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Steubenville case
From The Grio — In August 2012, Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond, two of Steubenville High School’s Big Red football players, attended a number of parties in the closely-knit, football-centered town of Steubenville, Ohio.  During the evening, tweets referencing a “gang rape” and an Instagram image of a seemingly intoxicated girl being held by her hands and feet hit the web. Many of the comments and tweets associated with the posts made light of the alleged sexual assault.

The alleged rape was witnessed by several people, three of whom testified in October that they saw the two defendants sexually assault the accuser in a car on their way from one party to another, and then again when they arrived at their destination. Witnesses claim Mays and Richmond raped the young girl while she was passed out drunk and unable to resist.

Acquaintance rape is not a myth. However, the defense attorneys in the Steubenville, Ohio rape trial, set to begin Wednesday are prepared to argue that the alleged rape was not rape, but consensual sex, even though the accuser was unconscious, according to witnesses. “We’re denying that there was any non-consensual contact, period,” defense attorney Adam Nemann told The New York Times.

The Steubenville defense strategy is an exercise in victim blaming 101. All too often in rape cases, defense attorneys — and society — generally focus their attention on the actions of the accuser.  How much was she drinking? Did she flirt with the boys? Is the accuser a good girl?  What did she do to put herself in that situation? Did she say no?

None of these questions matter. Yet unfortunately in these situations, the accuser often becomes the one on trial in the court of public opinion.

No one ever asks what the accused were doing to bring about the rape accusation. What made Mays and Richmond think it was okay to carry a girl, seemingly too intoxicated to walk, from party to party? If the accuser was passed out and unable to walk, as some witnesses have described, why didn’t Mays and Richmond seek out transportation so that she could make it home safely?

No one ever questions why Mays and Richmond thought it was fun to hold the accuser by her hands and feet like a rag doll, with her head hanging back limply while an onlooker took a picture of her.  No one ever asks why the accused thought it would be fun to use their hands to penetrate a drunken girl. No one ever asks.

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  • The Commentator Speaks

    This case continuously disgusts me.

  • Moe

    When will men understand that rape is rape. If a girl does not agree to having sex with you, and you do it anyway, you raped her. No excuses.

  • T

    I honestly do not understand how anyone can defend these boys in court. That was a very disturbing picture. The entire situation is disturbing and no body holds these boys accountable.

  • Lady Ngo

    This story just gets more and more repulsive as the days go by. SMH


    Now if only she had a gun.

  • Come On

    That picture and this case are so disgusting. People are sick. I bet they’ll get Penn State like support from many people though.

  • The Moon in the Sky

    Men shouldn’t be having sex with girls anyway. In this case, the rapists are teenage boys.

  • myblackfriendsays

    I do believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but if this girl was in fact unconscious, then they raped her. Duh. How hard is that to comprehend?

    Why would you even want to stick your penis in someone that is not conscious? How is that pleasurable? I’m sure as members of the football team it would not be difficult for these boys to find girls who would willingly have sex with them.

    If they did rape her, shame on those boys and shame on their parents as well.

  • myblackfriendsays

    Also, why didn’t these three witness who saw them with her in the car step in and do something?! If they knew a rape was occurring, why didn’t they take action?

  • Come On

    This was indeed rape. Apparently she used to date one of the guys. Jezebel has a bit more info.

    Have you seen the video of that boy talking?

    And you are indeed right. Who has sex with an unconscious person. There was no consent, and that’s it. Even if she wasn’t completely unconscious, anyone impaired enough that her head is lolling around is too mentally impaired to consent. This is the law. They need to uphold the law. They have pictures. They have tweets. The people had videos. Lots of evidence.

    These are a bunch of sickos. They deserve to rot in jail. It’s amazing what people do to protect athletes and celebrities.

  • Come On

    Sick. Women can’t drink now? Millions of women get drunk around men, and nothing happens. And these were not just “horny men.” They were rapists. There are no horny men at bars and clubs? Somehow these men find a way to not rape women. This girl’s actions didn’t lead to her getting raped. These sick rapists need to be responsible for their actions. As I said yesterday, victim blamers themselves support the all-men-are-potential-rapist idea that man-hating feminists came up with.

    This is a very silly comment. This girl got drunk, and you’re saying that she should be responsible for her actions. What? Drinking? Drinking around “horny men”? So if a person gets robbed, he needs to take responsibility for his actions. I mean why were you walking around with money and a wallet and a nice watch right?

    Victim blamers are so stupid. I hope you never have any daughters.

  • TT

    They will never understand. This will continue to happen as long as the victims are blamed. If she did have consensual sex with them, shame on her for accusing them of rape . And if she was raped, shame on the everybody else for supporting the rapists. I hope the truth will come out in the trial but seeing as how witnesses don’t want to testify, I’m doubtful it will come out. If they are guilty and people are just letting it slide under the rug, what does that tell young boys? A girl doesn’t have to consent to sex. If you want it, you take it whether or not the girl agrees. What kind of message is that?

  • MamaB.

    @Come On: We should hope he/she never has sons either because we all should know by now that it is imperative that parents, particularly fathers need to teach their sons NOT to be rapists or bystanders of rape. Ugh!

  • seritatheresa

    She was 11!

  • binks

    Thank you! I just have no words regardless of the who, what or why this young lady was rape. She was unconscious and didn’t know what was happening to her body but these boys did so it was rape there is nothing consensual about this regardless of her past, sexual history, behavior or relationship with these boys. I can’t wait until the day we harshly critique these rapists and not the victims.

  • Salmon

    Or rapists won’t drug (reported by several sources) and gang rape a high school aged girl. How about that?


    It’s called SARCASM.


    My comment was made in reference to the men who are telling women to carry guns to prevent themselves from being rape.

    I’m sorry my sarcasm didn’t translate.

  • T

    Yes. On another Clutch article about rape (I think it was about the UNC student speaking out — with little support) another poster stated how she was ostracized by a predominately black university. I didn’t expect that and I thought it was so sad. I was thinking maybe it was just large universities protecting athletes b/c of economic power. The more stories I read about different women’s experiences, attitudes toward rape victims haven’t changed across the board. It is the same in the same sense of equalism within the employment sector. So I really think these lawmakers/decision makers know it isn’t right. It is of no value to them which offsets lack of accountability. And this is why animals (molesters, rapists) continue on their rampage. They receive the message that it is “ok” to push a little further (satisfy YOUR urges) which in essence is rape (it’s not consensual).

    I am hoping every woman who has experienced rape continues to have the courage to speak out. Rape and molestation is our battle amongst many. By the majority of men being the decision makers, they are not as concern. Then, families sweeping little dirty secrets under the rug, not speaking up at all, or not chastising unacceptable behavior, it appears as if women are left out here alone. I’m glad to see Steubenville protest in the sense that they are.

  • Sasha

    It sends chills down my spine knowing there are people who are defending these boys and victim blaming.

  • starr

    Every time i see that pic on tv, i have to look away. It brings so much emotions over me…all of them negative

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