Terrence Howard is an exceptional actor but his public image is not nearly as favorable. From his highly-publicized eccentricities to his famous rants (he recently revealed he enjoyed love scenes with Oprah because of her “tig ole bitties”), Howard has alienated many fans who once rooted for the “Dead Man Down” actor.

If you let him tell it, his poor perception, at least among black people, revolves around his interracial relationship.

He recently sat down with Hip Hollywood to discuss black people’s crab mentality and their disdain for his marriage to an Asian woman:

“We have a crab mentality where we still pull each other down because of choices that we make, because I choose to marry an Asian woman instead of a Black woman [...]

I think as Black people we have to start helping each other. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say nothing at all.”

Terrence went through an ugly and public divorce during which he alleged his ex-wife used to scream things at him like, “[I] never wanted to marry a n**ger in the first place” and “[I] definitely didn’t want to be the step mother of some n**ger kids.” Though their marriage ended, he seems to still hold resentment for a lack of support from the black community.

Watch video of his interview here:

What do you think of Terrence’s comments, Clutchettes?




  1. I agree with Terrance. I also agree with ANYONE that goes through this and has the courage to speak on it. My grandmother and several of my cousins married white and I don’t see anything wrong with it if the parties are happy! I support Terrance and his wife and hope they have long wedded BLISS!

    • And yet you just had to come to this site filled with “crabs in a barrel” per you and TH. Both of you are dead weight to an already beleaguered community. You two are the actual crabs. People like you have nothing good for Black folk, never will and don’t care that you don’t. SMDH.

    • FORTUNATELY, I have very HIGH SELF ESTEEM and won’t react or respond to immaturity. HOWEVER, I will say that comment is EXACTLY what I’m talking about :) thanks for proving my point !

  2. MommieDearest

    Terrance needs to stop giving interviews. Immediately. That is all.

  3. @Perspective

    You are an asshole, plain and simple.
    A stupid perspective

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