Kansas City Mayor’s State Of The City Speech Hijacked

by Yesha Callahan


When a city’s constituents are fed up, sometimes they do crazy things. Hijacking a mayor’s “State of The City” address is one of them. Kansas City Mayor Sly James was interrupted by an angry man during his speech this week. Derron Black stormed the podium, snatched the Missouri state flag, threw it on the ground and grabbed the microphone.

“This man had just gotten through talking about what the fuck he ain’t goddamn did!” the man said, pounding his fist into the podium.

Before he could say anything else, as if that wasn’t enough, he was wrestled to the floor by two bodyguards. Black was then arrested and is currently facing charges. But that didn’t prevent him from speaking about the incident.

“This is Derron Black. I’m here on 11th and Locust, downtown Kansas City at police headquarters. It is the 19th day of March, 6 p.m., and I’m just reflecting on all today’s events and I would just to apologize to all my fellow Kansas Citians for being disrespectful and disruptive today. But also would like to challenge Sly James because he just seems to be definitely disillusioned with the condition of our city right now.

“If you have listened to the State of the City, and if you have any consciousness about the true reality of the condition of the people east of Troost or just throughout Kansas City in general, you would absolutely be frustrated just like I am. But it’s okay. Everything — everything is from the Lord above, and I would like to tell everybody that will see you tomorrow 1300 hours when I’m finally released, Lord willing. Thank you.”


  • Sasha

    Hey when you’re frustrated, you’re frustrated and shit happens. MY question though for people who come to these meetings pissed off at the mayors and city leaders is what are you doing to help your community? Are you informing the police when you hear about or witness crimes around you? Do you know someone who is harboring criminals or facilitating criminal activities in their homes? It is clear that some people need to start policing their communities or band with the police to stop crime and build up the city. I hope Mayor James comes through with his promises for the city.

  • Sasha

    Right!! Although in the case of a President, he wouldn’t have made it to the base stage platform without a badge and if he tried to run he likely would’ve been taken down at best and shot at worst.

  • Oaysis

    Gasp, swoon, as I clutch my pearls. That was the most sexiest thing I’ve seen in awhile, did you see how he chucked that flag with pent up indignation oh lawd! I got 8 dollars toward your bond Mr. Black! All I can think about is Niki Giovanni’s Seducation…..

  • apple

    i laughed..
    sorry i laughed lmfaoooo

  • D.T.

    Lawd how he threw that flag, spun around and licked his lips though….lol.

    He’s a cutie!!

  • -A.

    I got a hearty chuckle out of this. It’s all about the entrance. That spin move was everything.

  • The Other Jess

    It’s hilarious how calm the Mayor was!

  • Nakia

    LOL. My initial reply, in my head of course, was “Is this supposed to be sexy”? I got 9…

  • Nakia

    Civil disobedience IS revolutionary, always has been. Speaking out in public IS action. Getting angry is a start. And working with/reporting to the police as a solution? Really? Band with the police? The police are NOT leaders, but this Mayor is supposed to be. And I’m sorry, but police are often part of the problem. Putting people in jail does solve problems and clearly will not fix this man’s community.

  • http://twitter.com/Author_JGail J. Gail (@Author_JGail)

    I am ctfu!

  • http://tontonmichel.tumblr.com/ Tonton Michel

    Black went hard.

  • au napptural

    Yea, that was hot, Oaysis. But beyond that I think it’s obvious that mayor is a Republican rented- Negro. Anyone who wears a bow tie and pocket-square unironically and has rubbed alllll the black out of their voice is not to trusted.

  • Yvette

    Right? I was checking him out, too lol.

  • omfg

    i wonder whether he would have done this if the mayor giving the speech was white.

  • D.T.

    Lol…right! And he’s tall too!!

  • Señorita

    OMG!!!! ROTFL…I was thinking the SAME THING and just said to myself, “Ohhh, he’s a cutie pie.” LOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/ron.johnson.31586526 Ron Johnson

    What he did was wrong, but I also get frustrated with black city leaders. Black politicians (not all, but the majority) very seldom stress what we need to do in raising our own standards and personable responsibility. There is no plan for the black community. It’s as though the status-quo is good enough.

  • Princess Di

    Me too! And Yesha’s description of what went down was hilarious. She nailed it.

  • The Comment

    Now this is my kind of sexy. Strong! Political! Deep! mmmm mmmm good!

  • The Comment

    ok…made my panties wet too!

  • E!

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