George Zimmerman’s Brother Calls Black Teens Killers

by Evette Dionne

In “he tried it” news, Robert Zimmerman Jr., brother of Trayvon Martin’s killer George Zimmerman, went on a Twitter tirade against black teens. Zimmerman shared a comparison photo of Martin and De’Marquis Elkins, a 17-year-old accused to shooting a child, captioning the photo with “Any questions?”


There are plenty of questions left unanswered, including why Robert’s brother George was following Trayvon in a community he rightfully belonged in and how a gun entered the equation at all. Zimmerman continued his Twitter rant, criticizing the media for demonizing his brother and victimizing Martin.

GZ3GZGZ1When Zimmerman was rightfully challenged about his assumption about black teenagers, he revealed his true ideologies about blackness.


White victimhood is at its finest. As Mediaite points out, Martin and Elkins have little in common other than their complexion and their ages.

“The only thing Trayvon Martin and De’Marquise Elkins have in common is that they are black teenagers who have middle fingers. That’s where it ends, but the differences between the two are many. Trayvon Martin isn’t accused of any crime, while Elkins is accused of murder. Elkins is alive, and will have an opportunity to defend himself. Trayvon Martin is dead, and can’t defend himself against the despicable comparison of himself to an alleged baby-murderer.”

However, in the eyes of the Zimmermans that is enough because all black teens are killers.

George Zimmerman will stand trial on June 10.

  • mEE

    I saw Robert Zimmerman on Bill Maher a few weeks ago. I was all prepared to get riled up and be on the defensive but I was shocked at how soft-spoken and…fair he seemed. Obviously he was on his brother’s side but I remember being totally surprised at the way he presented his views and seemingly had such dignity. I guess someone can only be scripted for so long before their real views come out.
    sad that this is yet another thing I’ll have to talk to my nephews about. first it was the never run talk, then the don’t hang out in groups of more than 3, then don’t ride around in cars with your music too loud…now I guess I’ll talk to them about making sure they never put up a middle finger on a social networking site. the list seems never-ending at this point.

  • dbsm

    should i assume that white teen boys do not take pics with middle fingers up? are white teen boy pics more innocent?

  • Destiny

    I’m going to have let stupid people stay stupid. One of these days the Zimmermans are going to mess with the wrong people, that aren’t afraid to put them in jail or get them for the old and the new. I’m not wishing harm on anyone, but for someone to kill an innocent teenager and expect their life to be candy and lollipops needs to understand it won’t happen! You will reap what you sow.

    It would have been one thing if Zimmerman had actually SEEN Trayvon steal something, BUT even then you don’t have the right to chase him around like a sick chicken. If Zimmerman had a child he wouldn’t want someone to kill his kid, because they’re in a neighborhood, looking so-called suspicious. I say all that to bring it back to my above statement, ‘you will reap what you sow.’ Don’t sow wrongfully hunting other people’s kids down, and expect for your (future, present, whenever) kids/family to be safe without God’s mercy.

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  • Tonton Michel

    My man needs to stay out of the media before he gets his brother a good old fashion hanging.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    He is reaching, as some would say.

  • The Artist

    To make a long story short….Zimmerman’s brother needs to take a seat….

  • Marisa

    This is one family that needs to not throw out any murderer tags considering what George Zimmerman and his Rambo wanna be committed. If those kids did indeed murder that baby then they are murderers but so is his brother now match up those pics with one of his brother.

  • Keshia

    Mister, your brother killed that young man for no dang reason besides his own apparent prejudices…you and your family can spin facts and tell fairy tales all you want, your brother is a racist and killer.

  • cookiechica

    “The way people choose 2publicly portray themselves speaks volumes abt their character…”
    I think Robert Zimmerman, Jr. should take a look at his own tweet and gain some self awareness, ’cause I don’t think he knows how profoundly characterless he “speaks”.

  • Dalili

    “Any questions?”

    Well yes, what do these photos have to do with the fact that your brother shot and killed Trayvon Martin?!

  • Keshia

    Exactly last time I checked trayvon Martin is dead while George Zimmerman is still alive…how does that make trayvon a killer?? Like what was the entire point of this?

  • Megan

    The difference between a black boy and white boy is that white boy gets a pass/lesser sentence for their crimes while the black boy goes straight to jail,do not pass go and do not collect $200. It does not matter if the white and black boy have the same or no criminal history
    and/or committed the same crime the white boy will always get a lesser sentence than the black boy. Before the “war on drugs” whites made up 70% of the jail/prison population while blacks made up less than 70% and now it is reverse and it sure is not because they are whiter than snow because they have more blood on their hands than anyone. We live in a double standards society and we need to teach black children just because it is okay for Billy and Becky to do something it does not mean it would be okay for them to do the same thing. Our boys and girls need better role models/father and mother figures than these gang bangers, rappers, video vixens, reality star hoodrats etc.

  • MommieDearest

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    This is one time where I’m glad some fool is showing out on social media. All this will do is increase the chances of George getting convicted. Let Robbie keep tweeting.

  • Sandy

    George Zimmerman killed an innocent 17 year old boy. It doesn’t matter if that boy was taking photos showing his middle finger, getting into trouble at school, dressing ‘thug-like’ (isn’t that what they implied by blaming him for wearing a hood?) or anything else. What so now, the punishment for taking pics with the middle finger is getting shot? And by the way what the heck does Robert mean by ‘they cast him in a child-like’ manner. Wasn’t Trayvon a child when he was shot in cold blood? Hello!! am I missing something? George Zimmerman caused a lot of pain to an innocent family by murdering their son so I think he & his family should just shut up & quit trying to justify murder.

  • Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira

    Now put yourself in the skin of the NATO’s, or any Western country drone attack so called collateral victims.

    You still think those who pick up arms against your country are just rabid haters?

    Victimization of the aggressor is the new chic. Racism within few years will be declared legal right.

  • AnGe – Stubbornly Indecisive

    I am unfazed by these Zimmmerman antics. He’s desperate and he’s a racist. None of this is new information. That man WILL go to prison for murder. The evidence he’s trying to build is silly and ridiculous. So because a boy somewhere completely unrelated to Trayvon made a similar gesture that must mean they have identical mentalities and will behave the same way. What the entire f*ck?

    If anything this would prove Trayvon’s case that Zimmerman just assumed he was a thug and a menace which is why he followed Trayvon for no good reason.

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    He can manipulate the facts all he wants but his brother is still and forever will be an entitled racist murderer. You just don’t walk up to someone…say they look suspicious and take their lives….Trayvon was a child, a person, a human being, had a heartbeat, a mother and a father….how disrespectful to his parents…

    ….somehow certain twisted, sick, and entitled white people feel that their lives are more valuable than others and it makes my stomach so sick and filthy on the inside that people can be that arrogant…

    Keep talking bro…It’s that entitlement mentality that got your brother where he is right now…

  • TajMarie

    Yes, Zimmerman’s lawyer subpoenaing Trayvon’s grades and then going after his girlfriend who was speaking to him while he was on the phone speaks volume.

  • binks

    Why? Let the idiot keep taking so he can expose himself and his brother even more…shrugs

  • A Lo

    Clearly George Zimmerman’s brother is not helping his case. The Prosecution clearly stated that George Zimmerman displayed a “us” against “them” mentality. These rants promote the belief that George Zimmerman targeted Trayvon because he was one of “them”. You can define “them” anyway you want, teens, black teens, thieves, criminals, whatever. In my opinion Zimmerman killed Trayvon because he ASSUMED this innocent child was one of “them”. I hope we get justice for Trayvon and his family.

  • R&G

    Oh dear heavens! DAS RAYCISS!!!!!!

  • Roo

    How dare he! You’re not supposed to say ANYTHING less than flattering about anyone black! How could anyone STILL not know that??? Hey Zimmerman Jr, Helloooooo, 800 years of slavery? Duh!

  • Trish

    Are we talking about Trayvon or are we talking about a 13 month old baby. I’ll bet if the baby’s mom would have had a gun, this would have ended differently and some people would have called the baby mom a racist and murderer. Come on people we are talking about a baby.

  • Jay

    And don’t trayvon Martin was also a child. Nobody has the right to follow you home. Yea is 17 but under the eyes of the law he is not yet an adult. Black people being followed because we look suspicious is not uncommon. I was just racial profiled a couple weeks ago. As much as I wanted to punch this cop in the face I held my cool. Unfortunately trayvon didn’t do the same but if a man who was not a cop was following me I would be aggressive too. Would you?

  • Anne

    Now that the trial WILL take place in spite of Mark O’Mara’s games in court, I hope that justice will be done for this poor kid who was doing nothing wrong. It was his tragic misfortune to be accosted by a police academy reject who has a record of violence of his own. It includes striking a police officer, injuring a female customer when he was a bouncer which got him fired, and domestic violence. George Zimmerman has bragged about his felonies being reduced to misdemeanors on his MySpace account due to his father’s connections. His family, especially his brother, has done him no favors with all their simple-minded, ill-advised comments which are completely divorced from reality.

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