Wendy and Jess

Check out the latest video from one of our YouTube webisode obsessions “Food Heaven Made Easy with Wendy + Jess.”  To learn more please visit – www.foodheavenmadeeasy.com

To find even more information on Vitamin Basics Breakdown please click here!

  • Emy

    Very informative! Thanks!

  • Chacha1

    Thanks! Can’t view it now, but I’ll be watching later…

  • Joy

    I’ve always felt that store bought vitamins are a ripoff. Ever wonder how vitamin stores stay in business because when you walk past one there’s usually no one, or maybe one person in there. I think they get over because they over charge for the products they (do) sell. I mean $20, or more for a bottle of so-called vitamins. Come on now!! Just eat a balanced meal with lots of fresh fruits, and veggies

  • CocobeanCool

    greattttttttttt post!!

  • Marly

    These ladies are awesome! Keep it coming.

  • http://www.facebook.com/yasmeen.regina Yasmeen Regina Parsley

    Cute, cute,cute. I have that apron and LOVE it.

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