Could Michelle Clark Be The New Sweet Brown

Here is what I imagine a typical conversation between a news segment producer and an anchor before a remote shoot:

Producer: When you’re out there looking for interviews…I want you to find the most….what’s that word black people use nowadays….?

Anchor: Um…Wretched? Ratchet? Something like that…I think

Producer: Yeah, find both of those..and make sure we get good sound bites. Viewers love soundbites.

This is pretty much how Antoine Dodson and Sweet Brown came into existence. Dodson has seemingly faded back into oblivion, Sweet Brown is probably vetting offers for a new Tyler Perry movie, but as of last week, there may be a new kid on the block.

“Maaaaannnn them jokers was big! Size of a quarter doggone! It said kapooya! kapooya!”

Yup, that’s the sound Michelle Clark heard during a hail storm in Houston, Texas:

So she sounds like Busta Rhymes. And of course there are already remixes:

I’m pretty sure we’ll see more of these ‘characters’ coming to life on nightly news broadcasts. It seems to be a trend that not only garners a few laughs, but also tons of criticism.

Hide your kids, hide your wife. I ain’t got time for that. Kapooya.

News vans are setting up shop in urban areas, just waiting for ratchet to happen and when it does, you can bet your bottom dollar, they’re the ones to upload it to YouTube.

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  • Apple

    Both her and sweet brown both seem unreal like it doesn’t feel natural . Or maybe they just that ignorant. Antonie Dodson at least seemed real. But yay for news ignorance ! Setting black people back since 1991 #ugh

    • The Moon on the Sky

      Ignorant about what?

  • No_chaser

    Anyone seeing a pattern here? Anyone??

  • So she was interviewed twice? Makes me wonder if this was a staged interview since the “remix” video has her in different clothes & different times of the day.

    If it is real, I’ve decided to stop being offended by these characters. Truth is, Black people who consider themselves as progressive & cosmopolitan (myself included) need to stop acting as if every image of us will be positive. She could very well be a nice lady and just because we don’t share the same vernacular makes me no better than she is.

  • Tiff

    This is the natural progression of events, you see. With Obama in office, the epitome of power, it’s only natural for these (white/conservative-controlled) networks will decide to air any footage that will “bring us” back down to reality. They could have very well edited the footage or excluded it from the report.

    Where are the toothless hicks and honey boo-boo’s? They will hardly show them, in the same way that black editors and producers probably attempt to avoid displaying footage that would disgrace “their people”. When there’s an absence of color in the editing-rooms we are going to see all kinds of mess, especially mess concerning blacks.

    I am personally not offended b/c I don’t know her and she doesn’t represent me (i.e., not a family member or friend) – but I think it’s the principal.

  • Keshia

    I really don’t care how white people see me based off a few black folk on tv, I could easily seem them all one way too, enjoy your 20 minutes of fame girl (because honestly think 20 is the new 15 smh)