NFL Player Reportedly Considers Saying He’s Gay

by Yesha Callahan

NFL Player Reportedly Considers Saying He's GayThere’s a rumor circulating around several sports sites about a NFL football player that is considering coming out of the closet.  In a recent story published on CBS Sports, the player’s biggest concern is the reaction he may receive from the public.

Mike Freeman writes:

While I’ve long believed I would not see an openly gay NFL player for decades, that might be wrong. Based on interviews over the past several weeks with current and former players, I’m told that a current gay NFL player is strongly considering coming out publicly within the next few months — and after doing so, the player would attempt to continue his career. I’m told this player feels the time is now for someone to take this step — despite homophobic remarks from San Francisco 49ers defensive back Chris Culliver and the controversy arising recently at the Indianapolis Scouting combine, when prospects were asked questions about their sexuality. This player’s true concern, I’m told, is not the reaction inside an NFL locker room but outside of it. The player fears he will suffer serious harm from homophobic fans, and that is the only thing preventing him from coming out. My sources will not say who this alleged player is.

In yesterday’s post about Kordell Stewart, there were plenty of comments about his sexuality. There have been rumors about his sexuality, even during his football career, but he has always stated he was heterosexual. There are currently a little less than 2000 players in the NFL. If we were leaning towards statistics, we could assume, at least a few of them are gay. But what’s keeping them in the closet? In sports like the WNBA, there are plenty of “out” athletes, who are proud of who they are.

There are those people who feel the need to “pull” people out of the closet  and this is the fear I think many male athletes have. No one wants to be ‘outed’, but also there are those who don’t feel it’s necessary to wave a rainbow flag every day either.

In this year’s Indianapolis scouting combine, which I always compare to a job interview for football players, I felt questioning someone’s sexuality was a clear violation of privacy. Why does it matter to a team if a player is gay? It has nothing to do with their on the field performance.

If this player does disclose that he’s gay, I hope he’s supported by his teammates and if issues do arise , I hope the NFL institutes guidelines that can protect this player, and possibly others who come out as well.

  • Jaslene

    It’s Kordell Stewart.

  • Keshia

    I wonder why they feel the need to come, what you do in your private life and who you choose to have a relationship with is no one’s business. I have always seriously wanted to know why gay entertainers feel the need to “come out”

  • AnnT

    I hope not.
    Gay men, especially Black gay men already have the stigma of usually be considered down low no matter what they do.

    I hope whoever it is is not or was not marriage, or at the very most puts on airs with a beard who was in on it.

  • Misshightower


  • Melyssa

    They said current NFL player NOT retired. I seriously doubt it’s Kordell Stewart – he hasn’t played in years why would he be worried about losing fans and such although I do think he needs to come out of the closet too but he ain’t the one who’s going to make it a media frenzy.. He seems to private for that.

  • Think Critically

    to serve as role models for those who are struggling with their sexuality and being bullied…
    to de-stigmatize homosexuality…
    to help push gay rights forward…
    to be able to live openly with the person whom they love…
    to not have to lie to everyone about who they are….

    all this gay marriage push is made possible by people coming out…it is easier to stigmatize and oppress the invisible

    I have a bunch more, but I will stop

  • The Moon in the Sky

    Clutch does too many articles about men’s issues.

  • Anon

    last time I checked…men & women watched football…

  • The Moon in the Sky

    What does that have to do with Clutch, a woman’s magazine? If I went over to Single Black male or Very (dumb) Smart Brothas, do you think there would be articles about women getting mammograms or the HPV vaccine?

  • Anon


    So you’re saying lgbt issues…or football..have nothing to do w/women?

    Would you rather sports articles abt ice skating or gymnastics.

    What does other sites (eat) write, don’t make Clutch shit…

    So why does it matter?

  • Valerie

    Vernon Davis?

  • The Moon in the Sky

    No, that is what YOU are ‘saying’, because that isn’t what I typed. I asked you two questions and you answered neither one.

  • Tonton Michel

    Who ever it is should be more worried about his teammates and opponents than fans.

  • Shirl

    I was in total agreement with Keisha and then read your reply… I never thought about it that way. You are absolutely correct. Thank you!!

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