David Harris And Tre'Darrius AndersonI’m such a hopeless romantic and this story right here added a little sunshine to my Friday. At the beginning of this year, on January 18th, David Harris and Tre’Darrius Anderson of Memphis, Tenn., tied the knot in Washington, D.C., in front of the Lincoln Memorial. So what’s so special about that you ask? Well the newlywed love birds are just 19-years-old and their union may just make them the youngest African-American gay couple to marry in the country. And to keep the celebration going, the duo will be featured on an upcoming episode of “My Teenage Wedding.”

Check out some footage from David and Tre’Darrius’ special day below!

Congrats to the happy couple!

  • talaktochoba

    GO to school; learn something besides keg swilling and the fraternity rag/sorority ball;

    homosexuality is NOT “natural” or “normal” by mere dent of fact there are two sexes;

    if homosexuality were “normal”, then it follows one sex would not be needed and the remaining one could make itself pregnant, or there would simply be no reproduction;

    so are you volunteering for extinction?

    is that your new “normal”?

    what college taught you that?

  • talaktochoba

    simply because we cannot compare ourselves directly to the remainder of the animal kingdom as it lacks the ability for long term memory retention or cognitive thought;

    therefore the homosexuality practised by the rest of the animal kingdom is not at all love, which lower animals are incapable of, but an outward expression of the constant attempt to establish a hierarchy or pecking order by which all lower animals define and establish their existence;

    prisoners do it to establish the same power over their subordinates that a winning dog would over a loser after a fight in an alley for control of the pack…or do you call that “love”, too?

  • Michaela Harris

    I would like go congratulate my blood for getting married to the one he loves. Even though the rest of the brothers and sisters doesn’t agree with it, Im happy for you David.. Love you brother!

  • Bangel

    NOT A BLACK WOMAN ISSUE. Please focus Clutch and stop shoving this stuff down our throats. Thanks!!!!

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