Mona Scott-Young is the face behind two of the most popular reality shows on VH1. She produced “Love & Hip Hop” and its wildly popular Atlanta spinoff and is now lending her talents to “The Gossip Game” which debuts on Monday, April 1st. Though she’s been hugely successful in garnering ratings for the network, Mona is widely criticized for the portrayal of black women on her shows. Fights, love triangles, arguments, name-calling and back-stabbing are commonplace on the “Love and Hip Hop” series, which features rappers and the women who love them behaving badly.

Mona addressed her critics at a press roundtable event this Monday, saying:

“Often times people tell me how horrible it is, or how these women should go crawl under a rock. I’m not here to judge them! I think that these women are a part of our population as African Americans. They live real lives and their stories deserve to be told as much as the other stories. I encourage them to use this as a platform. I will never forget the first time I gave Joseline a check and she cried. Prior to that she has never seen her name printed on a check because she was only ever paid in dollar bills, so don’t tell me I’m not changing lives.”

She plans to continue changing lives for the better with the new show, “The Gossip Game.” She gave the press some insight into how the cast was chosen:

“We met with them and tried to find different lives and mediums to represent. I walked into the situation thinking that there was a pecking order. You have TV and radio journalists, then you’ve got the freelancers, then the bloggers, almost like they were at the bottom of the totem pole. But what I realized is that all of the folks in the different areas get their news from the bloggers. They’re probably a little more important than people want to give them credit for and we wanted to explore that.”

The Monami Entertainment founder has a new show on Bravo called “Taking Atlanta” in the works which will feature women chasing success in Georgia’s capital including a boutique owner and an aspiring trophy wife. She also is coming out with her own brand of dessert wine, Myx Fusion Moscato.




  1. Marisa

    Hold up did Mona say this with a straight face tell me she bust out laughing while saying this. She’s not changing any lives only thing she’s changing is the bottom line of her bank account off of ratchet behavior. So far the only one who has managed somewhat of a career out of this swamp is the singer K.Michelle but, look at the lengths she’s had to go to stand out because Mona certainly isn’t just going to showcase somebody just about their music. Look at how she did Somaya who they kicked off because from jump she said I’m not here for the foolish catty stuff I’m about getting my career on. Mona and crew declared her dull and ditched her. Mona Scott-Young is no better than Shady O’Neal of the Basketball Wives mess and Andy Cohen, when its settled their all just trash peddlers.

  2. You got the power…. become a movie producer. Help get more black “Positive” movies on the big screen other than TP movies, and I’m not throwing shade Tyler fans. I’m trying to make it as a screenwriter, Help me Mona!

  3. Of course she has to defend her programming, she’s getting a check. Perhaps there is some truth to her statement about her changing lives. Depends on how you look at it. My life has change because I watch these shows & it teaches me how NOT to behave & what NOT to do in a relationship. But not everyone thinks like me. People see this & idolize what they see on tv & they try to emulate it.

  4. Joseline is getting legit money, I aint mad at her, however at look what she had to do to get it. She went from being a stripper to being Stevie J personal whore in front of america. Mona may be changing lives, but it may not be for the better.

  5. Monna, I am a well educated African American professional. I’m married and I have a family. My husband andi dated in undergrad. Honestly, we have little time for any television besides the news. We pushourselves to watch your shows simply because you look like us! We respect your grind. However, it is often embarrassing to watch an Erica mena. She’s ignorant, her behavior and content are questionable and her commentary is often off putting. Characters such as Erica turn the professional crowd away. Please consider presenting more polished women of color so our up and coming professionals can have role models. I wouldn’t want my daughters to ever see erica.

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