Kerry WashingtonKerry Washington is the baddest. The “Scandal” starlet has been tapped to deliver the commencement address at George Washington University. She won’t transform into Olivia Pope and save the students from unavoidable quarter-life crises, but the 1998 GWU alumna will be receiving an honorary degree from her alma mater.

The Bronx native earned two bachelors’ degrees in anthropology and sociology while balancing a resident assistant position and starring roles in several plays from GWU’s Department of Theatre and Dance. She performed in plays and productions every semester at GWU, which was impressive to her former professors.

“Even when she was a freshman, she was very serious in rehearsal hall,” George Washington Professor Leslie Jacobson told ABC 7 in D.C. “She had a lot of ability and tremendous self-discipline.”

She graduated magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa and has served on the school’s Board of Directors. Steven Knapp, President of GWU, is thrilled to have one of his most notable alum return for such a special occasion.

“I am delighted that Ms. Washington has agreed to give the Commencement address,” he said in a press release. “She has captured the imagination of our students, and they will benefit greatly, as they head out into the world, from hearing her perspective both as an alumna and as a highly successful actor on stage, in film and on television.”

Washington joins an impressive list of previous commencement speakers, including NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams; New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg; First Lady Michelle Obama; Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel; former President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush; and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

More than 25,000 students will hear Kerry Washington speak. Graduation is scheduled for May 21 on D.C.’s National Mall.

  • http://clutchmagazine blcknnblv

    brain and beauty

  • LadyP

    She really is. I am beginning to admire and respect Kerry more and more.

  • talaktochoba

    and how is it that the “starlet” of the Sally Hemmings Show should speak to other black women at a commencement?

    Is it to tell them if they’ve attended all their Jack and Jill classes, joined the right sororities with Biff on their arms, then they can look forward to a career playing “Sally Go Round The Roses” behind the White House?

    didn’t this kind of stuff go out with the Dorothy Dandridge/Otto Preminger.James Mason 1950s?

    are we to tell our young daughters already being told they will never be thin or white enough that they, too, can play “Clotelle” with their boss one day and be considered respectable and successful?

    look, there is a reason this show is so “wildly popular” as “The Cosby Show” was in Apartheid South Africa and it’s the SAME REASON, the Dorothy Dandridge/Otto Preminger-James Mason reason, the Thomas Jefferson-Sally Hemmings reason;

    we jump all over Tarantino for “Django” yet give this stylised superior-subordinate office rapine a pass?

    at least i could give Django’s wife a measure of respect–this modern Sally Hemmings show deserves only disgust and the same treatment the NAACP gave “Amos n’ Andy”, because this show is much, much worse;

  • Ask_ME


  • talaktochoba

    AskMe, so sorry if the truth hurt your feelings, dearie…but that hardly denies its legitimacy, does it?

  • Ask_ME

    YOUR truth doesn’t hurt my feelings…instead it makes you look pathetic.

    Obviously we don’t watch the same show and obviously you skipped over the many detailed biographies on Ms. Dandridge.

    Interracial relationships between black women and white men are not slowing down or stopping. Get your mind right and accept it.


  • KGA25

    I’m so proud of Kerry!! She isn’t just another pretty face.

  • talaktochoba

    AskMe, I didn’t think you could make a more com medically Palin-esque reply, but you succeeded!

    NEVER did i refer to interracial relationships, which EVERY family in this country cannot go back 100 years and not find–it is the KIND of interracial relationship i object to;

    it would be one thing if this modern day Sally Hemmings was on some level of equal footing so that the President would have to openly pursue her through a field of ardent suitors–and don’t tell me the most powerful man in the free world couldn’t do that;

    no, she somehow slips in and throws herself at him like some NFL cheerleader, not at all caring her influence ends at the edge of a damp sheet in the Lincoln Bedroom;

    that reduces the relationship to a crassly subservient, master-slave interaction that is as repulsive as any in the 19th Century–or 20th Century, if you take in to account certain racist southern senators;

    that is not love, it is office rape servitude, and your championing it makes it only harder for our daughters to get ahead past today’s black faced white models and Cabal an Asian golfers and young black male republicans;

    really, this is no different than the certain current starlet who slept on her husband with Donald Trump to get into Hollywood pictures–and we all know Ivanya didn’t stand for that!

    and you’re gonna tell me a First Lady would?

    and I lived during Dorothy Dandridge’s time so no she was twice the looker Marylin and Mamie and Bridgette were, and at least 3X the actress!

  • Starla

    Discipline is what makes the difference between success and failure in life. Once you are disciplined you are destined for great things. May she give an enthralling commencement address that is remembered by all for decades to come.

  • Director Tristan Taylor

    talaktochoba should give the commencements at their house. because nobody is listening to them.

    kerry put in mad work for her career. celebrate an accomplishment of your sister instead of tearing her down.

  • cb

    What’s wrong?

  • K. Michel

    Haha! If I had a nickel every time Black people argued on here about interracial relationships…

  • talaktochoba

    sorry, but starring on the Sally Hemmings Show is NO accomplishment, any more than “twerking” or bleaching your skin, narrowing your nose and calling yourself not black to “make it” as a model;

    honestly, how can you portray yourself as trash, White House or internet or runway, then complain about being objectified and not being treated as an equal?

    let me make it more clear–there’s a difference between Josephine Baker and Nikki Minaj, between Bricktop and Rihanna, between Dihann Carrol and Diana Ross…a BIG difference;

  • Soon_to_be GW alum

    The commencement ceremony is on May 19th, not the 21st. And I should know because I’ll be one of the students graduation from George Washington University that day. Looking forward to it!

  • Lane

    She is so overrated and her PR people are in serious overdrive!

    Even her resume has been embellished so that very ordinary things that most students do have been polished up to sound better. She’s a shallow, contrived actress who now wants to be seen as serious and deep. LOL!

    She wants to be Michelle Obama so badly after sniffing around President Obama for several years now under the guise of her new-found “political activism”.

    Planting stories to boost herself and trying to cast herself as Michelle Obama’s mate even though she can’t seem to find and keep a man of her own.

    Kerry Washington is a shamelessly grasping, phony, calculating, desperate wannabe with a serious chip on her shoulder. She seeks attention and approval so badly, it’s embarrassing!

    I hope we are soon done hearing about her. There are smarter, more conscious, authentic, more talented black actresses out there that are more deserving of our awe, respect and support.

  • P


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