The Game Season 6

BET’s “The Game” will kick off its sixth season on March 26. It will also be the show’s 100th episode, marking a transition in plot and character dynamics. Tia Mowry-Hardict (Melanie Barnett-Davis), Pooch Hall (Derwin Davis) and Brittany Daniel (Kelly TK) have been ousted from Sunbeam-Sabers Island. Lauren London, Jay Ellis and season five staple, Brandy Norwood, will fill their pumps and cleats.

However, the sudden removal of the lead characters has deflated some of the anticipation for the premiere. “The Game”  writers hope to recoup these losses by phasing out Hall’s character on the first episode of the new season and immediately introducing Bryce “Blue” Westbook (Ellis).

“The Game” has lost the sizzle that attracted a dedicated viewership in the beginning. The sudden exit of the two central characters (Melanie and Derwin) is the removal of another brick from a crumbling castle. Despite the fans lost due to Mowry-Hardict and Hall’s departures, BET is still investing time, effort and monies into making season six a success. Promotional photos have been released and slated guest stars include Ciara.

I’ll be settling for re-runs of seasons one through three on Netflix.

Will you be watching “The Game?”

  • Lillian Mae

    Oh please! it was boycotted when the writing was at its peak! If it were canceled at this point, no one would care.

  • Ms. Write

    Sorry, but that line up looks corny. If 90% of your orignial cast is gone, including the two main characters of the show, it is indeed time to just hang it up. But I guess the ratings will speak for themselves….Personally, I haven’t watched an episode since Season 4. The writing just went downhill after Season 3.

  • beejcee

    Me being mature in age black woman I find it hard to find shows on television that didn’t make me clutch my pearls or just plain mad at how the black characters were written, but I found watching the show “Girlfriends” had it all (that I was looking for). From “Girlfriends” came “The Game”, because Melanie and Joan are first cousins. How do you get rid of the character that the show was born from? I will watch the first episode to see if we get an explanation or mention of Melanie when they kick Derwin to the curb, but I don’t expect them to explain anything, I think since BET has already decided there will be no Mel, we may not even get a mention of her at all. I guess I can find seasons 1-3 somewhere for purchase, help me out guys. It was also a big mistake to let Kelly go, it changed the dynamic of the friendships, not only the ladies but the guys also. Remember, in many of the CW episodes when the ladies were into whatever it might be, somehow they brought the guys in on it too. I am disappointed, this show could have continued to “shine”, BET just wouldn’t allow it.

  • Christopher Johnson

    Yes bring ding dong

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