EateryRacists never prosper. Maria Armendariz, owner of popular Manhattan restaurant Lorenzo & Maria’s Kitchen, is heeding this lesson now. She’s been slapped with a lawsuit by two ex-employees, Inelia Ortega and Enriqueta Luna, who claim their former boss harassed and discriminated against them.

Both women allege Armendariz referred to them as “Mexican whores” and prostitutes on a daily basis.

“She told me I was an assfaced Mexican, and that I came to the U.S. to rob Americans’ money,” Luna explained in an interview with DNA Info. Luna also claims Armendariz regularly called her an “old, fat woman with a big ass that was darker than a donkey.”

Ortega alleges similar abuse in her dealings with Armendariz.

“She would call me the ‘whore of the house,’” Ortega claims. “She said that I was going to rob her — that I came to America to steal.”

That’s only the beginning of the allegations. Luna also claims Armendariz’s boyfriend Nicodemus Pedraza exposed himself and propositioned her for sex. On one occasion he told Luna to ‘get on all fours’ so he could have sex with her.

Luna informed the owner, but Armendariz accused her of falsifying the claim. “The woman told me that I was crazy, that I was a hag,” Luna explained.

Ortega alleges she was also sexually harassed by Pedraza in the form of goosing, and Armendariz chastised her for his behavior.

“She said it was our fault, because we’re ‘loose women.” Ortega said.

Apparently the 30-year-old eatery has had its fair share of issues in the past.

One review on the New York Times restaurant page calls the customer service ‘despicable’ while another commenter witnessed the owner “shouting at the kitchen staff.”

A frequent guest commented as well and vowed never to step foot in the eatery again. “Nothing would make me shop here again due to the abusive owner, Maria. A real nut case. Screaming nonstop at her staff, in very loud Spanish, who cower in front of her.  I asked her to kindly stop screaming, and she cursed me out.”

The lawsuit will appear before the judge this year.

  • Owlman5678

    land of the Free, and the home of the Brave.

  • J. Nicole of UrbanExpressive

    Disgusting! The restaurant industry, especially in NYC is notorious for speaking to Mexican workers, even more so if they are undocumented that way because they’re least likely to report it. Unfortunately there will most likely be people who share her sentiments & will still go there.

  • Kay

    Not surprised at all. Lots of things happen to immigrants, especially those who are undocumented. As crazy as it sounds, I’ve heard of immigrants who don’t know their rights being raped on a daily basis, being denied pay and the like. It’s funny how the woman talks about them coming here to rob Americans, but she hires them because she probably knows she can pay them less than most American workers and harass them without retribution (or so she thought). Those are the people that are really robbing Americans, the bigots who treat immigrants like low-wage slaves so they don’t have to pay anyone a decent living wage and then bash them for it.

  • pedro diaz

    she pay more then the salary .this people dont want pay taxes . enriqueta luna and inelia ortega

  • Eve

    Sad notice, cause i ve been in that restaurant, now, it looks like they ve lost a costumer. Sad very sad because the food there is excellent..

  • jesse

    wow.. isn’t the owner of a latin decent.. harassing your own people is terrible

  • pedro diaz

    you are a lair this in not a restaurant you just liar do nice thing no bad you dont think nothig

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