When Is it Time to Put Your Boobs Away?

by Demetria L. Lucas

Halle BerryYears and years ago, I was at some hoity-toity event with my mother in D.C. I can’t recall the occasion, only the dress code — black tie. There was an “older” woman, maybe in her late 40s/ early 50s (you never know with Black people) who was wearing an outfit fit for the occasion, but not so flattering for her shape. Her beautiful gown had a plunging neckline. Her boobs had plunged as well.

Mum used the woman’s attire as an opportunity for a teachable moment. “You need to know what’s appropriate and what is not,” she observed. “There comes a time when you need to cover it up!”

I thought about her comment later as I sat through some boring, too-long speech and wondered what, exactly, made the look so inappropriate. No, her bosom didn’t sit perky. These boobs looked about how you might expect a middle-aged set to look — not at the navel, but not under the chin either. And while there are some women pushing 50 whose girls sit on high, most women’s breasts don’t at that age without a good bra or a good surgeon.

For that woman, gravity had taken effect and nature its course. But did that mean she should cover up? Hmm.

I never reached an answer on that one. I was probably 22 when the event took place and I felt forever young with plenty of time to figure out an approach to growing “older,” right? Eleven years later — where did the time go? — 40-something doesn’t seem so far off.

I thought about that woman and her boobs and my unresolved thoughts about what’s appropriate last night when I was reading about le scandal, i.e.  what Halle Berry wore on her most recent visit to Jay Leno’s late-night show. Her strapless Reem Acra dress plunged to her navel — much like the gown of that woman at the fancy event so long ago — and revealed lots of Berry’s ample bosom. It was doing a lot for a sit-down interview, but she looked damn good in it. I’d go as far as to say, flawless.

Still, Berry’s been receiving some negative feedback for her wardrobe choice. No one’s complaining that she doesn’t have the curves (or cleavage) to rock a teeny dress, but some say that, enviable shape or no, at 46 it’s time, or even long past it, for her to put away her sexy (or at least the showy manifestation of it).

NaturallyMoi.com covered this kerfuffle, and while most readers had a positive “damn, Halle, damn!” reaction, others went in on Halle B., saying she looked “desperate,” “nasty” and was — sigh — “too old.”

“She’s a mom now,” read one comment. “It’s not about her any more, she should be setting an example for her daughter.” (Please. It’s not like her daughter was up watching Leno.)

So it’s not just about how high — or not — the breasts are that determines who should bring ‘em out, but how old a woman is and whether she has kids, too? Meh.

Let’s call this fuss what it really is: another way to police women’s bodies — even good and grown women who are long past their “giving two ****s” years. And it’s unfortunate that some women have bought into it so hard that they  try to enforce these arbitrary rules on other women, too.

Look, grown ladies are just that: grown. And they know all the rules about what they are “supposed” to do, and they’ve decided, frankly, not to give two damns. Let them live. Or look away.

Demetria L. Lucas is the author of “A Belle in Brooklyn: The Go-to Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life” (Atria), in stores now. Follow her on Twitter @abelleinbk.

  • Anon

    You, sir, are the problem.

  • Tallulah Belle

    I think Halle Berry looks absolutely gorgeous. She’s fit, toned, slim and still a working actress. Let’s be honest, if any group of people can be “crabs in a barrel” it would be women at 45+, regardless of race. And, in light of good genes and taking care of oneself, the rubber truly meets the road as a woman approaches 50. I know a few women running marathons and having children in their late 40′s and early 50′s. Most of us, however, are not quite fitting into that size 6 dress anymore, let alone showing up on late night talk shows looking like Halle Berry. She looks wonderful. She is uniquely youthful and it takes A LOT of discipline to look that good at any age. Bravo!!

  • Princess Di

    Patience, I have none for you Job.

  • Cocochanel31

    I think women should play to their strengths at any age. Lets face it, Halle can wear ANYTHING OR NOTHING, and still look classy! Now Mariah Carey on the other hand can wear the exact same thing and look bloated or “extra.” I think the key here is knowing your body type and what looks good on YOU AT ANY AGE!

    I know women half Halle’s age who could never pull this look off and shouldn’t!
    Dress for your body type !

  • http://deoclicianocgiportfolio.wordpress.com/ Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira


    Imagine how a heterosexual man feels when being harassed by a homosexual man.

    Not the same?
    OH, it is.

    Women dress up to compete with another woman, not for being looked at by men. Men cares not about what other man wears, but it is not when it is about women.

  • http://www.urbanexpressive.com J. Nicole of UrbanExpressive

    People who complain that she’s “too old” are the same ones with damn near something negative about every other topic in the world. The so-called “trolls” who simply want a reaction or want to place their insecurities on others.

    I used to think (about 15 years ago) only entertainers could get away with mini-skirts & low cut tops after a certain age, but if you have the body & confidence, why not. It’s rare that men get hit with the “too old” for anything. No one says “You’re a father! Stop riding motorcycles”. If people were more concerned with what they are doing, instead of what a celebrity is doing, these trolls wouldn’t exist.

  • http://gravatar.com/deechagirl CheeChis

    Please! Where’s the articles telling women like Helen Mirren to ‘act their age’?

    Halle looks GORGEOUS!

  • http://www.clutchmagazine.com Clutch

    From Article Above:

    Let’s call this fuss what it really is: another way to police women’s bodies– even good and grown women who are long past their giving two ****s years. And it’s most unfortunate that some women have bought into it so hard that they try to enforce these arbitrary rules on other women too.

    Look, grown ladies are just that: grown. And they know all the rules about what they are “supposed” to do or not, and they’ve decided, frankly, not to give two damns. Let them live. Or look away.

  • Sasha

    She’s 46?! Wow she looks great! For me it has nothing to do with age but dressing for one’s body. If for example Celine Dion wanted to run around with booty shorts on (not that she would because she’s too classy for that) then I wouldn’t bat an eye but if Rosie O’Donnell were to attempt to don said booty shorts, I don’t think that would be as flattering. People like to throw around the phrases/ words “shaming”, “(body) policing”, etc. but at the end of the day you should be striving to dress in a way that’s flattering for your figure, regardless of age.

  • Emy

    To be fair, people were telling Jay-Z to stop wearing sagging pants because he’s in his forties now. But Halle looks great and I don’t anything wrong with her dress.

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    it has long been my wish that sisters would dress more modest and cover themselves…

  • Keshia

    I honestly think Halle just wants attention none if her films have been doing well. But if I had a hot body like hers I would be showing it off as well she’s a good looking woman. When men start wearing their pants above their butts, women will cover up their boobies : )

  • black_feminist

    What article are you referring to? Because this one does not say that at all.

  • Anthony

    As a man who is a few years older than Halle, I say show them off any time you want!
    That women is almost supernaturally beautiful. As a middle aged person myself, I know how the body changes, and Halle looks like she is not a day or 30 or 32. I was not even a fan of Halle back in the day, but as a fellow older person (and lusty man,) I am thrilled to see someone of my vintage who is still so doggone hot!

  • isolde3

    No, pants sagging is considered sloppy, ungroomed, and unrefined. That prison chic style is considered to be the stuff of misguided youths and ex-cons. There’s nothing sloppy and ungroomed about Halle’s attire. She looks impeccable. Jay’s sagging pants, not so much.

    I agree with those saying that people are just hating on Halle. She looks great! I hope Rihanna ages like her.

  • http://confessionsofacurvygirl.wordpress.com confessionsofacurvygirl

    Hallie is not an old woman yet. If she wants to show off what she’s got then she should do it.

  • http://gravatar.com/latinlover Pseudonym

    Was this Halle Berry dress really a “thing” or did a couple blogs with very few followers just write about it?

  • Amanda

    The dress isn’t actually strapless — the top around her neck and shoulders is just sheer (her mic isn’t randomly stuck onto her skin, it’s attached to the sheer part). It’s not one of my favorite Halle looks, but I think she looks great.

  • http://gravatar.com/hsm36 Whatever

    The dress isn’t strapless, the top is just a flesh colored mesh-like material. Anyway, she looks amazing! At 30 years old, Halle, at 46 years old, is one of my fitspiration images. That says a lot right there. She’s always in great shape and doesn’t look fake and plastic like many others her age in Hollywood.

  • belle/demetria

    NY Daily News
    Huffington Post
    Perez Hilton
    Daily Mail UK

    and more all covered Halle’s dress. And some commenters expressed disdain.

    there have been multiple stories on Clutch about having an allegiance to mainstream pubs that don’t reflect people of color.

    it’s interesting that when a story quotes COMMENTS from one of them and links to support a black-owned site that covers black issues the site is slighted as a blog with very few followers or called not “real” journalism.

    what’s that about?

  • http://www.urbanexpressive.com J. Nicole of UrbanExpressive

    True; which is why I said it’s rare that men are told they’re too old for something, not that it never happens. But young, old, male or female (yup, I’ve seem girls sag their pants) the sagging pants look just appears sloppy & gross.

  • omfg

    halle looks awesome.

    the body, skin and hair look wonderful.

    i think that as women maintained fitness/health as they age, many are more confident and even emboldened. i think halle is one of those women.

    she looks better than little girls half her age. in fact, i wouldn’t be surprised if many of her haters of 25 year olds who could never compete against this woman who makes them look like the sloppy slobs they truly are. lol.

    halle looks classy and sexy. she is not one of those 40+ women who THINK they look good and try to dress sexier than they should, and in the end look desperate.

    halle is not a pretender.

    and, what i love even more is she is a type 1 diabetic but has taken good care of her health. i’m sure she eats well and exercises.

    brava halle. i might cut out an image and put it on my fridge for inspiration.

  • omfg


    honestly, i don’t think rihanna will age as well.

    she seems to be a heavy drinker. i think she smokes. and she is leading a hard life.

    right now, rihanna has youth on her side. she has a gorgeous body but her path doesn’t seem to be one where she’s really look out for herself.

    beyonce, if she keeps going on this track, will probably look good at halle’s age too.

    but whatever…i’m not clairvoyant and anything can happen. i don’t know these people.

  • omfg

    this is so different. lol.

  • JustFlawless!

    Shoot..this has been a loonnnnnnnnng long –cold winter. Once that sun comes out and stays, I might have it all hanging out. lol

    Gosh, Halle always looks flawless! If your assets look good, there shouldn’t be an age limit to how you wear them. But I do believe regardless of age, you can’t wear them out everywhere. Also if your boobs are not as perky, you should wear some type of support. The goal is to look sexy, and not trashy (this is what I tell my nieces). It’s okay to show some cleavage..but some women do need that support.

  • T.

    Asked for what?

  • Pseudonym

    Okay, well, for one, the Daily Mail article about the dress stated NOTHING about it being time for Halle to put her boobs away. It was making a joke of Jay Leno’s inability to keep his eyes off her amazing boobs. Same for Huffington Post.

    I’m not going to even bother going through the list b/c two articles of “evidence” being completely wrong is enough for me.

    Yes, celeb news outlets cover her dress- they cover everything she wears whether her boobs are showing or not. (That’s their job- report celeb style.) I’m not seeing them criticize Halle for having her boobs out at her age. I’m just seeing this on Clutch and “Naturally Moi.” Can you send a link to these major media articles telling HB she’s too old to show cleavage?

    Saying that one article from “NaturallyMoi” does not qualify for the generalization term of “the media” has nothing to do with it being a black owned site, so spare me the “woe is the black woman victim” spiel. It has nothing to do with race; it has to do with the fact that criticism from one narrowly read blog does not make for a society-wide sentiment. If you don’t believe me, just look at the comments on this article. No one agrees, even on this particular site targeting black women.

  • BettiePAge

    i hope i look like her when i’m in my 40s

  • http://gravatar.com/deechagirl CheeChis

    makes wish grown azz black males would pull their pants up and stop acting like simps.

  • belle/demetria

    My story said nothing of criticism of Halle in articles, including Naturally Moi.

    This piece is about the comments about Halle’s dress on the many sites that covered her appearance on Leno. This is why I quoted commenters.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Liz

    wait… what?

  • Blaque217

    Many people feel like if it comes in their size, they can wear it. Uh, no, if you look like a train wreck you shouldn’t have it on.

  • dee

    I don’t think there’s a point where you need to dress ultra conservative but I do think there’s a point where you need to look in the mirror and be able to recognize whether what your wearing complements you.

    I’ve seen plenty of older women do the whole deep v thing without looking tacky.

  • http://gravatar.com/janschild janschild

    Halle looks great! In her case age is not the deciding factor in covering up; let your conscience & your confidence be your guide.

  • victoria

    I think the dress looks nice on Halle and that it is age appropriate. That same dress will not look nice on me b/c my breast are small and I dont have cleavage. And Im 10 years younger than Halle. Not all 20-30 year olds can pull off wearing that dress.

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    Halle looks gorgeous and is an inspiration for sure. I mean to look like that at 40+ is amazing (and she is in GREAT company because a lot of women who are older still looks amazing) so I’ am not mad that Miss Berry is still slaying and continuing growing comfortable in her skin as she ages. I would LOVE to see what some of these people look like who are complaining. I think people still have a perceptional problem with sexy women in their 30s and beyond. Some people still believe that once you hit your 30s/40s or once you become a mother then it is all over for you when that doesn’t have to be the case. Sure your wardrobe should grow and change while you age and change but that doesn’t mean you have to dress like a nun. But the style of dress is still befitting for someone with a body like Halle regardless of age, personally I thinks it looks better on an older fit woman…shrugs

  • D.T.

    I don’t get why some feel just because a woman is a mother that she all of a sudden needs to cover up. What a bunch of prudes. The only people “I” see being critical of non-negotiable beautiful women like Halle are people that could never hold a candle to these women on their best day. Just pay attention to people that are hypercritical of someone else’s look. Most times they are mud ducks.

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    Furthermore, I think people need to learn and accept how real breasts look and behave and get over the perfect breast obsession. People these days are so spoiled by implants and such that if your breast looks less than perfect then you need to cover up.

  • Come On

    Halle always looks great. I think she looks amazing in gold. The shape and style of this dress are fine, but I think the color is dull. It would have looked great if it were some bright vibrant color I think. A royal blue would have looked really good against her skin.

    But why are people wondering about how mommies dress? No one says much about Beyonce. She did her half time show and people were hating on other stuff. This was about age with Halle Berry because no one ever talks about other mothers being inappropriate. People will just find a reason to hate. Probably a bunch of women who wish they had bodies like Halle and Beyonce.

  • Kay

    So, being a mother means that you can no longer embrace your sexuality or be desirable? That’s craziness. The dress was a bit risque, but no more than what I’ve seen on some women. And she looks good in it. Therefore, I don’t see the problem. Being a mother (and you can be one at any age these days) does not mean you cannot you should not dress nicely, or attract male (or female) attention. Some people are just angry that she is aging quite gracefully and she can pull off those outfits and still do them justice. If I look as hot by the time I get to be her age, I’d probably flaunt it too. LOL!

  • Kay

    And…..It’s long been my wish that men would sip a steaming hot, delicious cup of STFU and stop policing what women should wear,do, and say.

  • Chic Noir

    Agree on Jay Z. I’ve also heard people say the same thing about men over 30 with cornrolls(not locks).

  • Kita

    Shoot…when I’m 35. hehe

  • E.M.S.

    You don’t have to dress like a nun but where something that looks good on you and keeps it classy.

  • Wanda

    Being classy > being sexy, at any age.

    Boobs attract ‘boobs’, I say.

  • Whole lotta woman

    I don’t believe in that if your over 40, 50 yrs old cover it all up crap! If you’ve got it flaunt it. We are in a new era where 40 & 50 yrs old does not look like Mama & Big Mama back in the day. I’m in my 40′s & when I go out on the town I show out lolll. You just have to be realistic with what you have & work it!

  • vonmiwi

    Halle Berry is O40&Fabulous! She looks great to me.

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    “If you’ve got it flaunt it”


  • LemonNLime

    If you want women to cover up, might I suggest you move your ass to Afghanistan or Iran? I swear, you and men like you kill me with your mess.

  • whole lotta woman

    Bcuz when u look like Halle you don’t have 2 cover it up lolll

  • Treece

    Halle looks great! If I look as good as her does at her age, I would flaunt it too. Very sexy, but she doesn’t look like a hoe

  • http://gravatar.com/tashman2012 TT

    If you’ve got flaunt it. Halle Berry looks amazing and classy. I know I’m jealous of her body and I’m half her age. Just because you’re a mother of a certain age doesn’t mean you should wear a curtain to cover up your whole body. She’s a grown woman who can make her own choices when it comes to clothing. Haters gonna hate.

  • http://verityreign.com verityreign

    Yaaaaaaassssss, Halle! #WERK!

  • Whiteprivilegeterminated

    Dressing sexy is a young women’s domain. They haven’t lived long enough to have acquired the mature head that should one day go on a fully developed body.

    All we expect of young women is for them to be young and carefree.

    Old women, “nother story.

    If it’s all about “looking and acting young”, then why complain about the scrap heaping of older women?

    Personally I think it’s a little bit sad if you’re still stuck on tits and ass, trying to compete or encroach on young women’s stomping ground. They’re not trying to be 45 so why are you trying to be 20?

    But if we’re ok with mutton dressed as lamb then I’m sure we won’t be “policing” the reproductive habits of 28y/o grand mothers. :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/tiffiney.tarbox Tiffiney Tarbox

    Haters are going to Hate from the beginning to the end of time! Halle rocked that dress!!

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    “If you’ve got it flaunt it”

    do you know why you do that?

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    when you do behaviors and you do not know why you do them, that is a sign of brainwashing.

    in western society those with POWER dress modest and cover themselves. dressing like a street whore is a clear indication of LOW status and lack of POWER.

    think about it.

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    can you cite me any women with POWER who dress like street whores?

  • Kwan

    Love Halle..Let the haters drink the hateraid.

  • kara

    What is a mud duck? I hope that you dont mean what I think you mean.

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    Agreed! People keep bringing up “be classy” but nothing screams classless in this picture. She simply looks like a mature woman dressing for a night out of town nothing more nothing less. The dress is a little saucy but she still looks poised, graceful and conducting herself in a lady like manner. Besides the dress itself is modest compared to some of the pieces that passes for “dresses” these days.

  • http://www.facebook.com/conealb C O’Neal Black

    Love Halle, loved the dress!

  • Genie

    Halle may indeed be “crazy in heels”, but she looks damn good!

    Waiter, could you bring a bottle of hateraid?

  • http://gravatar.com/hhcassius hhcassius

    One response would be “I think you’re jaded/jealous since you can’t rock it like Halle Berry”, but generally, I’m wondering why it’s “sad” for her to wear a sexy dress. She’s sexy. What’s wrong with embracing her womanhood? Young doesn’t equate to sexy. Sexy equates to sexy.

  • http://gravatar.com/hhcassius hhcassius

    That statement would lead me to conclude Wanda Sexy. (“” is shorthand for does not equal)

  • http://gravatar.com/hhcassius hhcassius

    Because why shouldn’t a sexy woman embrace her sexy some evenings. She’s a star. Being sexy doesn’t reduce your power…it’s called marketing, playboy. And I’m BUYIN!!!! You’re DEFINITELY policing. When it comes to this, I say live and LET LIVE.

  • http://www.lillian-mae.com Lillian Mae

    RE: Dress for your body type !

    YESSSS! Scream it from the mountain tops! SO many people go wrong because they dress for someone else’s body type!

  • tia

    the dress isn’t actually strapless, though. it has a skin-toned covering at the top if you look closely you can see the contrast on her shoulder

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    yet no one here actually KNOWS why a woman would want to dress like a street whore.

    it is a trick to reduce your POWER.

    brain washing is when you are doing stuff that is SELF destructive and you LIKE it.

  • Treece

    Wow, I just noticed my typo…..geez. Is it too late to say I meant to type “she” instead of “her”? That’s what I get for trying to type on a cell phone after work when I’m dog-tired…..

  • Whiteprivilegeterminated

    Well that’s a response that wouldn’t affect my opinion, because all you’ve done is expose yourself as a hater.

    You’re jealous because I think other women are sexier than Berry, lol.

    If not, what stake do you have in Berry’s sexiness that’s making you defensive?

    I’ve always found Berry and Berry types to be very bland and unsexy, but from the neck down in this photo, she does actually seem to have acquired a little sexiness from somewhere.

    A tacky, half hearted,”in da club” sort of sexiness that puts her in the doable range of sexy but far short of the kind of raw sexiness that ignites passions and rocks worlds. :-)

    “Young doesn’t equate to sexy.”

    Absolutely, I think some women are sexier in their maturer years, which is why I think Berry has grown some sexy. however young women’s sexy doesn’t look good on older women, it just looks tacky. That’s where she got it wrong.

  • http://gravatar.com/heavenleiblu heavenleiblu

    Dressing to flatter your body should be an age-universal rule. That’s all I got.

  • Anthony

    One point to note, if a woman has an incredible body and shows it off, don’t get mad if you get a few stares. If you look good enough to show off your stuff, don’t act shocked if men like to look. I’m not excusing stalking, touching, or ugly remarks, but if Halle walked up to me in that dress, I am going to look at her breasts!

  • PineApple

    Dafuq…did I just read.

  • http://www.noboizallowed.com Miss Daja

    Halle looked damn good to me. It wouldn’t be such a big deal had she worn the dress to an awards show instead of a talk show… But hey, no complaints over here.

    I hope to look nearly as good when I turn her age.

  • Anthony

    Seriously, how does someone wear attention grabbing clothes and then get mad because you have grabbed attention? We all know that Halle is a movie star who was promoting a film that opens on Friday. She wanted to make splash, so she came on TV wearing an extremely sexy dress. The last thing she wanted was to not be noticed. As I said before, no man has right to grab, stalk, or verbally harass a woman over her dress. I do think looking for a moment at a woman who has chosen to show off her beautiful body is a reasonable reaction.

  • Luci

    Do you know why you feel the need to slut shame and police women’s sexuality all the time?

    Personally, I like to slip into something short and tight every now and then. Sometimes it’s for a night out with girlfriends. Sometimes it’s for dinner out with my husband. I like the way I look all done up. And when I like the way I look, it puts an extra bounce in my step.

    Maybe slut-shaming fills you with the same pleasure?

  • http://www.facebook.com/yasmeen.regina Yasmeen Regina Parsley

    Halle is in show business guys. Her image is relevant to her line of work; and actually, I think she looks quite classy. She’s a starlet, and there was an appropriate time and place for what she’s wearing (late night TV press event, promoting a movie). Obviously, we’d see more with a bikini, so I don’t see why this is an issue. I think there is a little “hateration” going on–which is kind’ve sad. If you see a beautiful sistah doing her thing, give her props; and maybe use her as an example to get your own game up. Why should she hide what she works hard for? If you have an awesome body post 40 and the girls defy gravity, embrace it. You’re not getting any younger. That said, I do think there is a time and place for everything; as well as a line where tastefulness meets tackiness. Showing the “pillowtops” at work in any capacity is a fail, but a touch of skin at a black tie event not related to work might be a little different; a tinsy-winsy skirt up to the buttocks is barely legit at 18, let alone 48; and the silhouette of a bust is an entirely different thing than letting your nippage show–these are considerations that EVERY woman should take into account, regardless of age. Be classy ladies, always. Self-respects begets respect. Unless you are in show business, please save the Scandal for the bedroom and Kerry Washington on Thursday night.

  • Anthony

    Remember Halle Berry is an Oscar winner and earns eight figures for movies (at least she did.) Ms. Berry is a star, not a starlet.

  • Luna

    Oh my God shut the f*** up already. Who says any of these women are concerned with power? Stop projecting your pathetic wishes on women you know nothing about. I swear if your old ass is this annoying on the internet, thank God none of us deal with you in real life.

  • Gina Wild

    Halle’s got TIG OLE BITTIES!

  • Nic

    Seriously, her career is where it is b/c of her looks. It’s not like she’s at her daughter’s preschool or at the grocery store in this dress.
    And it’s not like she’s got dried up or spotty skin. Now when I see women who have sun damaged and wrinkled cleavage(so gross), they need to cover up, but one nice thing about melanin is that her skin is still smooth and undamaged.
    If she was sec’t of state and showed up like that, it would be a different story, but this “uniform” is perfectly normal for a sexy actress who still has it.

  • Nic

    I think Halle also shows why it’s good not to get yourself tatted up like you are in a prison gang too.
    Black skin ages well but a lot of the young black starlets and “singers” aren’t going to look this good at 40+ b/c they are covered in tattoos…

  • Anthony

    Amen, there are millions of young and not so young people who are going to look at their bodies in a few years and wonder, “what was I thinking,” when they got all of those tattoos.

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    i look at them today and wonder what they were thinking….

  • FK21

    40 year old tittie = your man’s tittie. 20 year old tittie = community tittie. Chris Rock in reference to Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction.

  • MommieDearest

    A woman who is confident can be sexy at any age. The key is to be age-appropriate. I’m close to 50 and I’m in good shape. I could get away with wearing tube tops, mini skirts, skimpy halter tops, etc… But I choose not to because I think when a woman of a certain age dresses like she raided her 18 year-old daughter’s closet it makes her look desperate and like she’s trying too hard. However, I will rock a right-above-the-knee form-fitting dress that shows off my curves and cleavage with no problem.

    Halle’s body is ridiculous and she looks great in that dress. Also, the dress has balance. She’s showing her boobage, but the dress comes to her knee. She’s doing the grown and sexy very well. Now, if it were a mini dress, then she would be doing too much.

  • Pretty Primadonna

    I actually think it is time for Bey to hang up the leotards now that she’s a mother. Color me conservative.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/janeen.johnson.39 Janeen Johnson

    The dress is not strapless the top is sheer for morning tv I think it would be too much but for late night I think its ok . Halle can wear a paper bag if she chooses. She should be proud to look that hot as her age

  • Fabulous

    The comments of bitter, racist haters on the Internet are no reason to question Halle’s choice of wardrobe.
    She looked divine that night.

  • 39 Years Aged Like Wine

    Would someone please get the memo to MARIAH CAREY! To answer your question Halle Berry looks fine. It’s OK to show Cleavage from time to time if you can pull it off and have the girls that are standing the test of time, via a surgery, etc. The problem comes in when you do it ALL THE DAMN TIME, such as MARIAH CAREY DOES, which makes her look like a cheap hooker in cheap black dresses, and it’s not flattering what so ever because she over does it EVERY DAY, NIGHT, AMERICAN IDOL SHOW! If you’re a diva, have some diva style and class for Christ sakes like Diana Ross. So, if you have the shape at 40 (it’s important to know what shape you have) go ahead and let the neck line hang, but do it sparingly, NOT EVERY EVENT, WEDDING, GRADUATION, etc

  • Common Sense

    I think she looked amazing!!! She still looks youthful, so why not?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

  • Letitia “Tish” Jefferson

    i don’t think Halle is in any way inappropriate-She’s an actress and a sex symbol, and she dressed the part..

  • http://www.findingmyvirginity.com Belle Vierge

    I love my big boobs, and I plan on wearing clothes that accentuate them as long as I continue to enjoy showing off my boobs. I’m only in my 20s, and I am childless, but I hope to love my boobs as I continue to age!

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