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One radio station is finally taking a stand against irresponsible rap lyrics by refusing to play music from two of hip-hop’s top artists.  From Lil Wayne’s verse about Emmett Till in “Karate Chop”,  to Rick Ross referencing what some have defined as date rape in “You Don’t Even Know It”103.7 The Beat, based out of Muskegon, Michigan has had enough.

In a recent press release, 103.7 The Beat had this to say:

The questions have been asked, Is Hip Hop Music Destroying America, Is Hip Hop A Threat To Our Children or Should Rappers Be Accountable For Their Lyrics? You be the judge.  Earlier this year the song “Karate Chop” leaked online featuring rapper Lil Wayne.  He raps, “Bout to put rims on my skateboard wheels/Beat that (expletive/woman genital) up like Emmett Till.”  A few weeks later a song by rapper Rocko featuring Rick Ross was release called “You Don’t Even Know It.”  Rick Ross raps, “Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it/ I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.” Yes, we have our freedom of speech right, but when is freedom of speech taken too far?

Many would say both rappers have taken their lyrical content too far and offended too many.  The family and estate of Emit Till have released a statement of disapproval over Lil Wayne’s disregard and disrespectful lyrics. Though his record label issued a statement of apology, the rapper has yet to do so.  In the case of Rick Ross, a petition has been started over his blatant disregard for women and the issue of date rape. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that over 300,000 women are raped or sexually assaulted per year in the United States alone. That is a disturbing number and should not be taken lightly. His lyrics not only condone the behavior, but he boasts about it in the song.  While some feel it’s only entertainment, many feel it sends and encourages the wrong message.  Several individuals and organizations have taken a stand and so are we.  Effective immediately Muskegon’s WUVSlp 103.7 the Beat has pulled ALL Lil Wayne and Rick Ross music from rotation.  We pride ourselves on playing music that is non-degrading and non-violent. While we believe in freedom of speech, creative writing and individualism, we refuse to be part of the problem by spreading messages that could harm or end someone’s life.


What do you think about the removal of Lil Wayne &  Rick Ross from their playlists? Do you think more radio stations should follow suit?

Radio Station Pulls Rick Ross and Lil Wayne from Rotation


  1. BloominLotus

    I’m happy that this radio station has decided to take a stand. Hopefully, more people, businesses, and stations will follow.

  2. While they at it… they need to pull some “light skin is the right skin” type of lyrics too. Things to keep black folks bickering and hating on each other.

  3. Posh88

    I can’t stand when people say it’s only entertainment how barbaric is an individual to be “entertained” by such degrading nonsense? What pleasure does an individual get out of “just listening” to it. I stopped listening to these artists long ago when I realized they hated themselves and didn’t mind contributing to the downfall of their own culture. Their whole “light is right, screw her in and out, drugs all day everyday” mentality is disgusting and I’m disappointed that the gift of lyrical ability was wasted on such self-hating, wreckless individuals!

    • The Comment

      I used to cringe and wonder how in the hell people could gather around for a public hanging… I understand.

  4. Devin

    Yes. I think more radio stations should follow suit to send a message to these artist who think they can say whatever they want and we’ll all just have to take it. If those record sells drop, they’ll see that they don’t control what we listen to… WE DO! We have to make a stand! We want “pure music”, not this garbage they’re feeding us!

  5. Ernest Thomas

    When more stations stand up to this kind of garbage that degrades Black Women and all African Americans, some of the horrible things that are being perpertrated on the black communities will cease. But you know it is up to us what we allow to enter into our personal space, so Don’t buy that CD, turn that station off. Good job 103.7

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