David Harris And Tre'Darrius AndersonI’m such a hopeless romantic and this story right here added a little sunshine to my Friday. At the beginning of this year, on January 18th, David Harris and Tre’Darrius Anderson of Memphis, Tenn., tied the knot in Washington, D.C., in front of the Lincoln Memorial. So what’s so special about that you ask? Well the newlywed love birds are just 19-years-old and their union may just make them the youngest African-American gay couple to marry in the country. And to keep the celebration going, the duo will be featured on an upcoming episode of “My Teenage Wedding.”

Check out some footage from David and Tre’Darrius’ special day below!

Congrats to the happy couple!

  • http://gravatar.com/smileygirl86 smileygirl86

    Congrats gentlemen! Nice to see love in all of it’s various forms.

  • omfg

    but will it last?

  • That girl

    Personally, I’m not of a fan of youngins (regardless of sexual preference or race) getting married but congrats to them.I wish any couple who choose marriage success and longevity.

  • Marisa

    I agree too young said the same thing about Miley Cyrus and her dude too lol. Live a little life experience can be real helpful for lasting relationships, you get to learn from mistakes and know what to look for. I do wish them well and hope they make it. I joke with my gay friends about marriage laws being passed, I say haha now yall will be deluged with the so when are you getting married questions like everybody else enjoy lol.

  • Quelqu’un

    Best of wishes to them!

  • pauline

    Am I the only one that thinks this is unnatural??????

  • Charles

    No your not, I’ve been trying to understand what makes one turns to the same sex. Its more than an a faze men and women goes through or for the matter of going through some issues with the opposite sex. Nothing makesbme feel more ill than this. They call it Love, I just dont see it as such.

  • http://gravatar.com/purpl3rain purpl3rain

    Homosexuality has been observed in nearly every known animal species on the planet, including humans of course. How is that unnatural?

  • http://creativelykay.wordpress.com kay

    Why can’t you just be happy for them? Better yet, if you don’t like it, don’t read it or give your opinion about it. It just makes me sad when people can’t find it in their heart to be happy for others. Shame on you. Your ignorance is showing.

  • Ms. Curtis

    It’s only un-natural to idiots who don’t know any better….

  • Nicoline

    I dont care how many thumbs down I receive BUT yes I think this is unnatural. My sister is a lesbian and even though I watch her and her girlfriend interact I still can not make sense it.

  • Rihanna

    Other species also eat poop and kill their young… I guess this is natural too.

  • http://gravatar.com/chanela17 chanela17

    the shade is UNREAL! lol

  • talaktochoba

    sorry, but this is not exciting, normal, natural, or any of the other fancy PC terms of the day;

    nor is it marriage, because in every culture in the history of human beings, marriage has been the bond formed between a man and a WOMAN that cannot be duplicated in any other manner;

    therefore, it is insulting to women everywhere that a male (hardly a man, because there IS a difference between the two, dearie) would attempt to compare himself to a female by attempting to assume that role in a relationship;

    and to those who say it is a compromise-based relationship just like real marraiges, i ask you, when is the last time you saw a two-headed horse run across a stream? or run anywhere, for that matter?

    and as for there being homosexuality throughout the animal kingdom, understand that we are ABOVE the other species because of our cognitive and reasoning skills lower animals possess none of;

    therefore, the homosexuality seen in lower species is not love, but an act of dominance and submission losing dogs do all the time to winning dogs after a fight in an alley;

    it is the same manner of dominance that prisoners seek to establish in correctional facilities–and surely no one calls that love;

    and yes, marriage is primarily for procreation (and throughout human history, to cut down on bastardy and the kind of mental and physical deformities humans develop through too close inbreeding) which is the primary biological drive of all human beings;

    yes, not all married couples have kids, but if all males married males and all females married females, that species would by three or four generations be well on its way to extinction;

    now if two people of the same sex want to form a union and pretend it is a “marriage”, that is their right as human beings and i will be among the first to respect their humanity;

    however, don’t turn around try tell me it is equal to my marriage with my woman as my wife and demand it be considered in the same footing socially, politically and economically (we won’t even peer under the lid of the Pandora’s Box of religion);

    that is totally physically and historically inaccurate, biologically impossible and furthermore, insulting;

  • Hota

    Stay in school. Preferably one in the 21st century. You seem to understand nothing about homosexuality.

  • talaktochoba

    GO to school; learn something besides keg swilling and the fraternity rag/sorority ball;

    homosexuality is NOT “natural” or “normal” by mere dent of fact there are two sexes;

    if homosexuality were “normal”, then it follows one sex would not be needed and the remaining one could make itself pregnant, or there would simply be no reproduction;

    so are you volunteering for extinction?

    is that your new “normal”?

    what college taught you that?

  • talaktochoba

    simply because we cannot compare ourselves directly to the remainder of the animal kingdom as it lacks the ability for long term memory retention or cognitive thought;

    therefore the homosexuality practised by the rest of the animal kingdom is not at all love, which lower animals are incapable of, but an outward expression of the constant attempt to establish a hierarchy or pecking order by which all lower animals define and establish their existence;

    prisoners do it to establish the same power over their subordinates that a winning dog would over a loser after a fight in an alley for control of the pack…or do you call that “love”, too?

  • Michaela Harris

    I would like go congratulate my blood for getting married to the one he loves. Even though the rest of the brothers and sisters doesn’t agree with it, Im happy for you David.. Love you brother!

  • Bangel

    NOT A BLACK WOMAN ISSUE. Please focus Clutch and stop shoving this stuff down our throats. Thanks!!!!

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