Colion Noir

Last week, the National Rifle Association opened a cynical new front in the debate about gun rights in America with its campaign to promote gun ownership to minority and low-income urban communities., the Association’s official website, introduced a partnership with Facebook sensation Colion Noir, a young, African-American “urban gun enthusiast” and the first of a promised procession of “diverse commentators” to appear on the NRA site.

Noir’s opening soliloquy contained a simple message: African-Americans need arms to protect themselves against the government.

“No one wants to fight for their protection, they want the government to do it,” Noir intones. “The same government who at one point hosed us down with water, attacked us with dogs, wouldn’t allow us to eat at their restaurants and told us we couldn’t own guns…The only person responsible for your safety is you.”

Perhaps the “diverse commentators” strategy represents an attempt to shift focus away from the stodgy white octogenarians who have been NRA spokespersons in the aftermath of the Newtown tragedy.

But the approach seems particularly disingenuous, even for the NRA. “Urban” America is quite clearly the worst place to introduce more guns.  Indeed, guns are already readily available in low-income minority areas, and gun violence disproportionately impacts communities of color.  African-Americans make up roughly 13 percent of the U.S. population, but in 2010 they suffered 56 percent of all firearm homicides.

Young black men who live in neighborhoods with high gun crime commit more serious acts of violence than teens who have not been exposed.  It is far from surprising, then, that African-Americans support gun control far more frequently than do white Americans.  A recent PEW survey found that 68 percent of black Americans support gun-control today while only 24 percent support unrestricted gun rights—the percentages were 42 percent and 51 percent for white Americans.

In light of this, Noir’s position that African-Americans should embrace a continued proliferation of assault weapons rather than support legislation that could only reduce guns on the street is baffling—particularly as he does so in the name of personal safety.

So too, gun proliferation enhances the ever-growing threat of violence posed, not just to the helpless families and citizens caught in the crossfire, but to the persons who help promote “safety” in high density urban areas, such as aid workers and first responders.

Most concerning, the appearance of an armed African-American man on the website of an organization whose “diversity” problems mirror those of the Republican Party is far more complex than it seems.  This is because the very image of an armed black man plays to historical currents—indeed, racialized currents in which the NRA is deeply embedded.  As the NRA and Mr. Noir should realize, the civil-rights era of the 1950s and 1960s was not just a time of water cannons and police dogs.  It was also a time when exaggerated representations of black men with guns mobilized significant response in mainstream white America.

For instance, the FBI famously overstated the threats posed by Malcolm X, Bobby Seale, and Huey Newton, by highlighting these men’s attempts to obtain firearms and “plots” to overthrow the government.  The FBI also hung Armed and Dangerous posters throughout the US South warning citizens about NAACP leader Robert F Williams, author of the manifesto Negroes With Guns, who advocated gun rights for African-Americans.

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  • seritatheresa

    There’s always a black face to trot out and make counter intuitive arguments

  • emjay

    they T.rriedddd it. that is all.

  • myblackfriendsays

    Sigh. I agree with a lot of what he was saying in that video. The government is not your friend. The government is not going to solve all your problems. Did you hear the part where he said it was a poverty problem, a culture problem, a violence problem– How can you not agree with that?

    He is not advocating free guns dumped on the basketball courts of inner cities across the U.S. He is advocating legal, responsible gun ownership. Most of these guns used in these inner city homicides are illegal guns to begin with. If we focused on enforcing existing laws, that might reduce the crimes there. Why aren’t we doing that?

    Also, is there _anything_ the NRA could do that would make it seem like they were sincerely reaching out to communities of color? I am so tired of this republicans = racist narrative. I am not a republican, but I am smart enough to know that if one political party takes 90% of the votes from my race for granted, they have exactly zero incentive to address issues that are important to me. We need to realize that we have power, and stop automatically giving that power to help people that are not helping us.

  • Perspective

    This article is OFF TARGET – and so are the women who THINK they know what the problem is.

    Martin Luther King applied for a permit in 1958 after his house was fire bombed – BUT WAS DENIED.

    The Deacons of DEFENSE protected their communities with guns.

    The first gun laws were passed to keep GUNS OUT OF THE HANDS OF BLACK PEOPLE.

    The same year the KKK became a terrorist organization in April of 1871 the NRA was formed.

    The gun violence in the black community has nothing to do with the GUNS!

    It’s the lack of jobs and the lack of opportunity that is the problem. White people have all the guns in the world and other than their occasional deranged suburban white kids, violence in their community is LOW – factor in economics and jobs opportunities that they have in their community and you have to area that should be focused on – NOT THE GUNS THEMSELVES.

    As much as black people want to cry about RACISM – from whites, like the Teens who ran over the black man in Mississippi, you would think we would be the first group to be pro-gun especially when the guns laws were created to keep us from them.

    “Black people don’t need guns!”

    Yea, go tell that to the black people during Hurricane Katrina who were getting shot at while trying to cross a damn bridge, or had white people driving into crowds of black people and plucking out white people, telling black people they can’t get on the boat AT GUN POINT!

  • TTTT

    Sadly, I too agree with the video. I say sadly because I hate it with a passion wen Whites throw a Black face or Uncle Tom on an issue to try to appeal to us. However, like you said, most guns in inner cities are already illegal… meaning gun regulation ain’t gonna help us… Yet we jumped on the bandwagon soon as Obama said jump.
    And yes, I would like a gun in my house in case some fool or police officer or whatever tries it. Black Panther movie taught me that.

  • Perspective

    MrColionNoir has had his youtube channel for a very long time.

    He’s not some fabrication that the NRA made up for the occasion

  • Anthony

    I am a gun owner and I actually enjoy shooting recreationally, and I have done so since I was in my early teens. That said, the commercial in this link is as fake as a four dollar bill.
    The white people who paid for this ad are the same whites who freaked out when the Black Panthers legally showed up at the state capitol in Sacramento with guns (that was the only time I ever heard Ronald Reagan speak in favor of gun control!) The last thing the NRA really wants is a politically organized and purposefully armed African American community.

    As much as I enjoy shooting, I know that guns can’t simply be dropped in our community and be effective for crime prevention beyond isolated cases of people killing burglars or carjackers. Something as purpose built as a gun is only effective in the context of intense education, discipline, and regulation. All of those things are lacking in inner cities and rural poverty zones. If guns by themselves gave people freedom, then people in places like Somalia, Yemen, and Afghanistan should be havens of liberty.

  • Perspective

    “”It’s not that Colion Noir is a bad person. i certainly didn’t mean to imply that. However it is certainly sanctioned and more than likely was scripted by them. The video itself is problematic. It has innuendos that are racially biased. It plays on the stereotypical fears that are assumed to exist in the Black community. Why is it that we need a gun now more than ever in the Black community? Because pooky and Ray Ray and them have one? And if they have an AK, then i should have one too? Come on”

    Here is a person who clearly does not know what they are talking about from the comments section of the above video because he calls the video scripted and sanctioned by who? – The NRA – The video is nothing more than segments of clips that the mans has had up from 6 months to a year, well before Sandy Hook.

    It kills me how black people are so quick to be anti gun – backing up the white folks when their precious white children get killed (tragedy nonetheless)

    but in all the deaths that happened in the black community – NO ONE CALLED ON THE BAN OF ANY TYPE OF GUN.

    If you live outside the city – you can get a gun like it’s nothing.

    If you live in the city (LARGE MINORITY POPULATION) you have to jump through hoops of fire just to get one.

    New Jersey – you can’t carry a firearm. No CCW’s given – to anyone! Only people who have guns are the police. Camden New Jersey has been the murder capital more than once! Large Rican and Black population.

    If you want to stop violence – find a way for people to satisfy their basic needs – THAT STARTS WITH A DECENT PAYING JOBS.

    If you don’t get that – please just go to the back of the line because we don’t need anymore of these “We shall over come – all black people need is WHITE JESUS and a few behavioral modifications, and everything will be alright”

    I swear… Who gives these black people the damn microphone! These Al Sharpton – OVER SIMPLIFICATION to every problem types?

  • apple

    omg! i talk to him online sometimes! we once had a discussion about guns circa 2011 , he loves it for sport i attempted to tell him how much i despise guns, but he loves it guns so there was no point but at least he was logical about it, some gun owners are mean and will derail your whole argument if you try to talk to them about guns

  • I got sense!

    There are several polls/studies that show blacks have overwhelmingly been in support of stricter gun laws for almost a decade. Why some people, like yourself, think blacks are just now interested in gun legislation because of the white kids that got murdered recently is beyond me and it shows just how out of touch YOU are with the goals, passions, and concerns of the black community.

  • I got sense!

    “It’s the lack of jobs and the lack of opportunity that is the problem.”

    This wouldn’t be a problem if black people would stop selling there businesses to white people. We are selling them. They are not taking them by force.

    “White people have all the guns in the world and other than their occasional deranged suburban white kids, violence in their community is LOW – factor in economics and jobs opportunities that they have in their community and you have to area that should be focused on – NOT THE GUNS THEMSELVES.”

    Not even remotely true. Gun violence in the white community is not low. And when you say low you have to specify how you qualify that amount. Whites vs blacks it will always look bad for blacks because the latter group is so much smaller than the former one. Check out the FBI and Justice Bureau. The spree/mass murdering/suicide violence is high in the white community. Violence in the black community is largely about drugs.

  • Marisa

    Is this real life how this brotha cant grasp the concept out that the black community has had too many gun enthusiast. 200 years ago mankind was able to hunt with a bow and arrow, I’m not buying you need a AK-47 semi-automatic/Bush master rifle to do so. Also even have one at home for protection because a licensed hand gun is one thing, rolling at the gun range with your friends is one another thing too. This dude knows full well they dumped all these weapons in our communities for a reason. You using semi automatic rifles for what we could ask Nancy Lanza about having those type weapons in your home but, we cant her since son Adam used those same weapons to gun her and all those babies and teachers at Sandy Hook. How big was the check Colion Noir got from the NRA to spout this drivel?

  • Pocono Shooting Range

    Disarmament is the fastest path to enslaving people.

    Guns = Freedom

  • Perspective

    You point makes no sense – GUNS ARE NOT DUMPED IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

    DRUGS ARE DUMPED – and the narco economy brings the gun violence, because since it is ILLEGAL the way that game is played is THROUGH FORCE!

    You can not go to the local police station and say, “Hey they stole my drugs”

    No you have to go knock someone over the head and make an example out of them. That is how the game is played.

    Also, last time I checked less than 1% of anybody was being killed with AK-47s and AR-15s. I think you need to get your information straight before you come with the anti-gun talking points that aren’t even based in fact. I could respect the argument if it was based in reality but it is not.

    Most people are out here getting killed by handguns – I don’t know how many time I have to say that.

    Adam Lanza could have gunned down those children with 1 pistol and several magazine with 15 rounds in them – EASY.

    I’m tired of people speaking about guns who know nothing about guns.

    Mr. Colion Noir – has been making youtube videos WELL before any mass shooting. The NRA can’t pay you to “spout drivel” he was already SPOUTING!

  • Perspective

    I can see you don’t read.

    Blacks have wanted gun control because they don’t understand the root of the problem, as we never understand anything as a race because we are collectively ignorant as you are demonstrating.

    The POINT was – that society as a whole has largely ignored the DEATHS due to the gun violence in the black community. 20 precious white children get killed and suddenly its BAN EVERYTHING.

    You don’t see the racism in that?!

    400 homicides in (BLACK CITY OF CHOICE) – CRICKETS from white America.

    20 white children die – BAN EVERYTHING?!

    The root of the problem is the lack of JOBS and opportunities.

    When a people does not provide opportunities for it’s own YOU WILL HAVE VIOLENCE!

    Additionally, what gun control would you like to advocate that would stop inner black on black crime.

    Felons can’t have guns – BUT THEY GOT ‘EM
    Background checks – A DOPE DEALER can easily get a handgun with his drug money. When you have money to throw around – OH you better believe you can GET WHAT YOU NEED.

    I think you need to change your name because sense is one thing that you don’t have.

  • Marisa

    Those guns came the same way as those drugs and that’s a fact. The black community is plagued by constant violence that comes from all those guns. What guns you think those bangers are using when folks get caught in the crossfire high power . I speak from what I know which is the South Bronx in NYC hand guns/ Ak-47s are all over the place. You wanna act like these guns in the black community is just for sport and target practice, and all people are shooting is deers and fake targets.

    Please innocent kids and adults are who are ended up getting shot. Chicago crime wave comes from where them all stabbing each other, or hitting each other with bricks, no. The last thing the black community needs is more guns in it. You say my arguments aren’t based in reality while you toss out percentages and numbers, I and many others live in the damn reality.

  • Perspective

    You all are stupid – I don’t have the energy

  • CeeCee

    I most definitely understand where Noir is coming from and I thought the video was informative. But my question is…how do so many Blacks obtain these illegal guns? I mean..its not like there are manufacturing plants in the middle of the hood.

  • Bryan

    Sir, that isn’t a commercial. It’s a montage of the videos that Mr Noir has been posting to youtube over the last 2 years. NRA didn’t even know he existed when those videos were made. His audience only blew up when Obama, et al woke up the sleeping giant with all their gun control nonsense.

    Disagree all you want. That’s your right. Just don’t get the facts wrong and cause misinformation to spread. Thanks.

  • Anthony

    I stand corrected, but the brother needs to get his facts straight. Those gun loving NRA types by no means supported folks like the Panthers, Deacons of Defense, or MOVE when they were doing their thing.

    I can appreciate Brother Colion’s support of armed self defense. I just think that dropping guns in our communities without proper training, a boatload of child safe locks, an some actual jobs, so people won’t be tempted to use those gun to “enhance their economic status.” Furthermore, poor and frustrated people are as likely to shoot each other they are to protect their families.

    Look at it this way, if you simply give every child a laptop or tablet without any assignments or instruction. Most will probably spend their time playing games or taking pictures. A few will get into porn, and a very few will actually learn something. The same is true with guns, the difference being that guns can kill you.

  • PinguinoRoja (@redpenguin01)

    This article cannot be more off-base. Colion nior has been doing videos on youtube long before the NRA contacted him. He is very well spoken and on point in his arguments, his popularity has grown over the last 3-4 months, and he goes against the stereotypical redneck gun owners that the liberal would like to paint us as. I am a liberal white scientist that owns guns for personal protection and I have seen just about every walk of life shoot and own guns around my parts in Minnesota.. If I could speak anywhere as articulately as this man, I would. The bottom line with Colion, regardless of his color (which is unfortunately the only way the liberal media would like to see him as a representative of the NRA), is that he is a perfect spokesman for the cause based on his insight, popularity, and speaking abilities.

    To state any facts that African Americans, for the most part, are in support of gun control is a complete circular argument. Yes/No opinions do not get to the core of the issue, and I would propose that anyone who has been in support of gun control in these recent months have completely missed the bigger picture. Any experienced shooter will tell you that banning anything will not do a thing to prevent murders.

    Let me briefly elaborate and wrap this up: The biggest problem in the United States with gun violence is undisputedly gang and drug related. With a statistic that 74% of all gun deaths are gang-related and another 4% of drug related (both underreported stats), damn near 80% of all gun murders in the US are gang- and drug-related. This is a very important fact to any of us that care about killings that are happening in this country. Especially if we would like to prevent them in the future.

    The problem though is the misinformation within the African American communities that less guns will equal less homicides. This does not solve the violence problem because it does not address the core issue at hand (that being that the intention to commit violent acts will still remain regardless of the tool being used). In Chicago, you have an overwhelming rate of African Americans in support of gun control because of the violence in the streets. You have a liberal market that has been very successful in gaining their support and swaying their opinions with ideologues. But unfortunately, Chicago’s gun death rate (due to gang- and drug-related incidents) is even higher than the national average at 90%.

    So how are we going to be constructive and stop these acts of violence? Take a look at our drug prevention policy within the United States. Instead of decreasing the use of drugs, we have not stopped a thing by making the sale/transfer/use of drugs illegal. A huge black market has developed as a result, one which requires a way to defend and police their own industries without being able to receive help from law enforcement agencies. What happens as a result, you have armed vigilantes and gangs trying to protect themselves and their profit margins, and you also have a prime target for robbers to try and steal from unfortunate dealers and buyers. This all contributes to the massive amounts of deaths that we see within our nation.

    We have enabled ourselves to be lied to by our government once again. Instead of looking at the core issues (drug and gang-volence; along with our mental health, spousal abuse outreach, and academia programs) that contribute to gun violence, we completely missed the mark by blaming guns for these problems. Again, I am scientist. Ingredients for explosives are a cabinet or a shed away from you. You will not stop the violence by banning guns or arresting individuals. You must attack the core issues, what is actually causing individuals to go out and commit violent acts.

  • The Voice of Reason

    Suppose they do ban assault weapons in a high crime urban area. What happens? CRIMINALS STILL HAVE THEIR AR-15′s!!!! THEY WILL STILL OBTAIN MORE AR-15′s THROUGH ILLEGAL SOURCES!!! THEY WILL STILL KILL HONEST CITIZENS WITH THEIR AR-15′s!!!

    Congratulations. With the assault weapons ban, criminals now know that home invasions are now THAT MUCH EASIER, SAFER, and LESS RISKY for THEM. I can already hear the laughter and celebration from the criminal community if an assault weapon ban ever passes.

    Stop swallowing the garbage that Joe Biden or any other power hungry anti gun Washington elitist has fed you. WAKE UP!!!

  • earthsign

    Yeah you’re kinda clueless. Gun shows have been havens for people who purchase in bulk with no background checks and resell the guns for profit to people who cannot obtain one through a background check. A woman just got arrested by ATF 3 weeks ago for attending 3 consecutive gun shows in Va, buying up to 30 weapons each time and selling them to crooks in DC. New York state just did a sting where they were able to buy assault weapons at New York gun shows with no background check what so ever. But you want to act like these guns end up in trophy cases and not sold to every tom dick and harry who just WANTS one.

    Also Colion Noir I’m sorry. I mean Colllins Idehen ( real brave to use a pen name when you really mean what you’re saying about black people being so naive ) as you can see by his personal life is no better than “pooky”. He’s gun obsessed, car obsessed and woman obsessed. He also seems to have an issue with “Africans” who seems to use a barometer for things he finds lacking. This child is a mindless punk who is bent over taking it in the rear for chump change from NRA and gun manufacturers. He’s made his bed and the fleas belong to him. I don’t want to hear any of his moaning when his buddies at NRA don’t need him any longer. He’s fooled no one.

  • earthsign

    You sound younger than Collins Idehen.

    I guess you think Reagan got shot after Obamas first term.

    School shootings/work shootings have been happening since the 70s and you blame Obama for gun control awareness. You need to see the pictures of those dead children in Newtown and those dead Sikhs, the dead from Aurora and VA Tech. Better yet you need to spend the night in the morgue with them or try to heal the wounded of gun violence in an ER Trauma center. Then maybe you’ll grow up a bit. .

  • Sally J

    Excellent response – Could not say it any better.

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