Could Michelle Clark Be The New Sweet Brown

Here is what I imagine a typical conversation between a news segment producer and an anchor before a remote shoot:

Producer: When you’re out there looking for interviews…I want you to find the most….what’s that word black people use nowadays….?

Anchor: Um…Wretched? Ratchet? Something like that…I think

Producer: Yeah, find both of those..and make sure we get good sound bites. Viewers love soundbites.

This is pretty much how Antoine Dodson and Sweet Brown came into existence. Dodson has seemingly faded back into oblivion, Sweet Brown is probably vetting offers for a new Tyler Perry movie, but as of last week, there may be a new kid on the block.

“Maaaaannnn them jokers was big! Size of a quarter doggone! It said kapooya! kapooya!”

Yup, that’s the sound Michelle Clark heard during a hail storm in Houston, Texas:

So she sounds like Busta Rhymes. And of course there are already remixes:

I’m pretty sure we’ll see more of these ‘characters’ coming to life on nightly news broadcasts. It seems to be a trend that not only garners a few laughs, but also tons of criticism.

Hide your kids, hide your wife. I ain’t got time for that. Kapooya.

News vans are setting up shop in urban areas, just waiting for ratchet to happen and when it does, you can bet your bottom dollar, they’re the ones to upload it to YouTube.


  1. Yes indeed she could be the next Sweet Brown. She has potential for more actually. She’s also more beautiful than Halle Berry.

  2. E.M.S.

    Even though we all probably get a good laugh from this, think about what’s behind it: we know the media purposely targets black people like this to interview to make us look foolish on national television. So even though I admit I loved Sweet Brown’s “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” meme blowing up online, that’s always in the back of my mind.

    • Adrian

      I totally agree with you! Sure I loved Sweet Brown’s video but I also do think the media purposely targets black people…not nice :/

    • Josiah

      You, people are idiots who have obviously never watched local news before. As well as being unable to look at anything without assigning race to it. All local news channels have the most ridiculous and toothless, people involved in the story, white black, purple, red it doesn’t matter. This is just the way it has been for many years. I’ve lived in 5 states, in the north and south and they are all the same. Maybe there are just a lot of folks like this in the World. Get over yourself. And stop being so racist.

  3. Blasè

    ain’t laughing no more.

  4. Vickichuu

    .. Is she even wearing a shirt..?

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