Eating HealthyFrom The Grio – Many years ago, I tried this crash diet that consisted largely of eating boiled eggs. I was a happy high school cheerleader with  the right height and “wrong” size. I was a sturdy base who wanted desperately to be one of the petite girls on the team who were whimsically tossed into the air. A friend of my mother’s had lost weight, which she attributed to a diet of boiled eggs and water. Just like that, I traded in Big Macs for boiled eggs. (In retrospect, I could have just stopped with the Big Macs. But my sense of logic didn’t work so well back then.)

I was into my third dozen eggs when a curious thing happened. I cracked the shell of a boiled egg, broke it open and two grey yolks fell out. Some people might have thought, “Ooh! Two for one!” But I stared at the paper towel in horror. Twins, I thought. It hit me then that some chicken somewhere was expecting babies and I was eating them. For reasons I’m not quite sure of, I quit eggs, beef and pork that day in 1996. Two years later, I did away with poultry. I haven’t touched meat since.

That’s not a story I tell to offer a high-handed moralizing of eating versus not eating meat, or to convince you to change your diet. I don’t impose. What you eat is your business, American meat lovers. I just wonder if in the last few days, given certain news stories, you’ve ever questioned what’s in your food as I have.

A recent two-year study on American seafood found compelling evidence of “seafood fraud.” Researchers found fish sold as snapper and tuna were likely to be mislabeled, 87 and 59 percent of the time, respectively. Overall, one-third of all samples used for the study were misidentified out of over a thousand samples taken.

And this is why I empathize with carnivores. Over the last several days, major international companies, including Tesco, Nestlé and Ikea, have pulled food from shelves in 14 countries after tests showed that products labeled 100 percent beef actually contained small amounts of horse meat.

Tests of Taco Bell meat found traces of horse meat in Europe. Allegedly “100 percent beef” burgers from the UK shopping giant Tesco were found to contain 29 percent horse meat. Over in the Czech Republic, traces of horse meat were discovered in the iconic meatballs of Swedish furniture retailer Ikea. And in South Africa, researchers found that biltong, which is supposed to be dried antelope meat strips (a local delicacy), turned out to contain horse, pork, beef, giraffe or even kangaroo.


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  • omfg

    everybody should eat 85% non-flesh and dairy whole foods, imo.

    better for the environment. better for your health. better economically.

  • J. Nicole of UrbanExpressive

    I’ve been meat free basically all my life & 10 years ago gave up poultry, and have’t had dairy in years. Unless asked, I never try to impose my eating habits on others, but there’s a lot to be said regarding how unhealthy meat is, prior to the horse meat scandal. The hormones alone pumped through animals is insane; its no wonder kids go through puberty much sooner, and there’s an increase in all sorts of ailments. But again, I know meat eaters who are healthy; I know vegans & vegetarians who are unhealthy. It’s all about being informed of what you’re putting in your body & doing whats best for you.


    Did you say eat dairy?? That is sooo incorrect.

  • lexie

    if it goes down the same as beef, pork, chicken and fish, i aint got no worries.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables….

  • GeekMommaRants

    Seafood, duck, rice and veggies. Horse Meat, those are brothas, ain’t nobody mad!!

  • ChaCha1

    I think there was something about it, like it was contaminated with some drugs that aren’t safe for humans.

  • Anthony

    I could care less about horse meat. Horse or cow, both are two large mammalian herbivores and are perfectly edible.

  • TT

    I like meat. I don’t always eat red meat mainly chicken. Horse meat is no different than cow meat in my opinion. There could definitely be a time in the future where people would have to be vegetarians due to food shortages. But for now I’ll continue to eat chicken and red meat once in while. I applaud the people who have been meat free and dairy free but I like to eat meat and cheese. As long as I’m eating enough fruit, veggies and nuts, I’ll be fine. I just want grocery stores and restaurants to have honest labeling of food. If it’s part cow and part horse, label it. Don’t try to mislead the consumers.

  • E.M.S.

    More power to you vegetarians & vegans but I love meat. More burgers, ribs & stuff for the rest of us :)

    I wouldn’t be so dramatic as to completely stop eating meat because of a few incidents here and there. The same thing happens with recalls with fruits & vegetables too. So long as we continue to produce food the way we do, we will have those moments with many different types of food.

  • Pseudonym

    I’m with TT on this. As long as the horse is vegetarian, I don’t mind. Also, horses are more active than cows, so their meat may be leaner and less fatty. Like she said, just don’t lie to me about it.

  • Jaslene

    I don’t have time to read the whole article so I have no idea if this is adressesed but what is wrong with horse meat?

  • victoria

    I enjoy horse meat. I eat it regularly. I live abroad and where I live horse meat, ostrich, rain deer is very common. Horse meat is good!

  • omfg

    no. i mean, eat nonflesh and nondairy most of the time.

    i drastically reduced dairy last year and saw great changes as a result.

  • Anthony

    +1 on the ostrich meat because it is really tasty! Imagine really lean beef, and you can get close to the taste of ostrich.

  • J. Gail (@Author_JGail)

    I have considered it. I recently made a veggie lasagna that had me going in for seconds. You barely notice the meat is missing because it is so flavorful.

    For now I’m laying off the beef and focusing on chicken/turkey/fish. I think a slow transition to vegetarian is probably more realistic, what do you think?

  • What Had Happened

    What happened to Frugivore? I don’t want Demetria Lucas’ opinion on this topic. I’m sorry but I don’t.

  • khrish67

    What is the big deal? Americans eat pork, cattle, chicken and all other thing. The meat from horse is consumed in Europe and it’s beautiful and good. Before they say there was very little meat being served at Taco Bell.

  • ChaCha1

    If being a vegetarian is what you really want, then go for it. How you do it depends. If you like and crave meat, then weaning yourself is easiest. I have never liked meat that much (ate it more so out of habit), so I went cold turkey and haven’t had any cravings at all.

  • Pseudonym

    “I was into my third dozen eggs when a curious thing happened. I cracked the shell of a boiled egg, broke it open and two grey yolks fell out. Some people might have thought, “Ooh! Two for one!” But I stared at the paper towel in horror. Twins, I thought. It hit me then that some chicken somewhere was expecting babies and I was eating them.”

    Eggs sold for consumption in the US are UNFERTILIZED, so that chicken was not expecting babies. Not that this makes it anymore appetizing, but you’re basically eating the results of a “menstrual cycle.” No babies.

  • TT

    Vegetarian food is delicious. My mom taught me how to make kale and 16 bean soup. At first when she gave me some I was really skeptical. But now I make like all the time because it tastes so good. I still like to eat chicken and I love seafood. You can have delicious meatless food. A slow transition is good but most likely not for me. I still like my chicken and seafood.

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