Jet's Editor-In-Chief Mitzi Miller Vents About Fantasia Via Her Facebook Page- Clutch MagazineLast month, Jet Magazine released a well crafted apology to Fantasia’s complaint regarding the old photos used on the cover. The apology was supposedly written by Editor-In-Chief, Mitzi  Miller. It was sincere and democratic at best.

Well, Miller couldn’t leave well enough alone and decided to do some venting via her personal “fan” page on Facebook. 

“The fact that I wasted an hour of my workday writing a press release to address an issue created by a person who cannot even read it is just… #whyiwannaBahousewife.”

Oh, Mitzi. Don’t you know no good? That was a low blow.  To make fun of someone’s learning disability isn’t cute at all. It looks like someone needs a little sensitivity training.

The angry reactions to her Facebook post are not shocking:

“You’re an insensitive clown and JET should be banned from stores all across the map for you your ignorance, and their stupidity for upholding you! Fanny should sue you and JET!”

“I dont like your page first and foremost and I also couldnt tell you the last time I read a Jet magazine but well lets just be honest… its kind of lame.. But anywho I was on another website and couldnt believe what I read that another person of color let alone someone who is affilated with Jet who is suppose to be a magazine for people of color in a positive light would steep so low and hit Fantasia below the belt… Fantasia has made mistakes hell she’s human we all have… But if I was Fantasia I wouldnt accept your apology.. 1 being you knew exactly what you were doing before you hit the enter button to submit the comment to your page…You are disgusting and Jet should be shut down after this.. How is it that we stand as people today with equal rights we have a black president we are making history and still yet ignorant black people are still tearing each other down.. I thought Jet was made to uplift each other but I guess I was wrong.. Shame on you!!!!!”

 “Mitzi an apology is nothing more than one word against a thousand actions. I am so disappointed in your lack of sisterhood, leadership and proper representation of a magazine that means so much to our community. Why even apologize if that’s how you truly feel? Even if it was said in anger, the truth was brought to the forefront. I hope you take the necessary steps to realize the impact of your words and actions. Your comments were such a disgrace and a huge disappointment to not only Fantasia’s growth and progress as a woman but many more of our sisters. I will not be supporting another Jet magazine.”

After Jet was made aware of Miller’s statement, she issued yet another apology:

“I apologize for the lack of sensitivity shown in my FaceBook post. It was a thoughtless comment made during a moment of frustration. It was unprofessional and not representative of the JET mission, which is to uplift. I regret letting my emotions get the best of me. I am truly apologetic.”

Many people on Miller’s Facebook page have called for her firing. Do you think the apology was good enough?

  • Sasha

    I don’t think the post calls for her firing but a suspension or note in her file would do the trick but then again it’s like okay what good would either of those do, what’s done is done. If nothing else, Mitzi is just as if not more stupid than Fantasia. To be someone of position in a company venting on Facebook is baffling to me, why do these people even have access to their own pages. PR people, use it- it’s your friend.

  • Child, Please

    The apology wasn’t good enough and I’m certain it wasn’t sincere, especially if in the first place she belittled Fantasia’s intelligence following a misstep on Jet’s part (which more than likely portrayed how they felt about her in the first place). I’m glad Fantasia spoke out on this else we wouldn’t know the true feelings behind the situation. I don’t think this was a careless slip of the tongue (the woman mentioned in her Fan Page heading that she’s an “opinionated personality”), but someone who felt they were above an individual because they had a certain status in society obtained by education. I do think she should be fired; I’m certain had this been Vogue (or non-POC owned publication) or even Essence (though not black owned, but has a heavy black following and black editor), the person would have been gone by the end of the week or at the very least placed on leave. While Fantasia has been wrung through the mud and tossed back in it, I hope she prevails in the end and people start treating her with the respect she deserves – not because she’s an entertainer, but because she’s entitled to it, too, literate or not.

    SN: I understand editorial control, but there should have been better communications on Jet’s end as I’m sure if this was a more well-known or more well-respected entertainer (because let’s face it, as Madame Noire stated in another article Fantasia has been a whipping dog for many), this wouldn’t have happened.

  • Smilez_920

    Mitzi needs to take several seats. Granted the public makes a lot of jokes about fantasia, Mitzi is in a position if power. She doesn’t just represent herself but an organization.

    She’s actually making herself look bad not Fantasia . Both of them need to leave Facebook for the non-famous/well known and get a journal, before they write a check their behinds cant bounce.

  • Ms. Information

    It’s low and unprofessional…sometimes the black “elite” can be so separatist..

  • Barbara

    Yes, apology should be accepted. Hope she has learned her lesson. We should support each others as Black sisters. Fantasia may not have had the opportunities Mitzi had to be educated. We should support our sisters who struggle to succeed in whatever endeavor. Fantasia is great at what she does. She’s physically beautiful too IMO.

  • Eve

    I think this is an opportunity for both of them. One of the things I hate most is when a “smart” Black woman is pitted against “hood” one. We tend to do that all the time, when we have these articles about “those” kind of women and their ratchet activities. This is an opportunity to show that sometimes, intelligent people in charge do dumb things, and for Fantasia to show that “hood” women are women of class. If I were Jet, I would have them both sit down and speak. Record the conversation, and make a big deal of it. It has happened to several journalists. Oprah did it. She displayed arrogance and it came back to haunt her. What Mitzi did was dumb, but it should not undo years of good work. Fantasia has a right to express her displeasure on all fronts, I hope they make it work for both of them.

  • D.T.

    Lol, I like Mitzi’s style. Fantasia gets no sympathy from me. Lern to reed n wright…..

  • Liz

    Let me pick my jaw up off the floor…

    NO SHE DI’INT! Mitzi knows better… that was foul!

  • The Comment

    All this real drama and no scripted TV show to reflected it……shame!

  • The Comment

    separatist to the core. I think all the pride would be zapped out of them if they couldn’t thumb their nose down @ someone.

  • J. Nicole

    I don’t think she should be fired, but definitely repremanded. That was truly in poor taste, and it’s safe to say we all at one point said something we regretted (or at least regretted it got out).

  • dee

    The internet is really not helping a lot of people. Was really not expecting her to go with such a low blow.

  • Tiffany

    as you proceed to misspell learn, read, AND write. but you got Fantasia together….

  • Tony

    The irony of downing another’s intelligence in a post where you’re showing your own stupidity.

  • nikifab

    Says the woman with baby teeth and a dry jherri curl. Smh. She should know better. Utterly disappointed.

  • Dalili

    Precisely! You took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Dalili

    ^^I meant to respond to @Tony’s entry^^

  • TJ

    She should be fired.

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    I think Fantasia is an idiot, but she had a point about using outdated photos. Mitzi Miller was unprofessional in this case, and if she had just stuck to the apology, the matter would’ve died out and folks would’ve forgotten already,

  • Yvette

    Lol, I’m pretty sure that was a joke.

  • Gina Wild

    Fantasia is stupid.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    People love to throw around the word ‘ignorant’ without knowing its correct definition.

  • GlowBelle

    More people need to go old school and vent in private journals and stop taking there frustrations out on the Internet. Seriously. That’s what I do. If I’m ever angry about something I grab a pen and my journal and vent. Nobody knows and nobody is hurt. Stupid and careless stuff like ranting on the Internet is costing jobs and screwing up reputations.

    Even if we find fault in our fellow sisters, tearing them down doesn’t help at all, it just shows how unprofessional and narrow-minded you are.

  • Val

    Does Fantasia really have a learning disability? Or did she just not learn to read? Two different things.

    Anyway, Mitzi’s rant seem more immature than anything else. She needs to grow up a bit.

  • Tyja

    This whole situation has left a bad taste in my mouth! As much as I love to support our black owned and operated businesses, JET Magazine just lost this customer.

  • Renee B.

    I accept her apology. Fantasia’s new look is a CHOP. I would not have used the pictures she sent either. She (fantasia) should not have aired out her “Business grievances” on social network and Mitzi should not have talked trash about her on Facebook. Two wrongs and all that. Unprofessional behavior all around. Don’t think it warrants a firing but definitely an apology and maybe a followup interview where they kiss and make up? Shrug. I read Jet because my Dad has a subscription. Honestly, it’s gotten ALOT better with this new editor. There are more celeb pics and articles I care about. a lot of fun facts and tidbits that make for cute conversation. I look forward to it when it comes in the mail and honestly- She’s good for the magazine. This was a bad move but overall, as a “reader” i’m satisfied with her work. I read the Fantasia issue on my way to work. It was good. Idk. I hope this isn’t blown out of proportion and “another one bites the dust” cuz Black girls need to see black women getting along. Reality TV will have you think we are ghetto hateful biatches and that is not representative of who we are. Is it possible for these two successful women to show us that they can get past this without drama and bs? only time will tell.

  • Trisha

    Oh my goodness….I’ve always believed when a person attacks another person within [their weakness] – they are dealing with a stronger misery within their own lives. It’s true hurting people hurt people and their behaviors will reflect throughout their careers, personal relationships, and/or at home. Why go there after Fantasia gained the courage to obtain her diploma. Yes not a degree, however, it is better than where she was.

    Nobody is perfect and everybody has their struggles. Fantasia just publicized hers. Obviously, Mitzi is educated with a high level of classlessness. It’s classless – b/c what part of that statement provided constructive criticism? None. Mitzi has made herself look bad as well as her company.

    This is what I mean by AA (not all) don’t embrace each other. Most would commend Fantasia for overcoming her struggles. But we have a so-called respected magazine acknowledging the worse, and then you expect us to support your magazine? It’s not logical. Now she is making JET’s job more difficult to remain respectful. And she is the Editor-in-chief? I hope JET Magazine has called a board meeting. This is a no-no.

  • bk chick

    Who does that? her FB response shows what she thinks of fantasia, and is probably the reason why she felt so comfy using the old pics without regard to fantasia’s team in the first place. There’s being frustrated and then there’s being downright disrespectful. Mitzi’s frustration brought out her true feelings of Fantasia and she was beyond unprofessional by posting what she said on fb and she prob didn’t feel bad about doing it knowing that the public hasn’t been too kind to Fantasia. I think she should be fired.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    there are really serious problems facing the black community.
    UNITY is one of our best defenses against some of the crap that comes our way.
    we have to stop getting hung up on the small stuff and learn to work together.

  • au napptural

    While it was inappropriate, I sympathize with Mitzi. If Jet had run the pics Fantasia wanted circulation would’ve been nil. She looked like a drag queen and those pics were a mess. Fantasia was the one who sparked this controvesy by taking it to social media. If she was so displeased, she should have had her people go to Jet and make them run the pics in the next issue. Then she could learn the hard way when everyone says those pictures are atrocious. Back to Mitzi, I feel her frustration. She’s an educated women and all these ignorant celebrities get in her face about having it their way. I love Fantasia, but let’s keep it real. If she couldn’t sing she’d be sitting in the hood to this day. A voice or a nice body gets rewarded over hard work. And like all people who work in customer service, in her off time Mitzi complained about a hard to please customer. It’s just her bad luck that customer is famous. However, she brought it on herself by using social media. NO! Never. Famous or not, complain to your friends over drinks, at your house. Anything else opens you up to get smacked down.

  • D.T.

    You iz so slo

  • Marisa

    I have had my issues with Fantasia over the years but, this I will side with her on this because Mitzi was acting real Ditzi. As a professional you are supposed to handle yourself and the business your representing in a more dignified manner. For starters did Jet not have a money for a budget to arrange a suitable photo shoot? Secondly if they didn’t like the pictures given could they have not asked to have new ones sent. Lastly this is the culture of social media we live in that consist of people running their mouths about any and everything on facebook and twitter. With absolute ZERO regard for the consequences of those actions, that just because you may feel like that doesn’t mean it should always be publicly expressed. She thought it was cute to do that and thought she was gonna be cosigned for it, When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.

    Just like so many others before her Mitzi ran her mouth to her facebook followers as if she was chilling at happy hour with her home girls, once you hit send you cant take it back. If this is a concept that Mitzi cant comprehend then maybe you should just go do us a favor and go be a housewife and good luck with that because your conflict resolution skills clearly suck.

  • sapphiresandsisters

    Remember when Mitzi had her column in the ORIGINAL Honey Magazine back in the early 2000′s???? Damn, those were the days. I used to could just open that magazine and look at the pictures and photos alone and just be in awe of Black women, our lifestyle and our culture. And I really looked up to Mitzi………..
    What happened to that? Why couldn’t Ms, Miller have taken that approach with JET? Because all I see now when I open that lil’ mag is gossip about this and that and other tasteless things. I just feel like if The Johnsons that created this mag were still alive, they wouldn’t be pleased.

  • dirtychai

    Separatist and yet somehow still think that they are the talented tenth that are uplifting the race. Chile, bye. I see these folks everyday and they have no concept of what their less fortunate counterparts are dealing with…or trying to forget.

  • Trisha

    Hi Chillyroad,

    Absolutely, Fantasia should be commended for overcoming her struggles regardless if she brought them on herself. Not just Fantasia, I think anyone overcoming their struggles should be.

    When you say who? Exactly, who are you referring to? As a black woman, I support all people to do the best that they can or do better. I don’t single out a certain group. We’ll always have negative people to call out other weaknesses. Even within that, there is a way to share constructive criticism. I believe Wendy could have done better as well as Jet. Some of the things people say just aren’t necessary.

  • seritatheresa

    If she wants to be a housewife Jet should oblige.

  • RJ

    This is sad on so many levels. First: It potentially exposes the mission statement and legacy of Jet magazine as a fraud.

    Second: It makes Mitzi Miller’s stance as a promoter of the people look like an act.

    Third: It makes Fantasia fight her own people about her looks. The one place that you would think she would have a place to lay her head.

    Fourth: While Fantasia should not have acted out on social media about the pictures, we should take into consideration that Fantasia and her team may have felt the rejection of the pictures equaled wasted money. Money she most likely does not have to waste.

  • binks

    Right! She should be fired or demoted. Saying you apologize doesn’t fix her being unprofessional and lacking tact!

  • Overseas_Honeybee

    No ma’am. She said exactly what she meant and I’m glad her words were exposed. Totally unprofessional and that half azz apology did nothing more than add insult to injury. Regardless of how she felt … she has a level of professionalism to maintain especially as the EDITOR of a national publication. She was on some INTERN type foolishness. I remember Mitzi from her HONEY mag days too and always thought she was a cool chick.

  • Jackie

    I think that Ms. Miller’s comments were made in haste but who hasn’t said something that we later regret. If God constantly condemned for our words and actions we’d all be in hell, so who are we to bash Ms. Miller for what she said. It happens…Folks should just back off of her and Fantasia needs to get over herself. Let it go!!!

  • Nadell

    When will folks learn!?!?! Social network has really become the career demise of sooo many…

  • Mz. Woodz

    Being that I am the mother of a child with a learning disability I wouldn’t call deciding not to finish an education a disability. Maybe the editor should’ve read her comment before posting.

  • Robbie

    If Jet fires her, it will be proof of how hypocritical the people running this magazine are regarding Fantasia. If Mitzi has to be let go so should anyone else at that magazine that choose to put her on their cover knowing how much they don’t like her.

    I don’ read Jet and I certainly don’ t care for Fantasia but what this magazine did to her was wrong. Mintzy was honest about her true feelings regarding Tasia even though she used the wrong platform to do it. She should have kept is to herself or among her staff.

  • J. Gail (@Author_JGail)

    A wise man once said, if you have the urge to say something in anger or that is distasteful about another person, write it in the sand by the water so that it quickly washes away!

  • http://n/a Hattie

    I don’t think Fantasisa should be on the cover of Jet, we need our kids to really have young women that thinks about how they project their life styles to our young sisters and she does not and it has nothing to do with her learning disabilitiy this is strictly her choices that she has made about her own life. baby number 2 no marriage, no man and no excuses for it .

  • Ash

    I think Mitzi’s comments illustrate an unspoken tension that exists between uneducated blacks and black people that consider themselves elite. Some educated Black women like Mitzi secretly look down on people like Fantasia. If our goal is to uplift the Black community, we all need to make sure comments like this aren’t made. It’s something I’ve struggled with in the past…so I identify with Mitzi but we definitely have to do better! All of us.

  • Owlman6789

    be professional about the issue.

  • Bonjour

    I don’t like her. Wasn’t she on a reality show acting stank, giving attitude and such? Idk, it’s just something about her that wreaks ugly to me. If she felt that way, she should of kept that to herself or among friends or something. You would think someone in her position would know better smh.

  • Kam

    She admitted in the past that she was functionally illiterate.

  • http://aol lucybu

    Maya Angelou comes to mind: “You may write me down in history, with your bitter twisted lies, you may trod me in the very dirt, but still like dust I rise.

  • owlman5678

    Great Post. I concur!

  • theMuseintheMirror

    Okay, is there a limit on how many apologies people can have? Get real Mitzi. You know you meant it.

    What ever happened to sisterhood?

  • Jess

    I don’t see what the problem is. Fantasia submitted some really awful photos, and then had the nerve to get upset when Jet chose an old photo that made her look beautiful, and let’s keep it real, Fantasia is not too easy on the eyes. If she didn’t like the selection, ok, call Jet up, express your disappointment to them. There was no need to go to the media. The way I see it, they’re even, let’s move on.

  • Echi

    I hate the “elite” label hurled towards blacks who make the common everyday choice to graduate high school and finish college – since it’s usually a coded word for, “uppity Negro.” But I must say it, Mitzi, your elitism is showing.

  • Val


    Yeah, I know that. The author of this post made reference to Fantasia having a learning disability. I’ve never heard Fantasia say she has a learning disability. A person can be functionally illiterate without being learning disabled. So, I’m wondering if the author knows something I don’t.

  • Anon

    For the record..most people who are illiterate have learning disabilities, that went undiagonosed when they were children, therefore preventing them from learning how to read.

  • Mel Cruz
  • Nic

    Yeah, those teeth are tragic. I think Fantasia got hers worked on at least.

  • Mel Cruz

    Open Letter To Mitzi Miller, Jet Magazine!

  • Mel Cruz

    Evidently Mitzi has modified her Facebook page so no comments can be posted. Just because she does not want to address the issue, doesnt mean it will go away.

  • http://google Sharron

    I am disappointed in our people anyway, because we are killing each other everyday; minutes with GUNS and now with WORDS> When are going to support each other because the other races are not. Black People let us wake up and stop sleeping. We are falling behind.

  • CB

    Since her hash tag (#) is to be a house wife then, she may want to be released of her position at Jet.

  • CCN

    It’s only hurled at people who project superiority over, or work to exploit, humiliate, etc.. those who have not done those things. We’re all human beings.

  • CCN

    So, you’re suggesting that the looking down on people like Fantasia is ok; we just need to make sure those sentiments don’t come to the surface?

  • CCN

    If JET is white/Jewish owned like ESSENCE is, they probably don’t even care…

  • CCN

    Black UNITY is a myth.

  • Wanda

    I have a problem with her loudly proclaiming that she is an “Opinionated Journalist” on her fan page. Why does she even feel the need to emphasize that she has an opinion?

    She appears to be starved for attention herself. Not good for an editor-in-chief.

  • Rae

    Why are we blaming Republicans and convicting racists when Blacks are self-destructing. This is a disgrace and embarassing to witness a Black “sister” destroying another when she is supposed to encourage her in her pursuit of excellence. It’s said : When U have nothing good to say, its best to shut up. Right? Mitzi Miller does not have in-personal skills & sensitivity. required for her current job.

  • Mel Cruz

    So for whatever reason, I can no longer post anything on Mitzi Millers page…probably because of this: Open Letter to Mitzi Miller, Jet Magazine

    Evidently this is the way she and Jet plan on handling the situation-if they just don’t respond..the issue will go away.

    We need keep this thing alive until she “Woman’s Up” about her actions!!!

  • Gina Wild

    Fantasia shouldn’t be on the cover of Jet Magazine to begin with.

  • Roflmao

    Well Gina, who should? Delissh? Or Kenya Moore?

  • Ms. Write

    It’s disappointing to read abut this because Mitzi Miller has been a writer I have always admired for years….all the way back to her days writing at Honey (when it was in print). Were the comments insensitive, inappropriate, and unprofessional? Absolutely. It just goes to show you the urge that society has for the instant gratification of venting via social media is problematic to say the least. Should she be fired? I don’t know if it’s that deep, but I think it definitely calls for some action/penalty.

  • Ms. Write

    The learning disablity probably LEAD to her dropping out of school.

  • AJ

    To All Concerned,

    On behalf of all the dedicated readers of Jet and Ebony magazines, I strongly encourage we all too unequivocally demand the removal of Ms Mitzi Miller, Jet’s Editor–In-Chief.
    Writing for our people is an honor and privileges that cannot be taken lightly.

    When the Editor-In-Chief, responsible for the journalistic moral compass of a storied media publication apologizes, then takes to social media negate the formal public apology. Where is the credibility and accountability?

    And in the words of The Cosby Kids, Ms Miller is out of School; in other words “No Class!”

  • Owlman5678

    When I was in the third grade I was in the class rating system. Mine was rated 3-2 meaning that out 6 3rd grade classrooms I was no. 2. I had a pretty good year. So the next year I was promoted to 4-1. It was the top class, but one problem the class had 38 students in the class. Some of us would have to go to another class. I was on the chopping block. I was put in a self=contained classroom meaning that you stayed with that one teacher all day. In other words they were behavior problems with some of the students in the classroom. I just completely shutdown and I didnot care about school.
    As I look back on this issue. It really effective me that whole year. I didnot do my best that year. The teacher thought I had learning and speech problems. So I was sent to a speech teacher(back in the day). I only had trouble with the pronuncation of the letter S alphabet. I recovered from the issues, and the next year I was promoted to 5-2 the second best class for fifth grades. Sometimes they do mis-diagnose you. I had no more trouble in school. I applyed at many colleges like Northwestern, Univ of Delaware, and Bowling Green. Guess what college accepted me? You can over come your learning issues.

  • RichMo

    I see no reason to fire her, she need to be made to apologize in person to her publicly. She many need some sensitivity training as well.

  • Abby

    Not sure which College accepted you but the word is applied ‘not applyed’. Might have been a typo, but double check your spelling at all times.

  • chicnoir

    Nikifab, girl you gonna burn in hell for that.

    *giggle snort*

  • Fairy Godmother

    Simply put, I say grant her wish… #MakeHerAHousewife

  • Tracey

    If someone made fun of her big teeth would she like it?

  • Dee

    She be fired for sure. Fannie has the right to speak up on whatever concerning her. The editor was wrong for saying something period against that, and then to take a shot about her Ld is beyond low and tacky. J.

  • Owlman5678

    Must have been a struck key on the board.

  • flyngmunky

    no. the apology is not good enough. she should lose her job.

  • SL

    Wow! Totally disagree – her a$$ should be fired IMMEDIATELY! If a white person so-much-as dared put something like that out, the AA community would be ready to start an online petition. The NAACP would call for that person’s resignaton.

    “To be someone of position in a company …..”

    She knew what she was doing –

    She felt she was above Fantasia and giving her an apology pissed the hell out of her.

    Jet should most defnitely FIRE HER A$$

  • Jon

    I support Mitzi. Fantasia said some stupid things after Mitzi went out of her way to make Fantasia look good. The cover was hot. Mitzi made her look great. The pics Fantasia wanted on the cover were horrible. Mitzi should b able to call people out who deserve to be called out. Fantasia also said she was dropping a new album that would correspond to the cover. That didn’t happen either. I love Fantasia, but let Mitzi live. She shouldn’t have to kiss anyone’s butt.

  • SL

    Thant or they could make the default setting on the FB status to ONLY ME – then they have time to think about whether they really want to put something out to the world or not. Odds are after they’ve calmed down few stuff like that would never ever make it to PUBLIC

  • SL

    If this was any other journalist and not a BLACK one you better believe it would get BLOWN sky high – so why the double standard?

  • SL

    Excellent post!

    Isn’t Jet about bringing the AA community together showcasing the best of who we are and yet your EIC does something that is so divisive. This is not something to take lightly or sweep under the rug – it’s indefensible, really. And if she didn’t know any better before, hopefully the rebuke will be swift and strong enough to leave an indelible impression on her that she would never make such a professional blunder again.

  • SL

    “She looked like a drag queen and those pics were a mess.” – No, she did not. I’m not a FANatic and I’m not a graphic specialist when it comes to magazine layouts – but those were some of the best pics I’ve seen of Fanny. There may have been very valid technical reasons for not using them, but the pics were not bad.

  • SL

    Yes to THIS!

  • Tony

    Jet is a weekly magazine. That’s around 52 covers a year. They can’t have Oprah on the cover every week.

  • Tonya

    Agreed. It is my default status. As a professional, there’s too much room for interpretation even when your thoughts are benign. I can’t tell you how many calls I get from older relatives who are not even on FB who want to gossip and interpret what they HEARD somebody said somebody else posted on FB.

  • Whatever

    That’s exactly why she SHOULD be fired… she wasn’t mumbling out of frustration and was overheard by someone standing nearby, she made a decision to take to social media, type out those harmful words and then press post… for the world to see.

  • Whatever

    Or people could learn to have some damn common sense and self control. FB doesn’t need to add a new feature to teach grown people how to control themselves and treat others. My goodness, what are we turning into as a society?!

  • Whatever

    “She’s an educated women and all these ignorant celebrities get in her face about having it their way. I love Fantasia, but let’s keep it real. If she couldn’t sing she’d be sitting in the hood to this day. A voice or a nice body gets rewarded over hard work.”

    Not sure what Mitzi being college educated has to do with anything. Especially, since she was the one that responded via FB like a chick sitting in the hood. Mitzi works hard in her field and Fantasia works hard in hers. Let’s not forget Fantasia went through the long American Idol journey to get where she is today. She was honest about being illiterate and went and got her diploma.

    Being educated doesn’t give anyone the right to belittle others. Also, if Mitzi didn’t want to deal with celebrity personalities and their diva attitude, she’s in the wrong profession.

  • http://Clutch SL

    @whatever – the ONLY ME feature already exists on FB – it ‘s nothing that FB has to add. More people should use it. All my posts default to it – it gives me time to really think about how something I’ve written could be interpreted or mis-interpreted. Then I can thoughtfully decide if it is something better left unsaid.

  • Whatever

    Who are we to judge? If she had 2 kids and a husband it would be ok for her to be on the cover? Not being married is a tell tale sign of one’s character? What if she was married and was a terrible mother or person behind closed doors? How would we know?

    Whatever happened to NOT worshiping false idols? People give way too much power and credit to celebrities and for the dumbest reasons. If your children look to who is on the cover of a magazine for their role models then the bigger issue is your parenting!

  • http://Clutch SL

    Come on – the cover was most definitely NOT Hot. It looked periodic – like something out of the ’70s – if you opened the inside cover you half expected she’d be in a halter top with bell bottoms on. Nope, the cover lacked enthusiasm and artistry – it was utterly and hopelessly drab.

  • http://Clutch SL

    Yes to THIS!

  • Theresa

    Jet has lost its appeal to me now. After reading something Ms. Miller said in an older issue of Jet, I decide that’s it. The image of the magazine has changed into a smaller version of People. Its time for a new editor-in-chief. Someone who knows and appreciates the history of Jet.


    Gina, why shouldn’t Fantastia be on the cover of Jet. Who would you select to be on the cover of Jet? Kim Kardashian?

  • Blaque217

    A learning disability? Fantasia DROPPED of school and got knocked up at 16. That’s not called having a learning disability, that’s called a lack of home training. And if anyone ever watched the reality show she once had, it is clear that neither she or her family have tried to uplift themselves over the years.
    Fantasia hasn’t done anything to be relevent since her days on American Idol. She should have been honored for her photo to be on the cover even if it was an old picture. Who cares? She hasn’t changed…has she? *shrugs shoulders*
    I support Mitzi Miller. On her PERSONAL Facebook page, she has a right to express whatever it is that she is feeling. I would not have apologixzed if I were her. But hey, I know jobs are hard to come by these days so she probably did what she had to do in order to keep a pay check.

  • Owlman5678

    Fantasia was her family’s rescue fantasy.

  • http://Clutch SL

    LD people tend to dropout.

    Mitzi was an idiot to post what she did on FB and no amount of criticizing Fantasia is going to be able to justify her. She was WRONG – so save your breath.

    If Jet didn’t think she’d help them sell that edition they shouldn’t have asked her!

    So Jet also looks bad for having an idiot as EIC.

    They should fire her! Maybe next time she’ll think twice about running her mouth online.

  • heavenleiblu

    Interesting how some people resort to insulting one’s physicality when the issue at hand has nothing to do with that. Mitzi was wrong as hell, but this insult was unnecessary.

  • Elevate

    Fantasia, Mitzi, Jet… Really? Who cares?

  • Tami B.

    My child has a reading disability. In our case it is hereditary. Many of us take reading for granted but the ability to connect sounds (phonemes) to symbols (letters) does not come naturally to everyone. Many times children, without a knowledgeable advocate, feel dumb because they can’t pick up reading the way it is taught in the classroom and get discouraged and stop trying. This could have been a part of Fantasia’s story – we don’t know.

    We all have purpose and meaning – Fantasia’s purpose is to sing the HELL out of anything you give her to sing and through that form of communication, encourage and comfort us. Okay so she may not be the best reader/speller – but whatever some people are not good with math or budgets (cough **debt crisis** cough).

    This is my way of saying that Mitzi behaved like a grown-up bully and I feel this lack of sensitivity should cost Mitzi her job. I am canceling my Jet Subscription – oh my God what are we going to read in the bathroom from now on???

  • ann brooks


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