I never imagined when I first started watching “The Game” that by its 100th episode, the main characters, Melanie and Derwin, would be written off the show. But here we are at the premiere of the sixth season of the series without the main actors, Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall.

Rumors swirled about their departure and folks vacillated between blaming BET and the actors themselves for the shift. Meanwhile, a sizable and vocal audience of viewers claimed the show just isn’t as well-written, compelling and funny on BET as it was on The CW (BET began airing the show in 2011 at the start of its fourth season). Most agree it was time for a change even if that meant switching up the cast in ways die-hard “The Game” fans felt were unimaginable.

Wendy Raquel Robinson opened up about the change just in time for tonight’s premiere. She told ABC:

If Game Producers Told Cast About Tia Mowry-Hardrict/Pooch Hall’s Departures:
Really they didn’t tell us anything because at the end of the day it’s not our business. …[They did share] it was going to be hard to continue on with the storyline, which does make a lot of sense. If [Derwin Davis] gets traded and [Melanie Davis is] off at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore — we’re set in San Diego — so it would’ve been a little convoluted.

Her Reaction to Pooch Hall’s Negative Tweets About The Game:
It’s kind of like going through a bad divorce and there’s the love of your life getting married again. How do you act? I can’t say what Pooch said on Twitter, or re-tweeted is appropriate, but it’s…an emotional reaction. It’s a knee jerk reaction. He’ll get over it and that wound will heal.

Her Reaction to Tia Mowry-Hardrict Leaving The Show:
Personally that’s my little sister so it was devastating. But now in retrospect so many other opportunities have come to her: movies, her own show and then she got a reality show. So…it’s still hard, but it’s a blessing in a disguise for her as well.

On New Season of The Game:
“It’s fresh. It’s new. It’s still the same drama/comedy…but I do like the addition,” Robinson said referring to new cast members: Lauren London and Jay Ellis. “I think it’s going to help. You know every now and then we need to get re-energized and resuscitated.”

The change reminds me of when Janet Hubert left “The Fresh Prince” as Vivian; the show managed to go on but it was never the same. Tia and Pooch’s exit alongside what many people believe to be poor writing and acting could mean a huge drop in ratings when the show returns this evening. Are you still watching, Clutchettes?

  • Child, Please

    Tia, Wendy and Coby were the reasons I started to watch. Pooch, Hosea and Brittany kept me along with the scripts! It’s not going to be the same now that half the original cast has left (and let’s not even talk about how Brittany never came back after the fourth season). If I continue to watch it’d be to support the remaining half of the original case (like other shows I watch, the cast has a strong chemistry that BET seemed to kill), but I may hang it up after this season, because I’m sure they’ll get rid of Coby’s character next. Just watching Hosea and Wendy as Malik and Tasha can be overwhelming since they’re over the top and the others’ characters helped balance it out.

  • Yes Lord!

    I’m going to watch so I can check out the new guy, Jay Ellis. Mmm…yummy!

  • http://gravatar.com/beejcee beejcee

    I will watch to see how they write Derwin out of the plot in an hour. I am assuming the last episode from this past season was Melanie’s ending storline. That is very interesting to me. I am a writer and it would take more than one episode for me to understand the “new” premise of the show. It all began on Girlfriends, The Game is a spin-off. Melanie and Joan are first cousins. Are we suppose to forget that? The core of the show is gone. BET, just why. I think Tyler Perry could have done this show a lot better on TBS. Well probably not but we will never know!

  • http://gravatar.com/beejcee beejcee

    The Game is a spin-off of Girlfriends. Melanie and Joan are first cousins. On an episode of Girlfriends, The Game was introduced. Are we supposed to forget about that? BET, just why. Tyler Perry could of done much better with this show on TBS. Well maybe not, but we will never know!

  • Writerdiva

    They will write Derwin out of the show with a Trade to Washington.

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    um, this is NOT real life…

  • The Other Jess

    No, will not be watching.

  • http://ladyngo.blogspot.com Lady Ngo

    I watched about 15 minutes of it or so…not impressed at all. I honestly wanted to see how Tasha and Pookie’s relationship blossomed (if they even plan on having that be part of the storyline anymore) and i still like Tee-Tee. But other than that, there’s nothing left to watch for me with Melanie and Derwin gone.

  • Shirl

    Um, we know that but thanks for pointing that out.

  • Writerdiva

    I was close. It was a trade to Baltimore. Anyway, this show has officially jumped the shark tonight. The dialogue was flat and the new guy was 1 dimensional. The writers also made Malik 1d as well.

  • Marisa

    I’m not since BET brought the show back and in typical fashion ruined The Game, why is Jason and Kelly Pitts daughter that old this is not a soap opera were the kids are 5 one minute and 25 the next minute. Didn’t like the abortion angle they did with Mel, which soaps do also is a lady has an abortion and therefore must be rendered barren. Brandy and the Jason storyline was decent but, lets face it I watched for Derwin Davis and Med School. How they marginalized Mel where she just dropped her aspirations I didn’t like at all, and don’t get me started on the succubus known as Janae. This is why I don’t want this network even trying to do a Girlfriends renewal.

  • dirtychai

    I was never a regular watcher of The Game, but it will be weird without the Melanie & Derwin aspect. I saw last nights premiere and it was okay. A little melodramatic, but okay.

  • http://pinkflame1983.blogspot.com/ Pinkflame1093

    I know right!

  • Blue

    The fans asked for this show to returned & it did. BET kinda messed it up. Why it didn’t stay on network tv, I don’t know. Now that it returned, the two main characters leave. I did watch the new episode. I’m not into the new characters It was sad to see Derwin leave. I guess they had to give him a dramatic exit & not make him totally disappear without an explanation.

    I probably will still watch. I’m happy they are giving black actors a place to act. Not to many shows where they have some writers, a script, & some actors to play characters. Sure beats watching all this foolery these reality tv shows that are on air. I think if we start supporting actual shows, they will have no choice but to air them & stop with this reality tv nonsense.

  • Blue

    Well that sure ruins the surprise for the people who DIDN’T see it yet. I’m sure they all thank you.

  • Writerdiva

    What surprise? Hell, what other way were they going to write out Pooch? He was either going to abruptly retire or get traded or get killed. That isn’t the surprise b/c most people knew that he and Tia were leaving the show anyway!

    As far as the people who didn’t see it, they shouldn’t feel so bad cause BET will show rerun after rerun and there’s a such thing as a DVR!

  • angel

    i miss them I truly do but god will make it better its great and ilove the new season it is what it is

  • Tyra Dean

    I am and always have regularly watched “The Game”. I like the new cast and am very excited to see the premier on Tuesday. With that being said I really really miss “Melanie” and “Derwin”. I honestly wish they would bring them back on the show. I have a lot of the old shows with Tia and Pooch recorded and I enjoy ‘re-watching them. I think it would be so much better if they were to return. The new shows are pretty good but it really isnt the same. Im glad to see that “Kelly” is coming back but to have all of the original cast would make a lot of people ecstatic. Hopefully this will be considered. I am waiting for their return and im sure many people feel the same.

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