when.

    Those of us who have broken barriers have always had to claim power and authority and walk in it in spite of the constant limitations and glass ceilings that are put upon us. For the most part we are resilient and somehow manage to shine no matter the spotlight and we always take it to the next level…including modeling and fashion.

    As for the beauty industry having melanin is enough to trigger the insecurities of many white women who are often bland Wonderbread and plain yogurt. And we are fooling ourselves if we don’t recognize what a threat we are…because we are that DAMN beautiful. And quite honestly they are put on pedestals their entire lives and really don’t like sharing it…it’s called entitlement….but we all know that Massa was warming up Kizzy’s bed nightly…and she knows it too.

    For the most part white women have always wanted us to be in positions subordinate to them. It’ may be 2013 but very little in their psyche changes. I don’t care how liberal and open minded they appear. In their hearts they are always competing. It’s called Darwinism…aka…survival of the fittest.

    .I call it “The Help” Redux…lol…Unless you’re their maid, nanny, cook or wet nurse they really aren’t interested in being overshadowed. If they made the game fair and balanced they know the odds would favor against them. And this is why the STAY stacking the deck.

  • Nubiahbella

    I didn’t Eminem was Black???

  • LorriK

    It’s interesting but the idea that Black girls don’t sell is really the client saying there’s less beauty when the woman is black. That’s really what it is.

  • Director Tristan Taylor

    shiiiiiiiiiiiiit. she is beautiful. the comments of “shes not even fully black” are fucking stupid. when you see her, you see a black face. i hate that black people feel the need to lessen someones blackness. that’s self hating too, you just don’t realize it.

    the people that pass on her are stupid. every media industry passes on black people except for music which exploits us for rap and well…. they get multiple benefits from that; money and making blacks look like asses.

    black people need to get their own lines to pop and not this cheap/tawdry apple bottom and derion and fashion river shit rihanna dropped. but actual clothes designed by DESIGNERS.

    the two would go hand in hand in my opinion.

  • RJ

    Joan Smalls is not Bi-racial she is a fair Puerto Rican (kind of like a Lena Horne look-Rita Moreno or J-Lo complexion) and , Not Bi-racial. Please remember that Puerto Ricans are a mixture of Black, Indian and spanish. so they end up looking like Vanessa Williams (she is not bi-racial)

    Neither Joan Smalls nor Chanel Iman fall into the Light skinned category. Their skin may be lighter than say a Naomi Campbell but they are not a light skinned as say “Pat Cleveland”

    We have internalized so many of white americans definitions that we cannot accurately see ourselves. I myself am a quarter Indian and have a white great grandfather and have other white relatives spattered here and there.

    Just my humble opinion :)

    That by no means makes me biracial.

  • cult media

    at first one


    I’m not one of YOU PEOPLE because I’m not going to white people cap in hand begging them to give me the chance to sell out my blackness. If I was an aspiring sell out, I’d at least go to them with something to sell – like the corporate rappers did with rap.

    next one

    I would count eminem as a token white rapper, no different to the token black catwalk model that THIS discussion is all about.

    However, the token is never allowed to become more dominant in a design than those who created it.

    Black men didn’t invent rap to hand it over to white men, and white women didn’t contrive so called white beauty standards to have them represented by black women. smh.

  • cult media

    at first one


    I’m not one of YOU PEOPLE because I’m not going to white people cap in hand begging them to give me the chance to sell out my blackness. If I was an aspiring sell out, I’d at least go to them with something to sell – like the corporate rappers did with rap.

    next one

    I would count eminem as a token white rapper, no different to the token black catwalk model that THIS discussion is all about.

    However, the token is never allowed to become more dominant in a design than those who created it.

    Blacks didn’t invent rap to hand it over to whites, and whites didn’t contrive so called white beauty standards to have them represented by blacks. smh.

  • Guest1234

    @cult Media

    Ok. You didn’t get my point. It’s cute that you think Eminem is a token. But the bigger issue here is that It doesn’t matter what YOU consider Eminem to be. By the time AMERICAN CULTURE is done with it, the dominant, historical point of view will be that HE is the quintessential rapper. Just as there are countless QUINTESSENTIAL BLACK Rock and Roll artists. Hell, black folks INVENTED THE SH*T! Yet, when AMERICAN culture had it’s final say, the crown was given to Elvis, and other whites. Similarly, when AMERICAN culture, with the benefit of hindsight, looks back upon hip hop and rap music (especially given it’s wide success), rest assured, the credit will not lie with any African-American. That’s happening. And your point of view won’t do a damned thing to change that.

    Perhaps the concept is a bit over your head. My bad. I should have considered the audience.

  • Guest

    White women are extremely jealous and insecure when it comes to beautiful black women.

  • ModelObsessed

    Joan Smalls is actually multi-racial with two parents of different races. Her father is from St. Thomas and he is black with some Irish ancestry. He met Joan Smalls mother, who is not black, but has Spanish, Taino, and South Asian ancestry, in Puerto Rico. Also, not all Puerto Ricans have the same ancestry. Most Puerto Ricans are tri-racial; however, there are Puerto Ricans who are exclusvely Spanish, mestizo, mulatto, or black. Shocked at level of ignorance.

    For the record – Chanel Iman is NOT the top black model. That belongs to Joan Smalls, who has been THE top model (period) since 2012.

  • Marques Moreira

    Wow! “We already found one black girl”?!?! It amazes me how blackness is treated as if it’s something that has to be dealt with; like, “Do we really have to have one of….those? OK, if necessary, we’ll take that one.” It’s also amazing how similar the tales behind the scenes are. Chanel’s relaying of this incident is similar to that of Brazil’s Patricia deJesus who spoke on the competition that black models have with each other because their space is so limited:

  • Perspective

    For the ZILLIONTH TIME – here you all (Black women) go again – with letting (MIXED) NON BLACK WOMEN represent you.

    Yesterday it was – “We’re mad at Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone!”

    Today it’s – “Chanel Iman (who is HALF KOREAN!) is REPRESENTING BLACK WOMEN’S BEAUTY!”

    I swear you all are a walking contradiction, and you display it EVERY OTHER DAY.

    Please! No more crying and complaining about your beauty not being represented and complaints about light skinned women or mixed women being put on a pedestal. It is clear to me, black women don’t know WHO THEY ARE, or who they want to be.

  • Perspective

    Chanel Iman – vs the white beauty standard = BLACK BEAUTY

    Chanel Iman – vs other black women = “Not black enough – she’s HALF Korean”

  • Mommy

    To me too, but everyone loves a sob story it garners sympathy and attention.
    Make the average girl like you by pretending to be just like her says the publicist.

    FOR THE RECORD: I’m not saying that this hasn’t happened to her.

  • Apple Pie

    So “massa” warming up Kizzy’s bed is something to brag about? Did you know that massa was raping Kizzy and other black women on a regular? Those relationships were NOT mutual. In fact, it’s highly insulting to mention something that unfortunately happened to many of our ancestors in that regard. Your insecurities towards white women is so obvious to the point that you were compelled to make such an ignorant statement. Black women and their psuedo pride is laughable. We claim to be so “damn pretty” yet many of us cannot leave the house without wearing a white woman’s hair piece attached to our head. Please!

  • mr.fierce

    my thoughts also…

  • The Comment

    “Most black people in the states are not fully black,”

    this statement perplexes me the most cause it is sooo god damn true. Remember when whites got sooo excited cause they FOUND OUT that Michelle Obama has a white ancestor. I was like….DUH!!!!!!

    problem is…..most blacks dont know they are mixed–all based on skin color…taught to them by yt. who they swear up & down they hate but somehow end up thinking the same ignorant racist thoughts.

    f*ck these thumbs down. I totally get what you are saying.

  • Keshia

    Weaves come in a variety of textures, and guess since we’re wearing hair like theirs, white women are wearing our full lips, full behinds, and skin complexions as well?

  • Flash

    Plus 1000, you write the truth!!

  • GoneWithTheWind-Fabulous!

    Why don’t they just name names and call out the designers who told them that?! Stop hiding that mess! The disrespect has already been done, so why hide it? Say who it was..hopefully we’ll catch on and give them heck to pay for it. But not saying WHO is just pointless.

  • MommieDearest


    You better tell it!

    Already the state of Texas has “white-washed” slavery in the history books. Other states will soon follow. In less than 100 years kids in school will be taught that slavery “wasn’t that bad” and that life on all planations resembled that depicted in Disney’s “Song of the South.”

    I put nothing past white people. Nothing.

  • MommieDearest

    And let’s not forget that she has to have a white co-star/love interest because heaven forbid that the masses get the idea that black people actually DESIRE one another for loving relationships.

  • cult media

    Unfortunately the censors won’t let my final reply through, but I’m pleased that my position is holding fast against my opponents despite my being outnumbered by them and appearing to be a in a minority of one.

  • MommieDearest

    “so “massa” warming up Kizzy’s bed is something to brag about? Did you know that massa was raping Kizzy and other black women on a regular? Those relationships were NOT mutual. In fact, it’s highly insulting to mention something that unfortunately happened to many of our ancestors in that regard”


    Massa wasn’t getting with the black women slaves because they found them so “irresistable.” Bullsiht. Black women were AVAILABLE AND EASY TARGETS. The mass could use them whenever and however he saw fit without facing ANY repurcussions. Just because someone wants to sex you, it doesn’t mean they love, respect or like you. It really bothers me when people try to put a “positive” spin on the rape and toture that my ancestors endured.

  • Stephanie B.

    I live in a neighborhood that’s 88% white and I can find essence and black hair magazines in my local grocery stores along with black hair care products. What your saying isn’t entirely truthful, I live in an affluent area of Arizona and I (a black woman) can find a variety of beauty products that cater to my skin color.

  • Keshia

    Yeah just like black men live up women of other races behinds? You know because they all look so “exotic”

  • chanela17

    all of this!! even other ethnic groups feel some type of way when they see black people in things.

    i find it odd how people would assume that things are only for black people whenever they see a magazine or movie with black people in it, yet 99% of the movies that are in theaters have all white casts and apparently hispanics,middle eastern, or asian people don’t hesitate to watch those movies or wonder if it’s only for white people. smh

  • Perspective

    No Keisha – “elevating other women” which seems to be what you are saying has to do with 1) black men NOT passing anything on and maintaining a black community that doesn’t exist and 2) Black women are unwilling to cooperate with any structure lead and controlled by black men because of the inferiority complex they have about black men and following them, and their resistance to patriarchy or “black male lead patriarchy” that they see as oppressive.

    A woman’s value is DIRECTLY tied to her man’s wealth or what her man is creating and trying to pass on. Remove WHAT MEN DO from the equation, and you are JUST A WOMAN.

    No better than any other race of woman. Factor in the fact that its damn near impossible for black women to compete with other races of women on femininity/beauty/ and weight without being AFFORDED the luxuries and promotion (which would require black men in positions of powering their own media machine) to put their energy into those things rather than trying to hold up the little bit that they are trying to hold up. Any black male born into this is GOING to look at other races as a better choice because NOW – choosing a woman has ONLY to do with finding a woman who is attractive and sexually appealing rather than her being attached to any sort of preservation of a BLACK LEGACY, community, or power structure where black wealth is being passed on to BLACK CHILDREN – necessitating a black woman.

    Black women really don’t have a clue why other races of women are valued by their men. They swear its just intrinsic because it APPEARS to be that way, but it is NOT.

    The whole IR dating thing is an epic fail for many black women because SO MANY want validation and recognition for THEIR beauty – yet the daughters that they would produce (Chanel Iman’s) really do more harm in trying to REPRESENT black women than good. How can you advocate for a beauty that YOU NO LONGER PRODUCE?!

    If every black woman married outside the race, there would be no more black women THAT THEY PRODUCE for there to be a black beauty standard to be advocated for!

    White supremacy is QUICK to take these biracial people, place them on a pedestal, and REDEFINE THEM AS A BEAUTIFUL BLACK PERSON. That is done INTENTIONALLY!

    Then the next thing you know – black women are butt hurt and upset, and the same woman they just cosigned to go up against the white beauty standard, who is biracial, is the same woman they discourage black men from choosing despite acknowledging her beauty and calling her black.


  • Perspective

    TOO MANY BLACK WOMEN – feel that if they SNEAK Chanel Iman through the door that somehow they will be able to BUM RUSH the door of white media “with other types and looks of black women”


    The only men who are going to promote black women are BLACK MEN.

    The idea that other races of men are going to promote black women is asinine – that would UNDERMINE their very power structure.

    So without black men in a financially dominate position to black women – YOU WILL NOT SEE BLACK MEN PROMOTING BLACK WOMEN AT ALL.

    Either black women are going to promote themselves with our backwards structure that they see as liberating, or even worse the assumption is that black men are going to promote black women from a financially subordinate position. How does that work? Does he use your resources (that you got from white men) to promote you?!

    The whole THEME behind promoting your own women’s beauty has everything to do with making women DESIRE to play the subordinate position. It is part of the COST men pay for her submission. Otherwise, why would women want to submit to men or a structure that is of no collective benefit to them.

    What black women want now is to have their cake and eat it too. They want to be dominate to men (NOT EQUAL) – which still wouldn’t work – but have black men elevate and praise black women as they see other races of men do for their women.

    THE ONLY PROBLEM IS – in all those other communities that black women COMPARE black men to – ALL OF THOSE MEN are in the financially dominate position (collectively) to their women. Those women go to THEIR men for their jobs and careers. Black women go to OTHER races of men. As a result, the proper structure is dissolved and therefore you will not see THOSE types of benefits extended to black women from bm.

    The only thing a black woman can do at THIS POINT is hop the fence and be valued INDIVIDUALLY, or keep it black and be valued INDIVIDUALLY – but the whole global recognition thing – nah – you are going to have black men controlling the economic landscape to the point of complete female dependency as you see with other groups in order for black women to receive “global recognition.” Black men would have to be in the position to promote them like that. Keep in mind their would be a standard that black men create – and every black woman ain’t getting through even the door, and the big women would most certainly not be getting through the door. Sistas don’t want to hear that, but big women are not the first choice for men with money and power.

    Why are black women the biggest – WELL – their men are collectively the poorest. Notice when it comes to all the sistas screaming about and promoting fence jumping – especially the ones who are over there – WHAT SIZE ARE THEY?!

    Jill Scott or Kerry Washington? – Nuff said.

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  • Perspective

    @ What a black man thinks

    I’m gonna have to check you on many things.

    Most of black women’s ill behavior is the RESULT of black men not building anything. You can’t expect to have black women act and behave as other races of women WITHOUT MEN – providing the proper type of environment. By the same token – having women who THINK that they can BE MEN or have been convinced that patriarchy is oppressive doesn’t make black men want to go out here and KILL THEMSELVES to establish anything with a black woman in mind either – (FROM THIS POINT!) but keep in mind their behaviors, attitude and MINDSET – DID NOT arise out of thin air!

    Yes they were duped by feminism – just as black men were duped into thinking that we were going to JOIN WHITE FOLKS in the work sectors of society and be ALLOWED to JOIN THEM in the prosperity that they NEVER INTENDED FOR US TO HAVE ACCESS TO. Hence us being UNABLE to maintain our communities at this point because WE DON’T HAVE THE RESOURCES TO DO SO.

    Women know NOTHING about maintaining a community. They are like children when they get a little bit of power – hence all the success, education, and degrees that they brag about – but have YET to do anything to repair the black community OR even create opportunities for black women, damn black men. They are no better and no different than black men. In many regards they are worse, because at any given time, they can hide behind their ovaries and claim that whatever responsibility falls on them ONCE THEY TAKE THE “I AM LEADER POSITION” can be deflected onto black men – because THEY ARE ONLY in that position because of black men’s failures rather than the REALITY that they WANT TO BE THE HEAD! MINUS THE RESPONSIBILITIES and “ACCOUNTABILITY” THAT GO ALONG WITH HEADING A COMMUNITY.

    I can say with the strongest of convictions that I am TIRED of black women’s duplicity in that regard. You can not be the PROTECTED class and the LEADERS at the same time.

    This is not War Craft II Black women are not Queen of Blades – Queen of the Zerg with black men willing to sacrifice their lives for black women like MINDLESS drones of the hive. Forgive men for operating of what also benefits them, ESPECIALLY, when they are charged with the responsibility of doing ALL THE DANGEROUS AND LABORIOUS WORK.

    Black women MAKE US – so it is impossible to DISS half the race. They are inextricably attached to us as we are attached to them. You can not have any community that YOU own and control, that produces BLACK MEN – without black women. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE.

    Both sides are delusional with their fantasies of interracial BLENDING. IR is a resignation on PRESERVING any sort of black community. You see no other group trying to ONE DROP rule themselves to death except for us.

    Other nations have already MIXED and you still see stratifications with brown in the middle, white at the top, and black economically and socially at the bottom. Fence jumping is an individual solution – it is not a solution for THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

    Additionally, YES, it is impossible to build for a group of uncooperative women, but by the same token there are MANY BROTHAS who weren’t about to go out here and build a GOTDAMN THING ANYWAY. Dudes now believe that MANHOOD – is just as INTRINSIC as MOTHERHOOD and that is false. It is OK for women to think, feel, and surround themselves with all that magical and spiritual NONSENSE – but when you have the BUILDERS and the maintainers of a community thinking that way – “HOUSTON WE HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM!”

    There is nothing MAGICAL NOR INTRINSIC ABOUT MANHOOD. You either get it done, or it doesn’t get done. You do the math, you work out the logistics, you execute the plan – you either achieve your goal or you fail. Failure can mean death! I direct you to your nearest native American community – OH SNAP – there aren’t any – My point exactly.

    Men preserve the physical community and women preserve the culture. That is the way it is. Women may talk about how equal they are to men – but until I see women go out here (at the collective level) and start their own company, erect their own buildings, manufacturing their own products, and creating opportunities for the next generation of BLACK PEOPLE – WOMEN WILL NEVER BE EQUAL TO MEN.

    The ONLY reason they can even claim equality to men is

    1) Black men aren’t doing anything
    2) They haven’t figured out what it is that men actually do
    3) Why they do it
    4) Despite them benefiting directly from what other men of other races are doing to give them a freaking clue!

    Some falsely believe that men do these things automatically! They ignore the STRUCTURE of societies and human interaction which has nothing to do with MAGIC, the COSMOS, or SPIRITUALITY. It comes down to SURVIVAL, and NECESSITY.

    “I’m strong and independent!”

    “Hey babe, you can’t be strong and independent until MEN, get finished building this “AIR CONDITIONED OFFICE”

    The illusion of being INDEPENDENT when all of your opportunities come from either another gender or another group is laughable.

  • Keshia

    Wow and black women are leaving black men because you are all criminals, not educated, and have horrible attitudes at well. And just like feminist have tricked black women, rappers have tricked you black men as well.

  • Bianca

    Actually it’s the other way around, most black women tend to be jealous of white women. Most white women don’t give two thoughts about black women. Of course since most of you are black, no one is going to admit to that, but I figured someone needed to drop an unbiased view.

  • Bianca

    Well to be honest, most Americans tend to find black women less physically attractive than other women, so basically they are going with what appeals to the masses.

  • Bianca

    Black women are not leaving black men. Black women may not be getting married to black men, but they do find a way to get knocked up by black men in record numbers , with very little effort. As long as BW keep popping out OOW children by the lowly black man, BW will always be tied to them. If a woman breeds with lowly men, then that woman is even lower then that man.

  • Keshia

    And white women aren’t having babies by these “lowly” black men?

  • Chic Noir

    I forgot to add Arlensis Desosa the Lancôme model who might be the highest earning Black model. She doesn’t do much high fashion anymore but you can certainly find her young plenty of commercial stuff(Ann Taylor, Jones New York,Victoria Secret catalog etc..)

  • Chic Noir


    Her mom is half Korean & half Black.

  • Perspective

    Question Kiesha – does a white woman getting with a lowly black men make getting with a lowly black man OK?!

  • Chic Noir

    No she’s biracial. Her dad is a dark-skinned blk man and her mom is a white(looking) Puerto Rican.

  • Apple Pie


    The average, everyday white woman does not inject her lips and butt. Maybe in Hollywood and certain affluent communities but that’s where it stops. The average, everyday black woman (90%) wears a weave or her hair in an altered, unnatural state, both rich and poor.

  • Ms. Vee

    ….Chanel Iman is half Korean. As beautiful as she is how does she represent black beauty being half Asian?

  • Dw

    Damn, ninjas up here writing books and ishhh

  • RJ

    @Ms. Vee Chanel Iman is not half Korean. Her mother is half black and half Korean and her father is all black. So she has about the same amount of asiatic race that many black people have (those of us with native american ancestry).

    There is no one black person that represents black beauty because that is the beauty of the black race. We have many different skin tones and features.

    Women that represent black beauty in my opinion run the gament from Lena Horne to Cicely Tyson, Halle Berry to Alek Wek.

    I am leaving many names out but I think you get my point-Chanel Iman is a true reprentation of black beauty.

  • Chic Noir

    Commenting to consign RJ.

  • Lesha

    I resent the assumptions and stereotypes that us black women are always bogged down with. I am 27 yrs old. I have no children (and no desire to have any ever) and I’ve never had a track, wig, weave or anything like that in my hair, so don’t just assume that we all have bad attitudes, weaves, and three or 4 different baby daddies. I’m not in any way saying this makes me better than other black women; nobody is perfect and that includes me. Most of ky not so smart decisions can be traced back to my own selfishness or stubbornness. (I am quite stubborn). I don’t think it had anything to do w/ a black or white man, or a black or white woman. Before anyone condemns me, I’m not trying to say racism doesn’t exist; it absolutely does. I know from my own personal experience and the experiences of those close to me; but I do not ignore the responsibility I have of realizing my own mistakes and sins. Of course there are people who try to put the blame on anyone but themselves, and that is true of any race. There are trifling men AND women in Black, White, Asian, Latinos, Native Americans, whatever! And sometimes those triflings hate others but probably not as much as they hats themselves w/o even realizing it. So what can I do about it? Sink to their level? Allow their hatred to change and affect me? Cry about it to whoever will listen to me? No; stick up for myself and what I know to be true about my character. Racism is a serious evil that’s made worse when the victims start to hate themselves as well. As for people who interacially date, SO WHAT????? What race of people is 100% pure?? Being dark skinned does not mean your ancestors were completely 100% African or black. I will date whoever the heck I feel like dating; black, white, Mexican, Asian, Indian, Native American, red, yellow, green, orange, pink or a freaking alien life form from Venus. And I don’t care what the close minded haters or demons think because there ain’t a darn thing ya’ll can do about it!!!!!

    It’s been real ya’ll,

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